Friday, January 30, 2015

#Ciara Will He Start Loving You Soon As You... #IBet

Start Loving Someone Else? Ciara just dropped the visuals to "I Bet" and so far only has the exclusive acoustic video. However, has any man really started falling for a woman all over again because she got a new man?

Really, Future was cheating on Ciara before she even gave birth. I'm just speculating. When a man meets the woman of his dreams (she may not have been that woman) he is supposed to give up music about heauxs and drugs. Love is supposed to be his only drug.

When did she officially give him the ring back? I was kind of mad when it came out that Ciara gave that engagement ring back. She was supposed to pawn it and put that money away for a rainy day. You never give a man back a ring that was a gift to you. Yes, engagement rings and wedding rings are gifts when it doesn't work out.
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However, after listening to this song and watching that acoustic performance, do you think a man would really care about a woman moving on to another man? He broke her heart. He didn't think twice to fix the situation. In this case, he even made his own version of a break-up song to let us all know the relationship was over. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Last Niggas In Paris

"Last Niggas In Paris." Would you wear a collection of clothes with that phrase attached to them?

When a popular designer comes out with a  cool name for an upcoming collection of clothes, we usually approve. We usually count our dollars and see if we can save up to buy whatever is about to be for sale. In this case Designer Jean Touitou has a line of clothing that consists of comfortable wear with Timberland boots and in a recent fashion show he took it to the extreme. To let everyone know the name of this line he held up a sign that said, "Last Niggas In Paris."

According to Touitou, this is all about how Timberland boots are popular in the hood and the movie Last Tango is Paris. Kanye West also approved of the name. However, theTimberland company does not approve and has cut ties with the designer. People around the web are also outraged. Racism is a highly sensitive topic now and has been forever.

I'd say if racism wasn't running so rampant across the world this would be a perfect form of creation. I actually like it and realize it was branding gone wrong. What do you think? Would you buy from a line of clothing called "Last Niggas In Paris?"

#BigWomenBigLove Writing About Bad Dating Sucks

Have you been watching Big Women: Big Love? In a previous post I said I would break down each woman's problems and her progress throughout the episodes.

I wanted to break down each woman's dating issues. It seemed like a fun idea. One of the women did throw up on a date while wondering why she was the queen of only getting one date from a man. Another woman did make out with a dude she had just met in the club because she was trying to get over her ex-boyfriend. There was also another woman who practically humped a dude in the club champaign room that she had only known through online chatting. All of these women were blaming weight when there were some hilarious other issues going on with them.

However, writing about this is not working. If you were to peak into my mind you'd see that all of their bad dates are a huge blur. I can remember what bad dates go with a few of the women, but not all of them. I don't want to re-watch each episode either. Watching other women struggle with an issue such as getting a man always brings on a weird feeling, so I'm killing the idea of writing a lot of posts on this show. It ends here. I will still be watching though.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#BigWomenBigLove Jenn and Her Dating Issues

As bad as Jessica looks, Jenn is probably worse. She's been sheltered by her parents and upon joining the dating world she makes a lot of bad choices.

Jenn settles for every man. I think it's because she's just way too nice.  During a relationship seminar, Jenn learns that she doesn't have to settle for every man that comes her way. She has choices and needs to utilize them. She does change a little after the seminar.

Jenn goes on a date with a man named Dante at a go-cart place. While she claimed she was looking for a man that's fun, she really wasn't attracted to Dante's goofiness. She then rejected him. However, will she hold on to that confidence? There are more episodes of Big Women: Big Love to go.

#LHHNY Don't Date A Married Man

Don't date a married man. Don't date a married man who tells you that he is only thinking about getting a divorce. Definitely don't date him if your biological clock is ticking and you are ready for a family. 

Don't date a man that is already in a relationship with a woman, has kids with that woman, and is already lying to that woman. Don't marry that man or get pregnant by him if you still want to date him. 

Don't move several states away from your family to be with a man you've only been dating long distance. Don't expect that man to have been faithful to you if you do decide to move closer to him. Don't get your family involved in your own stupid mistake if things with you and him do not go as you expected. 

Those are the relationships lessons that have come out in 2015 so far. This is all from Love and Hip Hop New York. Maybe we should already know this. However, not everyone does. 

P.S. If you do choose the side chick route, give yourself an end date on it also. It will do wonders for your life, unless you want to become a contestant for getting on the Love & Hip Hop franchise. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

(Music) Tawana Lael~ Addicted

"Simply you're my habit. Baby, gotta have it. I'm addicted to your love."

Sometimes when you meet a man that is so good you become addicted to him. You just can't get enough of him. Tawana Lael sings about that addiction and shows us how it plays out in the visuals for her song Addicted.

Addicted is from her sophomore album A Brand New Day and available for purchase. Listen below.

#BigWomenBigLove Jessica and Her Dating Issues

Dating is an issue no matter what size a woman is, but according to this show on Lifetime women with a whole lot of weight on them struggle the most. The show is called Big Women: Big Love and I'm guessing because each woman has a lot of love deep down inside of them to give to some man. However, I advise you to not take any dating advice from these women; especially Jessica.

Although she lost a lot of weight, 100 pounds, she still looks like she's around 300 pounds. Don't tell her she's fat though. In almost every scene she refers to herself as skinny. In fact she doesn't like the other women on the show because they recognize how much they really weigh and they bond over it. Her confidence is on point though. She's so on point that in one of our first instances of seeing her she is on a date with a fine dude she went to high school with. She's there with all her glorious weight and the dude is there  with his 8-pack. They are on two different levels and he's way too shallow. She is shallow too, but she can't see why he is not interested in her.

In order to find out what her issue is Jessica goes to a seminar where other women are trying to find out why they can't find the perfect man for them. Jessica's confidence is too high for he seminar and she leaves with barely any advice. She does learn that she's controlling but will she utilize it?

Jessica is so blind to herself that she decides to give an ex-boyfriend a second chance. The reason they broke up is because he thought she was fat. Who goes back to someone that found that type of problem with them? You probably already know how their new date on national television went. In the midst of ending the date Jessica says she needs help getting up. Then it switches to the confessional where she refers to herself as "light as a feather now" because of her weight loss.

Initially I wanted to do a big summary of this show. However, it's more fun to break each woman down. The next woman I'll talk about is Jenn. Are you watching Big Women: Big Love. What do you think about Jessica? Would you date her?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jhene Aiko~ Spotless Mind (Music Video)

Her Expiration Date (Short Story)

She just had to see him one more time, so she invited him to her home. On this special night they would be more than just secret lovers. She would leave a part of herself ingrained into his memory forever. She would leave a fantasy.

She was his dream woman on the side. Her hair was always on point with the finest of big curly hair. Even when they had the roughest of sex, it always seemed to naturally bounce back to how it was before. Her body was what really attracted his attention.  Her shape gave off a Black Barbie look, even though she was only 5’2. She knew how to make herself look good and it worked for him. What he admired most about her was that his girlfriend had only been mentioned once. Some questions needed to be answered when they first started their affair.

Their time spent together was getting to both of them. His deep long-strokes drove her to always want more. She never got tired and he could tell. The way she always called him hers messed with his mind. She claimed him in their most intimate moments to set the mood even higher.  The way she never bruised even if he was a little rough with anxiousness turned him on even more. He could grab her arms, push her on the sofa or the floor, and throw her into the bed.  He could use sex to relieve himself of his most irritating days and she didn’t mind at all. Their sexual attraction drove him to spend more time away from his own woman to be with her. He’d sit through Lifetime movies, try out new food, and was even thinking about making her his main chick. If he took that step, she would become his only woman too.

In essence, their relationship had become like any other couple. The only difference was the time limits they set for spending with each other. What always confused him was her ability to be totally relaxed one moment and the next pushing him to leave. Then before he could gather his thoughts, she would be gone from the scene as if she was never there.

10 pm. 2 hours left. She thought of the moments they had. Throughout their months together his body had become a canvas for her. He was at her command. She painted him and conformed him to what she needed. After all she was supposed to be the dream woman. He was wrapped around her finger, but by midnight she would feel like a daydream to him.

11 pm. She was tempted to call him, but it was a bad idea. What if they became so engrossed in conversation that her time ran out in the midst of it? She stared at the phone but never touched it.

11:59:45 pm. She closed her eyes and knew it was over.

Midnight: Her time had expired. She no longer existed. He would remember her as if she was a series of dreams, but he wouldn’t remember cheating on his woman.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

(Music) Never Gonna Be Alone by Amina Buddafly & Peter Gunz

While watching Love & Hip Hop New York we may see chaos when we look at Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunnz.

After all Peter's story line started off with him still being stuck between his feeling for Tara and the fact that he had married Amina and she was about to give birth to his eighth child. What made it worse was that he lied to Amina about a trip he was taking with Tara and his other children. That trip also almost made his miss Amina giving birth. It's all a big huge tornado of drama that I wouldn't want to be a part of. 

However, Amina is determined to show us that she has found the love of her life and her way is through music. Recently Amina & Peter recently a video to a song called Never Gonna Be Alone. The lyrics are all about how they feel about each other. 

The video to Never Gonna Be Alone coincides with the show because Amina was still pregnant. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lil Wayne~ Sorry 4 The Wait 2 Mixtape

My Issues Growing Up Had Nothing To Do With Skin Tone

After watching Light Girls I don't know what my skin tone is anymore. Am I dark skinned? Am I light? Is there such a thing as middle brown skinned?

At the tender age of 28 I can now recognize that my skin tone wasn't the issue growing up. My skin tone had no involvement in the issues peers saw in me. I went to an all black elementary school, all black middle school, and a high school mixed with all races. Then to top it off I went to and graduated from an HBCU. There were a few instances growing up where people were picked on based on how dark they were, but I wasn't one of them. For the most part, my skin tone looked like everyone around me, except the teachers in high school. They were mostly white and Hispanic for strange reasons.

Anyway, at certain ages I was picked on for liking to read. Kids weren't supposed to love reading books. Even in schools now, kids don't expect other kids to actually pick up books and read them. I loved to read. I stayed purchasing books from school fairs with my parents money until my creative brain started to outgrow those books. Borders was my favorite spot until all the stores shut down and I was forced to start going to Barnes & Nobles. Thanks to my parents not wanting me to read the now famous urban fiction novels, V.C. Andrews books became one of my biggest addictions throughout middle school years. However, I recall an instance where a student hated my reading habit so bad that while on the bus they snatched a book out of my hand and threw it out the window.

I was also teased for being skinny. Family members and adults loved to say, "Is that all you're going to eat?" They loved to try to stuff more food down my throat with their words. At least that's how I took it. Then in school I had to hear it too. Someone one year accused me of being bulimic just because I was using the restroom right after lunch in order to not get stuck doing it in between those last few class periods left in the day. Of course I changed up my routine to avoid any accusations like that anymore. They were being cruel because if anyone in school really thinks their peers have an eating disorder they'll go talk to an adult who can do something about it. Even now I still cringe when people start talking about weight around me. I try to shut them down almost as soon as they start, but it doesn't work for all.

Of course my hair was also an issue growing up. It's never been super long and never had a moment of being laid (bone ass straight). Peers notice that too. However, I was inspired by singers, actresses, and anyone else who was doing more than perming, wrapping, and braiding. At a certain point my peers started to really show their individualities. They had their own hairstyles they loved and were fashionable when it came to clothes. My parents didn't want me to have that much creativeness. I had braids throughout elementary with perms in between, permed and wrapped hair throughout middle school, and then in high school I was able to do a little more creativity but with braids. Basically it was braids and perms for the longest. I started experimenting with color in college because there was more room to creativity. Then I did color using only braids though. There were black braids, blond braids, red braids, and a blend of all colors because I had a shortage of money and a little of every color once. I also got a sew-in and glued in weave for the first time during college years. Trying out new hairstyles is fun and in the last couple of years I've discovered wigs. I'm a natural with an addiction to a good wig every now and then. Since the creativity wasn't there at one point in time, I also have an issue with people trying to force their views of what would look good on me. A little criticism is cool, but if I like it you should like it too because it's not on your head.

I said all that to say so many people are about to write think pieces from the Light Girls documentary. Their words can go so many ways from what was broadcast. Seriously, that documentary was all over the place. My plan was to pull a specific part and write about it, but this felt better. These were my issues. I was never tempted to lighten my skin. Loving a book was my awkwardness. Being too skinny in a world where thickness rules was my weakness. Not having that creative control over my hair was my weakness.

Were the issues discussed in the Dark Girls and Light Girls documentaries a part of your childhood or did you have other issues like me to deal with?

Monday, January 19, 2015

#Unfriended Un-friending A Person Has A New Meaning

When we unfriend a person on Facebook, unfollow a person on twitter, or stop paying attention to someone on any other social network it is as if they don't exist anymore. One day they are all over our timeline and the next it is as if we never met them. Well, depending on closeness they become a distant memory. However, a new movie called Unfriended is giving a new meaning to making those people go away. 

The storyline to Unfriended is that an embarrassing video of a woman named Laura Barns gets posted up online. Online videos last forever and she's so distraught that she commits suicide. A year later her friends are on Skype talking when someone logs into her account. Who could it be? Laura is dead. They figure its her spirit and starts communicating with her, but she's not there for laughs and giggles. She wants revenge for that horrible video and begins killing them off one by one. 

Now even though the movie hasn't come out yet, the following needs to be said. Killing off people because of stuff posted on social media is not a good idea. Do not try this at home, at your friend's house, or in Temecula, California. 

Will you be watching this movie? Watch the preview below. 

(Music) 100, Demetria McKinney Says Just Be Honest

Does Tyler Perry know about this? Demetria McKinney went from having marital issues with Allen Payne's character on House of Payne to making catchy R&B music. She's also using the Real House Wives of Atlanta to promote herself as an artist. In the latest episode we were able to see her perform a song called 100

I've listened to her song 100 featuring Da Brat several times now. It's hot. It gives a 90's vibe and Demetria's voice is beautiful. The song also has some cussing in it too, which makes me wonder if Tyler Perry approved of this. Someone slide TP that album when it drops so we can get his reaction. 

Just be honest and listen to 100 below.
Side Note: Da Brat was one of my role models growing up. She hasn't changed a bit. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Everyone Is Sexually Repressed and Bored When Off The Internet

If we went by the videos, status postings, and messages in groups others put up just on Facebook it would make us all think we're boring and sexually repressed individuals.

For instance I like to go to the park when it's beautiful and the weather permits. Most of the time when I go to these parks, there aren't a lot of people. Sometimes there are children playing. Depending on the park, people may be walking their dogs or getting in some exercise.

However, no matter what social media site I go on, there are always World Star Hip Hop videos floating around. If any videos are recorded at parks and placed on WSHH, there's bound to be (up and coming) rappers trying to get their talents out or women twerking.

Speaking of twerking and other wild dancing, the only times I've been able to work it like a stripper is at home and at the club. Online there are videos of girls twerking in school, tweaking in the street, giving lap dances at fast food restaurants, and anywhere else you can think of.

People also argue a lot at restaurants according to these videos, but usually when I walk into a restaurant people pay for their food and go. Recently there was a video where a woman cussed out a McDonalds employee because she was waiting on fries when she didn't order those fries. I've never seen anyone get cussed out over fries. I'm assuming the average individual has never seen this either, except when clicking on a video reposted to Facebook or twitter.

However, what amazes me most is how much sex is on the internet compared to how much sex we are really having. Ask your twitter followers on any random day how much sex they've had in the past a couple of months. Most of them will admit that it hasn't been much. The ones in a relationship or married will be the ones to give numbers. The single ones will admit to not having any sex at all because... single.

During popular topics everyone is having sex and using every position ever created to fulfill their sexual lust. I'm guilty of being one of those talkers. Some take it a little further. While browsing a private group on Facebook recently I saw a very explicit video involving a man, a baked potato, cherries, and whip cream. Have you figured out what he was doing yet? Let's just say after watching the video I became uncomfortably sexually turned on.

Then again, maybe these videos and topics are a representation of what I'm missing out on. It might not be that we are all sexually repressed and bored. I could be the only one. The following is a glimpse of how my weekdays usually go:

I wake up first. Don't we all do that? Next I check social media sites for any messages and any interesting news. It doesn't feel right to get up and shower without first seeing what people are posting on Facebook at least. After getting fully made up for the job and checking to see if everything is the way it should be when no one is home, I head on to work. Then during the 8 hours of each workday I spend break moments checking social media, updating (like reposting blog post links or anything interesting I see), and counting down the hours until I can fully view what everyone was talking about. After work I catch up on television, write, and engage with other late nighters.

Is your life similar to mine or is it similar to the Black twitter topics, WSHH videos, gossip, and Facebook groups?

Monday, January 12, 2015

When Communication Becomes One Sided #ThickerThanWater

Thicker Than Water is officially in full effect for 2015. During this season we get to see Ben Tankard's family work out their communication issues. At least I think they will work them out. With only two episodes that have aired, there are a million communication problems going on. The following are the biggest issues.

Communication Between Sisters
Ben's wife, Jewel, has two sisters and their bond is horrible. One sister went out of her way to break up the bond she had with the other two simply because she needed space. She did this by moving several states away because they weren't understanding her message with her just communicating. However, Jewel and the other sister were pissed and couldn't help but badmouth her to the rest of the family. What we see when the show comes back is all the mess the three sisters have created with their lack of communication and talking too much to others.

I've been in situations where I was outnumbered with the amount of people disagreeing. Actually I was alone to argue my point to it became a little more difficult for my voice to be heard. So it was hard to see the one sister get ganged up on during the very first episode. They yelled at her and threw accusations like she was a child. It was refreshing to see the youngest Tankard child come to her defense but even then Jewel did not understand what she was doing wrong.

oldest sibling and girlfriend
Communication Between Siblings
I don't think the oldest sibling was around for the very first season but his face has been shown a lot in the two episodes of this season. He and another sibling have communication issues. The sibling he has issues with is the one that opted out of continuing to live with her parents forever. In one of the clips he acknowledges that the issue is his fault. He never calls her while he is in town and he barely acknowledges her presence.

In this particular situation I think she was so close to all her siblings and always tried to show love. However, he was that sibling that just fed off her love. He looked forward to her phone calls and knew they were coming. His problem was he didn't realize he had to create some balance and call her sometimes. After a while of realizing the conversation was one-sided she stopped communicating. She didn't call him or go out of her way to see him when he was back in town. She came to a conclusion that he, her brother, didn't really care about her.

Now we see him turning 30 and having a pregnant girlfriend. Repairing a bond with a sibling is the last thing on his mind. It's gone unfixed this long, so he doesn't really care. However, the girl cares and in future clips we see that problem attempt to get solved.

There is a whole lot going on with this Tankard family. I'm pretty sure there will be new drama as the season goes on.

A Night To Remember (Short Story)

“Somebody come get her. She’s dancing like a stripper.” The temperature outside was 50 degrees, but there was no staying in the house on this night.

“I came to party like tonight will never end. Let’s party again.” She found a spot in the club that would allow her enough room to still be seen, but also enough space to get in her own zone.  She hadn’t been out in a while, so her outfit had been well put together.  She had on a long sleeved navy blue freakum dress that left very little room for bending over. She paired the dress up with some knee length stripper boots. If any attempts at twerking went on that night she would expose herself in front of everyone.  After enough liquor went into her system exposing her pretty round brown ass wouldn’t be a problem though.

“I’m in love with the CoCo.”  Song after song played. She moved to the beats and sang along. After buying one glass of grape juice and peach Ciroc, she was feeling good. Some guy spotted her standing alone and several thoughts went through his mind at once; she’s pretty, seems to be alone, he’s horny, and he might have a chance. He knew exactly what he had to do. He approached her and offered to buy her a drink. Since she was craving a second drink she walked up to the bar with him and let him pick something out for her.

After getting the drink “throw that ass in a circle “ blared through the club and before she could think about it, he was urging her to dance with him. She took a sip of the drink and began to grind on him. It had been a while. She had forgotten about the experiences of dancing with strange men, but it was all coming back as they found their rhythm. She was holding the drink with her right hand. With his left hand he held her free hand and wrapped the other around her waist. The more they danced the lower his hand went, but she wasn’t drunk enough. She wasn’t even tipsy. Although he’d bought the drink she moved on from him. There was more fun to be had and more guys to get approached by.

“I’m just living life and let my mama tell it, nigga, I ain’t living right.” The next morning she woke up with a headache barely remembering what had happened. She was comfortably in her bed but didn’t remember how she got there. Her keys were in the bed with her along with her purse, so she was pretty sure she drove home.  Her dress was also still on her, so must have been exhausted by the time she got home.

"I'm feeling myself, Jack Rabbit!" Men! She remembered dancing with several men and practically dry humping in the club. The dry humping reminded her of partying during college days. She remembered spilling liquor several times and some of it landing on people nearby. She also remembered a guy wanting to meet up afterwards. What else happened? Did they makeup out? Did they do more? Did she give him her number? Since there was no man around, she had to have turned him down.

“I’m sending you some text messages, but you can call them sext messages.” Her phone made a noise and she checked it. Someone was texting her “Good Morning” and asked her if she enjoyed her experience at the club the night before. All she could do was smile before replying to the stranger. She was feeling a little younger and a little more free. It was time to have some more fun.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's A Mann's World (New BET Show)

There are some people who really hate BET (Black Entertainment Television) and the programming. They're also mad at other networks with the negative programming surrounding African Americans. However, BET is trying to change that and one way is with It's A Mann's World.

It's A Mann's world is all about the success of David and Tamela Mann. In the preview for the show they talk about being married for 26 years, acting careers, a singing career, prayer, and God. It looks as if the couple that we've grown to know from Tyler Perry plays and shows is opening up their lives to us. Since it is reality television there will be some drama, but it shouldn't be anywhere near Love & Hip Hop type drama.

I'm a little biased with this show, but mainly because I've loved seeing this couple on television. I was also sad when new episodes of Meet The Browns stopped coming on. However, we get to really meet the Mann's in It's A Mann's World.

I hope people tune into this show because too many have been boycotting negative reality television. Let's stop pretending it's all negative and watch the positive people too.

This isn't BET's first time doing a Christian reality show. A couple years back the Kierra Sheard and her family signed the contract and had a whole season. However, I didn't like it. The only person who seemed genuine on the show was the brother/producer J. Drew and the family had issues with him. His career wasn't in doing Gospel based music. However, a second season of The Sheards never came. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

#SWVReunited Is SWV Unmanageable?

Thanks to reality television our beginning of 2015 is being blessed with Sisters With Voices. Yes, SWV Reunited is strong with entertainment. They're giving us lots of ideas, arguing, and lots of no's. However, will we see them agree to anything and more importantly is SWV manageable?

On the first episode of the new year Coko, LeLee, and Taj are thinking up new ideas for the group while looking for new management. In that one episode they almost show up late to a concert while blaming their manger, talk to a great new possible manager, disagree with the idea of touring (although they want more exposure), disagree with background singers, and disagree with working with a producer that Coko is holding a 20+ year grudge against. They also disagree on whether or not they should keep Cory Taylor, their current manager. If they get a new manager, Cory has no choice but to be fired.

With all that being said, in one of the scenes Cory is fed up. He tells the women that SWV is borderline unmanageable. The women feel like they've heard the worst possible thing ever, but these women do come with a whole lot of drama that tends to overshadow any progress they've made. Do you agree with Cory about these women being unmanageable?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Keyshia Cole's Do That For (B.A.B) & New Nu Music Videos

"I don't think you Bitches know me, but I'm about to let you know, yeah, when niggas ain't shit, I, I mean I get over it real quick cause I be like check this out nigga if you can't give me every mothafuckin thing that I'm giving you, guess what you gotta do...Fuck Out!"- Do That For (B.A.B)

Keyshia Cole is back but the brokenhearted love songs stayed in the past. Her new music is still giving us a love story gone wrong vibe, but she's having more fun with the lyrics. Check out two new visuals that Keyshia Cole has dropped on us at the same damn time below.

2015 Hip Hop Mix by DJ T Gutta (Music)

(Music) BossLady Jaye~ Copy That

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Make Love To Me Tonight (Poem/Short Story)

Make love to me tonight, even though I can never be the girl by your side
I’ve been watching and waiting
Now is the perfect time
No more explicit IG or twitter messages
No more late night texts
There’s a meeting in my bedroom and you’re invited
So don’t send explicit pictures to set a mood you won’t fulfill by the end of the night
It’ll leave me yearning for your touch and we can’t have that this time
Don’t play with my mind
Get me horny with thoughts of you French kissing both of my lips
You know I like it when a guy is willing to go downtown
So don’t disappear on me after reading this
I need to know that your words are real
Do you really find me attractive, have I really been in your fantasies
Is your girlfriend blocking
If we do this, you can’t have me all the time
I’ll just be your best one-night stand
But don’t keep me waiting

‘I love him’ she kept telling herself. 
‘He’s the one for me.’
‘He should be right here with me.’
‘He’s given me something I can feel.’
However, the overwhelming feelings were just a figment of her imagination, because the man of her dreams wasn’t hers to have. He belonged to another woman. He had admitted to her that he was planning a future with this other woman. They had a cozy apartment together and goals that involved each other. Plus they were already cool with each other’s family. 

Her life on the other hand was filled with a lot of independence and striving to be more independent. However, she didn’t want independence anymore. She wanted him because that night, weeks ago, was still fresh in her mind. She had done something she never in a million years planned to do. After months of private messages on social media, sexing, and building up anticipation she had agreed to be the other woman for at least one night.

For at least one night her bed, which was reserved for one, would accompany two. She promised him that it was okay for him to spend the night. She would follow through with all the freaky things she had promised and hold him to everything he said he would do to please her. She would let go of all anxieties and embrace him. Her body was craving his touch, so the night would go perfectly.

Maybe that moment in time should have never happened. Her mind was racing. She had not heard from him. No messages on social media; No texts messages; He had not tried to contact her at all. She was fighting temptation to call him. The good part was she didn’t know his address so driving to the place he and his girlfriend shared was one less temptation.

Her emotions were all over the place. Could this be love? She knew he didn’t feel anything back, except sexual attraction. Could it be the lust she needed to get her love life back on track? She tried to shake off images of his perfect chiseled body.
‘I like him, but he can be replaced.’
‘He’s someone else’s man.’
‘I can get my own.’

She wasn’t really sure if she could get a man of her own. She wasn’t even sure if God wanted her to have that perfectly family life. But she had to somehow move on from him.