Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Finally I Own Michael Kors Heels

Sometimes I forget that this blog is more about me than the celebrities I dream about becoming. So  here's something very personal that happened recently. I was given a pair of Michael Kors heels.

I'm not exactly sure when, but some time ago on this blog I started a topic dedicated to the fashion I one day want to have. That topic led to talking about varying looks that celebrities wear After all, they are the ones that can afford the real cute fashion and the real weird unaffordable fashion. While I talked about their fashion, I tried to stay away from naming the brands that they were wearing. This was mostly done to give me hope that I could one day get the outfit that one of my favorite celebrities was wearing.

See when you get into brand names the next step is to name prices. Unfortunately I'm a poor girl living in a poor girl's world at the moment so looking at the prices of anything Beyonce, Brandy, Shaunie O'Neal, celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie, or even Nicki Minaj wears can send me into depression. However, recently I was able to look at a name brand and feel happy. That name is Michael Kors and what I received was a nice pair of heels.

As mentioned before I'm a poor girl living in a poor girl's world, so these heels were not given to me purposely. My mom ordered two pairs for herself and they sent one pair in the wrong size. Her first reaction was to return them, but someone reminded her of my shoe size. Surprisingly she actually considered the fact that I might like them and then gave them to me. However, in giving them to me she said that means I'm not getting a Christmas present. That part doesn't matter because I was not expecting one anyway. But the Christmas gift or her giving me the shoes is not the point.

The point is... I finally own a pair of Michael Kors heels. How much did they cost you ask? I don't know and don't really care. I'm just loving the fact that I can bring up a name brand and that name brand is something expensive that I own.

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