Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tired of Dreaming~ Wale, Ne-Yo, and Rick Ross

Via Wikipedia
"Get out of my head. Get into my bed. I'm tired of dreaming about you baby."

Last Tuesday Wale released The Gifted album and it was all the way on point. Every song jams. Of course after many listenings of The Gifted, I've come up with my favorite song. It's called Tired of Dreaming.

Tired of Dreaming features Ne-yo and Rick Ross. "Choosy lovers. She my block Goddess." Even though Rick Ross received a lot of negative publicity earlier this year for rape lyrics, I like his lifestyle raps. They really tell a story, even if it's not the story he's actually living. Check out Tired of Dreaming Below.

Sunday Reflections~ High Heels And Stumbling

Before I start, BET Awards is tonight. Are you excited? I am super excited. I'm a little worried about Chris Tucker hosting the show. It could be horrible or surprisingly funny. His commercials haven't been. Although in no way can he be a more horrible host than Queen Latifah. She was so bad most people have blocked that year out of their minds. Anyway, I've never missed a year of the BET Awards and tonight will not be the first time. I'll definitely be live tweeting. Join me.

A week ago I graced the streets of New York for the first time. That Saturday night I actually found myself in the middle of Manhattan walking down very busy streets with the women I had just met. We were all in our club clothes ready to party, but the club was telling us we had to wait another hour before getting in. So we went walking. The walking was where the trouble slightly kicked in.

I had on high heels. They weren't too high. They were really about three or four inches, which is just enough to cause unsteadiness on cracks in the ground.

There were a lot of cracks in the ground. As we walked looking for a destination to chill at while waiting to get in the club, I kept stumbling. Each time one of the girls became nervous that I would fall and hit the ground, but it never happened.

I stumbled the first time over a crack and didn't fall. At the point I became convinced I wouldn't hit the ground. What brought me to this theory is very unknown. The courage was just there for some reason. I just naturally convinced myself that I could definitely catch myself each time I stumbled. During the walk I stumbled about 10 more times, but each time caught myself. In the midst of catching myself I said something out loud.

"I'm not going to fall."

"Don't worry about me. I won't hit the ground."

"I'm better at walking in these heels than it appears. I won't lose my balance."

I walked in high heels, stumbled, but never touched the ground. As I think of all the craziness I've been through maybe I never fell then. Years ago I was determined. Now more than ever I'm continuing down this path I started paving long ago. I haven't fell. I've only stumbled on several occasions and caught myself.

I can do this. I can succeed. I might stumble some more, but I'm not going to fall.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Cash Out~ The Twerk Song

There's something funny about this song.

Open Letter To George Zimmerman

Getty Images via Huffington Post
Dear George Zimmerman,
A little over a year ago it became apparent to the world that you have a problem with black men. Well, black teenage boys even look suspicious to you. They disturb you so much that you killed a 17 year old boy who was walking down the street minding his own business. You were told by the police to leave him alone, but you ignored their request. You told the police exactly what happened after you killed Trayvon Martin and the department even failed to do their job. You then thought you had gotten away with murder. WRONG!

A little over a year later you are sitting in court now trying to plead self defense. At least that might be what is happening in this messed up case. It seems as if everyone is on trial but you.

Rachel Jeantel, a key witness, is on trial because of her dialect. English is not her first language, so people want to judge her for that.

T-Mobile people are on trial, but we already knew their services were messed up.

Neighbors are on trial because they were not sure who they heard screaming.

The words "nigga" and "cracker" are on trial even though no one in the courtroom wants to call this a race-based case.

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton's parenting is on trial, but that's irrelevant to the case.

Languages are on trial. The English language, Creole, and spanish, and even cursive writing have been put on the stand for discussion.

When the police initially messed up, you thought you were free. Then the case hit television stations and there was no other option than to charge you with murder. After all, you killed someone. Oh wait, you haven't been charged yet. That's what this trial is for.

Zimmerman, while everyone his getting on the stand and being made to look like fools you sit smugly in your chair. Do you feel anything? Is there a hint of guilt inside of you? You killed someone. Does your mind realize that? Have you at any point thought about the fact that you were not defending yourself when you pulled a gun on Trayvon Martin?

I'm so tired of this case. It is not just embarrassing to the witnesses getting on the stand, or the women forced to listen to non-sense because someone wants to take their minds off the fact that you weren't standing your ground, or even the lawyer who has to defend you while he persecutes the dead. It is embarrassing to all of us. It makes us all look dumb.

So when will this all end? What is this really about? I'm not asking for you to just confessing to killing a boy because he was black. I'd stand my ground too, but stop embarrassing us all by putting everyone else on trial. This is not about anyone but you. Face the man in the mirror and give in to the guilt already.

I'm so over this whole case
Lashuntrice Bradley

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Andrea Kelly Discusses Humble Beginnings and New Season of Hollywood Exes

Andrea Kelly, the ex-wife of R. Kelly, has come a long way in her career. Before the first season of Hollywood exes she was known as the woman who married R. Kelly. However, Andrea has since grown through her divorce and started a career up in a brand new city.

During the first season of Hollywood Exes we saw Andrea Kelly trying to established herself in Los Angeles as a dancer. At that point she had moved from Chicago and was trying to get accustomed to her surroundings. As seen on television, she was also making new friends. Well, with a new season of Hollywood Exes starting up soon, Sister 2 Sister Magazine interviewed Ms. Kelly on her wardrobe preferences, coming from humble beginnings, a new season starting up, and much more. Below is some of what she told reporter Jamie Foster Brown. 

Coming From Humble Beginnings

"I grew up in humble beginnings. I grew up on the southside of Chicago, 35th and King Drive. It's crazy to think that this generation has no idea what government cheese is. They have no idea what it is to go and get powdered milk. My mom struggled to make ends meet-and my dad did- but it also taught me to survive, so I knew what it was like to be okay with it."

Walking Away From R. Kelly

"When I walked away, honey, I took me, my dream, and my babies. I started over. In no way will I say that I'm in an itty bitty house, by any means: It's 5,000-plus square feet. But that's good enough for me and my three babies. But you know, we're also from a house that took up a whole block. So I guess you really can't compare the two." 

Andrea on Not Focusing on Material Possessions

"We are really leading this next generation in a path that's a dead end, because we're teaching them happiness comes in things, and put your dreams in a man with money, not yourself and not God."

Season 2 of Hollywood Exes

"I think the first season was an intro into the world, especially for me. A lot of the world had no idea that there was a wife. But now it's like, okay, I introduced myself. Let me let you get to know me a little bit better."

Of all the women on Hollywood Exes, I'm here the most of Andrea Kelly. I always always an R. Kelly stan. Now it's time to be a fan of his ex-wife. There's a lot more to the interview. Like, did you know she choreographed all of his moves up until the Light It Up tour? Did you know that she and R. Kelly were married for 10 years, together for 13? She also explains her relationship with the other castmates. 

Side Note: 
The first season of Hollywood Exes really felt like a lot of bored ex-wives grasping for attention that really didn't need. They were boring though. This season looks like it'll be better. New to the cast will be Shamicka Lawrence, ex wife of Martin Lawrence. I want to know about the woman crazy enough to deal with Martin. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Failure Mixtape by C. Wind AKA Cykotik

Have you ever sat and tried to sum up everything wrong with America? Me neither. However, there is an artist that has managed to sum up all that is wrong with sex and love in a mixtape. He's C. Wind.

The Failure mixtape starts off with a poetic remix of Maya Angelou's Still I Rise and gets crazier from there. It's an addictive mix of songs that will have you listening from beginning to end. However, some of the lyrics are very shocking. I guess that why C. Wind, also known as Cykotic leaves us with this warning:

"Warning, the views and opinions on this album are not necessarily the views and opinions of anyone. Not even C. Wind himself. Cykotik is a fucking maniac who just likes to say shit that makes his little brother and sister giggle."

Listen below.

Rasheeda~ Hit It From The Back Music Video

In all of her pregnant glory, Rasheeda has released her latest music video for a song titled Hit It From The Back. 

Did you watch Monday's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Well, the recap is Rasheeda wanted to move on with her career. She didn't just want to focus on cosmetics and her online store. She also wanted to focus on her music career. Everyone else thought she was crazy, especially Debra Antney. 

When Rasheeda approached Deb with a noticeable belly, Deb looked her at like she was crazy. Whose backing pregnant women not named Beyonce in the music industry? Rasheeda didn't care though. She went on with making a video. She was so business minded that she didn't even let Kirk's crazy antics stop her. Deb thought the whole thing looked crazy. I can imagine since Kirk was arguing with Rasheeda in front of everyone and her pregnancy was very apparent. 

However, the video has been released. It looks pretty decent considering the circumstances. 

Respect My Business Mentality (And Rasheeda's Too)

The first part of Blogging While Brown was The Business of Blogging segment. This segment was all about getting bloggers to think of what we are doing as a business. It really is a business. Blood, sweat, tears, late nights, and lack of sleep gets put into this. That's is why I want to say respect my business mentality.

Respect rapper Rasheeda's too. On Monday's episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta we saw a four month pregnant Rasheeda trying to continue her business moves. No one wanted to support her. Not her husband Kirk, not Debra Antney (who a year ago was trying to sign her), and not any of the strangers standing around. All everyone saw was a mad black pregnant woman. However, the bottom line is Rasheeda is a business woman who deserves respect. She's a rapper and a sales woman. Does getting pregnant reduce it? Not at all. Money still has to be made. So respect Rasheeda's business mentality. 

The thoughts for this all came last week when I was preparing for my trip to BWB. Some guy sent me a message through twitter and ultimately got mad because I was not traveling to see him. It was never in the game plan.  I'd told him that it was for a conference, but maybe he refused to pay attention. The whole time he thought I'd travel to him for some sex, or whatever crosses a crazy man's mind. Because I was business minded and not quickie minded, he said I was like every other woman that had hurt him. What do you say to that? 

Then during my trip another guy kept sending me messages. I responded to one or two of his messages, but ignored several others. My mind was either on networking or getting over the overwhelmed feeling. After all I was there to meet new people, not talk to people online. Then he told me he was mad at me. His reasoning was that he was stressed and I had ignored him when he needed me. However, he never read my tweets that specifically stated where I saws. He also continually forgot what my biography section of twitter states. I'm a writer trying to gain a following for my writing career. After getting angry with him and explaining it all, he wanted to apologize. He also wanted to know more about me. However, if he would have just read his own damn self, the whole talk would have been avoided. 

When staring at our cleavage, our different body shapes, our continual arguments over natural hair versus perms, men tend to forget we women are about our business. We have to remind them. I'm not my hair. I'm not some girl for a man to use and abuse whenever he wants to. I'm a business person first, so respect my business mentality. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HIt The Floor~ Review So Far

Initially I wanted to do a post on every single episode of Hit The Floor. However, scheduling conflicts arraigned. I've still been paying attention to each episode, so here's what I think so far.

Initially Ahsha's (Taylor Page) annoyed me. She was hugely dependent on her mom Sloane (Kimberly Elise) and fell apart at the drop of finding out her mom had hid anything from her. She let it affect her work and threw huge childish fits. After several episodes, Ahsha is still very dependent on Sloane for support, but I've gotten used to their relationship. They are mother and daughter after all.

There is also a lot of demon battling. Sloane has her whole past rushing back in her face. Coach Davenport (Dean Cain) is battling memories of being on the basketball team, injuries, facing it all as a coach, and seeing the love of his life after so many years again. Jelena Howard, the star of the Devils dance team, is dealing with lots of envy. Olivia is dealing with trying to control the dance squad and finding out secrets.

The drama is huge. The spotlight is on the women dancing provocatively, which makes me believe this is a man's show. However, the men are super sexy, which almost makes you think Tyler Perry chose them. My favorite is Derek Roman (McKinley Freeman), who plays the star player. Terrance Wall (Robert Christopher Riley) looks real good too.

I'm not exactly sure what the story line is anymore. Everything seems to have been rushed, but maybe that's because they are pilot episodes. The script seems to have been rushed in some areas. In other areas it seems to get juicier. For instance Ahsha has a boyfriend, but Derek Roman gives no fucks when he flirts with her in front of everything including her boyfriend. Ooh!

Are you watching too?

First Comes The Baby, Then The Wedding?

Us Magazine
According to several outlets, Kanye West has asked Kim Kardashian to marry him. I knew the rumors of Kanye wanting to leave Kim were not true. However, this news seems to be very ironic, or is it just me?

First comes love. Then comes marriage. After that comes the baby carriage. When the baby's born, the woman gains a whole bunch of weight and the man's starts to see her in a different light. His reaction determines whether she runs to the gym to get that perfect body back, or if she holds on to those extra 50 pounds. They've created a family. Perfect is out of the window. Comfort replaces it, right?

Wait, that's not the KimYe story we've heard. Kanye and Kim hooked up while she was still married to Kris Humphries. Although she was separated, she marriage was not over yet. While fighting for a divorce from Kris, Kim got knocked up. In the midst of getting knocked up, Kanye realized he was about to be a father and Kim needed to hurry up and get that divorce finalized. What happened afterwards has been a bit confusing.
Us Magazine

We know Kim K. is shallow and spent months missing her beach body. We also know Kanye is private about his love life, but nothing about the two has really been private. Through his past lyrics, it seems like Kanye would not fall for a woman like Kim, but love is blind. Love is so blind that some model tried to come out and say she had an affair with Kanye. I didn't believe it. Did you? Right after that after hit the media, Kim pushed that baby out. Now that's a way to get a man's attention again (if he seems to be fading off to another world).

After becoming new parents, Kanye then reportedly pops the big question. He wants to marry Kim K. First comes the baby bump while she's still married to someone else. Then comes months of crazy media news. Some of the news was true. Other news will remain a mystery. Oh, there was lots of weight gain and throw back pictures of how Kim K. used to look. Now after pushing out his baby and still having the baby weight on, Kanye asks her to marry him.

Maybe we as women do have to be patient when waiting for our husbands. Even if that means having a kid, or five with him first, we can still get that dream wedding.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Blogging While Brown, The First And Most Important Lesson

Making connections is every person's dream to getting where they want to be in life. Networking events help speed up the process of meeting new people, whether they can get you to the next level or they will make good friends. However, there is one struggle no one prepares you for in this networking battle. No one brings this particular struggle up because people just don't see it as an issue. The issue is getting rid of the "solo" mindset in order to move forward and make long lasting connections.

The battle between always being solo and meeting tons of new people happened over the weekend. Before this weekend I've probably met 10 people at the most since 2013 started. They've all been new co-workers. The people at restaurants and gas stations I frequent have been accustomed to seeing my face and talking. However, these people usually see me coming in by myself.

Let me give you a little description of why I've been such a loner. Unanswered phone calls and people never being available to hang out get on my nerves in the most extreme ways. I understand people get busy, but I'm not going to sit around and wait on others. So to avoid the annoyance I've been running the streets by myself. I haven't been calling anyone in a while to hang out and do fun things. Instead, I just get up and go whenever I please.

However, the whole point of Blogging While Brown was to network with tons of people who have the same interests as me. I was excited, exhilarated, thrilled, jumping with joy, and just plain ready. It was all mapped out in my head how I would introduce myself, take every call, actually look up the people I didn't already know, follow them on twitter right away, etc.

As the pre-conference, Business of Blogging, approached it all worked out. I walked with several people to the conference spot and we all got to know each other. Throughout the day I met a lot of people. However, something happened around 5 or 6 pm.

Exhaustion hit. My brain felt like it was in overload. During that Friday alone, I think I was handed around 50 business cards. Plus there were women from TV Land there. There were people who could possibly change my whole life sitting in the audience next to me, in front of me, and along side me. I became overwhelmed. I needed to process it all. I wasn't as prepared as I thought for it all. However, the networking wasn't over.

Saturday came and I had to pull myself together. I approached new people, but the "solo" part of me was trying to give up. The "solo" part of me wanted to sit the rest of the event out on the sidelines and rest my mind. There was much more to do, so I dug deep inside and found the passion that brought me to BWB.

Overall, I'm glad I went and met some wonderful people. I'll do my best to keep in touch with everyone. Also, to keep the battle from happening again I'm going to try to roam around the streets with more people.

The "solo" life must go. No one ever achieved their goals alone. I'm rejuvenated, refreshed, motivated. Networking events here I come.

The only thing is I wok full time. Karla Trotman gave advice on balancing your own business while working full time. Now is the time to put the knowledge to use. Stay tuned for more Blogging While Brown posts to come.

Dark Girls~ Is There A Solution To Color Hatred?

For some women, being a dark skinned woman is a problem. For some men, dating a dark skinned woman is a problem. It is being discussed over and over, but is there a solution to the color hatred?

Dark Girls, the documentary produced by D. Channsin Berry and Bill Duke, premiered on OWN network for the first time. This was also the documentary's debut on television. Two years ago Dark Girls started it's circulation throughout film festivals and at the same time sparked up a non-ending topic.

The topic revolves around a majority of people hating dark skinned women, including women. It explores how most men (in the documentary) prefer lighter skin when picking their significant others. It also explores how many women grew up thinking their skin was too dark. They thought if they were lighter, they'd receive more love. To push this topic further, the doll test is shown where the black girl chooses the white doll. This little girl would rather not be black at all.

Dark Girls makes us all feel some type of way. As the documentary was being shown last night, some people via twitter started to recognize the problem for the first time. Others reminisced on when they first realized society might have a problem with a darker skin tone. Some were just angry because the documentary is produced by men and is very one-sided. Where are the women who love their dark skin? Where are the men who love dark skin women for beauty?

There is one man in the documentary who wants to marry a dark skin woman because she'll look like him. However, that's like D. L. Hughley marrying a black woman and raising black daughters. He still doesn't like black women. (He said this)

This Dark Girls documentary raises many questions. However, there is one that needs a huge answer. Will there ever be a solution to color hatred?

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love my dark skin. It's what I was born in and what I have grown to appreciate. If a dark skin woman is not a man's type, I don't want him to date her (or me). However, don't put us down because our skin is different from the next group of women.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm Officially On Vacation

Well up until next Thursday I have some time to clear my mind and enjoy the world around me.

It'll all start with some Shellac nails. My mood is so good for relaxation that I'm going to pay $50 for a professional mani/pedi that'll last a couple weeks.

Then tomorrow morning I will board a plan and spend a few days in NYC. There will be lots of networking with other writers. I'm going to Blogging While Brown. It'll be my first time attending. So far I'm looking forward to meeting La Janee Cosby of (a fellow blogger) and others who have been doing this craft for a long time. Did you know Necole Kane ( is supposed to be there? Luvvie ( will also be there. Alfred Edmond Jr. ( will be there. Other names not directly connected to blogging will be there to speak too. I'm looking forward to it all.

Then after all the networking is over, another Rattler will be celebrating her birthday which is Monday. Her party is on Saturday night, so I will experience some of what NYC's night life has to offer. I need several party outfits to choose from. There's an all white affair to start off Blogging While Brown.

This doesn't sound like resting so far, does it? Well, after getting back to Houston on Sunday I'll rest. Monday through Wednesday I will chill in comfortable places. Maybe along the way I'll meet up with a friend or two. It's been a while since I saw some familiar faces. Next Thursday my vacation ends, but no one needs to dwell on that fact right now.

Well I'm on vacation officially. It feels really good. Also since I'm going out of town, there will be no activity on the blog until at least Sunday. Don't stop tuning it though. You haven't read everything. Click on my poetry link and browse.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dirty Laundry (Sunday Reflections)

"This is off the record. This ain't for no radio. This ain't for no sales no. I'm just trying to let a mothafucka know."-- R. Kelly

This is a letter to my 30 year old self. In approximately 3 and a half years I'll reach that age, so I currently feel like I need to get some stuff off my chest. This is partially because I realize some of my goals are starting to come to fruition. So let me talk to my 30 year old self who will have gotten farther than I am now.

Dear 30 year old Lashuntrice Chevelle Bradley,
It's three and a half years ago. Some years ago you decided to call yourself MrsStarStatus. You hopped on every social network ever invented to try and optimize that name, but the optimization wasn't the point. The point was to establish yourself in the game, but not just to establish yourself. The point was to let others know that you were planning to one day be married to the lifestyle. You had some bumps in the road. Your feelings got hurt, you hurt feelings, and you shed silent tears on more than one occasion. Where you tried to create a successful journey, you ended up with some dirty laundry. You moved along, but forgot to wash some of those clothes. You decided you didn't need laundry detergent to continue on your path. You decided to live with your faults, leave some people in the past, and keep the ones that still seemed to care. Did I mention it's three and a half years ago. Currently I'm calm and determined. Well, sometimes I worry which is where you come from. I wonder what will have happened once I become you? I think about you. See you in three and a half years.


Friday, June 14, 2013

2013 Sexy Men~ Karon Joseph (Episode Six of Love Thy Neighbor)

Football fans know him as Karon Riley. Actress Terri J. Vaughn knows him as a loving husband. The rest of us are having the pleasure of meeting him as actor Karon Josesph.

Karon Joseph has been in the acting game for several years and before that played professional football for the Washington Redskins. However, I didn't notice him until the sixth episode of Love Thy Neighbor. Everyone knows Tyler Perry has great taste in picking male actors. He played the health inspector that was attracted to Miss Hattie's daughter.

I was initially attracted to him also until I saw he has a ring on that finger. He was in love so he put a ring on it. That means I need to look at another man.

(I can still stare at photos, right?) Check out photos of this football player turned actor. Hopefully Tyler Perry gives him some more roles. Check out a few more photos below.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

2013 Sexy Men: Andre Hall (Love Thy Neighbor)

Andre Hall is a sexy beast hiding on within a funny character on Tyler Perry's new show Love Thy Neighbor.

Upon seeing Hall play the role Danny Harris, Ms. Hattie's grandson, he comes across as an awkward mama's boy. He actually embodies the role Lance Gross played on House of Payne (except Lance Gross' character didn't want responsibilities). Lance Gross was also not initially a sex symbol. However, everyone discovered he was hiding nice eye candy. Andre Hall seems to be the same. Years ago he wasn't hiding his body, so pictures popped up on the google search. Keeping reading to find out a little about the new actor and see all my favorite photos of him. 

Via google search engine I found out Andre Hall moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and set out to be a supermodel. However, acting is his new calling and he's good at it. Love Thy Neighbor is his first major television role.

There are still some questions I have about Mr. Hall. How old is he? What kind of environment did he grow up in? What inspired him to go into modeling and acting? Is he still single? What kind of women is he interested in? These questions will get answered eventually. 

P.S. The model photos are from 2010.

Maybe because it's summer time and hot outside I'm feeling like objectifying a bunch of men. That
means the posts will continue.

John Brown~ You Ain't Right For Me (2013 Music)

Either this singer John Brown knows my heart or he just happened to put out music that expressed how I felt today.

For the first time in over a year I started to go deep into thought over the men that have crossed my paths. There have been a couple of them in 2013 alone. However, none seemed to be good for me. I'm trying to figure that out now. In fact I've been thinking about it so much that tears are threatening to come out. Although it hasn't gotten to that point yet, I happened to look up earlier and see a link to music on my Facebook page.

The song is called You Ain't Right For Me and it's by artist John Brown. Check it out below.

Not only can John Brown sing, but he is very attractive. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Best Friend (Poem Inspired By Ravaughn's Song Best Friend)

Everyone has those people that pop back into their lives just for the sake of taking advantage of them. I used to have these experiences bad. Sometimes people still call themselves speaking to me again just because they think I'll do whatever they're asking. So I wrote this poem for those confused ass people that disappear, but won't stay ghosts. It's called Best Friend.

Best Friend

Not your fucking best friend
To the used-to-be friend
Been sitting on the bench too long
Dealing with missed phone calls
And selective texts back
We used to share everything
The fun times out
The drama that filled our lives
When a nigga cheated on you
And when a nigga played me
We’d chat it up all the time
Talking about goals and dreams
And planning girls only vacations
But it’s been a while
For some of my female friends months
And some other females years
Though I’ve heard you still mention me
Still think of me as a friend
I got news for you
I’m not your fucking best friend
Just like you’ve forgotten to speak with me
I’m forgetting your ass too

Not your fucking best friend
To the man that just don’t understand
Been sitting on the bench too long
Dealing with ignored phone calls
And only shallow texts back
Yeah, I caught on to that
You ignored my questions
What do you need in a girlfriend
You ignored the important stuff
Are you still fucking other women
I need to know
Are you messing with them basic bitches
Because I’d rather be the only one
The woman you keep on a pedestal
But you’re playing me
I can feel it
I’ve been sitting on this bench too long
Waiting for you to finally claim me
But lately I’ve come to realize
I’m not your fucking best friend
Don’t want that girlfriend title no more
It’s over

I’m not your fucking best friend
Not to be used as a last resort
Not even a close friend
Don’t call me when you need help
Maybe an acquaintance
Wasn’t meant to stay in your life
I could be your enemy
If we haven’t spoken in a while
I don’t want you in my life
You’re out of style
I’m not your fucking best friend
Just leave me alone

This poem was also inspired by Ravaughn's song Best Friend. You should definitely listen to it. 

P.S. I love all my friends. You know who you are. 

2013 Music Video Best Friend~ Ravaughn

"I'm not your fuckin' best friend. I've been sitting on this bench too long while you're playing with these basic take bitches."

"I'll be all you need and more than a fucking best friend."

This singer Ravaughn knows my heart. Check out the simple, yet classic look of her new video for the song Best Friend below. Following will be the lyrics because it's just that damn deep.

I know you got that perfect 20/20 baby
No need for them glasses or them contacts
So telle me why, tell me why, Why can’t you see?
Everytime you’re kissing her in front of me
It hurts, I’m human Baby
It hurts

I’m not your fuckin best friend
I’ve been sittin’ on this bench too long
While you’re playing with these
Basic fake chicks
And come complaining when it all goes wrong
If you open your eyes
And give sense a good try
I’ll be all you need
And more
Than a fuckin best friend

Was I ever an option on the phone talking
2 o’clock in the morning
Asking me to fix what’s broken
Open up my heart and then you stole it
Those random times I cross your mind
Do I give you butterflies?
Cuz baby I get chills every time I chill watcha

I’m not your fuckin best friend
I’ve been sittin’ on this bench too long
While you’re playing with these
Basic fake chicks
And come complaining when it all goes wrong
If you open your eyes
And give sense a good try
I’ll be all you need
And more
Than a fuckin best friend

You can’t tell me I’m crazy for felling this way
And maybe it’s the wrong time but I’m in the right place
So while you got me here look me straight in the eyes
And tells me everything I feel is a lie
Cause’ I’m not your fuckin best friend
I’ve been sittin’ on this bench too long
While you’re playing with these
Basic fake chicks
And come complaining when it all goes wrong
If you open your eyes
And give sense a good try
I’ll be all you need
And more
Than a fuckin best friend
Who oh oh ho
Why can’t you see it?
It could be me and you
I’ll be all you need
And more
Than a fuckin best friend

Street Life~ Kelly Rowland Ft. Pusha T

"Everybody trying to get to the money including me."

As Kelly Rowland gets ready to drop her new album, Talk A Good Game, next week she's dropping singles left and right. The newest single is called Street Life and it features Pusha T.

"Ooh ain't nobody gon' help. Try to survive by themselves." I think Street Life is my favorite song by Kelly Rowland so far. Listen below.

Street life is probably my favorite song because money is so tight, it makes me want to get out there and do illegal stuff sometimes. Sell drugs, prostitute, and embarrass myself on national television are all looking good right now. I have to hold tight and be patient, but until then Street Life will be on repeat. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013 Sexy Men: Robert Christopher Riley (Hit The Floor)

Sometimes I feel like I should be drooling over men like Lil Wayne, or 2 Chainz, or even Rick Ross look-alikes. Then again I feel like I should probably be drooling over that goofy looking white mailman, or the man who works a the gas station, or even the waiter at the restaurant I go to regularly. Or maybe I should be reminiscing over that skinny ex-nigga I used to fuck with. But I'm not. Instead I'm fantasizing heavily about Robert Christopher Riley. 

You're probably wondering who Robert Riley is. He's an actor who plays on Vh1's new series Hit The Floor. He plays a sexy basketball player name Terrance Wall and his character sleeps with the star Devil dancer. He's a powerhouse all on his own, but throughout episode number three, Riley comes off as one of the good guys. 

Even if Riley's character is the exact way his team is called, a devil, he still fine. In case you want to know more about Riley, I found a little bit of information on Verve Social Magazine. Read about him below

"I’m 32 first generation American from Brooklyn NY, Flatbush to be exact which is a predominately Caribbean Community… it’s a tougher area. My mother and grandmother raised me; my father who wasn’t a fixture in my home is actually from Barbados. My father not only wasn’t a fixture in my home but he played no part in raising me at all. My mother left (and subsequently divorced) him when I was 2ish because of his philandering among other things. I have a Masters Degree in Acting where I was classically trained at Ohio University, and a Bachelors Degree from Lehigh University. Trinidad is home of Soca and Calypso music; we originated the steel pan drum. It is also the southern most island in the Caribbean located of the coast of Venezuela. Trinidad hosts the largest carnival after Brazil; carnival centers around a religious event because it come right before the Lent season in the Catholic religion. Folklore makes the connection between the translation of “carne vale” as “farewell to the meat,” because of Lent or “farewell to the flesh” as a call to embrace the free spirit of the carnival season."

Unfortunately for us single women, Riley also confessed in the interview that he's taken. That means no new women for him. 

What Increasing The Photo Game Means

I want to take more photos. You may already think I have a lot of photos in my collection, but it's a myth. There are never enough photos taken. Why?

People complain about taking photos. Some say they don't want to be photographed. Some never like a single photo that is taken of them. Some want themselves photographed, but there is never a camera around. Some people just don't know what they want.

Well, I'm the photographer that doesn't give a damn how you look in the photo. Wait, I care how you look. Really, I like to capture experiences on camera. I like to capture my friends and myself during specific moments in time. Sometimes poses can bring back memories and sometimes catching someone totally off guard can leave you laughing later.

Oh, but I haven't hung with anyone in a while. Either that has to change or I just have to get out and meet new people. In less than 2 weeks the meeting of people will happen. Next week actually I'll be hopping on a plane with my very nice camera ready to capture people in their natural essence at the Blogging While Brown conference.

That means if you're a blogger be prepared to become a victim of my camera. Oh, and as far as the title goes, increasing the photo game means I'll have to get out more. Working can be tiring, but I'm about to balance it all out with some good times. You'll see through my camera lens.

Also, I'm about to start using tumblr again, so a lot of photos will be posted there.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Verse Simmonds~ Intoxicated Text

Of all the artists in the last few years, I think Verse Simmonds is the most underrated singer.

The Purge Movie Review (Spoiler)

If you are into the thought of people going around killing and torturing others with no consequence, then The Purge is the movie for you.

The Purge was based in the year 2022. Currently crime and homelessness is atrocious, but this movie convinces us that the government finds a way to control crime. The answer is by making crime legal for 12 hours every year. During those 12 hours citizens across the United States releases their pent up energy by killing. They carry knives, guns, and whatever other kinds of weapons they can think of.

You might be thinking "What about God?" There is no God in this movie. Instead Americans worship "The New Founding Fathers." Every year during the purge, a special announcement is broadcast on television. There's a purge marathon going on inside homes while outside people are being brutally murdered. Oh and if houses are not protected it is legal to break in and kill residents during those 12 hours also. This movie is super violent.

It's a simple invasion. The people getting invaded are the Sandins, a family of four. James Sandin, the father, has sold the neighborhood the ultimate security system to keep them all safe from the purge. He has made so much money that his family added on to their already nice house. This has left neighbors feeling salty.

Although neighbors are jealous, the Sandins aren't worried. They buy flowers to represent their support of the purge, but they don't actually condone the violence. They'd rather being a happy boring family. However, it's a horror movie so that is not possible. The craziness pops off when the son saves a homeless man from being murdered, but from then on the whole family gets attacked. The purgers infiltrate their security system and aim to kill.

Before going any further the sight of the homeless guy pissed me the fuck off. First reason is because he was black, but everyone was afraid of him except the youngest child. The black man just wanted to live. The second is the purgers called him a pig. That was ultimate racism toward a black man. Cops are pigs.

So a black man's life is saved. Before the purgers officially strike, the daughter's boyfriend tries to kill the father. The father shoots first and her boyfriend dies. Then the black man plays hide and seek throughout the movie as the purgers tear the house to pieces. Let's stop right there. You can probably predict how the rest of the movie goes and who becomes the hero of it all.

This was a weird ass movie. My initial thoughts were psychotic rich ass white people that have nothing better to do with their lives. These were rich white people letting off steam by killing people just because they could not get in trouble for 12 hours. Oh, these killers were teenagers and next door neighbors. Plus the movie was predictable. The only way The Purge could have avoided predictable-ness was if M. Night Shyamalan would have written the script. However, he didn't.

I must say I liked it though, except for the end. The end of every horror movie made since 2005 has been super whack. This problem needs to be fixed.

Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas (Grave Loss)

In episode two of Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas, the couples go through the ultimate test of their love. If couple has to pretend the other is dead. The only thing that gets more serious than imagining your spouse dead is them actually dying. That one test alone should have brought these couple back together as one.

"Sometimes experiencing the loss of a loved one is the best way to save a marriage."

But these aren't ordinary marriages. They were initially broadcast all over television preparing to wed. Now years later they are back on television because those same attitudes are tearing them apart.

Kristen & Seth
Reminder Kristen and Seth's marriage is so bad they sleep in separate rooms. They are the first couple that get talked to and the way is by sitting them in front of a divorce attorney. Kristen was surprised because she does not want to be divorced. However, the lawyer made sure to bring out all issues that would come up in a divorce.

Remy & Rob
Remy and her husband

Porsha & Byron
Porsha makes more money than her husband, so the divorce lawyer said she would have to pay him alimony in a divorce.

Dani & Marlon
Danni has suffered from postpartum depression, so the lawyer would say in a divorce she would be turned into a horrible mom. However, Danni is determined to make the marriage work no matter what. Marlon finally speaks up and says he does not want a divorce either. They're progressing.

Melissa & Chris
Melissa and Chris start arguing over child custody in the divorce lawyers office. It is supposed to be a conversation, but these two are taking it way more serious.

The marriage counselors said making each couple mad at each other was the point of the divorce lawyer. The next exercise is called "The Write Stuff." In this exercise each person writes what they love and hate about their spouse.

Remi & Rob
Remy discovered that she loves Rob more than she hates him. The thing about these two is their personalities are very much alike. Maybe that is why they were attracted to each other in the first place.

Porsha & Byron
Porsha was quick to write out what she doesn't like about Byron. She can't even talk without mentioning what he does to get on her nerves.

Fresh from the writing exercise the marriage counselors take the couples straight to the funeral home and tells them to get in the caskets.

Remy & Rob
Rob is the first one to be in the casket. The letter Remy wrote earlier had to be read in front of a bunch of people. Her letter was actually very positive. As she was crying, Rob was in the casket saying what angered him about her. Cold World.

Kirsten & Rob
As Rob was in the casket Kirsten dropped a bathtub full of tears. Then they exchanged loving words.

Porsha & Byron
From Porsha's letter, it is clear she loves him. Byron loves her too. She said seeing him in the casket made her appreciate him more.

Dani & Marlon
For Dani and Marlon, Dani had to get in the casket. It is clear he's the problem. Marlon had just lost family member, so the exercise was the hardest on him. He started crying while he was reading his letter. Dani then broke into tears. All she wanted was for him to open up more and he did.

Melissa & Chris
Melissa also needed to get in the coffin. She absolutely confused. They tried to explain to her that the exercise was for her husband to appreciate her more, but she did not care. Melissa just thought the whole thing was a sick joke. Yet, she was there getting help on her marriage.

The counselors are the Carroll's. In absolutely no way are they dumb. They were mad that Chris and Melissa refused to participate, but they had another goal for them.

Every exercise was designed to rekindle the emotions in each person's marriage. From the looks of things it all worked. Well, except for Melissa and Chris since they did not do the exercise. Also Kirsten was told she had not changed at all and she was using her tears to escape the real issue.

On the other hand Porsha and Byron opened up more. However, Chris and Melissa were told they almost got kicked out. Remy and Rob were told they made progress by the Mrs. Carroll. Dr. Caroll told each of them that they were selfish and dumb.

These are all some hard exercises. How far would you go to hold onto your spouse?