Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Do You Handle Your Emotional Pain? Inspired by The Game

How Do You Handle Your Emotional Pain? Inspired By The Game
Tonight The Game started with Malik explaining why he over medicates himself. He blamed taking up to 20 pills on physical pain he received from football. However, his counselor told him that he is not in as much physical pain as he thinks he is. The counselor explained to Malik that it is really emotional pain. That was not hard to believe, because Malik has been falling apart ever since the show first aired on the CW. Malik wasn't the only one expressing the way he deals with emotional pain on the show.

Kelly Pitts has been falling apart ever since she and Jason started talking about divorce. Originally she was using alcohol to cover up her emotional pain. Now she does that and more. Kelly neglects her daughter. On tonight's episode her daughter posted provocative photos on the internet and all Kelly could think to do was send the girl to her room. Before the provocative photos Kelly desperately tried to add some entertainment to her new show "Ex Ballers Wives." In the course of trying to be entertaining she did some hardcore grinding on the rapper Fabolous. After watching herself on camera and trying to deal with her daughter, Kelly finally realized how she was handling her emotional pain. At the end of the show she confessed to Jason what was going on. Then she asked him to take their daughter, so she could get her life back on track. The best way to handle emotional pain is to find yourself again. 

While that's just a television show, it's also reality. We all have ways of dealing with emotional pain. When I was younger I dealt with emotional pain by crying when I was by myself. This was the result of my mom telling me to just ignore stuff way too much. The crying never really helped, so eventually I found something new. I started dealing with the pain by ignoring it like my mother originally suggested. That helped until too much stuff happened at once and I exploded in anger. Holding stuff in can do that to you. By the time I went to college I was tired of crying and holding stuff in. I started dealing with the emotional pain by letting people know how I felt. I had some very mean moments and I got into my first fight because of it. It took me a while, but now I have a great way of managing my emotional pain. I talk about it to those that care about me the most. In fact five seconds after I talk about the pain, I'm not even mad anymore. It's my perfect way of getting rid of the anger, but that doesn't work for everyone. 

Like Malik, some people pop pills to deal with their pain. Others do as Kelly did. They drink a lot of alcohol and party. Partying temporarily helps us to forget our problems. I once knew someone who disappeared when he was mad. The only problem was he scared his friends with his disappearing acts. There was a girl I knew that dealt with her emotional pain by trying to lose weight. Every time stress hit her, she hopped in front of the mirror and figured out what food she could cut back on eating. There are many people who handle their pain by diving into their work real hard. They think the more money they get the better off they'll be. Well some of them think if they are preoccupied they don't have to focus on the bad situations. 

Which one of those people are you? How do you handle your pain? (BTW Fabolous was looking good. I would have been all over him too.  

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