Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dear 2015 (Music, Television, And Personal Goals)

This is the time where everyone has made vision boards, created lists, and is still trying to figure out what comes next. Some are making five year plans while others are focused on the new year. One thing for sure is that the 2015 music that will hit the radio has already been picked out, unless you're the singer/rapper of course. Our 2015 television line-up has already been chosen for us too. All the we have left to make are our personal goals, so here it goes. 

Dear 2015,
My goals for the year are the same as 2014. The simple goals are to enjoy as much music as possible, live in the moment more often, and travel more (even if it doesn't involve leaving the city). The more complicated goals will be kept to myself until they are accomplished. Then I'll shout to the world my accomplishments and hope someone hears my voice right before it fades. That is all for now. 
A blogger who is looking forward to whatever happens

Now Solutions Clay Powder From

This winter I've been having fun browsing through online stores and one cool site I came across is 37th and Brae. There you can buy perfumes, colognes, lipsticks, and more for great prices. The following products were used for purposes of reviewing.

One of my biggest fears is adding new products to my face. I'm usually just a soap and water fan, but incidents occur. Pimples form, scars get left behind, and sometimes no amount of lotion can leave my face feeling as soft as it needs to be. Facial products are important. This is why I tried out the clay powder from Now Solutions. I have the European and Moroccan clay powder. In the following pictures, I'm using the European Clay powder. 
This facial mask is exactly as it looks. It starts out as powder and all you have to add is water. If you want you can also add oil too, but it all depends on your skin. I just added water and only used it on some of my face just to test it out. It went on my skin smooth and also came off easily. Afterwards the instructions say to moisturize the skin, which I did. My skin felt smoother than it normally does. This is definitely going to become a regular routine. 

This actually came as part of the Winter With Care Box, which includes True Religion Hippie Chic perfume. That perfume smells like Heaven. The Winter With Care Box costs $45 and can be ordered through the site.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Little Boy, About The White Boy Who Can Move Mountains

A movie is coming out soon about a young boy who can move, bottles, mountains, and possibly bring his father home from war. I saw the preview for this movie while watching Annie on Christmas day. 

Before watching Annie, which was a beautiful movie, there was some controversy. Among the troubles were the advertisements placed in stores like Target. The ads for Annie had orphans posing, but none of them looked like the actual actress that is the star. The actress is Black, but the little girl in the Target store is Chinese. 

Other controversy involved white people on twitter complaining about a black girl playing the orphan. The reasoning was simply that the original movie contained a red-haired white girl and it was dumb because orphans come in all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. The crazier part of the complaints is that these people complaining must have missed the other movie coming out, which involves a white boy that so badly wants his dad home that he moves mountains with his mind. 

Little Boy is the name and it's a faith based movie. It's about a little boy whose father has gone off to the war, but never returned. From the previews, the little boy wants his father home so bad that he develops telekinesis. In one scene he makes a bottle move with his mind and in another scene he actually makes a mountain move because his faith is that strong. 

This movie Little Boy looks real good. The previews are very emotional. However, I'm also curious as to how many people of my skin tone will be mad over it and scream to boycott simply because of the storyline. Watch the trailer below.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas From WWW.SEARCHINGFORMYSTAR.COM is celebrating with those who only find themselves fantasizing about waking up to surround themselves around a Christmas tree as the children happily open presents. Well, that or fantasize about waking up to a significant other that could eventually give them that beautiful family.

It's Christmas, which means a new year will approach us a week from now. Some people don't need the fantasies anymore because they have all they've ever wanted. For the rest of us, we can spend this holiday collectively dreaming about what is still missing from our lives.

Happy Holiday. Open the presents you have, even if you wrapped them yourselves already knowing what they are because they are for you. Send and reply to mass text messages because sometimes that's what the holidays are all about. Drink lots of eggnog laced with the most delicious liquor because anything with alcohol in it will brighten you mood. Watch Christmas movies because it's Christmas. If you are at work only pretend to work because your mind will be on the holiday anyway.  Don't tell anyone who you received that last line of advice from. Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

#SororitySisters Some Details About These Women You May Have Missed

Someone on twitter asked who watched the second episode of Sorority Sisters and was it worth it. Although I responded via twitter, I decided to write the following on what we should be paying attention to when it comes to the show. Yes, there are messy women on this show, but some of them are actually worth paying attention to. They are real women who are trying to pursue their goals, actually have accomplishments, and supporting each other along the way. Keep reading to see how.

Business Owners
Some of these women are business owners. Two of the women on the show own boutiques. On the first episode one of the women opened up a shoetique. That is April, who operates House of Couture. She even redefined the meaning of couture to promote her accessories. Then there is Adrene who owns House of Adrene.

Yes, you can buy clothing and shoes at a million places. However, there's always room for another and these women are proving it. If you live in Atlanta maybe you should support them. Didn't we have a protest that involved supporting only black business recently?

Goal Oriented
Some of these women are goal oriented. They're so goal oriented not all of them can handle the idea of having a significant other that can clearly take care of them financially.

Veronica is a woman with many goals. Her introduction into the show also hi-lights her having a man who is ready to get married and have some babies. She's not crazy about that idea though. Veronica dances, does choreography, does makeup, and makes people over. She also supports herself financially and is very proud of it. In one of the scenes Priyanka jokingly says that her man must make all the money and Veronica gets insulted by it.

Priyanka is all over the place. What we see her doing on Sorority Sisters is burlesque dancing. She's also trying to start a big foot shoe line. While she brings drama to the show heavily, it's clear she is also goal oriented.

Lydia is living with Priyanka when the show starts off. Hopefully as the show develops (if it stays on that long) we'll see her progress. Lydia has always had this dream of dancing and we are exposed to her chasing that dream. According to her, she needs money bad to support herself and to be able to start supporting her daughter.

Then there is Cat. For a while she worked for one of our favorite photographers, Derek Blanks. He's best known for the alter-ego photo shoots. However, she's branching out own her own. We see her thinking about modeling and she's also pursuing becoming a photographer.

Organization Oriented
They are there for their sorority members and also there for the women in different sororities. Okay, these women have weird ways of showing their support for each other, but they signed contracts to do a show with women that they didn't know. They just knew the other women were part of the Divine Nine. They even accept Shanna, the white Delta.

So many of you will go on and continue to boycott the show based on the drama, but just know there is more to the story. These women aren't just broadcasting drama.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Who Needs #SororitySisters When You Have #LoveThySister

Love Thy Sister. "They put the fun in dysfunctional," is the motto for WE! TV's newest reality show.

Who needs a show called Sorority Sisters when there's another group of women willing to get on camera and show their sisterhood? These women aren't sorority sisters. Ruby Rucker, Ione Rucker, and Ellen Rucker Carter are blood sisters and some of us will be tuning in and watching. Watch the super trailer below.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Big Gipp~ Damn That Booty Big

"See the ground don't shake, but the booty do." If you needed for anymore ratchet music to get stuck in your head, then his song is perfect.

The artist name is 41 year old Big Gipp and we can all see his new music video for a song called "Damn That Booty Big" courtesy of Revolt. I thought this was a joke, but nope. He's a seasoned rapper, best known for being in Goodie Mobb. Check out the video below.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The List of People, Places, and Things We're Boycotting

With the premiere of Sorority Sisters, a whole lot of people on twitter decided to boycott the companies of commercials advertising during that time slot. Some of these companies included Target and Hallmark. While the companies probably didn't even know what Primetime show their commercial was being advertised during, people decided it was better to attack them than to just not watch the show. However, this is not the beginning of boycotting any and everything.

It all started with the Darren Wilson campaign. Research shows Walmart contributed to making Darren Wilson a millionaire. Who really knows how much money Walmart just gives away to all campaigns, but this one troubled Black citizens most so some of them did what they thought was best. They decided to boycott Walmart. My only problem is many of the lanes are never open anyway while there are way too many customers. Its best to go somewhere else, but that doesn't seem to matter. It's the season of protesting and boycotting so here's a list of people, places, and things from the internet that we are being told to boycott.

Ratchet Television Shows
I'm assuming that if we're boycotting Sorority Sisters, we have to avoid all other ones too. This means no Love & Hip Hop, no Hollywood Divas, no Real Houseswives, and definitely no R&B Divas. Did I miss any shows?

Lifetime is also about to premiere a new reality television show called Big Women, Big Love. Let's boycott that mess too. Actually just don't watch it. I might watch the first episode just to write about it.

Al Sharpton
One day I woke up and people were mad at Al Sharpton. He's an old school leader. Why do this to him? Oh well, he's on the list.

Bill Cosby
I wish we could have been angry at Bill when he was still drugging and sexing all those women. However, he's a 77 year old man now. With all the womanizers I've had to deal with since becoming an adult, Bill doesn't even matter. However, some folks care and Bill's name gets brought up in negative ways every single day.

Charles Barkley, Pharrell, Don Lemon and Other New Blacks
One day I hope to be apart of the new Blacks. They are all wealthy. Until then we are boycotting them. They believe racism is over, speak about racism being over while a new innocent Black person is being gunned down by a white person, and then shrug it off with their riches.

The Radio
Some of the leading songs on the radio right now involves calling all women THOTs, sexualizing all women, selling drugs, being in love with drugs, and more drugs. I haven't heard anyone say anything about boycotting the radio but maybe we should if we're going to boycott everything else.

Am I missing anything? What else do you feel we should be boycotting?

#TheSisterhood Revelations

The journey of a group of women looking into becoming nuns came to an end on Lifetime. 

As I watched the finale of The Sisterhood, I was both amazed and saddened. Every reality show featuring women claims to want to capture the journey of the woman, but The Sisterhood really brought what each woman was there for to life. 

We saw Eseni struggle with whether to stay with her boyfriend or finish the journey of discernment. Her biggest battle was with her distrust of men. She had to leave a long-term boyfriend in order to get back to the love of God. Eseni chose to not become a nun. 

We saw Christie arrive very bright eyed and opened minded, but then we saw her eventually leave with her mind made up as to what she wanted to do. Christie had never experienced love and her mother wanted her to get married and birth some children. None of that mattered when it came to her decision to join the convent. It was God's calling for her. She's also a singer. Check out her video below. 

Claire was already living the lifestyle of a nun. Her decision in the end wasn't hard at all. However, her dad was not happy when he found out her decision. It's hard seeing a child give up what you've already planned for them. 

Stacey decided to do discernment to see if becoming a nun was the right idea for her. Throughout the series she struggled with finding those signs that would let her know it was the right path. In the end of the journey she was still not sure about becoming a nun, but decided to continue her discernment process. In the beginning I really felt like Stacey was sexualizing Jesus in order to make her decision easier. It was kind of creepy, but it was what she needed to do. 

At only 21 years old Francesca decided to keep exploring all that life has to offer. For a second I thought she was going to choose to become a nun, but she really is too young to make that decision. 

This was overall an amazing show. I look forward to more positive shows like this. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

#SororitySisters "Sisters For Life" Might Not Last Long

"You think you know what a sorority girl is. Think again." Sorority Sisters, the reality show people were trying to get banned, has finally made it to Monday nights for our viewing pleasure. However, the reality part is not the best reason to watch this snow. It's the controversy.

When word first got out that there was a show featuring some of the Divine Nine, people were pissed. A preview was initially put online months ago, but was pulled after too many complaints. So many people complained online that it seemed like the show would be forever shelved. However, controversy sells more than friendly shows so it is now airing right after Love and Hip Hop New York.

I thought the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast was a special cast, but these Sorority Sisters are topping them. The cast is diverse. These women combined represent four different sororities and they are proud of their organizations.

"Yes, I'm white and I'm a Delta."

I think the highlight of Sorority Sisters is going to be the white Delta. She's not your hood white girl. She's Snow White with a very country accent. There is also a very heavy underlining storyline with her too because the other women don't seem to know who she is at all and she's a lot different than them.

Honestly the show gave me a headache and reminded me of that awful Lifetime reality series BAPs. BAPs was taken off air after a few shows because no one was watching it. I also feel no desire to watch Sorority Sisters because what is it about? There's no story line. There's just a bunch of women who have pledged their organizations for life and they are on television having pointless arguments. I wish they would have waited until the 3rd or 4th episode to throw in all the fighting. I would have been itching for that by then, because we don't get along all the time.

This show doesn't seem to be made of the best cocaine like Love & Hip Hop is. It's also seems to be the second urban directed show that Producer Robert Horowitz has done. His other one is TV One's Deceived. He was also going to be over Eve and Ocho, Evelyn Lozada's show, but that never happened.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ideas of Making The Cinderella Story Happen #TopFive

After seeing Top Five, I really want to leave something with a man to show him that I want him that much more.

See, the ending of the movie was very sweet, but what was even more sweet was how the concept of the Cinderella story was thrown in. Cinderella was somewhere she wasn't supposed to be, but met the man she needed to meet. However, she had to peak his curiosity even more and leaving something behind for him was the only way.

If you haven't seen Top Five, now you probably realize it's a love story. It features the fallen celebrity (Chris Rock) whose only in the spotlight again because he's marrying a reality television star and also the pretty journalist whose always too busy writing under aliases for anyone to know who she really is. The journalist is the one who inspired the concept of leaving something with a man to get him to come back. I suck at getting a man to stay interested longer than a couple of months, so brainstorming ideas is important. Leaving behind a shoe is cool, but it's also part of the fairy tale, so below are a list of items I would leave with a man to show him I care.

A Picture, But Not Just Any Picture:
I've only sent nudes to two guys before. I was completely naked in the photos. Looking back, neither actually deserved the pictures. However, when sending nudes I'm saying I really like him and I want to see more of him. On the other hand, I hate these kind of pictures because so many men ask for them but their whole concept is to just see us women naked. There's nothing more to it. Then they continue to ask for more.

The rumor is that food is the way to a man's heart. That means I wouldn't exactly leave him with food, but with a full stomach. I'd have to really like a man to do this because (whispers) I'm no expert in the kitchen. This also means I'm not feeding a man after the first date, first sex session (depending on how fast it happens), or even after a couple weeks of knowing him. Some men try to rush to experience of dating, but I'm not rushing feeding him when we barely know each other.

Chillin at the house is not a date. Never actually going out, but going somewhere to have sex is not a date. Now that those are clarified, I would date him. I love going to different restaurants and I'm comfortable enough to go on my own. However, if I was really interested in a guy I would invite him out with me wherever I wanted to go. You might be wondering what a woman could possibly leave a man when they're dating. It's the memories of how much fun they had being somewhere together.

Depending on how serious the relationship is, I'd slowly start leaving different items of clothes at his house. If he keeps the clothes and stores them away for whenever I come back, it means our relationship is progressing in  a good direction. If he gets rid of them, then he might still be seeing other women. You don't throw away the clothing of a woman you care about.

What would you voluntarily give a man to show him that you like him and want him around more?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

(Cuffing Season Music) Focused On You by Eric Bellinger

Cuffing Season, the album, is officially near. Winter has come in every state, except maybe Hawaii. The lucky people who were able to snag up significant others are currently cuddled together sipping hot chocolate and enjoying each other's warmth under a blanket. Then again, they might be having sex.

Well, Eric Bellinger's new song Focused On You featuring 2 Chainz is not for the couples that are in bed together. It's for us single women who might be out at a party looking good while some man is staring at us. In this case, either Eric Bellinger or 2 Chainz are the ones whose attention we have caught. Listen below.

Focused On You is also the first single to the upcoming album Cuffing Season and a updated version of one of our favorite freaky songs of the 21st century, Oochie Wally by Nas. I absolutely love it. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reality Television Dreams #LHHH #RHOA

It all started with the first Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion. The Hollywood crew is officially my favorite of them all by the way.

Just think about it. Ray J. had his whole family and even introduced us to new faces. There were heirs from a Vegas strip club fortune. All the women seemed to have been sexually or flirtatious with all the men. We were able to see half of B2K officially become just Omarion and Lil Fizz. Lil Fizz's baby mama, Moniece Slaughter, became the new face of crazy reality television women, but unlike the others she still doesn't know she's crazy. That's probably why Moniece found her way into my dreams.

It all started by watching the reunion show. The show was friendly for only a few minutes. Ray J. apologized for talking horribly about Teairra Marie. Teairra accepted his apology, but then his girlfriend Princess appeared and all hell broke loose again. Princess obviously hated Teaiira and they began arguing. A lot of name calling happened, Teaiira got out of her seat, and then security was all over her. Mona Scott-Young then scolded Teairra and I was pissed off. I think Hazel E. appeared next on the couch. No one had her back in how awful Yung Berg treated her, so this is to you Hazel. Fuck Lame Ass Niggas Who Talk About Pentagons and A Woman's Treasures As If They're Still 15 When They're Really 15 Years Older Than That. *WHEW* I don't really remember what happened for the rest of the show, except Nikki's mom is my new favorite unofficial cast member. Why is Nikki's mom not on Mob Wives? Where is Mob Wives taped? Get her on the show. Nikki's mom said she'll take her clothes off and Masika can take her clothes off and then people will judge who looks better. Do we need to hear from any of the other cast members after that?
via the show
Wait, if you still want to hear what my dream consisted of it starts like this. I'm on a reality show which consists of a variety of reality stars doing whatever it is we do to entertain the public. Moniece is actually my best friend on this show. In this particular instance I'm writing lyrics about fuck niggas that become single fathers and make it harder on the baby mamas. Moniece looks at my lyrics, tweaks them a little, and begins singing better than KeKe Wyatt. Our singing session is taking place outside on a park bench similar to how Amina and Peter has done on the NY series, so there are plenty of distractions. One distraction consists of a group of fine men walking by.

The cutest of the crew is Justin from Baldwin Hills. I smile at him. He smiles back. However, Masika comes out of nowhere and steals him and the whole group of men away from us. How did she do that? What's so special about her?

I wake up for a couple of minutes and then go back to sleep. I'm no longer in Hollywood upon drifting back off. I've made it to Atlanta where NeNe Leakes is waiting to remind me that she runs the streets here. I'm offended, but not in a huge arguing mood. I don't even understand why NeNe made it into my dreams. After this I can't remember anything else, except maybe I need to calm down on reality television.

After the reunion of Hollywood Divas I'll take a break. I promise.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sex Playlist~ Omarion (Music)

"Sun goes down. Watch you turn into a freak."

The first and definitely not last season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has ended, but new music from  some artists on the show is coming quickly. While everyone will probably be competing to be heard (this is a special cast), Omarion is the first to officially drop a new album.

Yes, the oh-so sensual Sex Playlist is finally available. Omarion obviously poured his heart into this album. Inside is my favorite song, but the first single from the album is Post To Be featuring Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko. I'm all about supporting good music, but in case you need to hear it before giving up those coins someone put the whole damn album on youtube. Listen below.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Boosie & Rich Homie Quan Explains What Being A Man Is

Recently I had this conversation with a guy I met through the world wide web. We didn't meet in person. It was a phone conversation, the second one actually. We didn't even really know each other and at this point the only thing we knew is what each other preferred sexually. At least I had listened to everything he had said about his sexual interests. There were no plans to actually have sex because of one huge problem. We don't live in the same place. However, he didn't seem to care about our distance. Sex was on his mind and he was thinking of how it could happen. This is what he came up with.

Since it would be a minute before each of us would even be in the same area at the same time, he brainstormed. He thought hard. Then he finally said since we're not having sex now, we should get to know each other. It was such a backwards saying that it blew my mind. Shouldn't you get to know each other before having sex or have I had it wrong the whole time? Is this what women should expect from men now? I don't remember the last time a first conversation did not involve sex and yes, sex was talked about in the first conversation with his guy.

With that being said, I've been contemplating what exactly to expect from a man. It's not just about my morals and expectations. It's also about what a man is really going to offer me. Lil Boosie must have predicted my thoughts because he and Rich Homie Quan have a song explaining exactly what a man is. Some of the lyrics explain the mindset of the guy I was talking to. Check it out below.

Are You Ready For The Wiz Khalifa Sex Tape?

Since divorcing Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa has been feeling himself more than ever. We've experienced glimpses of him in moments of being on cloud nine. In fact, Wiz Khalifa has been so high he first dyed his hair purple and is now possibly throwing sexual hints on his Instagram page.

One of Wiz Khalifa's recent photos was captioned "Haveth you any?" In the photo all he has on is a pair of boxers, which leads us to think this can only be about sex.

It's funny because at the same time there's a rumor going around that Wiz is in a sex tape with a Playboy model by the name of Carla Howe. Would you watch this sex tape if it dropped? There would be plenty of fake boobs, a tatted up bird chest, and purple hair to be entertained by.

Is Lil Wayne Through With Cash Money?

Lil Wayne sounds like the average frustrated working person right now, except his frustration is directed toward a multi-million dollar record label.

No matter what career we're in, many of us tend to get frustrated during certain times. We are never totally in control when we have bosses and our every move is being judged. That judgment makes us feel even more tense when the money to pay bills and do extracurricular activities depends on the paychecks.

In Lil Wayne's case it's not exactly the same. He has way more money than the internet can correctly calculate. He's a millionaire, but what makes him like the rest of us is his passion. His passion is in music and his love for music is why he's been signed to Cash Money, the same record label that he started off with as a kid. However, Lil Wayne hopped on twitter yesterday and blasted Cash Money, because his passion for music is not being put out the way he would like.

Remember the Carter V album that continues to get pushed back? Well, Wayne is now saying there are no plans for the label to ever release it and he wants out of his contract.

Does this mean Lil Wayne and Cash Money are no more? I remember back during middle school days I had a photo of him with Cash Money written across his chest. Now this might just be the end of that relationship.

A couple of years ago 50 Cent ranted about the same problems. His music was continually unreleased by the label and earlier this year he split from Shady/Aftermath to become an independent artist.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Strip Club Junkie (Mixtape)

I have a confession to make. I'm obsessed with the strip club life. The money part of it has always been enticing. That is why this new mixtape called Strip Club Junkie is now sitting nicely in my iTunes. Download Strip Club Junkie Here.

#LHHHollywood Teairra Mari-Deserve (Music)

From the first moment on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood when Yung Berg said he and Teairra Mari were working on a hit song, many of us highly anticipated this new song. Well, Teairra Mari's hit Deserve is finally out for all of us to listen to and enjoy.

Of all the people on LHHH, Teairra Marie is the one person I've been cheering on the whole time. She's not about dating only rich men like the other women and definitely not about dating men her (supposed) friends have been with. She also sincerely came off as a woman trying to revamp her singing career and can actually has talent unlike some of the other women from the show.

Wait, these are just my opinions. Listen to Deserve below and decide if this is a good way to come back to the industry.

Video By

All I Want For Christmas~ Yardsoul Ft. Traedonya

Yesterday I saw the first Christmas tree of 2014 and also listened to All I Want For Christmas by YardSoul and Traedonya.  

The end of 2014 has not been a good time. The justice system is so flawed that in two different states the murder of citizens wasn't important enough for the grand juries to even give the killers (who happened to be cops) trials. In the last couple of months there have been non-stop protests going on around the country. Whether in person or on social media, lack of justice for Black people continues to be the number one subject of every conversation. However, it is nice to be reminded that this is also supposed to be a time of celebration. 

I also recently read a blog post by a blogger who is not Black. This blogger spoke on it being the holiday season and how every year around this time she tunes out all things bad or all things dealing with hard work and just relaxes until January 1st of the new year. I'm about to be like her and squeeze in as much relaxation as a full time job and responsibilities will allow. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

#TheSisterhood Why Would A Woman Become A Nun?

Many of us have only been introduced to the lives of nuns through the classic movie Sister Act starring Whoopi Goldberg. There were actually two of those movies made and they were both very comical. However, unless we were raised Catholic the thought of nuns rarely crosses our minds. Lifetime has changed that though. Each week Lifetime has a new episode of The Sisterhood, which is all about several women deciding whether or not they want to become nuns.

What would make a woman decide to become a nun? For one of the women, 23 year old Eseni, it's growing up in a household with a father who was unfaithful to her mom and having trust issues with men. In the first episode Eseni admits that long before she met her boyfriend she had considered becoming a nun. She grew up in a Catholic school and those types of women were who surrounded her. Their lives also appeared a lot different than her own. However, the bad part about this journey is if Eseni decides to go for the journey, then she would be breaking the heart of a man she fell in love with.

The other girls on the show also have their own personal stories as to why they are considering becoming a nun. Some are leaving behind bad habits while others are just curious and open to anything. For this show what will see is the first process to being introduced into the sisterhood. It's called discernment and for television the process is being rushed a little. Tomorrow is a new episode and I'm curious as to what struggles these women will face and what their ultimate decisions will be.

I couldn't become a nun for one reason. In the first episode one of the nuns said the girls didn't appear to be taking it serious enough and they needed to get focused on the Lord. It came across very controlling and I'm the type of woman that looks for freedom in the purest form. Don't tell me where my focus is. Don't try to direct me without knowing me.

You probably thought I would say I wouldn't become a nun because of marriage and kids. I do want that, but neither are guaranteed at this moment. Watch the show with me.