Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dormtainment Bad Boys Club Reunion Part 2

It's finally here. Dormtainment's  Bad Boys Club Reunion Part 2
Watch below.

Sunday Reflections: Finally I Own Michael Kors Heels

Sometimes I forget that this blog is more about me than the celebrities I dream about becoming. So  here's something very personal that happened recently. I was given a pair of Michael Kors heels.

I'm not exactly sure when, but some time ago on this blog I started a topic dedicated to the fashion I one day want to have. That topic led to talking about varying looks that celebrities wear After all, they are the ones that can afford the real cute fashion and the real weird unaffordable fashion. While I talked about their fashion, I tried to stay away from naming the brands that they were wearing. This was mostly done to give me hope that I could one day get the outfit that one of my favorite celebrities was wearing.

See when you get into brand names the next step is to name prices. Unfortunately I'm a poor girl living in a poor girl's world at the moment so looking at the prices of anything Beyonce, Brandy, Shaunie O'Neal, celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie, or even Nicki Minaj wears can send me into depression. However, recently I was able to look at a name brand and feel happy. That name is Michael Kors and what I received was a nice pair of heels.

As mentioned before I'm a poor girl living in a poor girl's world, so these heels were not given to me purposely. My mom ordered two pairs for herself and they sent one pair in the wrong size. Her first reaction was to return them, but someone reminded her of my shoe size. Surprisingly she actually considered the fact that I might like them and then gave them to me. However, in giving them to me she said that means I'm not getting a Christmas present. That part doesn't matter because I was not expecting one anyway. But the Christmas gift or her giving me the shoes is not the point.

The point is... I finally own a pair of Michael Kors heels. How much did they cost you ask? I don't know and don't really care. I'm just loving the fact that I can bring up a name brand and that name brand is something expensive that I own.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Extra Effect (Why Am I So Extra?)

Why is Beyonce so extra? She has a successful career, a great husband, millions of fans, and is worth $300 million. However, she's still so very extra. Within the last couple of months Beyonce announced to the world that she was pregnant. Everyone gets pregnant, so there's really nothing extra special about it. However, she's managed to turn her very normal pregnancy into a hugely extra event. How? She went  from skinny to a pregnant belly in a matter of minutes on an awards show, has fluctuated her belly weight throughout the pregnancy, announced months ago that her baby would be due around February, and is now saying she may be 8 months pregnant. To top it off no one officially knows what gender the baby is, but this is just a normal pregnancy. So why is Beyonce being so extra and why do we love it so much?

Beyonce is not the only person out there that can turn a normal moment or a normal lifetime into an extra occurrence. Lady Gaga is an incredibly talented woman who could be lovable by being normal, but she's so extra that she decided to go to an awards show dressed up as a man. Known to not smoke at all, Lady Gaga even took the male character so far that she smoked on a cigar while sitting in the audience. Why was she so extra? Then again since they are both rich, being extra works for them. However, for those of us struggling with growing up being extra can be so inconvenient. The worst part of being extra is it's so hard to get rid of. So why are some of us, especially me, so extra?

Examples Of Being Extra When Being Normal Is So Much More Convenient

I wanted to write when everyone else wanted to run to the playground. Back in 5th grade I discovered that I had this talent to create, but it didn't stop there. I needed people to feed my creativity with their opinions. The only ones available to do that was family and classmates. Family ignored me, so I depended on the classmates. Sometimes they read and loved my writing, but most of the time they just wanted to run somewhere and play. Reading wasn't on their agenda. Instead of being normal and running up and down a playground, I wanted to write back then. Playing would have been so much more normal, so why did I have to take the extra route and try to use my imagination to make these stories my classmates and family really didn't care about?

I wanted to look nice. At one point in my childhood my mom only wanted me to have braids. When the braids had been in my head a certain time I wanted them out. They didn't look nice anymore, but she didn't understand my problem. To her they looked normal. Then when I got a certain age designer clothes were what was hot. I wanted the designer clothes, but I had no money for them. The people who bought my clothes thought I looked normal in no-name clothes. When I got to college I wanted to try something new. Normal was going out of style in my mind and creativity was calling my name. So in an attempt to get a hairstyle that would last I allowed someone to put burgundy braids in my head. To me they were cute and normal, but to some I looked very extra. I couldn't help it. As much as I wanted to fit in, there was this desire forcing me to stand out.

Look at me now. Why am I so extra? The extra effect has taken over my life. Sometimes it is good and other times it is horrible. For instance sometimes having career goals forces me to feel extra in a horrible way. The horrible parts of career goals is not knowing when I will finally start achieving them and not knowing if the people around me fully support me. Sometimes they act as if they want me to give up on my goals and appreciate where I am. Another bad part is the extra-ness is forcing me to feel very unappreciative.

The good part about being extra is determination. That extra-ness that has been created inside of my heart forces me to never think normally. It forces me to create great poetry when a poem comes to mind. It forces me to read diligently when I pick up a book, magazine, or see a blog post I like. It forces me to be a good listener and a good conversation starter. It also forces me to leave the normal men alone. Oh No! I need a man as creative and extra as me to bond with.

I'm extra. I once tried relentless to walk into the exit door at a library, but the door would not open. I'm very extra. One time when I was mad I decided to say "Grrr" out loud the way it is spelled. Normal people have trouble bonding with me. A friend was once angry over a bet her boyfriend made with another girl, so I decided to create a poem about Hoes and $10 to cheer her up. I'm so extra that some people think I cross the line. This year I was determined to take a trip to California despite people thinking I was crazy and me knowing practically no one in the state, but I made it happen. Why am I so extra? Recently I decided my camera missed me taking pictures with it, so I used another camera to photograph myself taking a picture. Maybe one day we will all find out.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

In Honor Of Thanksgiving: Thanks Thieves Day

In his latest video Thanks Thieves Day, Jerry Lavigne Jr. shows us how he feels about Thanksgiving Day. Check it out below.

Lyricist Lounge: Hate Your Girl by John Brown

For some people it's the season of love. For others it's the season of stealing other people's significant others. Then for some couples it is the season of wondering eyes. That means some men are noticing other women while with their girls and some women are checking out fine men while with their regular-looking boyfriends. That's what the song "Hate Your Girl" by John Brown is about.

It talks about a man getting mad because his girlfriend noticed another man. Check out "Hate Your Girl" below.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just Use Your Head And Do It (What We Can Learn From Men)

Warning: The first paragraph will be raw. If you can't handle PG 13 or above don't continue to read.

When you're with a man and he wants his dick sucked he will go above and beyond to get it done. In fact most times he will do it without actually asked the question. Instead he'll caress your head for a second before pushing your head in that direction. He'll yank at your hair to turn your on and then push your head down south to know it's time to return the favor. Some men know that they can't just push you in that direction to get it done though. So instead of doing it right away he'll make out with you, play with your breasts, and whatever else he can think of to get you relaxed before trying to get what he wants. That is some action on his dick with your mouth.

You may be thinking "That's selfish. What about my satisfaction?" Well, everyone likes sex, or at least everyone should. When a man wants sex he will think of every way he can to get it. He'll use lame lines to get your attention, horrible excuses to get over to your house or you to his house, and when he's got you exactly where he wants you he will make his move. If you decide you don't want sex from him, he'll act like a three year old until he finally gets what he wants somewhere.

That's really the point of this point. Men know how to get what they want. Whether it be through sex or a career men don't give up. In fact they'll postpone factors they don't think are important in order to get to what will be important later in life. Examples are below.

$100,000 or More Paycheck
Every man's goal is to be rich. If he says otherwise he's lying. They all want at least $100,000 as their year round and (thanks to Jay-Z) many of them are going to $500 million before they can actually stop and breathe air. The effects of this thinking is many men will not settle down and marry a woman. They won't do it because they want to feel financially stable before finding love. They will also neglect fun. Every now and then you hear about a man making joyful memories, but most of them focus on working because nothing else puts money in their bank out. They're obsessed with money and they are willing to put life aside to get to it.

The Perfect Woman
Every man looks for the perfect woman. The problem is they're worse than women when it comes to what they need out of a woman. If a woman can't cook, she's axed off the look. If she has at least one kid, she's not wife material. If she's short she's not perfect. If she's tall, then she plays with a man's self esteem so she's not good. If she has a flaw (such as chipped nail polish) she obviously doesn't take care of herself. Most men are not about settling or getting to know a woman if they see a small problem. Instead they want the perfect woman and they will look for that perfect woman. Either that or they'll stay single.

Once a man gets a thought in his mind he usually sticks to it. That is the way they've been taught. However, we women tend to hesitate more often. We're afraid to take vacations because there are crazy people out in the world. We are afraid to go after careers because not every career is stable. We'd rather work a job that makes us miserable and has a steady paycheck than get into a career where we may have to struggle before finding our comfortable place in the career field. What's worse is we don't just allow our fears to stay within our heads.

We try to rub our fears off on others. Before I made my visit to California I was told my women family members that I shouldn't do it because it could potentially be dangerous. Before I received my first job I decided to cut my hair into a short bob. Other women thought that was bad because I didn't have the money to keep going to someone to make sure it looked nice. But I've also spread the fears.

I was the one that told a friend that she should not move in with her boyfriend after only months of being with him. In my head it was dangerous. I was also the one that was afraid to go to a club with a friend because I barely had enough money to spend. The friend broke that fear and we  had fun that night. I and you have helped spread these irrational fears and been the victims, but it's time to stop.

We should be more like men. We should stop letting fears get to us, just use the initial positive thoughts that come into our heads, and go for whatever it is.

P.S. This winter I'm going for spending time alone for Christmas. That's already an achievement. What are you doing to break the cycle of fear?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dormtainment Bad Boys Club Reunion

This is hilarious.

The Elevation Of Hormones

The Elevation Of Hormones 
(Free And Unedited Thoughts)
From The Imagination of Lashuntrice

He sits across the room with a table full of people. I sit against a wall alone sneaking peeks, admiring his beauty. Someone speaks and he laughs along with others. His smile mesmerizes me. It calls to me, tells me to pay attention. He speaks and others reply. I imagine his voice comes across strong and commands attention. Then he gets silent.

His silence is what heightens my senses most. What is he thinking? Are his thoughts about me? Does he want to be with me, take the time to read my mind, get to know me? Or is he thinking of politics? Does he have plans to spend the rest of his life campaigning, first running for a position on a city board of leaders and elevating until he reaches for president of the United States? Or could he just be another hood nigga with no goals, just thoughts of getting rich quick?

Thoughts of him  run through my mind. His hands, they are powerful enough to kill a man. The 9mm he carries with him everywhere and pulls on a couple people for startling him proves it. He's paranoid from growing up too fast, losing friends, gaining enemies, and going to funerals for people younger than him.

His hands, they are powerful enough to protect his own. As quickly as he would protect his mom, brothers, and other family, I picture him keeping me from danger. Surrounded by a group full of people, he wraps his arms around me to show everyone I am his..and he is mines. He kisses me on the cheek, then forehead, and finally mouth as his symbol of love.

His willingness to protect me makes our lovemaking that much more special. When we're done we easily fall into each others eyes. Or at least that's what my imagination is telling me from across the room.

I don't know him. He doesn't know me. But my imagination is telling me that the rewards for getting to know him could be endless.

Sunday Reflections: Reflections Of Freedom

Yesterday on twitter a friend talked about the years where she had freedom. The time she mentioned was the first three years of being in college. There were no specific moments mentioned. It was just a consecutive time where she felt free. There was no pressure, no stress, no depressing moments, etc. She was happy. Now she wants that feeling of freedom back. However, although she did have those years of freedom there are some people who never even go a year feeling free. Some of us continuously feel like we are trapped in a prison and have to grasp onto special moments during those times of living in prison.

Sidenote: From what I've heard prison is very structured. They have a place to sleep, designated times to eat, special crafts that allow them to work, and break times that are similar to recess on a playground.

Sadly I'm one of those people that's never experienced a consecutive period of freedom. However, there have been a couple moments where I felt free. Keep reading to learn about those moments.

Leaving The Bahamas At 11 Years Old
Back in the day I was in this christian girls organization called Kujichagulia. At the end of each year (specifically each summer) we went on a big trip. That year the trip was a cruise to the Bahamas. My parents didn't want to go, but since they knew people who were going they allowed me to. They thought I'd have a chaperon 24/7. Anyway the whole trip should have been a feeling of freedom. Actually the whole trip was a feeling of freedom. All I remember is free ice cream and lots of swimming. The most memorable moment of the trip was the very last night and I was actually not awake through it. According to my roommate the boat was very rocky and she felt sea sick from it. The rockiness also made it hard for her to sleep. I, on the other hand, slept peacefully. I didn't feel any rockiness, sea sick feelings, or any feelings of being scared. I had sweet dreams that night. That was freedom.

The Day In High School When I Read My First Zane Book
Reading has always been one of my addictions. By age seven I was over the little kid books and into teen books with over 100 pages and no pictures. Then by age 10 I was over teen books and into young adult. By middle school the popular books became anything that was located in the African American fiction section of the bookstore. However, my parents were strict and thought I was too young for those books. So I got my thrill of adult reading from white authors they'd never heard of. Then one day in high school someone had a Zane book. I asked if I could read it and kept reading it until the very last class of the day. Somehow the workload that day was light and the teacher's did not call me out for not paying attention. I probably would have cared if I did get in trouble anyway. It was just me and that Zane book. FREEDOM!

The Very First Club I Attended 
College was something I could not wait for because I actually thought I'd experience freedom. And yes, there were moments of freedom. One of those moments came on my very second night of living in the dorms. I went with one of my new friends to a club. That club was Mt. Zion, not to be confused with a church. It was a straight up hole in the wall club. It was hood and 98% of the people in there smoked weed. You may be wondering how a club like that could signify freedom. Well it let me know that I was not in Stafford America anymore. I was really in the real world with real people that were not trying to influence me to only do good. FREEDOM!

The Day I Walked To Popeyes
It was a spring break. I was sad. All of my friends had left the city to do fun things that young people do during spring break. However, I had been reminded a million times that I was not special enough to have as much fun as them. Believe it or not, that is what a person starts hearing when you tell them enough times that they don't have enough money, could get hurt or kidnapped, or killed by strangers. So, after feeling depressed for enough time I decided I wanted to get out of the house. Part of that reason was because I was starving. In the midst of boredom and starvation the best idea ever hit me. It was to walk to Popeyes. For those of you who have lived in Tallahassee (and those of you who have not) Popeyes is around the corner. It's just not in walking distance. So I did it and then when I arrived I thought about riding the bus back home. Instead I walked back home through that dangerous neighborhood that surrounds Florida A&M University. It was crazy, fun, and all that other random stuff that helps create memorable moments. FREEDOM!

The Day I Called Him And Went Over To His House 
This year was the first year that people really got exposure into my dating life. I blame that damn Facebook relationship section. Anyway, after getting over a very confusing man, I was ready to move on. One day while sitting in my car at the park I was extremely bored and brave. Bravery led me to search through my phone and see whose life I'd want to intrude on randomly. I found the perfect person. Some people are addicted to texting. This guy is one of them. So instead of texting I called and he actually answered. When he answered whatever speech I had planned slipped my mind. Instead I was straightforward and asked if I could go to his house at that moment. Once I arrived I was completely relaxed. Part of that was the fact that he was caught off guard. But the point is that it was FREEDOM!

The Day At Malibu Beach 
It's something about water. Enough said. FREEDOM!

Sure the have been moments where my friends helped me create freedom. However, these moments were about creating freedom for myself. Those are only moments though. The real goal is to have a period of nothing but freedom. How about you? Do you have moments that made you feel free? Do you have an idea of what creates freedom for you? Are you already living in freedom?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Poetic Moment: What If I Die Tomorrow

I'm in one of the poetry moods, so here's a new poem just for you. I wrote this last night in the midst of contemplating how I'm going to make all those important moves.

What If I Die Tomorrow?

What if I die tomorrow?
Too many goals left uncompleted
Too many words left unspoken
Not enough accomplishments to say I succeeded
Driving myself crazy
Trying to turn my work into my baby
A baby takes nine months to make
That final year of college takes nine months to complete
Then you get pushed out into the real world
Real world equals goals
Never ending future planning
Making or at least thinking of making lots of money
But it’s been well over a year
And my goals are still hanging around
But the accomplishments seem nowhere near
And while I have hope that the unspoken words shall prosper
There’s still built up fear
What if I die tomorrow?
Fall asleep tonight and never wake up?
Get in the car for a joy ride and end up in a fatal accident?
Drown in a hidden lake while police look for my body for days?
I have goals
Some of them have been spoken
Some no one knows
But God could call me tomorrow
Decide my life has been fulfilled
So can the important words be spoken today?
Make one accomplishment to preserve my name?
Or by just being here has my legacy already been created?

Mary J. Blige Feel Inside Ft. Nas

With just days away from her new album My Life Two: The Journey Continues (Act 1), we are starting to hear some strong songs from Mary J. Blige. One is Feel Inside, which features Nas. While Mary is great, I think Nas' verse on the song really completes it and makes it a classic. Check out Feel Inside below.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What I Want To Do In My Own Home

The thought of my own place is becoming so overwhelming that it's haunting my every move. 

I have a friend who's very brave. Her struggles since graduating college has been finding a job, getting better jobs, and working a lot of over time. Her struggles have also been getting her parents to respect her and see her as an adult. One of the ways they've lacked in respect is giving her curfews. There have been several times when I was with her and her mom would call if she wasn't home by midnight, 11, or sometimes as early as 9:00 p.m. Then she decided it was time to move out and she started apartment hunting. I was proud of her and jealous because I'm just not in the place to do it yet. However, her parents don't think she's ready either and they've done everything to stop her process. They even went to the lengths of telling her if she moved she would have to leave her car behind. This would mean nice new place of her own with no way of getting to and from work. So she's done the bravest thing she could. She has planned to move in with her boyfriend, who went ahead and purchased her dream place for her. This means until she is able to leave her parent's place without arguments she will still have her own private place to go to, cook and eat at, watch television at, and sleep comfortably. 

She is not the only one with her own place. Many of my friends have their own homes. Some of them have gotten these comfy spots through marriage, some have kids, and others have enough money to live wherever they want. While they already have places, I am lacking in my own space and it's driving me crazy. 

I have to come home to the most annoying sounds on a daily basis. Kids frustrated because they don't  understand their homework, parents yelling for no reason, kids running through the hallway, me fighting for my spot in front of the television, getting interrupted during moments of intense writing or reading, etc. It's so much chaos that I don't even think of it as home. However, if I had my own home there are a few things I would do that I cannot do now. 

Rarely Turn The Air On
I get cold a lot more than I get hot. In fact, the only time I'm really hot is when I step outside in 80 + degree weather. So the air would rarely be on. One of the ways I know I would stick with this logic is the fact that I tried it back in the day with roommates. There was always some compromise or some stupid roommate who had her parents complain to the landlord that she was hot and I was mean. 

Sleep On The Sofa In Front Of The Television
Okay, it does not necessarily have to be the sofa but the television will be on when I fall asleep. There is something extra special about falling asleep to nice sounds. Plus quietness scares me and keeps me awake longer. 

As of now the stove has to be lit up with matches. I don't like playing with fire. I'm not a good cook. I don't like cleaning dishes. To top it all off, it is not my kitchen. However, in my own place I would definitely stand over a hot stove and whip something up. There would be no one to judge my cooking and I'd be eating for one. 

Write And Read With No Interruptions
If a tree falls in an empty forest does anyone hear it? If I'm living alone then there's no one to interrupt my reading and writing time. 

Invite A (My) Man Over
Since I'm living with family, inviting a man over would mean having to introduce him to everyone. I'm nowhere near ready for that. Going to a man's house is the same. His house is his private domain and walking into his house feels as if he's inviting me into his life to stay. But what if we're not at that point? See, in my own home I would control when a man comes over, what goes on, and when he leaves. Sex is included in controlling what goes on. 

Those are some of the basics. What have you done differently since getting your own place? If you still have roommates or live with family, what would you do differently if you had your own place?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Couple of R Kelly Impersonations, The Sing Off

I love R. Kelly. I really love him. With every bit of my soul I worship his effortless talent. R. Kelly really is among the top 10 when it comes to creative artists of modern times. That's why I believe no one can impersonate or do an R. Kelly song as good as R. Kelly. However, recently on The Sing Off a group called Dartmouth decided to sing an R. Kelly song as their pick of the week. It was a creative performance, but now I need the king to come and do it right. Anyway, check out Dartmouth singing R. Kelly's song "Ignition" below.

I've never actually watched the show, but a friend sent me the link to this performance. Thanks for that very much.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Kim Kardashian Is Being Sued Over Hair Removal Product

Kim Kardashian is being sued over a hair removal product that she became the spokesperson for. Did you know that lots of people buy hair removal products? Of course you did. Did you also know that there are people that look for products that will remove the hair from every single place on their body? This includes the vagina and anus. Well there are many people who look for the simplest efforts to eliminate hair from everywhere on their body. That's why Radiant, a hair removal franchise, is suing Kim Kardashian for falsely promoting their product.

Apparent Kim has told her fans that she uses the Tria product all over her body and you will never need a razor again. Radiant feels these are false claims because the product is unsafe to use everywhere on the body and a razor is used in conjunction with the product.

Do you think Radiant is right for this lawsuit? Do you think Kim K even cares? Honestly after being accused of marrying for money and building a career on looks, I think Kim should laugh this lawsuit off.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Laurie Ann Gibson No Longer Works For Lady Gaga

According to Hello Beautiful Laurie Ann Gibson has been fired as Lady Gaga's choreographer. Gibson is most famous for working with Gaga, P Diddy, and having a popular television show "Born To Dance."

Now that Gibson's no longer working with Gaga, what's next? More television shows?  Teaching new talent how to dance? We'll see.

Sunday Reflections: The Little Achievements

Throughout life we get pushed toward success. Once successful we continue to get pushed so we can stay on the success pile. While the pushers see themselves as helpful and encouraging people in our lives, we can start to see them as big bullies. See, bullies are always teasing you and beating you up because of what you haven't gotten right. They never stop to congratulate you once you actually accomplish a goal or look cool. Bullies just find the wrong in everything you do. That is why there comes several moments where you have to stop striving for perfection. You have to stop looking for new achievement. You have to stop listening to the pushers and stop  letting them bully you. Instead you have to reflect on your accomplishments up to that point.

I still have many goals that are growing by the hour, but I also have many little achievements that should never go unnoticed. Below are a few accomplishments that were very special. 

Getting A College Degree In Broadcast Journalism
People, mostly family, keep telling me that my life has been easy up to this point. However, I've shed some tears and had many struggles. One area was getting that bachelor's degree in journalism. During the five years it took me to get the degree there were professors that I was sure had no courage in my skills. There was a day where I had a perfect newsroom experience right until I messed up printing scripts. It was my first time printing the scripts for the newscast so I didn't know to reset the buttons before pressing print. Because of that mistake the professor/news director yelled and I shed tears. The tears didn't come from that one mistake though. They came from the fact that it was almost 5:00 and I had not eaten all day. I was tired and mentally exhausted, so I wasn't in a state of mind to handle any added pressure. That was actually nothing compared to the real exhaustion I faced getting some assignments done, but the degree was worth it all. Writing is my first love after all. 

Having A Regularly Updated Blog 
While I asked people for help, no one actually helped with picking the name of this blog. All I knew is that I needed something that reflected the struggle to success and still managed to include the people struggling to stay successful. This blog is ultimately my baby. No one ever told me to start it, said when to write, or forced me to continue to write. I do it because I love it and that is an accomplishment within itself. 

Realizing I'm A Work In Progress
I'm a work in progress. Many people go throughout their whole lives working on themselves because someone is there point out their flaws. However, one day I woke up and realized I'm a work in progress because I have plans that no one else created for me. I have goals that only I put in my head. So I'm a work in progress, but I know what I need and want to work on. That is an accomplishment. 

Making Little Changes 
This achievement is not complete, but there have been little achievements made within it. For some reason there are folks out there that think I need all the help in the world focusing on something, but the truth is I've excelled at that accomplishment. I'm more focused than ever on a writing career and nothing can change that. 

Another little change has been my hair. I successfully did the big chop and now it's all short and afro'ed up. 

I've also started to find where I fit in this big world. It is definitely not Houston. The first step was visiting California, but I have to go again in order to get a better feel for the state. 

These are just some of my itty bitty achievements that make me smile inside. What about you? Do you have any achievements that you're proud of, but they go unnoticed to the rest of society? 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kalenna Of Diddy Dirty Money Is Becoming A Solo Artist

Kalenna, of Diddy-Dirty Money, is branching out on her own. She no longer needs Diddy in her songs to be recognized. In fact in her first solo release she's labeled herself a bad bitch and is telling all other women to go to work. Check it out below.

Kalenna- Go To Work

Thursday, November 10, 2011

From Conrad Murray to Joe Paterno Are The Enablers Taking The Blame For Criminals?

There are a few lessons I've learned since stepping out into the cruel cold real world. I'm not just using the word cold because the temperature has dropped. They all revolve around what you can and can't get away with.

For instance having lack of street knowledge is something that you just can't get away it. Street knowledge  is knowing when to cross the street, when to talk to strangers, when to smile, when to walk, and when to run. Basically it's knowing when to be friendly and when to pretend you don't know what's going on around you. However, if something happens when you're out in public it is either your fault or the fault of the person with the gun/drugs/vehicle driving recklessly. If you're the person with the guns, drugs, or car driving recklessly then there's no way to escape punishment. You mom can't take the blame. Your dad can't run to your rescue. Your second grade teacher can't confess that they gave you some bad advice once upon a time. It's all your fault. However, when you are rich enough and your name is big enough none of the laws your break, the drugs you take, or the messed up lifestyle you live is ever your fault.

Recently Conrad Murray had to learn this the hard way after being found guilty of killing Michael Jackson. His crime is being an enabler of MJ for two whole months. In the midst of enabling, Murray was paid $150,000 a month to provide Michael Jackson with medication that helped him sleep. This means Murray only made $300,000 before Jackson died under his care. Now Michael Jackson is the same man that we watched get nose jobs because he did not love his looks, literally go from a black man to a white man, get accused of child molestation more than once, and become the center of jokes for over a decade. When looking at all of his issues it should not be a surprise that he was addicted to drugs also. However, the day Michael Jackson passed away everyone seemed to forget about all of his issues. Instead the blame for his death and drug addiction was solely put on Conrad Murray, a man that had only known Michael for two months. Now Murray was guilty, but not of murder. His guilt was being an enabler and ultimately should have made him an accomplice to murder. Accomplice would mean he stood by and watched as Michael destroyed himself, but that's not how the jurors or millions of MJ fans saw it.

Many people would say that's just because he was MJ and he made many hit songs that will continue to be played until the end of time. But MJ is not the only man rich and famous person that has walked away without taking the full blame for his own downfall.

Earlier this week the Penn State's legendary coach Joe Paterno and the president of the school were fired for covering up child molestation that happened at the school 15 years ago. No, neither of them were the pedofiles. The real pedophile is a man, who after decades of working at Penn State, decided to retire. While the real pedophile, Jerry Sandusky, was arrested and charged with child molestation, the media has focused solely on Joe Paterno. According to records Paterno knew of this child molestation and reported it to administrators. When nothing was done all employees continued doing their jobs as if they never had a clue. This would mean every employee and Paterno was an enabler at that time. They enabled a man who was molesting children, which is horrible. However, none of them were doing the molesting. They never touched children innappropriately, but when you read the articles that has been written or look at twitter, the blame is on Paterno. Paterno is a guy who created a legacy at Penn State. He became the head coach in 1966 and took the football team through 409 victories. However, instead of a legacy people are remembering him as a man involved in a child molestation case.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe these are just two men who happened to be working for the wrong people at the wrong time. Then again, they've been highly punished for crimes where the criminals are barely being mentioned. That must mean if you enable a person to do something bad, you are going to get into more trouble than that person. What do you think about this? Do you believe that if you got caught in the middle of a robbery tomorrow you would walk away as the innocent person?

DMX Sits Down With Dr. Drew

Recently DMX sat down to discuss his life with Dr. Drew on Dr. Drew's show "Lifechangers." Check the full interview out below.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Attempting A Staccato

Back when I lived in Tallahassee, I had the pleasure of attending Black on Black Rhyme as much as my schedule allowed. While in attendance, I was able to see many different styles of poetry. One style was a phrase, which started off with one or two words. It was sort of like a punch line. It's called a Staccato. Every time I went several poets would get on stage and do a few staccato's. It was so cool and I wanted to try it out. However, I was afraid I would not be as good as them.

However, recently I decided to give staccatos a try. Below is my first attempt at one.

Very First Staccato
"No Kissing/ If you kiss you get pregnant/ So I didn't kiss him/Instead I let him stick his dick in me."

What do you think? Was it good?

FYI- Meaning of Staccato-  "marked of or composed of disconnected parts or sounds; cut short briskly"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

May Heavy D, Joe Frazier, And Michael Jackson's Fans Rest In Peace

Just recently Heavy D graced the stage and made us feel as if we were back in the 90's again. However, I'm sad to report that earlier today he passed away at the very young age of 44. This death comes right after he performed October 8th at an Michael Jackson tribute and right before he performed at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Heavy D, real name Dwight Arrington Myers, was a legend in the world of hip hop and he will be missed. 

Also gone too soon is legendary boxer Joe Frazier. He passed away recently at the age of 67. 

While Michael Jackson has been resting peacefully for some time now, his fans have been furious at Dr. Conrad Murray. However, now that Conrad Murray will serve prison time and never practice in medicine again, Michael Jackson fans should be happy. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

What It Means To Be A Hoe, Angela Yee Tells Us

In the video below Angela Yee breaks down what it really means to be a hoe and she tells us of some of the most famous hoes in the entertainment industry.

Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl Episode 10 Part II

The Science Of Black Hair (Book)

There's a new book out that dives into the science of black hair.

It's been approximately seven weeks and two days since I went to the hair salon and got all my permed hair cut off. At first the plan was to play it cool. I wanted to learn how to manage my hair as if I was just hired in a new position at a job. With a job that pays money (especially good money) you need to learn the basics of what you are doing. However, the more I looked at my new-found texture, the more curious I became about handling it. So far I've went to some salon or barbership every other week to make sure the edges are taken care of, but experienced with products on my own. This interest is amazing. I went from doing the cut just to have something new and now it's become a second job that I love. And I see that others love figuring out black hair texture too.

Well, it's been no secret that the world is obsessed with everything black, but lately the world has made a special place in our hearts to be obsessed with black hair care. This curiosity has grown so big that there is now a book titled "The Science of Black Hair" by Audrey Davis Syvasothy.

According to this book gives a breakdown on the structure of black hair and how you should care for it. Would you buy this book? I'm tempted to just to see what she has to say about hair care and what I might learn.

Come Cuddle With Me (New 2011 Poem)

Come Cuddle With Me
Cuddle season is here
Finally I need you near
Temperature’s steady dropping
60, 50, 40
My body’s yearning for warmth
Shivering and waiting for you
Nothing else will work
No jacket, sweater or hoodie
Just wrap your arms around me
Claim me for just this season
Rest your hands right above my spot
And pull me close to your chest
Combined body heat keeping us warm
50, 60, 70
Feels like 80 degrees again
No hoodie, sweater, or jacket
Just me, my t-shirt and panties
You and your boxer shorts
Hugged up together
Resting nicely on the couch
Or laid out under the covers in the bed
But hurry up cause I’m cold
And I know you’re lonely
It’s the season of love
Don’t waste it
Don’t wait until it’s over
Take advantage of the time
And hold me

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Remembering The First Time Traveling

Since the beginning of time I've been dying to travel. Yeah, there were some experiences with family and church. These places involved New Orleans, Mississippi, Atlanta, The Bahamas, and Florida (where I was born). While they were great experiences, nothing beats traveling out into the world on your own. You discover what you like, what you love, what you hate, what you don't want to deal with, and most importantly where you can improve. That is why I finally took the big step and traveled on my own.

Now the chosen place wasn't a random pick and it wasn't somewhere filled with a million people I know. It was a place filled with a million strangers. According to some it's a place filled with a million strangers with a million different dreams and half of them won't fulfill them. Take a moment of silence for the people whose dreams will never be fulfilled. Anyway, since dreams are what we (I am) are of,  this place immediately spoke to me and said  "Visit me and you'll probably fall in love." I did fall in love too. Okay, the excellent place is Los Angeles, California and it was the first travel experience ever by myself.

The trip lasted from October 26- 30, 2011. Allow me to tell you about this great time filled with fun, laughter, and worries.

Hollywood And Malibu Beach: The First Time
Night One
Upon leaving the airport, there were mixed emotions. I was happy to be in a new place getting a new experience that will last me forever. However, at the same time I didn't know what I was getting into. I'd had lots of support from friends to ease my mind, but at the same time lots of warnings from family to scare the shit out of me. So as I left the airport the first regret filled my head. That was the one of not renting a car. The next was not having a credit card yet. This will be explained later. The next scared part was being given a dirty hotel room. The hotel was located in Hollywood, but no matter where the location is they tend to do crazy stuff. They quickly fixed that though and my mind was filled with ease again. That night I chilled in my hotel room, rejoiced in silence, and was visited by a fellow FAMU graduate for a little bit. It was nothing special, but it was special at the same time. 

Day 1
The first day I was up super early, 6 A.M to be exact. The room and outside was cold, much like Houston mornings had started becoming. While it was still dark outside buses, cars, and people could be heard loud and clearly. Usually I'd have to get up for work at some point, but instead I stayed in the bed, turned on the television, and ate some of my snacks. About four hours later, it started to feel as if the city was ready for me. Well to be exact, Hollywood was ready for me. 

That day I walked about a mile down Sunset strip just taking in the scenery, walked to Hollywood Blvd and down the whole street, and then discovered the spot to take tours. The chosen tour involved celebrities homes. The only name I can actually remember from the tour was Simon Cowell's place. This place is huge, all white, and definitely not being lived in. It had a lot of men doing construction work on it. Actually a lot of the celebrities homes didn't involve the celebrities actually living in them. By the end of the tour I had taken over 100 photos and wasn't even sure what I was photographing. I'm a reformed camera addict that spent years in make-believe clinics, but that one experience sent me into a relapse. After the tour I ventured to get something to eat and then went back to my hotel. There was nothing else to do afterwards, but mostly because my feet felt like they would voluntarily fall off if I tried to move again. 

Day 2
I woke up that Friday and wasn't whole-heartedly into the trip anymore. Upon walking down the street it was easy to tell the tourists from the residents of the city. I longed to be one of those residents. I longed to be waking up to a job in Hollywood, LA, or even just California that I loved. That may never happen or it could happen one day. But that day the emotions of it not already being real and the emotions of knowing I would soon return to an environment where my accomplishments and efforts went ignored, but my mistakes were always noticed haunted me. I tried to cheer myself up though. I went and added 75 more pictures to my camera's collection. Then later that day I was joined by another friend from college. 

This friend introduced me to the Red Velvet Pancake. You must try it one day, because it is the second best thing ever invented. I couldn't even eat it all because it was huge and there was no microwave in my hotel room. I also saw that friend's studio apartment. Am I the only one that sees what others have created and start decorating my pretend place in my head? Anyway, this friend suggested that I visit the beach before I leave, so that was Saturday's plan. 

Day 3
This is going to be short. Saturday was the trip to Malibu Beach. Before the trip I did come into a realization. That fact was that I was and still am alone. There's no longer anyone around who can think for me. They can't make plans to make Lashuntrice happy. They can't direct Lashuntrice's life and still manage to put a smile on her face. Only she, I, can do that. I cried a little just to empty all the emotions out of my system. I cried a little so later I could be strong and direct myself down the right path. Then I proceeded to get dress and find my way to the beach. 

FYI: Malibu Beach is beautiful. I'm in love. 

So I learned that next time I need to rent a car and I should definitely not ask negative people if they think the trip will be a good idea. I should also get a credit card just in case of last minute emergencies. On the bright side, I realized I actually like this city, have the potential to fall in love with it, and Malibu Beach is my new best friend. 

Amber Rose And Her Future Music Career

Amber Rose started off as a stripper. She then evolved into a video girl. To date she has stripper, video girl, model, and inspirational speaker under her belt, dress, thong or wherever she keeps her achievements. However, the climb to success is not over. Miss Amber will soon be starring in two movies and she has a future music career ahead of her. Recently she talked to BET about her music career. Read what she had to say below.

"I’ve been in the studio constantly working on music. I’m doing club, house, upbeat music. My inspirations are Missy, Pitbull, Fergie—I love the sound of her voice. I’m in the studio every single day no matter if I work 18 hours a day, I’m always in the studio so I’m really taking this very serious.  I’ve always wrote music, but it has always been something very personal for me. But I brought my music to Wiz one day and showed him everything and he was blown away.  He was like, ‘Baby, you have to do this. Like, you have to. I know you’re quiet, I know you’re shy’ but you know when I’m in the studio, I’m like Sasha fierce. I just turn into a whole different person. It’s really cool. You guys are going to really enjoy it. I may drop a song soon and just put it out there so you can see what it’s like"

Saturday, November 5, 2011

People I Never Had To Research In Order To Admire Them

Recently after a long day of work I was home eating and thinking happy thoughts. These happy thoughts came from the fact that my recent vacation was still fresh in my mind, body, and spirit. However, we all know when you're at your happiest there is always someone around to try to bring you down. For me that was my mom. She started in on talking about money and how people who are successful have it. Thing is I already knew that.

I learned that a long time ago when I was old enough to realize in order to keep yourself happy, you have to have money to spend. The bigger problem is she never brought me a birthday gift, never supported my vacation which I paid for fully, didn't say happy birthday to me on my day, and never acted happy for me. She just complained about my decisions. So to help her rant, I told her that she must think I'm dumb.

You already know this didn't go well. According to my mom, no one thinks I'm dumb. However, she does think I look up to stars too much. She also thinks I don't listen to anyone's advice. In fact she used Lala Vasquez as an example. She told me Lala became successful from marrying into money. You're probably wondering what kind of logic is that since Lala did not get where she is by marrying a basketball player that is barely on her show.

See, it's stuff like this that pisses me off. People wrongly judge the successful people I look up to and always want to say I'm not listening. Even more, there are people giving out the wrong advice and getting mad. Can you tell that this made me angry? Well, because I don't want the anger to drive me crazy, I've decided to express it in another form.

Below are my list of successful celebrities I never had to research about in order to admire their work.

LaLa Vasquez 
Within the past year Lala created a brand new fan base by getting a television show, which broadcasts her life as an entertainment star a wife. This show helps many people look up to her and admire the work she does. It also leaves some people to think that Lala has gotten this far because she married a  basketball player. Actually some people probably never knew about her until she got married. I wasn't one of them. Long before Lala met basketball stars I admired her on MTV. She had many roles from a co-host to hosting shows on MTV and Vh1. Before this, however, Lala had a background in radio and she has a college degree in communications. She made a name for herself and I was able to watch. Plus, everyone knows you don't start out making money in the field. Is she really worth admiring? I think so.

Free (Of 106 & Park)
I didn't know who Free was before 106 and Park, but once I started watching the show I wanted to be her. She was and still is exactly like her name, free. She was a co-host who was able to interview a countless amount of stars and she did it using her own fashion sense. She had this big afro and unique clothing that commanded everyone's attention. Isn't that what being a reporter is about? Getting the attention of those around you. During her time hosting106 and Park she also launched  a singing career, because singing is her real passion. Now if you do research on Free to find out her efforts to get to success, this woman has always had a background in radio and television.

Jill Scott
I fell in love with Jill Scott's music the first time I ever heard her. But it wasn't because of her extraordinary singing voice or her physical appearance. As far as physical appearance, there is always that one celebrity that is so beautiful you want to emulate her in every way. It was because of her poetry. It is clear in every sense that Jill Scott is a poetry. It's shown by the way she speaks, the lyrics she writes, the sounds that she chooses to go with her lyrics, and even the way she puts herself into her creations. How Jill Scott came to be this excellent poet doesn't even matter. There's no need to research a person's natural gift.
I chose the above for a reason. Without looking at their past, it's obvious to tell they are successful and it wasn't an easy road for them to be where they are now. Seeing their faces and hearing their voices also helps leads others down the right path.

When you stop thinking about the money you don't have and the life you're not living yet, who can you look up to admire career wise?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Love~ Why Do We Neglect Breaks?

A pretty girl with a nice figure is living a normal life until one day she stumbles upon a life changing television show. That television show leads her to become America's next top model and later get some acting roles. Her name is Eva Pigford, but she later uses Marcille as her last name because it's more marketable.

At one point he was a corrections officer. Then he managed to make his big break into the music industry. Now he rocks a huge beard, a big belly, designer pajamas, and millions of dollars. He's also known for his average rap lines about drug dealing and his health issues. His name is Rick Ross.

He was once a man with a dream. He learned how to rap, produce, start his own business, and successfully promote artist. He's made sure to appear everywhere with the people he made a success, including music videos and the red carpet. He also launched a successful clothing line and manages to keep his baby momma's happy. Of course he is worth $500 million. His name is Sean P. Diddy Combs and his biggest promotion right  now is working while everyone else is sleep.

She's been around for about 15 years. Her first debut was in the group Destiny's Child, but now she no longer needs other members to help justify her talent. She's worth $300 million and even when she takes breaks she's still working. Even with being pregnant, she still finds ways to drop enjoying music videos. Even when she tries to have a private life, the paparazzi catches a pictures of her going somewhere every single day. Her name is Beyonce.

She's a regular girl at a regular job trying to figure out how to take her success to the next level. He's a regular man sitting behind a desk trying to figure out how to turn a $100 into $1000. Stress forms when there's not enough money. Worry makes them forget about taking breaks from their everyday routine. People around them push them to be better, even though they are already trying to be better. Seizures, asthma attacks, stress, high blood pressure, and many other illnesses also run these people's lives. Why?

The stars mentioned above get their big breaks when they hit fame. However, like millions of lower class and middle class folks they neglect to really take care of themselves until something bad occurs. For example, after a health attack Eva Marcille announced on America's Next Top Model that she struggled with Lupus. Recently Rick Ross suffered two seizures before his concerts started being cancelled and his health became a major priority. While she wasn't mentioned above, Rihanna recently cancelled performances due to being sick and stressed out.

Recently I took a vacation to California. That's one of my dream places to live. There was hesitation from some people close to me because they just don't understand my goals or mindset. However, forget the goals and mindset. Forget about the amount of money it takes to achieve anything. Think of it as just a vacation away from the real world. Why do people find it so easy to push a person to achieve goals, work hard, or even make money? Why do we value the dollar over what our body is telling us to do? Better yet, why do we wait until our health takes a toll for the worse to realize we need real breaks? I'm referring to the breaks that involve fun, laughter, friends, or maybe even relaxing on some beach by yourself.

Studies have shown that breaks increase our health and happiness by 90 percent.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Relationship Poem: Free

The following poem was inspired by Zane (the author), Kim Kardashian's quick marriage, and all the young single men around the world. It's called "Free" so read it and let me know if you feel liberated at the end. 

I called 
He came 
And just like that we became 
Two beautiful people sneaking around
In the middle of the night
He made it just in time
Didn’t want our passion to drive us insane
Too many articles of clothing weighing us down
First went my t-shirt
No bra, no panties
Then he got undressed
Clothes flying everywhere
Boxers landing on the ceiling fan
Starting in the living room 
Making the couch the perfect spot
As he sat I climbed on top 
Back and forth I worked my hips
In and out he thrusts his dick
Until together we came
But instead of pulling out
We held onto each other
An attempt to never let go
But it wasn’t over
He whispered “I want more”
Our passion continued 
Ecstasy filled every room
Until our eyes couldn’t take anymore
And the next morning I woke up
He was gone
Just a hint of his cologne in the air
But that’s how it’s meant to be
We’re both single
But in order to keep our sanity we must stay free

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reasons Why Kim Kardashian Would Be Married For Only 72 Days

After proclaiming to the world that she had found love, a huge wedding on the E! Network,  and 72 long days of marriage Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce. However, no one seems to be surprised. Many people are saying they were more shocked by the fact that she made it down the aisle. But why do we feel this way? Why is no one supporting the value of marriage? Even more, why would we expect for Kim Kardashian's marriage to fail?

Let's face it. Marriage or not,Kim K is star. It all started over a decade ago when her father was an assistant attorney on the O J Simpson trial. The minute OJ was acquitted of all charges, the whole family was set with money for life. However, we wouldn't meet miss Kim right away. Her real introduction into fame was when she became the jump-off of Willie Norwood Jr, also known as Ray J. Everyone saw it on tape. Then Kim managed to keep her relevance by getting into a rocky relationship with Reggie Bush. After Reggie she burst into the entertainment scene with her own reality television show.Well at least the show started off about Kim and then became about the whole family. That family found a way to make millions without any real talent, except for their bodily talent. I'm talking about looks. Everyone looks Kim K and her sisters because they are all relatively pretty. If they aren't pretty, they find ways to feel pretty. 

Her time on reality television has shown us just how obsessed Kim K is with love. It started with her youngest sister getting knocked up by a no-good guy. The jealousy was in Kim K's eyes. Then once she expressed her need for marriage, Reggie Bush finally disappeared off the scene. Then the worse thing ever happened for Kim. Her sister Khloe, the one built like a football player, married Lamar Odom. So we should have seen Kim K's marriage coming. Even if it meant walking down the aisle by herself.

So Kim Kardashian is a successful woman. She gets paid just to walk down the street. However, her marriage only lasts 72 days before she's yelling for a divorce and no one is shocked. Now why would that be? Below are a few explanations. 

She Didn't Understand What She Was Getting Into 
I once heard someone say they were eager to get married until they realized the marriage would not be all about them. They'd have to learn to share their space, their time, money, and material possessions. One of Kim K's biggest complaints is her husband is spending all her money. See the problem?

She Wanted It
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom dated and created a bond before they tied the knot. When you watch them on television you can tell they understand what that special commitment means. However, Kim K always came off as jealous of her sisters. She saw what they had and tried her best to get it. Once she got the ring, it  wasn't important anymore. Getting married was no longer a bucket list request. It was an achievement. Sometimes once we achieve goal, it is no longer important. What's important is the next goal. Kim wanted the ring, but she didn't plan on keeping it. 

Kim K Is Miss Independent 
Remember Webbie's song "Independent?" It was all about a woman who works hard and has claim to all her possessions with no help. Kim Kardashian, if you forget her family, has achieved a huge success and become miss independent. Webbie brags about miss independent and how attractive she is. However, what Webbie and most men fail to realize is the real independent chicks don't need or want a man. Kim K didn't need Ray J for fame, but it happened. She didn't need Reggie Bush in order to stay relevant. Her family already had plans for that. Most of all Kim never need a man to get married. She just chose to be traditional. I'm sure there was some sort of paycheck along with it, but you get the point. Kim Kardashian has rose to success on her own. When we think of her we don't think of the men she's been with or the one she's currently divorcing. We see a independent chick. 

Another reason is he just wasn't black. Kim has a history with black man and as the saying goes "Once you go black you don't go back." I may be wrong. There could be another reason why Kim Kardashian couldn't handle the committed life. Why do you think this star status chick failed at the task? Can you handle marriage, or even a relationship for longer than 72 days?