Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Reflections: The Cheating Boyfriend

The Other Woman 

Written by Me 

Falling in too deep 
But still trying to keep my head above water 
However, he’s making it hard 
Cause I’m still feeling the pleasure from last night 
How he kept kissing me softly 
Never on my mouth 
But wherever his lips were 
They felt good 
He started on my neck 
Sucking until he gave me a hickey 
Then slowly he started working his way down my body 
Planting soft kisses on my breasts 
And then trailing his lips down further 
He stopped at my belly button 
And licked 
And licked 
And licked 
Until pleasure surged through my body 
Then he was ready to go down further 
And I was nervous 
But at the same time excited 
We had done this many times 
But still I played it like it was my first 
Let him help me remove my pants 
And rip my panties off 
And when I was naked he dived in 
Was ready to taste my juices 
And taste is what he did 
He licked, tasted, sucked, and tasted some more 
And I caressed his head 
Rubbed and pressed on him harder 
As I came and I came some more 
And when he was finished 
He was ready to dive in further 
And I was ready for him 
To feel his hardness inside of me 
And as he entered 
I caught myself whispering 
“I love you, 
Never want you to leave me” 

But today is a different day 
And as I feel myself falling too deep 
Starting to drown in 
I catch myself 
Remind myself 
He’s with her now 
The other woman 
She’s chillin’ with him 
Laughing as they watch 
For The Love of Ray J 
Cooking his favorite meal 
I don’t even know what that is 
She’s doing his laundry 
And cleaning his house 
Voluntarily playing wife 
While I’m stuck at home 
Sittin’ by the phone 
Waiting for his text 
That says he’s ready for more 

She doesn’t know about me 
And neither does his friends 
See me and him were never supposed to happen 
But one class assignment 
Forced us to exchanged numbers 
And during one meeting 
We were supposed to discuss the assignment 
But talking lead to touching 
And touching lead to kissing 
And kissing lead to… 
Fucking, which is now the depth of our relationship 

And unfortunately I want more 
Want to know his hopes and dreams 
What makes him happy 
And what makes him sad 
How to stroke his ego 
Without first stroking his 
And most importantly 
I want to switch places with her

Yesterday I watched "The Game" and it sparked some interesting thoughts in my mind. In several scenes Derwin was spending time with his son and baby mama Janay. While he was hanging with those two, Melanie thought Janay had been taking him to court for child support. Towards the end of the show the truth came out about what Derwin was doing. Melanie was angry with Derwin because he lied to her. Janay, on the other hand, was angry with Derwin because he had led her to believe that they were a happy family again. Janay had gotten so caught up in the happy moments that she was ignoring the fact that Derwin was married. She wasn't ignoring that fact that she hated Melanie though. At the very end of the show Derwin apologized to Janay for leading her on to think there was more to them than a child. While he apologized this made me think. 

I did write the poem above years ago, but I've never been in a situation like that. Someone actually asked me to write it  based off of their situation. However, I don't understand what makes a girl feel compelled to think there's anything between her and another woman's man. 

Could it be jealousy? Many women get jealous after a man becomes taken and many women want what they can't have. Could it be love? The girl who I based the poem off of said she was with the man because she loved him. Even though he had a girlfriend she assumed he loved  her back. Could it be the longing for the perfect family? On "The Game" Janay just wanted them to be a happy family without Melanie in the picture. I guess it could be anything about it. If you happen to read this leave your thoughts on why a woman would want another woman's man. 

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