Tuesday, January 6, 2015

#SororitySisters Sorority Sisters Has Come To An End (I Think)

Over the last couple of weeks a lot of people (particularly members of the divine nine) have been boycotting Vh1's Sorority Sisters. I think they succeeded and this week's episode of Sorority Sisters was the last episode. At least that's how it appeared.

During this particular episode the only person who may have been perceived as ratchet was Priyanka. She drunk too much at an organization function and started arguing with two of the other women. While the episode was airing a commercial for a dialogue from women on the show was being advertised. Instead of a preview for the next episode, this dialogue is what we listened to. In this dialogue each woman expressed her reason for doing the show, her love for her sorority sisters, and the criticisms she had to face for being on the show.

The boycotters didn't just stick to boycotting the show. Some of the women talked about how they were attacked to the point where other organization members sent them death threats. One of the women, Shanna, spoke on how many of her Facebook friends are in the divine nine and she had to start blocking them over comments sent to her inbox. This is just horrible.

I honestly think the biggest problem with this show is that we were seeing sorority sisters that didn't know each other come together for the first time and start to bond. Some of them really did not know each other. In the dialogue episode they spoke about coming together in future episodes for good causes. However, we won't see that.

If this is the final episode, I'm kind of glad. As much as people were complaining about the lack of unity on the show, there was way too much disrespect being thrown at these women online and in real time. How can you threaten someone's life and think they deserve it based on a show meant to entertain? I hope all of the people who wanted Sorority Sisters cancelled are happy, but I also wish people could express themselves without resulting to violent threats toward others.

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