Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sexuality & Vulnerability (Poem) by Lashuntrice

This new poem is inspired by the character Molly from Insecure. 

Sexuality and Vulnerability 

I allow you into my life 
I convince myself that I need you 
Then I run to someone else for a listening ear 
I need to release the feelings 
I need to let someone, anyone know about the issues you're creating inside of me 

I allow you to hold me 
Even if only for a moment in time 
Please don't rush it
I know sex is what's really on your mind 
But let's stay in this position for a minute more 
Your arms around me 
Wherever our bodies meet 
Cuddled on the couch 
Or in the bed 
Or even right before you leave 
So I can tell my friends later about how warm you made me feel 

I dress up for you
Even if the destination is to nowhere 
You've told me which dress is your favorite 
You've helped me pick lingerie you'd love to see me in 
Do you see me trying to look good for you? 

I strip for you 
The clothes are on the floor 
The pillows are pushed off the bed
There's R&B music playing 

I create intimacy with you
It's not just about us getting naked 
Or how many different sex positions we can do 
It's about how we make each other feel when we're together 
It's about how we are still feeling when we're apart 

I feel sexy when it comes to you 
You've made it clear that you love my body
But I'm also scared 
Is this love real?
Will you be the next man to hurt me?
The next man to run off with parts of me?
Those emotions are what makes me feminine
What makes me beautiful 

I'm vulnerable 
So I'm talking to everyone 
I use friends and family to take my mind off the confusion 
Strangers to make sense of my feelings 
And you to still feel love even if it isn't real love