Saturday, April 30, 2011

Guest Blogger: Response To The Ex Boyfriends Pet Peeve Post

Someone read my post about having a pet peeve of men asking me about ex-boyfriends. They then emailed me their feelings on it. Their response is below.

Great blog, Lashuntrice.

I don't think it's anyone's business to find out
about your past or someone's past for that matter.
It's disrespectful. I also think it's irrelevant to his
future relationship with you. I wouldn't even want to know.

Pet Peeve: When People Ask About Ex Boyfriends

It never fails. I'm trying  to get to know a new guy. Everything is good. We're talking and laughing and then he makes the statement. "Tell me about your ex's." Well, some phrase it differently. Some want to know how many there were and others want to know what happened for them to stay in the past. Although it should be the simplest question in the world to answer, it's not. It's also the most private question in the world, especially when I barely know this new guy. Those are just a few reasons why I hate when guys want to know about the ex-boyfriends. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Star Status Couples: Shaq and Hoopz

Star Status Couples
Shaquille O'Neal and Hoopz From Flavor Of Love

I don't care what anyone says. Shaq and Hoopz are a cut couple. Check out more pictures of them below. That looks like a very fun relationship. 

Intellectual Question: Jumping From The Friend Zone To Lovers

Is it possible to go from the friend zone to acting out on the sexual chemistry you've been feeling with the person of the opposite sex? I'm not talking about kissing; more like full blown making out which leads to sex which eventually leads to a routine.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Miss Paparazzi Is Coming Back

I used to love photographing anyone and anything. However, my younger mind let stupid stuff get in the way. I couldn't handle the divas who wanted pictures deleted cause they felt their looks weren't the best. I also couldn't handle the people who hated taking photos. You know they type. They would know that a camera would be available and then hide once they saw the camera pointed in their direction. It's really a pathetic sight. However, after some reflection and not enough camera usage, Miss Paparazzi is coming back.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter From TheWriter

Happy Easter From Lashuntrice TheWriter

Whether you are celebrating Jesus or big bunnies, make it the best day of your life. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ghetto Girl (Poem)

Ghetto Girl

Once upon a time in a faraway castle there lived a…
Ghetto girl
The day she was born she came out loud
Cries that disturbed the whole hospital
Tantrums that commanded everyone’s attention
And the hair on her head was too much for anyone to handle
It was thick jet black and red
Her pretty demeanor was cool
But her expensive taste were too much for her parents
They already had her in name brand clothes
If they kept spending like that they’d go broke
So an evil nurse kidnapped her
Thought if she locked her away the world would be much safer
No one would know about big and colorful weaves
Freakum dresses
Or even high heeled sneakers
Blue, purple, and yellow nail polish wouldn’t be popular
And it stayed like that for a while
But one day some man was bored
He was tired of dating women with straight hair
You know bone straight and wrapped at night to keep the style
And with a perm no girl can successfully achieve Shirley Temple curls
Plus he was tired of girls with no goals other than to get married
He wanted a woman with real dreams
Such as opening up her own hair salon
Or becoming the next video vixen
So he decided to search for excitement
That’s why God says man finds his wife
And one day he found himself in the woods
Not the typical black man behavior
When he passed the castle
Looked up
And saw the most beautiful woman in the world
She was leaning out the window
“Hello” he said
“What they do” she responded back
He was amazed by her phrase
But failed to realize she had never even stepped foot in an elementary school
“What it is” she said after he failed to respond back quickly enough
“Let your colorful hair down. I want to see you.”
“Ooh, no. Not my braids. I’ll come open the door for you.”
As she opened the door he fell in love
Big breasts stuffed in a shirt that showed off her flat stomach
And a fat ass that sat up in really short shorts
“On the other hand”
He said
“Coming into your house wouldn’t be right”
“Let’s go out and have some fun”
And she responded
“Do you have some money?”
He smiled,
 Took her out
 And allowed her to change the world
Now every man wants a ghetto girl
And every girl wants to be her.

P.S. When Beyonce made that song she really meant ghetto girls rule the world, but her blonde hair and light complexion overshadowed the message.

Sexy Advice: The Hardest Part Of Dating Is....

Do you remember the first time you went on a date? When preparing for the date you were extra nervous. You did not know how the person you were going out with was going to act. You weren't even sure if you were going to like them by the end or the date or if they would like you. So many different thoughts crossed your mind before and during the date. You tried to act normal, but sometimes you may have come off as either funny or weird. After the date was over you let out a sigh of relief because it was over. You could be yourself again. You could even call your friends up and tell them about the experience. Well as hard as that was, it's not the hardest part of dating.

Madea's Big Happy Family (Why I Love Tyler Perry)

This is not a spoiler. However, if you are not sure about seeing Tyler Perry's latest movie "Madea's Big Happy Family" watch it. It is definitely his best film ever. The commercials doesn't give it any justice. You will laugh until the end and you will understand every lesson that he is teaching you. As much as I love this movie, what I love more is Tyler Perry.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring And Summer Must Haves (


Spring is here and summer is quickly approaching. That means my wardrobe must be updated. There are several clothes that I don't wear anymore, which means it's spring cleaning time. However, those clothes must be replaced. The hard part is finding clothes to replace the old ones. However, everyone knows that the first place I will look is Body Shop.

While I love to get dressed up, there aren't many dresses in my closet. So for this spring and summer getting more dresses is the plan and Body Shop has just what I need. One type of dress that will definitely be added to the collection is a fitted dress. Every girl looks good in something that shows off all of her curves. The above dress is an example. I just hope it fits when I try it on. More dresses that I might buy are listed below. 

Intellectual Question: The Mystery of Beyonce's Skin

The above is a recent photo of Beyonce. Again, I love her outfit, shoes, and hand bag. However, after posting up the first picture on my Facebook several people talked about her skin. Some believe she's been bleaching it for a while. I, however, believe her (too) blonde hair makes her skin look much lighter than it is.

To the right is a picture of Beyonce with a darker weave and her skin looks different. What do you think? Do you think Beyonce has tampered with her natural beauty (like so many other celebrities) or could she just pick out bad weave colors?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My First Wig (Standing Out Physically)

Yesterday (4/19/2011) I bought my first wig. I tried on  many wigs before I finally decided on it. At first I was going for black and curly, but what the store had was not working for me. However, I finally found the perfect first wig. Check out the pictures.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tameka "Tiny" Cottle Has A New Hairstyle

I don't know if I told you this before, but I love ghetto stuff. I love hood music, loud colors, and really loud hairstyles. I also love more professional ghetto looks, which is what Tameka "Tiny" Cottle's latest look consist of. It's professional and ghetto at the same time. Check it out below.

Intellectual Question: Would You Wear This? (Beyonce's Dress)

Recently Beyonce was spotted in Paris. I'm wondering how she manages to get around so fast. Anyway, I love her dress and hand bag. However, not everyone likes it. One of my Facebook friends said it looks like she cut up a table cloth and matched it with a bra.

What do you think? Would you wear it? I would.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Forget Nicki The Barbie, This Actress Is The Wig Queen of Television

The Girl In Purple
Forget about Nicki Minaj and her many wigs. Lately I've been watching the television show "Love That Girl," which stars Tatyana Ali. While Tatyana is a great actress, there is another actress on the show that overshadows her. That girl is Bresha Webb and she has a different wig for every show.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Da Brat Makes Her First Music Video Since Being Released From Prison

Da Brat is back (screams). I've loved this woman ever since the 90's. Well, she is back with her first music video since doing a couple years in prison.

Check the video out and find out why I'm such a big fan.

*Side Note* Jermaine Dupri did his thing too.

Sunday Reflections: It's Hard For A Woman To Submit To A Man

It's hard for a woman to submit to a man. According to the bible we women are supposed to submit to our husbands. Submitting involves a women doing several tasks. They all fall under letting a man be the leader of the household. Although the bible says a woman should submit to her man, it is arguably the hardest task in the world to do.

FAIL (Hot New Internet Sitcom)

This is for all of you that are tired of the black sitcoms on television. This is is for everyone who's looking for a hot new comedy show. This is also for all the people who spend 90 percent of their time on the internet. Soon there will be a brand new sitcom on the internet called "Fail."

"Fail" is about a group of college students who are extremely close to being on academic probation. Throughout the series they have many adventures that will leave tears running down your face from laughter.

The show is produced by Florida natives James Bland and Vanessa Baden. Read more about them and the show at

Check out the promotional videos and meet some of the characters below.

More Videos Coming Soon

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rasheeda Boss Bitch Music Volume 3

Rasheeda has released Boss Bitch Music Vol. 3. My favorite song on it is "You Can Get The Biz." This song is a remix of Kirko Bangz song "What Yo Name Is." You must listen to it unless you have sensitive ears. Check the song out below.

Some Men Want To Be Captain Save-A-Ho

"I'm not Captain Save-A-Ho. I can only save one at a time and that's me"- one of Toni Braxton's sisters.

This is going to be short. A couple days ago I watched Toni Braxton's new show "Braxton Family Values." One of her sisters, also one of her background singers, complained throughout the whole show. She didn't want to be in Toni's shadow and she was irritated. She felt as if she was helping Toni out so much that she was neglecting hers own dreams. That is where the quote above came from. While she doesn't want to save any hoes or want to help her loved ones careers, many men love played Captain Save-A-Ho.

Below is a quote from explaining why men would want to try to turn hoes into housewives.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feigning For Some Length/ New Jill Scott Video

Get your minds out of the gutter. I'm referring to my hair. For the last week or so I've been feigning for some length, but I don't want my hair to grow. It looks cute extra short. However, I would either love some braids, a sew-in, or even a wig.

On a similar subject Jill Scott rocks a asymmetrical curly wig in new new video for a song called "Shame." I think it's cute. I'd wear it. Check out the music video below.

Bootylicious Thursday Throwback Song

While everyone is anticipating hearing Beyonce's new song "Girl" I can't help but think back to the classics songs she was in. I'm not talking about when she first started her solo career. Think back to the songs that Destiny's Child did. Destiny's Child had several songs that made you feel good no matter where you were. One of them was "Bootylicious."

Whether you had a small butt, big butt, or nice round butt you couldn't help but dance to this song. So forget about Beyonce's 2011 music for a second and take a stroll down memory lane. Check the video out below.

Abortion, A Not So Silent Problem

Recently people across the United States started worrying over a fear that the federal government would close down. While the federal government still has many issues, the biggest issue is abortion. In our country abortion is available through planned parenthood clinics. Since the beginning of time their have been those people who were quick to get abortions at these clinics, but others who were against it. While many people, including me, think that this is a matter that a woman should privately deal with, it is definitely a problem America is trying to address. Shani Fenderson, a Facebook friend of mines, recently decided to express her feelings on abortion.

Check out the video below and let me know what your opinions are.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jamie Foxx Is Always Hilarious

Intellectual Question: Does A Lack of Tears Equal Lack of Emotions?

Intellectual Question
Does A Lack of Tears Equal Lack of Emotion?

Does a lack of tears equal a lack of emotion? For real, I used to be a crybaby. I cried about people not liking me. I cried when I fell and ended up with a scratch on my leg (no blood). I cried when I lost things, even pencils. My mom used to yell at me for losing stuff, so my clumsiness for misplacing stuff became a weakness. I cried when I found out the boy that I had a crush on did not like me back. I cried when I just felt alone. Granted these tears came between the ages of being a baby up until elementary school. However, I didn't stop crying then. The tears just changed. 

Sinbad It's Just Family (New Reality Show)

According to Sinbad it's just family on his new show "Sinbad It's Just Family." They are not the Kardashian's. They are not the Braxton's. They are not Keyshia Cole or Toya's family. Sinbad and his wife are definitely not Tiny and T.I., Beyonce and Jay-Z, or even Shaunie and Shaquille O'Neil (before they divorced). They really are a normal cute family.

Sinbad and his wife did get a divorce at one time. However, after going through legal troubles and falling from his successful days as a big time comedian, Sinbad turned to the one person he knew would accept him and and continue to love him. They are really cute together. Along with his wife, his kids are adorable. They are young adults that's trying to figure out the mysteries of the real world. They also remind me of myself since they still live with their parents. 

Make sure you watch this show. It comes on The WE network on Tuesday nights at 11 pm central time. 

Braxton Family Values (New Reality Show)

Last night (4/12/2011) was the premier of "Braxton Family Values." I only managed to catch about five minutes of it. The one thing that is apparent is these women are definitely sisters. There's no denying it. Just look at their faces. The women are also all fabulous.

You can catch the show every Tuesday at 11 PM eastern time.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being A Sideline Chick Is Like Going To McDonalds

Okay, well maybe McDonalds isn't the best example, but being a sideline chick is like craving fast food. Everyone knows that too many fast food restaurants is bad for  your health. Really everyone knows that you might as well cook and eat healthy, but majority of society doesn't. Instead we start craving food and run to the first fast food restaurant we can think of.

For example I'm addicted to milkshakes. My milkshake addiction forces me to always eat at Burger King, Sonic, Wendy's, and Chick-Fil-A. Well lots of people love McDonalds milkshakes too. When I buy the milkshakes I must buy food too. Who goes to a restaurant on an empty stomach and only buys a milkshake? Then again I've done that before too, but the point is my addiction forces me to go to these specific restaurants. They have the best ones out of all the restaurants in my area. While I don't really need a milkshake or anything else from these restaurants, I go anyway. No one is forcing me to do it. No one is lying to me about what the milkshake will do to my body. I'm just doing it because I want to. Being a sideline chick is similar to getting your favorite thing from a fast food restaurant.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Wifey Material Doesn't Make A Woman Lovable

Wifey material doesn't make a woman lovable. As women we all attempt to be wifey material. At some point in our lives we were told that being wifey material would get us a man and being anything else would leave us single forever. However, not every woman can achieve wifey material and not every woman who is wifey material gets the love she deserves. A woman is loved by many people and for many different reasons.

As women we are loved for our looks. That's why there's a hair store on every corner and a hair salon next door to it. That's also why there are so many clothing stores. The clothes we wear really define us. We are also loved for our nurturing ways. We are expected to be nurturers. We cook, clean, get pregnant and have children, and take care of everyone when they are sick. We are also loved for all of our accomplishments. The accomplishments are what makes us or breaks us when it comes to being defined as wifey material.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Misery (Singles) Love Company

As I was adding pictures to Facebook one of my favorite Facebook friends, Shani Fenderson, posted a video. The video is on how married people should never take advice from single people. Specifically it's toward women. This is the first of a series of videos Ms. Fenderson plans to post, so check this one out and let me know if you agree.

Intellectual Question: How Do You Describe A Woman With A Nigga Mentality?

(Before you read the federal government has not shut down. I knew it wasn't going to happen. There's too much money to lose.)

Lately (within the past couple of months) my friends have told me that I have a nigga mentality. Actually one of my best friends has been saying this for years. She says it's why I stay single. Now since the day I was born I've always felt like I acted and thought like a girl. See men and women enjoy life differently. We grow up differently too, but more importantly our minds see the word "fun" in different ways. See, let me explain this deeper.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Kelly Rowland Motivation

Kelly Rowland's song "Motivation" is growing on me.

Sexy Advice: Men There Is Nothing Wrong With Noticing Another Woman

This is for all the men out there. If you're in a relationship and you love your woman, but you happen to notice other pretty women when you're out there is nothing wrong with it. Noticing other women just makes you human. In fact you can even go a step further and compliment the pretty woman. A compliment does wonders for any person's day.

Famous Gospel singer Kirk Franklin admitted on The MoNique Show that he still notices pretty women. He said having Jesus in your life doesn't change your eyesight. The only time noticing other women becomes wrong is when you forget you have a woman and cheat.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Ladies Don't Brag About Your Sex Game and Then Be Awful In Bed

Ladies Don't Brag About Your Sex Game and Then Be Awful In Bed 
New Lipstick

This is another "Miss Sexual Intellectual" post, but don't worry. It's not going to be raunchy. I'm just going to get straight to the point. More than anything else we women love to talk. We talk about our jobs, our families, new people that we meet, strangers just because they look at us, our sex sex lives, and our very boring moments. We talk just to talk. However, what we love to do more than have a regular conversation is brag about our lives. 

We brag about being better than others in every aspect, even sex. However, whether we're really good at sex or not is only determined once we end up in a bedroom naked with someone of the opposite sex ready to get it on. The only problem is not every woman lives up to those skills that she brags about and then men become the ones that talk. 

Sexy Advice: Always Keep A Part of Yourself To Yourself (Mariah Carey Inspired)

Always keep a part of yourself to yourself. Mariah Carey taught me that. (Just in case you forgot) Years ago Mariah Carey had a breakdown. It was very surprising since she is the biggest diva the music industry has ever seen. However, once she recovered she had a new attitude.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Somaya Reece "Would You Still Love Me" Music Video

Somaya Reece has a music video out to her song "Would You Still Love Me." She made the right decision by fucking her ex to get him to rap on the track. Check it out below.

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Fucking To Get Goals Accomplished

Fucking to Get Goals Accomplished
When Does Spreading Your Legs Become Worth It?

Attention women, sometimes we have problems getting people to take us seriously. So picture this. What if you had this goal? When I say goal I mean this huge passion, but you were having a hard time getting that passion started. You never in your life thought this goal would take so long, because you'd accomplished a lot in the past.  When you realized taking on a business strategy would not work, other options started popping in your mind. One option was giving up and another one was fucking.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kelis Can Still Be Stylish (Standing Out Physically)

Remember back when we looked up to Kelis for style tips. She murdered every outfit she wore back in the day (in a good way). Then when he troubles with Nas happened we watched her fall apart. Her hair looked horrible and her outfits were ugly beyond belief. However, in 2011 Kelis is starting to get herself together again. Yes, Kelis can still be considered stylish.

To the right is Kelis at a recent performance in Vegas. I'm not a fan of the hat, but I  love the dress and shoes. Let's just pray she keeps this up.

The Art of Love, How Would You Want Someone To Express Their Love To You?

Sunday Reflections
The Art Of Love
How Would You Want Someone To Express Their Love To You?

Over the past couple of months we've been bombarded with photos of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's relationship. They've taken pictures practically everywhere that they went. They've even gone as far as to show the world how sexual they are by releasing a picture of themselves licking each other's tongue. However, the public displays of affection and many photos must not have been enough for Amber Rose, because recently Wiz took it a little further. He tattooed her name on his finger. Check out out the picture above. 

Lyricist Lounge: 2011 Songs That Make A Girl Bust It Wide Open

Me In The Club
As women we love to appear very conservative. Even in the clubs none of us want to look too wild. However, there are always songs that come out that make us forget our morals. In fact they do more than make us forget our morals. They make us go to the club, hear our favorite song, and then "bust it wide open" on the dance floor." Or am I the only one that happens to? Check out my favorite songs that make me "bust it wide open," or should I say pull out my best dance moves, when I'm surrounded by a bunch of strangers.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Diamond Honeybun

Some girls rap about hating other girls. Some rap about spreading love. Others choose to rap about themselves. That's what Diamond does in her new music video to her song called "Honeybun."

Someone told her she was sweet like a honeybun. I'm guessing that comment really came from a 70 year old lady. Check out the song and video below.

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Having Sex With A Guy You Barely Know Is The Business

Well actually that's not the business and I would never promote anyone to have sex with people they barely know. Barely know could mean someone you just met that day or even someone you've known for a couple of weeks. However, I did learn that if you can do it then you're a brave person.