Thursday, January 15, 2015

Everyone Is Sexually Repressed and Bored When Off The Internet

If we went by the videos, status postings, and messages in groups others put up just on Facebook it would make us all think we're boring and sexually repressed individuals.

For instance I like to go to the park when it's beautiful and the weather permits. Most of the time when I go to these parks, there aren't a lot of people. Sometimes there are children playing. Depending on the park, people may be walking their dogs or getting in some exercise.

However, no matter what social media site I go on, there are always World Star Hip Hop videos floating around. If any videos are recorded at parks and placed on WSHH, there's bound to be (up and coming) rappers trying to get their talents out or women twerking.

Speaking of twerking and other wild dancing, the only times I've been able to work it like a stripper is at home and at the club. Online there are videos of girls twerking in school, tweaking in the street, giving lap dances at fast food restaurants, and anywhere else you can think of.

People also argue a lot at restaurants according to these videos, but usually when I walk into a restaurant people pay for their food and go. Recently there was a video where a woman cussed out a McDonalds employee because she was waiting on fries when she didn't order those fries. I've never seen anyone get cussed out over fries. I'm assuming the average individual has never seen this either, except when clicking on a video reposted to Facebook or twitter.

However, what amazes me most is how much sex is on the internet compared to how much sex we are really having. Ask your twitter followers on any random day how much sex they've had in the past a couple of months. Most of them will admit that it hasn't been much. The ones in a relationship or married will be the ones to give numbers. The single ones will admit to not having any sex at all because... single.

During popular topics everyone is having sex and using every position ever created to fulfill their sexual lust. I'm guilty of being one of those talkers. Some take it a little further. While browsing a private group on Facebook recently I saw a very explicit video involving a man, a baked potato, cherries, and whip cream. Have you figured out what he was doing yet? Let's just say after watching the video I became uncomfortably sexually turned on.

Then again, maybe these videos and topics are a representation of what I'm missing out on. It might not be that we are all sexually repressed and bored. I could be the only one. The following is a glimpse of how my weekdays usually go:

I wake up first. Don't we all do that? Next I check social media sites for any messages and any interesting news. It doesn't feel right to get up and shower without first seeing what people are posting on Facebook at least. After getting fully made up for the job and checking to see if everything is the way it should be when no one is home, I head on to work. Then during the 8 hours of each workday I spend break moments checking social media, updating (like reposting blog post links or anything interesting I see), and counting down the hours until I can fully view what everyone was talking about. After work I catch up on television, write, and engage with other late nighters.

Is your life similar to mine or is it similar to the Black twitter topics, WSHH videos, gossip, and Facebook groups?

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