Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Woman In Black 2, Angel of Death: I Have Questions

Warning: If you plan to watch The Woman In Black, 2 Angel of Death and get mad when people spoil movies for you, don't read this.

Since I watched The Woman In Black when it came out, it was only right to catch part two. This second movie showcased a little more pain the ghost was in from losing her child. However, it also gave us a peek into the motherly love that the ghost has. However, there were some details about this movie that was a little confusing.

The movie starts off with two women and some orphans going toward the countryside. A fire has burned down most of the houses in the city they were initially living in. One of the children is new to being an orphan because his parents were victims to the fire. Why the fire occurred is a mystery at this point. However, later in the movie after they've discovered there's a ghost they are running for cover again while inside the mansion. Except they are hiding from helicopters. I assume they are jews and they are trying to avoid being a part of the holocaust. This becomes apparent when they get to a fake airfield where there are Nazi signs. However, at the end of the movie no one is hiding anymore. Did the holocaust end when they overcame the ghost? 

Another part bothered me more. It was the part where the little boy refused to speak until the very end of the movie. He had so many chances to tell everyone there was a ghost that was providing him motherly love while killing off the kids who were bullying him. He didn't though. He was also scared when he was in the room with all the weird dolls, but he took one and carried it around. Those dolls didn't even look friendly. He also knew the woman who was caring for him did not take anyone's child away from them, but he listened to the ghost anyway. 

Then there's the woman who is one of two in charge of the children. The first confusing part is if they were hiding from the Nazi's in the mansion, did she and her co-worker ever notify the rest of the people to not show up? More people were supposed to meet them in a week. Someone was also supposed to come and fix the physical problems in the house. Also, what was her past issue that had her so upset throughout the movie? 

The biggest mystery of all is if the women had to explain to anyone what happened to the deceased children. They were orphans of course, so maybe no one was looking for them. This reminds me of that movie Mama. The couple gained custody of the girls because both parents were dead. However, the ghost Mama would not go away because the youngest daughter had a special attachment so it. In the end they lost custody to the ghost, but I still wonder how they explained that to CPS. 

I really thought The Woman In Black 2 was going to end like the first one. The dude had to commit suicide to keep the woman from taking his son's spirit. However, in the second movie that guy sacrificed himself so the woman and child could survive. That was so sweet of him. 

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