Friday, April 15, 2011

Some Men Want To Be Captain Save-A-Ho

"I'm not Captain Save-A-Ho. I can only save one at a time and that's me"- one of Toni Braxton's sisters.

This is going to be short. A couple days ago I watched Toni Braxton's new show "Braxton Family Values." One of her sisters, also one of her background singers, complained throughout the whole show. She didn't want to be in Toni's shadow and she was irritated. She felt as if she was helping Toni out so much that she was neglecting hers own dreams. That is where the quote above came from. While she doesn't want to save any hoes or want to help her loved ones careers, many men love played Captain Save-A-Ho.

Below is a quote from explaining why men would want to try to turn hoes into housewives.

 "While no man wants to be a captain save a hoe, most men are Admirals, Master Sergeant and Commanders in Hoe Saving. A lot of women are hoes to somebody, whether she gave it up or not, chances are she’s been called a hoe to her face and behind her back and she probably didn’t have to open her legs for that title. Secondly every woman should be her man’s own personal sex servant and men are willing to spend serious cash to make this happen. Men want to take care of a woman. Men want to provide for women. If you break down marriage it’s only legalize tricking with someone you love. Hell, these days love isn’t even a requirement for marriage."

Click on the link to read his full article and find out more reasons why men would want to turn hoes into housewives.

When I was younger I wouldn't have believed him. I always heard men say they wanted to marry an innocent church going woman. However, as the years went by I realized it's true. While my title says some men want to be captain save-a-ho I believe all men want this. Either a man wants a woman who has had a lot of experience with other men (granted he doesn't want to know details) or he wants an innocent woman he can turn into a full fledged freak. After he turns her into a freak, he'll never want to leave her side. 

Once a good girl goes bad men start to be more attracted to her.-- Lashuntrice

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