Tuesday, December 16, 2014

#SororitySisters "Sisters For Life" Might Not Last Long

"You think you know what a sorority girl is. Think again." Sorority Sisters, the reality show people were trying to get banned, has finally made it to Monday nights for our viewing pleasure. However, the reality part is not the best reason to watch this snow. It's the controversy.

When word first got out that there was a show featuring some of the Divine Nine, people were pissed. A preview was initially put online months ago, but was pulled after too many complaints. So many people complained online that it seemed like the show would be forever shelved. However, controversy sells more than friendly shows so it is now airing right after Love and Hip Hop New York.

I thought the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast was a special cast, but these Sorority Sisters are topping them. The cast is diverse. These women combined represent four different sororities and they are proud of their organizations.

"Yes, I'm white and I'm a Delta."

I think the highlight of Sorority Sisters is going to be the white Delta. She's not your hood white girl. She's Snow White with a very country accent. There is also a very heavy underlining storyline with her too because the other women don't seem to know who she is at all and she's a lot different than them.

Honestly the show gave me a headache and reminded me of that awful Lifetime reality series BAPs. BAPs was taken off air after a few shows because no one was watching it. I also feel no desire to watch Sorority Sisters because what is it about? There's no story line. There's just a bunch of women who have pledged their organizations for life and they are on television having pointless arguments. I wish they would have waited until the 3rd or 4th episode to throw in all the fighting. I would have been itching for that by then, because we don't get along all the time.

This show doesn't seem to be made of the best cocaine like Love & Hip Hop is. It's also seems to be the second urban directed show that Producer Robert Horowitz has done. His other one is TV One's Deceived. He was also going to be over Eve and Ocho, Evelyn Lozada's show, but that never happened.

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