Thursday, February 10, 2011

Michelle Obama Dress Cute In Some Affordable Clothing

Recently Michelle Obama talked to Matt Lauer on "The Today Show." She discussed President Obama's looks,  his decision to quit smoking, rumors that he dyes his grey hair, and not letting her daughters on social networking sites. While the interview was great, her words weren't what caught people's attention. It was her fashion.

The dress Mrs. Obama chose to wear is a polka dot dress from the sweetest designing company H&M. It can be bought off of shelves for only $34.94. Not only was it a good fashionable move to wear the dress, but Mrs. Obama showed people that she is the everyday by wearing it. The dress can be found in stores everywhere now.

As you can see she topped the dress off with some yellow heels. Yellow is a power color. Good move Michelle Obama.

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