Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being A Sideline Chick Is Like Going To McDonalds

Okay, well maybe McDonalds isn't the best example, but being a sideline chick is like craving fast food. Everyone knows that too many fast food restaurants is bad for  your health. Really everyone knows that you might as well cook and eat healthy, but majority of society doesn't. Instead we start craving food and run to the first fast food restaurant we can think of.

For example I'm addicted to milkshakes. My milkshake addiction forces me to always eat at Burger King, Sonic, Wendy's, and Chick-Fil-A. Well lots of people love McDonalds milkshakes too. When I buy the milkshakes I must buy food too. Who goes to a restaurant on an empty stomach and only buys a milkshake? Then again I've done that before too, but the point is my addiction forces me to go to these specific restaurants. They have the best ones out of all the restaurants in my area. While I don't really need a milkshake or anything else from these restaurants, I go anyway. No one is forcing me to do it. No one is lying to me about what the milkshake will do to my body. I'm just doing it because I want to. Being a sideline chick is similar to getting your favorite thing from a fast food restaurant.

Women become sideline chicks for many reasons. Some do it because they love sex. They love sex so much they don't care who they are getting it from. Other women do it because they don't want to be lonely. If you've ever experienced that loneliness where you just crave for some attention and the thoughts will not go away, you understand why women will choose being the sideline chick over being lonely. Most women become sideline chicks because they don't realize that is their title until it is too late. Once you realize what you have become if you have feelings invested you don't want to just stop. Then there are women who become sideline chicks because they don't want to conform. This is the worse reason to do it, but the whole point is we don't have to do it.

No woman is forced into becoming a sideline chick. It's something we always decide on. We decide whether we can handle seeing the man we slept with the night before walking around with another woman. We decide whether we can handle the fact that we aren't the number one thought in the mind of the man who we are being intimate with. We also decide whether we can handle knowing that at the end of it all we will still be lonely.

It's like that delicious milkshake from Sonic. It's good while we are drinking it. However, once it's gone we either have an empty feeling or we eventually crave more of it. Being a sideline chick is the same. Being with that man is good at the moment, but we learn to deal with the fact the loneliness will come. However, we keep doing it because of the temporary pleasure.

(Disclaimer: Coming from a girl who is five seconds away from buying a milkshake and becoming a sideline chick. For real, I'm craving a milkshake.)


  1. Man, Lashuntrice!! This post is R-E-A-L!! Thx for the breakdown of it.


  2. Yes. .thank u. For advice. I broke it off from for good.