Monday, February 28, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Willow Smith 21st Century Girl

Willow Smith's song 21st Century Girl has finally dropped. It's very fun and upbeat. Check it out below. She will also be performing the song live tomorrow on Oprah.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Drumz Stupid Mixtape

On a new mixtape called "Drumz Stupid" the Nappy Boy DJ's are presenting Drum Majors ATL. This mixtape features the wonderful sounds of Travis Porter, Yung LA, Young Fletcher, and many more. Check out the songs below.

Ride Or Die (Poem)

Ride Or Die
Written 2/27/2011 By Me
Ride Or Die...Trying to Stay In It For Life...Cause Commitment Is Trill....And Heartache Is Real....Good times are bound to happen...And problems are bound to surface....But the problems will go away....So a smile can return to both our faces...And happiness is appealing...And the longer I stay in it the more happiness can grow....and unless I'm being physically or verbally abused there's nothing but love to show...And at the end of the day it feels good to let someone else glow...But in reality his voice I want to hear...His smile I want to appear...and his laughter I need to see...His touch I crave to feel...His kisses I hunger to have...His passion I need to know is there...And that black art portrait of his body against mine turning two souls into one must continually be created to keep my heart whole....And even though I don't think he knows, I'm in this relationship deep.

Lyricist Lounge: Boss Lady Jaye Bitch I'm From Houston Music Video

Boss Lady Jaye has new music video out called "Bitch I'm from Houston." Since Houston is the city that raised me, I love almost everything that represents it and this is definitely one of those songs to love. This song is just one of the hot joints from her highly anticipated mixtape "2 Real 2 Be A Barbie."

Along with Boss Lady Jaye, there are several other artists who represent Houston in the video. There's also a random white girl at the end who shows her pride. Check out the music video below.

Sunday Reflections: Still Looking For Freedom

When I need to escape the first thing I always think to do is grab a book. Usually it doesn't matter what type of book. All the book has to have is pages and I'll read. Well, the book has to be interesting too. So almost a week ago I order a book online. The book is called "The Mind And Soul of Tiffani Real." It's by this author who calls herself Tiffani Real. Months ago she came out with the book and I promised myself I would order it when I could. 

Well, it's been almost a week and the mailman has not delivered my book yet. I was anticipating reading this book because there was a million things flowing through my mind. Some of the thoughts revolved around work, friends, boyfriend, and trying to stay cute. When I get frustrated I tend to say "fuck it" to my looks. However, the book did not come and my millions of thoughts started to drive me crazy. I just didn't know how to deal with anything. 

Okay, let me explain the thoughts a little more. On a daily basis I have to figure out how to adjust to the new tasks my boss gives me at work, because most of the time he doesn't tell me exactly what to do. Adjusting would be fun if it didn't come with mistakes. On a daily basis my mom continually harasses me to waive a magic wand around and land a job making at least 40,000 dollars a year so I can be out on my own. On a daily basis I have to listen to my parents shout at my brothers at least once and sometimes I get caught in the crossfire. Have you ever  been yelled at for no reason at all and at the time you were an adult? On a daily basis I talk to my boyfriend and he wants to know my every thought. Well, he doesn't really want to know, but he thinks he does. On a daily basis I scream in my head. If I screamed out loud someone would assume I'm crazy. 

See the problem? That's only 50 percent of it. There's a lot of stuff that crosses my mind, but most of the time I manage to smile through it. However, it gets hard. It gets really hard when every time I take a step towards independence, I'm reminded of how really dependent I am on others. I couldn't even handle a simple car accident by myself. Even after I thought I was being responsible my dad was continually contacting State Farm. He really thought I couldn't handle it. 

Now remember I don't live by myself (silent tears). I'm under my parents roof trying to live by their rules. I  have a job, but it doesn't pay much. It's really just gas, food, and maybe shopping money. Every time I try to think of myself as independent someone finds a way to remind me that I'm not.

However, my real problem isn't the little things. The problem is I have no freedom. Freedom is what I crave the most. In fact my boyfriend asks me all the time if there was anywhere that I could be where would that place be at. Although I know he wants me to say anywhere with him, that's not how I feel. If I could be anywhere it would be some place where I could get comfortable while reading a book. Whether my life it a hot mess or totally organized, books can give me that freedom I need. Although it would be nice for my boyfriend to read with me, that's not going to happen. 

So yeah, I'm sure I've written a lot of posts in the past about freedom, so for this one I'm still looking for freedom. The hardest part would be sitting still long enough to get there. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Throwback Group Kut Klose

Kut Klose is an R&B trio from Atlanta, Georgia that came out in the  90's. They consisted of Athena Cage, Lavonn Battle, and and Tabitha Duncan. They were discovered by Keith Sweat and released their first album in 1995. They released several singles from the album, but the only song at the time that was a hit was "I Like." The trio also made an baby making classic called "Get Up On It" with Keith Sweat." They only had one album in the 90's, but in 2010 they announced that they were making a comeback. 

Listen to some of their music below. 

Their 2010 song "Let It Ring"

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Women Are Difficult To Please

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Women Are Difficult To Please
Women are difficult to please. Maybe it's because there are so many different options for us. When we go into stores several clothes scream "Buy Me" and when choosing restaurants once we've tasted good we're only looking for better. Maybe it's because men are willing to do whatever we want them to do. It's hard to make a choice when all five men are falling all over themselves to satisfy you. Maybe it's in our genetic make-up. We could all be pre-programmed to disagree, scream, shout, and go on our merry little ways. Maybe it's how we were raised. Somehow someone must have to all women that in order to succeed in life you must be difficult. This would be good, except it makes it hard on men.

For example sexually all women can't be pleased the same way. Some women were taught to spread their legs and lay flat on their back and those same women get a thrill out of it. Some women like it nice and slow. These type of women need Usher, Boys II Men, or even Marvin Gaye to be playing in the background. They need candles burning and minimum dirty talk. Other women like to get kinkier in the bedroom. They don't mind being slapped around or getting cussed out. They don't mind getting on top, doing sideways positions, doing exercise positions, bringing food in the mix, and waking up the next morning with their bodies aching. After all, if the sex was good the night before the pain is worth it. But every man doesn't get that they can't approach every woman the same whether it's sex or relationships.

Every woman is different, so every man has to approach every woman different when it comes to getting into a relationship. In the beginning of relationships some women don't express their emotions right away. That doesn't mean that the women don't have emotions. It just means that they're not going to be extra clingy extra fast. That means that the man that was with the clingy woman  in the past can't expect the next woman to wait by the phone. He has to learn his new woman. While some women may love affection, other women may love to never ever be touched. It's up to a man to learn which woman he can be extra affectionate and which one he can't.

It may sound difficult, but that's because men have to be prepared to deal with difficulty when they get into new relationships with women. They can't assume. Men also can't get sensitive when it comes to trying to figure a difficult woman out. Instead he has to go for the challenge, because it will be like that with every woman.

Lyricist Lounge: Trey Songz Fuck 'Em

Trey Songz has a new song out called "Fuck 'Em." It's hot and filled with so much anger. I think that's why I like him better when he raps. Check out the song below.

Some Classic R&B Hits

Yesterday I didn't blog, because I couldn't think of anything but I'm back. This post is going to be very short. I just want to post up some classic R&B hits and talk about the artists who sang those hits.

No Ordinary Love by Sade

Helen Folosade Adu, also known as Sade, is a British singer/songwriter. She's released nine albums, which included a countless amount of hits. When people think of Sade now they remember the classic hits "No Ordinary Love," "King of Sorrow," "The Sweetest Tabboo." "Soldier of Love," and too many more to name. Not only is Sade a legend, but you can still find her performing on stages across the world.

I Believe In You and Me- Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston graced the music scene in the 80's. She can arguably called the Queen of R&B. Her powerful voice will always have everyone astonished and amazed. 

Check out some more classics below from both ladies.  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Men Are More Romantic Than Women

When we turn on television networks like Lifetime we are bombarded with images of women falling head over heels in love with men after one second of knowing them. These women push the limits to be with the men of their dreams. Some of them plan romantic dates just to get the men alone. Then they entice the men sexually because they think that will make the men keep coming around. These women spend 100 percent of their time trying to look sexy, be good girlfriends and wives, and keep the sparks flowing in their sex life. Even before they get to the point of the relationship they are planning how they will keep their men smiling.

However, in reality men are more romantic than women. From the moment they learn how to use what's between their legs and their voices start changing, they are trying to figure out how to get the woman they want. Some of them use lines such as "You must be tired cause you've been running through my mind" to get women's attention. Others go for a nice introduction and hope a woman will like them just the way they are.

Once these men have women, they then plan how they will keep their woman happy. They plan romantic dinners, trips to the movies, long walks in the park, and frequent visits to their house. They buy nice gifts, such as chocolate and flowers to give their significant others. When they can't see their woman they call to check up on her just so they can hear her voice. At times these men can find themselves in uncomfortable places, such as surrounded by the woman's family and friends, just to keep her happy.

Women, on the other hand, don't think about making a man happy until a woman is sure that she's the only one in the man's life. Then after she is sure she's the only one she judges the man on his every move before she fully opens up romantically to him. A man can buy flowers and candy all he wants, but if his words are enticing a woman she doesn't care.

When a woman does care is when she starts to figure out how to please her man. This is a hard task since most men seem to like money, cars, and sex. Some women don't try hard enough to be romantic to their men. Instead they enjoy the attention they get and in the long run they repay men with their hearts.

Now women can be romantic. It's just harder because every man is different. However, most women like the basic signs that men show when they are interested. Therefore men are more romantic.

Still I Hesitate (Poem)

 Still I hesitate
   Poem by Me
It feels like forever since we met
But still I hesitate
It all happened so fast
The butterflies
What felt like puppy love
Then he wasted no time asking me to be his girl
And so far it’s been straight
But still I hesitate

Good times when we’re together
Watching movies and then allowing movies to watch us
As we cuddle up in each other’s arms
Heartbeats becoming in sync
Our breathing patterns no longer heavy and deep
The world seems to be at peace
As we start to drift off to sleep
The hesitation hits me

Now I’m wide awake
And it’s not that I don’t want him
It’s not that I don’t care
Some of it is me being scared
Other parts is not wanting to fall too deep
Because his eyes have already spoken to me
They continuously say he cares
And his mouth has proven to me that he’ll always be there
He says it’s whatever I want
But his body language tells me he doesn’t want to let me go
And it’s not a bad thing because I love the feel of his hold
But still I hesitate

Search for ways to change his mind about me
I’m getting old
My hair is never on point
And I suck at picking out good clothes
Jeans are my best friend
And my sex appeal is way low
Although in reality my sex appeal is at an all time high
Even if they don’t make sense
Still I hesitate

Try to keep him from looking into my eyes
Don’t want him reading my mind
Or he might hear the need for him to be in my life
And I try to keep my words to a minimum
Don’t want to lead him on
Or he’ll find out the way he feels is the same way I feel
And as much as I tell my body to be still
It gets excited when he’s around
Touching leads to kissing
And kissing leads to major attraction
And he’s already offered his heart to me
But just as I’m ready to do the same
Again I hesitate

I hesitate because I’m scared
I hesitate because I get excited
I hesitate because I’ve never smiled so much in my life
I hesitate because he really is amazing
I hesitate because the minute I fall for him is the minute it all becomes real.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: At 24 I Know Exactly What I Want

Miss Sexual Intellectual: At 24 I Know Exactly What I Want

In everyone's life there comes a point when they figure it all out. Well, they figure everything about themselves out. Sometimes they figure it out at 18 and sometimes when they are in their 20's. A couple years ago P. Diddy, who was in his 30's at the time, still hadn't figured out everything he wanted in life. However, at 24 I have all the basics figured out. 

At this point in my life I'm not stable, but I'm trying to get there. Many people are in the same situation as me. They are taking temporary jobs that they may end up staying at for years just for the little bit of change they are making. Some people are even tired of trying to succeed at their goals and they are looking for something new to achieve. However, I'll never get tired of trying to succeed at my goals. In fact I know exactly how I want to climb the corporate ladder. It has to be done through my goal of writing. Whether I'm a reporter, writing for a law firm, or the writer behind a hit television show money will be coming to my pockets using the writing skills. I actually hate when people ask me what I think about working in an engineering field, as a banker, or even becoming a teacher. I'd only teach if it involved some fun type of writing.

Future Family:
For years I've thought of what kind of family I'd want to have, but at 24 I'm pretty sure of what I want. For a husband I want that man that will sign the court documents to be official, because I don't want a wedding. I've been saying it for years, but I mean it. I want that cozy house without the white picket fence. I want my husband and one child. The only way I'd be willing to have more than one is if I got pregnant with twins.

Sex is somewhat of a forbidden topic in my parent's house. In fact I think my parents expected me to learn about sex from church and school and that's exactly what happened. Now my brothers, one isn't old enough yet, are getting the same treatment. However, because sex was such a forbidden topic I waited until I was legally an adult to really explore it. At first I didn't know what I wanted out of sex, but at 24 I'm pretty sure of what I want. I want wild uninhibited passion. I want every time to feel like the first good time (thanks The Dream).

At 24 I want love, but not just any kind of love. I want that kind of love where your significant other makes you feel like a kid again. Every moment should be fun. I want that kind of love that makes you crush on your significant other. It's real when you forget that they are already yours and you crave for them to be yours. I want that love where the minute you fall into your significant other's arms you feel like you can stay that way forever. I'm one of those people that has to feel the physical touch for the connection to be complete. I want that type of love where you can practically read your significant other's mind. That would be cool and scary at the same time. I want that "freak in the sheets, but professional in the streets" type of love. That has to be the best kind of love. To top it all off I want that innocent kind of love. That's that love where you know your significant other can do no wrong. You trust them 100 percent with your heart. Others might call you dumb and naive, but it doesn't even phase you. So I want that innocent kind of love to make it all complete.

Quality Time By Myself In My Own Place:
Since my freshman year in college I've looked forward to having my own place and I want that more than ever at 24. Having roommates doesn't count. I want to be in an apartment by myself in silence bored out of my mind. Or I could be typing like I'm doing now. I want to be able to enter and leave the house as I please without any questions being asked. I want to be able to fall asleep with the television on without anyone messing with it. I want to have lonely moments. This has been on my mind for a while.

Live By My Own Rules:
I want to live by my own rules. The mistakes I make should be my own mistakes. In fact I shouldn't even have to see them as mistakes. I want to be able to talk to others without them giving direction in my life. It's not up to others to always help me. I want to be me. I like writing, listening to music, dancing, occasional drinking, talking way too much, wearing  tight clothes, putting on shorts, exposing my cleavage in too-tight shirts, and loving my body. I want others to love me for me and stop trying to change me. There's always that one person  that's dependent on trying to change others. I want to breathe, relax, and free my mind like that Envogue song.

Underground Female MC's~ Ami Miller Dolla Not A Dime Music Video

Recently a Houston rapper by the name of Ami Miller won the Freestyle Friday contest on 106 and Park. However, while this was her first appearance on television, she's been around for a while. She has several songs including "Dolla Not A Dime," which is three years old. The song is kind of old, but Ms. Miller has a new music video for it. Check out the music video below.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Do You Handle Your Emotional Pain? Inspired by The Game

How Do You Handle Your Emotional Pain? Inspired By The Game
Tonight The Game started with Malik explaining why he over medicates himself. He blamed taking up to 20 pills on physical pain he received from football. However, his counselor told him that he is not in as much physical pain as he thinks he is. The counselor explained to Malik that it is really emotional pain. That was not hard to believe, because Malik has been falling apart ever since the show first aired on the CW. Malik wasn't the only one expressing the way he deals with emotional pain on the show.

Kelly Pitts has been falling apart ever since she and Jason started talking about divorce. Originally she was using alcohol to cover up her emotional pain. Now she does that and more. Kelly neglects her daughter. On tonight's episode her daughter posted provocative photos on the internet and all Kelly could think to do was send the girl to her room. Before the provocative photos Kelly desperately tried to add some entertainment to her new show "Ex Ballers Wives." In the course of trying to be entertaining she did some hardcore grinding on the rapper Fabolous. After watching herself on camera and trying to deal with her daughter, Kelly finally realized how she was handling her emotional pain. At the end of the show she confessed to Jason what was going on. Then she asked him to take their daughter, so she could get her life back on track. The best way to handle emotional pain is to find yourself again. 

While that's just a television show, it's also reality. We all have ways of dealing with emotional pain. When I was younger I dealt with emotional pain by crying when I was by myself. This was the result of my mom telling me to just ignore stuff way too much. The crying never really helped, so eventually I found something new. I started dealing with the pain by ignoring it like my mother originally suggested. That helped until too much stuff happened at once and I exploded in anger. Holding stuff in can do that to you. By the time I went to college I was tired of crying and holding stuff in. I started dealing with the emotional pain by letting people know how I felt. I had some very mean moments and I got into my first fight because of it. It took me a while, but now I have a great way of managing my emotional pain. I talk about it to those that care about me the most. In fact five seconds after I talk about the pain, I'm not even mad anymore. It's my perfect way of getting rid of the anger, but that doesn't work for everyone. 

Like Malik, some people pop pills to deal with their pain. Others do as Kelly did. They drink a lot of alcohol and party. Partying temporarily helps us to forget our problems. I once knew someone who disappeared when he was mad. The only problem was he scared his friends with his disappearing acts. There was a girl I knew that dealt with her emotional pain by trying to lose weight. Every time stress hit her, she hopped in front of the mirror and figured out what food she could cut back on eating. There are many people who handle their pain by diving into their work real hard. They think the more money they get the better off they'll be. Well some of them think if they are preoccupied they don't have to focus on the bad situations. 

Which one of those people are you? How do you handle your pain? (BTW Fabolous was looking good. I would have been all over him too.  

My View: Is Not Fighting Weak Or Powerful

My View
Is Not Fighting Weak Or Powerful?
By Camille aka Miss Sex and The City

Does not fighting make you weak? Every time I’ve gotten into a discussion about it, which is rare and I share my experience I often wonder does me not fighting make me weak? I don’t think it does, ‘cause I don’t like pain. I mean I had one chance where I probably could have done so, but I think I was just so surprised by it that I didn’t know what to do. Or maybe it’s because I was always worried what my mother or someone else would say. I never wanted to get in trouble, because I knew the real issue was not in the classroom, it would be at home. Plus I think I was always worried what Jesus would say to me if I did that, hit someone. So I never did, and I don’t plan to. I just don’t think anything is worth that much. Yes, I know tempers can fly but is it really worth getting into a physical fight over it? Not when my very clean record and name is in jeopardy. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m always looking at the bigger picture and unless my very life is in danger, I cannot see why you need to punch someone. If you are that angry, punch a punching bag. I’m not saying I’m immune and that I don’t understand. I’m just saying I don’t think you need too.

Camille Daniels aka Miss Sex and The City is a graduating senior at Florida A&M University and she's from the beautiful city that most people only dream of, New York City. 

Basso and Brooke RTW Fall 2011 Collection

London Fashion Week
New York Fashion Week just passed, but now it's time for the big time designers in London to show off what they have. Recently I was browsing blogs when I passed up a friend's. This week she will be posting up picks of designers from London's Fashion week. Her post today was of clothing from Basso and Brooke RTW Fall 2011 Collection. The colors in the clothes are absolutely beautiful.

For more on London's Fashion Week check out her blog

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gloria Govan Shows Off her Tattoos


My View: Miss Sex And The City's Thoughts On Love

My View: Miss Sex And The City's Thoughts On Love
written by Camille aka Miss Sex And The City
Alright, I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for happy endings. I love, love. All types of love but especially in the movies, when sometimes its just not fair how people get the sucky ends in things. I want the family together and the two lovers to finally be together. I believe in happy endings and that everyone deserves their chance at it. Too many times people go through life miserable because they don’t have the basics and that’s little things that are really the big things. Like, love. Love is so important and it gives so many hope because in the end all anyone wants is love, to accepted and to be heard. Many times love is the thing that many don’t have. I hope as long I live I’m given the chance to experience true love. I want the kind that keeps you safe at night and the kind that you fight for when it looks like it might begin to slip away.

Camille Daniels aka Miss Sex And The City is a graduating senior at Florida A&M University. She's from the state that everyone dreams of visiting, New York, and she will soon be contributing to this blog on a regular basis. 

Rihanna's Thighs And Beyonce's Heel Game At The 2011 NBA All Star Game

I've always had this dream that one day I would wake up with some thick thighs. Not fat ones, but some thick ones that would really fill out my jeans. Well, I wouldn't want them to just fill out my jeans. I'd want them to be nice and thick to the point that any skirt that I would wear would ride up and accidentally flash people. Yeah, that's some crazy, but cool thickness. However, I'm skinny with some slim thighs, but Rihanna must have had the same dream as me.

Yesterday during her performance at the 2011 NBA All Star Game, Rihanna had all the men drooling over her thick thighs. The women, on the other hand, were jealous and trying to figure out how to get their thighs to look that way. I'm not about to hate on her though. While I want thighs like that, I must admit Rihanna killed every song. She's almost on Beyonce's level when it comes to performing.

Beyonce  was also at the All Star Game. However, she wasn't performing. Instead Beyonce was forcing every girl to figure out how to get a  hold of the Christian Louboutin Daffodile Platform Heels she was wearing. Check the picture. Those heels are to die for. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Letting The Music Guide You

"I was earning my man while I was learning my man."

The above is a quote from a Betty Wright song. If you haven't listened to Betty Wright she has a song for everything. She made songs for the married women, the divorced women, the women who pick up the pieces from a broken marriage, and she even has a song for the sideline chicks. Her songs really speak to you because she's speaking from experience.

However, despite the fact that artists like her tell you exactly how to handle situations, many women still get confused when it comes to relationships. That's why this Sunday's lesson is to let the music guide you. Let the music teach you how to be a hoe or even how love. If you're going for the bitter-woman status let the music guide you in that direction. Music will help you with your love life.

To help you out below are some of Betty Wright's best songs.

Inspirational Quote By Maya Angelou

"Pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off you." - Maya Angelou

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kid fury Says Lil Kim Is Living In 1996

Kid Fury ripped Lil Kim apart, but it wasn't  because of her looks. Check the video out  below. It's hilarious.

Rihanna's Outfit In Kanye West All Of The Lights Music Video

I've always dreamed of taking seatbelt straps and creating an outfit, but looks like Rihanna beat me to it. Rihanna's wears an outfit that only the baddest chicks can pull off in Kanye West's new music video "All Of The Lights." Watch the video below.

It's good. Kanye West didn't direct this one.

Miss Sexual Intellectual: 15 Ways To Stop Faking

Throughout eternity there has been controversy over women faking orgasms. Within the last few years there have been studies done to prove that most women don't have an orgasm until they reach their 30's. However, despite the studies some people think it's possible for these women to reach their sexual peaks. The ladies over at are just a few people that thinks every woman can reach her sexual peak. It's all about trying new things. Read below for the tips they had to offer. 

As many as ten percent of women have never had an orgasm, and many more than that have never had an orgasm with a partner. And the more women fake, the worse these statistics will get. It’s time to take your orgasms into your own hands—quite literally, if need be. Stop the madness, ladies, and start the ecstasy!
  1. First thing’s first: Stop faking. You have two options. The first is fessing up to the truth. If you haven’t been together with someone for too long, then you could just say you were nervous and didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so that’s why you faked. If it’s with a long-term partner, then be sure to have the conversation outside the bedroom, remindng how much it means that you’re being honest, and how hard it is for you to confess. Tell him, “The easy way out would be to keep on faking, but I think you deserve more than that.” His pride will be seriously wounded, so you should also be sure to tell him just how much you enjoyed the sex even though you didn’t climax. Explain that you were having a great time, and you mistakenly thought that the best way to let him know that was to fake. Your second option is not saying anything and employing the tips below so he’ll never know the difference.
  2. Accept that orgasming can be difficult. Let’s be honest here: Women drew the short straw when it comes to achieving orgasm. Men’s orgasms practically grow on trees. The only thing they worry about is climaxing too soon—cry us a river. The struggle to O is a fact of life—or rather, a fact of evolution: Unlike the male orgasm, the female orgasm is not necessary for reproduction. This means that an inability to orgasm during intercourse doesn’t mean you have faulty equipment—in fact, it’s as natural as the snow falling up north in wintertime. And it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of.
  3. Don’t use an old map to get to a new place: Very few women masturbate by imitating the act of intercourse. And only 25 to 30 percent of women can orgasm during intercourse; if you can’t, then you’re in the majority. So let go of the old in-out model if that isn’t working for you, and open your mind and body to some of the ideas and techniques below.
  4. Learn how to masturbate. You will need: 1. Lube. 2. Privacy. 3. Sultry tunes. 4. Time. 5. Conveniently located bath tap (optional). Take some lube to your fingertips (use a silicone-based lube if you’re in the bath—it won’t wash away like other lubes) and start exploring your clitoris and labia. Try rubbing against something firm yet cushy. If that doesn’t do it for you, experiment with a stream of water or a shower jet (but only externally and never aimed inside you, since that can cause a fatal air embolism). Don’t expect to climax the first time you try—instead, just try to figure out what you like… and what you really like. If you get bored, stop, and try again the next day, and the next, and the next. If you make a habit of it, you’ll get there eventually.
  5. Learn how to masturbate better. Masturbation is also a great opportunity to improve your orgasm and experiment with it. One reader of ours discovered at an early age that bouncing on her bed while lying on her stomach gave her a great feeling; once she became a teenager, she graduated to the floor for stronger stimulation. “Floor humping was the only way I could orgasm up until long after I began having sex (at the age of 19). I thought I would never be able to orgasm with someone else till I could bring myself to orgasm in a more conventional way. So I swore off floor humping, and tried and tried and tried ’til I could reach orgasm with my fingers.” It took her more than a week of nightly efforts to get there, but boy was it worth it. “The first time I achieved that, it was such an explosive experience, I couldn’t believe I had been making do for so many years with floor humping.”
  6. Learn how to masturbate with company. Can you replicate what you learned in your me-time when there’s a near-stranger in your bed? It’s essential! So suggest some mutual masturbation to get things rolling.
  7. Get your mind in the gutter. Getting in the mood is key, whether for alone time or partner sex, since our biggest turn-on is our brain. So reading or seeing something sexy will prime your mind for an orgasm, so you (or he) won’t have to work as hard to get you there. Try kicking off your diddling with some saucy literature, something from the erotic fiction section, or even erotic films. For something softer, try those old beach favorites by authors like Judith Krantz and Danielle Steele (don’t tell us you never earmarked the naughty bits!). For something more classic, try Anais Nin.
  8. Don’t overthink it. Every expert we’ve ever spoken with about female sexual function agrees that you should do your best to ignore your orgasm. Don’t be goal-oriented, just enjoy the sensations as they happen. This takes the pressure off, paving the way for your orgasm. Focus on what you’re feeling in the moment—muscle tension, a change in your breathing, your desire to thrust or writhe—rather than where you’re hoping to wind up.
  9. Just breathe. Lots of women hold their breath when they feel they’re getting close to point O. But then your brain might feel it needs to focus on more important things than orgasming, like not dying. Let your breathing reflect the intense feelings you’re experiencing and you may find all that heavy huffing in turn makes those feelings even more intense.
  10. Do your kegels. Toning your pelvic muscles can increase vaginal lubrication, sensation, and the strength of vaginal contractions. Flex and release the muscles at least ten times per session — it’s the same motion you use to stop yourself from peeing — doing several sessions a day. You might find it easier to work this muscle against something, like a toy custom-made for the pelvic floor muscles like the Juno orEnergie.
  11. Hit the treadmill. And we don’t just mean so you can enjoy marathon sex sessions (though that’s a nice bonus): Many women find that when they’re in better shape, their orgasms are stronger and easier to attain. Plus, if you go for an O right after a workout, you’ll have an erotic edge, since the increased blood flow and increased heart rate from a work-out mimic the increased blood flow and heart rate of sex. It’s a head-start on foreplay!
  12. Get on top. When you’re on top, you can sandwich your clitoris between your pelvic bone and his, leading to that all-important clitoral stimulation. The exact angle will depend on how your bodies fit together. Try having your fellow arch his back a little to help facilitate more grinding together, as opposed to in/out or up/down.”
  13. Control from the bottom. You don’t have to be on top to control the angle of penetration. If you’re on the bottom, arch your back to direct his penis to the right spots and/or grab his hips and move him back and forth with you. All that friction may pull on your vuvla, indirectly stimulating the clitoris. Grinding against each other can also up the intimacy level, which might help push you over the edge.
  14. Lend a helping hand. Most sex positions, however, leave the clitoris wide open. So get your hands into the mix during intercourse! As with masturbation, a drop of lube will prevent your clitoris from getting over-sensitive. Or, if you’re lying face down, find something else to grind against: a pillow, the corner of the couch, his thigh, the base of his penis, his wrist bone… But don’t assume that there’s only one place (the clit) that a helping hand can help. A finger inserted while doing it can get you extra stimulation at the opening of the vagina (its most sensitive part) and, if your lucky, the G-spot or the PS-spot, too.
  15. Accessorize. Try replacing that helping hand with a battery-operated toy. Sometimes all that handwork can be a little distracting—especially if you taught yourself to come with a vibrator, or if you’ve both got short arms. It’s not cheating, ladies—in fact, if that’s the only way you can get off, then it would be cheating yourself not to turn to a buzzy friend. Using a vibe lets you focus on what you’re feeling, rather than what you’re doing. You just need a wee little thing (rather than an intimidating phallic competitor) that will buzz against your clitoris and labia. Try a finger vibrator, like the Trojan finger massager—it looks like one of those rubber thingies you put on your thumb to turn paper. Pop it on your finger to give yourself a more textured rub-down. Or use a love ring on him that stimulates your clitoris, like the this one.

Keri Hilson's One Night Stand Artwork

Recently Keri Hilson revealed the artwork to her third single, One Night Stand, from her "No Boys Allowed" album. "One Night Stand" has a sultry sound and is assisted by Chris Brown. Together they make a great combination. Check the song about below.

There is also a music video for "One Night Stand" in the works. I'll post it as soon as it comes out. It'll definitely be hot.

Throwback Artist Uncle Luke/ His Run For Mayor of Miami

Uncle Luke, The Wildest Rapper Ever

In 1960 one of the raunchiest men to grace the rap scene was born. This artist was so bad that at one point in his career he ended up in the US Supreme Court arguing for his rights to express himself. Of course he won. His name is Luther Campbell, but he's better known as Uncle Luke.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Martin Lawrence Talks Love and Marriage on The Conan O'Brian Show

Recently Martin Lawrence made an appearance on the Conan O'Brian show. Out of all that he said, I thought his comments toward his wife were the funniest. Check out what he said below.

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Throwback Artist Tatyana Ali

Back in the 90's we were graced with the presence of Tatyana Ali on the hit show Fresh Prince of Bel Air. She played the youngest daughter of the Banks' family. Ali starred on the show next to some powerful actors, such as Will Smith. At the time Will Smith was making music and acting at the same time. With the help of Will Smith, Ali decided to follow in his footsteps and start her singing career.

The results of Tatyana Ali's singing was her debut album titled "Kiss The Sky."This album produced hits, such as "Daydreamin'" and "Boy You Knock Me Out." Check out the songs below.

While Tatyana Ali's music career has stayed in the 90's, she has progressed as a woman. These days Miss Ali can be found on TV One's new television show "Love That Girl." This show graced the airwaves in January of 2011 and the executive producer is Martin Lawrence. It comes on every Monday at 9 pm eastern.