Monday, April 30, 2012

Tank Gets Almost Naked For The Camera

While Brian McKnight is struggling with relevancy and lack of good music, Tank is promoting his upcoming album "This Is How I Feel."

In the midst of promotion Tank recently showed us a half naked picture of himself. When does that album come out again? I'm buying.

Usher Lemme See, 2012 Music

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kendra On Top Is Coming Soon

This summer Kendra Baskett, former girl next door, will grace television again with a new series called Kendra On Top. Why should you watch this show? Well according to Kendra it's because she's showcasing her imperfections and dealing with them.

"I think my show works because I show the world I’m not perfect. That’s my goal: to show the imperfections of life and how we deal with them."-- Kendra 

Cameras have been watching Kendra for a while. She first started on the hit show Girls Next Door. This show featured Hugh Heffner's girlfriends. From then Kendra was able to have her own show, which featured her moving from playboy model to wife and mom. Now after years of developing herself career and family life Kendra will be back and I'm excited for this show. Check out the preview below.

All of these divorced housewives shows are starting to get old anyway. Kendra On Top is supposed to premier in June. I'll be tuning in. 

Sunday Reflections: I Can't Ever Start On Top

During my college years I never went on a spring break. Each spring I'd watch others plan their trips to nice beaches and then return with a countless amount of pictures. They really looked like they were having the time of their lives. They created these unforgettable adventures that will forever leave them with positive memories. How they were able to do these breaks didn't matter.

 For most of them it was automatic that their parents were paying for them. Others worked super hard for that spring vacation. I, on the other hand, sat at the college every spring break. The only option I'd been given was to  either stay or go back to my parents. Staring at the parents all break would not have been fun, so it wasn't an option. As I sat there every single spring break watching people leave I wished it could have been me. I wished all my hard work would have been awarded with some time on the beach or somewhere hanging with friends. However, a lesson had been embedded in me. I can't ever start on top. 

So while I have created memorable moments of enjoyments a lot of living has been postponed. Most of the postponement was because of that lesson. When a former friend brought up going on a cruise to the Bahamas and inviting many of us, I could not go for lack of money. The others would have had to reach out to someone for money too. However, since I couldn't accumulate it on my own at the time I just couldn't go. After college when spring breaks were no longer an option the lesson would show up again in the form of a wedding. At least that was the first time it showed up again.

This wedding was between a best friend and her husband. During the time of me struggling for money and sanity, she'd asked me to be a bridesmaid. It was a very important time in her life, so I didn't want to let her down. Plus weddings are fun for both the people getting married and the guests. However, when I reached out for help getting a dress and plain ticket I was once again reminded that not everyone gets to live. Living at that moment would have meant taking a break from thinking about my stressful life and enjoying something happy. It would have meant feeling like I was on top of my game even if I wasn't. I had a job a few weeks before the wedding, but it wasn't the best paying job in the world. 

But once the moment was gone it was over. It didn't matter anymore. 

This current life isn't my dream for myself. Hopefully one day I'll wake up and live my dream life. However, I've learned that nothing is easily gotten. I can't start on the top, which is why I've created a budget and started apartment hunting. However, this is where the confusing part comes in. 

Those same people who've made me feel like I just didn't deserve certain things because I couldn't afford them are now trying to preach that I shouldn't start at the bottom. I thought it was a bright idea opening the communication line about this new venture in my life, but again I was approached with arguments. Either the areas aren't good enough or the prices must be too good to be true. Those same people have went as far as to direct me toward places way out of my budget range. 

But I'm through with listening to them. The lesson is there. I can't start on top. However, I can start somewhere at the bottom, or maybe even in the middle, and work my way to the top. 

Or maybe I've gotten the lesson all wrong. Does someone, or several people, always beating your dreams, vacations, or ideas down always mean you just can't aim for the best at the moment? 

P.S. No living arrangement here would be aiming for the best anywhere. I have plans for my future and they don't involve living here five years from now. That also means when I move somewhere else I'll be starting at the bottom again. 

Shaq And Hoopz Are Still In Love

Recently Shaquille O'Neal and Hoopz were spotted kissing at a comedy event, which was hosted by Shaq. Hoopz didn't even reach up to him or get picked up. Shaq bent down to put his lips on hers. It's so sweet. I'm glad their love is still going strong.

Killing Me Softly 2012 Poem

 Killing Me Softly With His Voice, Country Texas accent, As he speaks about his passion, sports is his world. He’s played basketball, I dream about his strong arms lifting me up, but has experience in football, and fantasize about him tossing me onto the bed. The track is also his friend, the stamina would come in handy with our sex, sometimes before and sometimes after the gym, and his muscles are friendly. His six pack speaks in tongues, speaking my name in different languages. I just want to kiss every inch of his nice hard abs, but I try to refrain from the temptation of touching. He’s smart though, knows what he wants in a girl and tonight he sees me in his world. The music has already started to play, Brian McKnight Ready to Learn., and I don’t know if it’s real or in my imagination.

Killing Me Softly with His Hands in the middle of nowhere our clothes are being tossed. It all started on the sofa, first my shirt came off and then his was a loss. Slowly but surely clothes have flown off until I’m left with just my heels on. He says he likes his women tall, but since I’m short he settles for medium height. So anxious, Ginuwine leads our moods, and for that reason we never make it to the bed. Instead it’s somewhere against the wall.  As he picks me up I wrap my hands around his neck, my legs around his waist.

Killing Me Softly With His Sex as I close my eyes and just feel the vibe and try not to be noisy as we fall in synch. The rhythm, our bodies, and our breathing are unique to each other as we finally find a bed and start out missionary style. By now my eyes are open curious to take in what we surround. During the act I happen to glance up and there’s our reflection bouncing back at me. Just like Soulfood it’s full of passion and yearning for more desire, as our two bodies have become one and the sex keeps getting better I dig my heels into his skin hoping the night will never end.

Killing Me Softly With His Song, Whether we’ll last is unknown, but we’re forever embedded in each other’s memory. 

I was listening to Lauryn Hill's Killing Me Softly when writing this. You could just call it my updated version. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Felicia Renae Covers Xscape's The Arms Of The One Who Loves You

Not many people can take a classic song and claim it as theirs but Felicia Renae has managed to do that with Xscape's "The Arms Of The One Who Loves You." She's an excellent singer. I'll be so excited when her album finally comes out.

Letting It Go, DMX Sheds Tears And Changes My Life

Brandy cries, but DMX steals the spot light with a water fall of tears. 

Recently back to back as I watched Vh1 tears just flowed heavily across my television screen. It started with Brandy and her Unsung Behind The Music episode. She cried over an incident that most of us were already familiar with. It involved a fatal car crash that eventually forced her out of the spot light. For some reason I was just glad Brandy was finally discussing it, but the tears didn't move me too much. However, the tears that came after Brandy's changed my entire life.
Currently there's a show on Vh1 called Couple's Therapy and it features different celebrity couples trying to fix their problem. DMX and Tashera Simmons are one of the couples and their relationship issues were to first to be revealed. Their issues has been so intense that at one point DMX told his wife he never wanted to get married. That had to hurt her heart, because I felt the pain. However, after lots of counseling he confessed that the problem really went back to how his mother treated him as a child. 

His childhood was very messed up. According to him there were moments where he would get beatings while sleep and at a young age his mom abandoned him at a children's home. He never got over the pain until last night. It must be a popular clip to view too because Vh1 is not letting anyone embed it. Watch the video here

Okay, so coincidentally I'm also reading T.D. Jakes book Let It Go. He's also made appearances on Oprah's Life Class. While people have been letting go on that show it's nothing compared to the Let It Go message DMX sent to millions of viewers this week. I'm heavily moved. 

So did you watch the episode? How do you feel about thunderstorm DMX let out? 

Put It Down, My Childhood Idol Brandy Is Back

My childhood idol Brandy is making a comeback. After a successful Behind The Music special Brandy can finally start releasing music and be acknowledged. Wait, what about "It All Belongs To Me?"

Sorry, but the "It All Belongs To Me" song was signed sealed, and stamped with Monica's name all on it. Plus the episodes of "The Game" haven't had enough of Brandy's face. She might as well be just a guest and not one of the regular cast members. However, in music Brandy has made a huge impression in the past and it's time for her to shine again. She's getting her fresh start with a song called "Put It Down."

"Put It Down" is a grown and sexy song featuring Chris Brown.Listen below. 
Okay, as much as I love Brandy this should not have been her first single from the album. Plus I want to hear Brandy alone so she can really claim the song. Chris claimed this song more than she did. Hopefully she does better with the next release. Wait, I'm being a little harsh. After a couple more listens I'll be grooving and looking for a man that can "put it down."

Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 Baby Making Music, Slim Rob Ruff Fast Or Slow

This next song, "Ruff Fast Or Slow" comes from someone I'm friends with on Facebook called Slim Rob. When he posted the link he described it as the new baby making music, so I listened. I'm a feign for freaky songs.

So I have mixed feelings about this song. It's not good, but it's not bad either. The lyrics are nice and the beat is hot. There's just something seriously lacking. But then again maybe I'm wrong. Listen and judge for yourself.

Pilar Sanders Is The New Face Of Scorned Women

Pilar Sanders once appeared to be a happy wife and spoiled woman. She had everything she could possibly want. There were the kids, the rich husband, and the nice house. She also had jealous women around her. This was shown on that boring reality show Football Wives. Wait...

Football Wives was a very unique wives show because they were all married or in a relationship. There was not one divorced or single woman on the show. Even the drama on the show was tame. There were couples struggling financially, worrying about husbands being traded, and Pilar treating everyone like her servants. Lets face it. Pilar ruled that show. She fed us the picture of a perfect wife with a loving husband and obedient children, and an attitude that said she was not playing around.

It's too bad Deion Sanders waited until the show was over to announce he was leaving Pilar. There were rumors the he initially denied. I think those denies were coming because Pilar just wanted their perfect family to stay perfect. However, the frame has been broken. They are a mess and it all started late 2011.

I'm not sure who started the divorce drama. The first article I remember reading came from Deion Sanders. During this time he was just announcing their divorce. Then all the mess started. Deion kept talking, Pilar started talking, and Deion's daughter Deiondra jumped into the mix to bad mouth Pilar. There were reports that Pilar was a gold digger, a horrible mother, cheating on Deion the whole marriage, and even reports that she separated her children from his other children. Her ways of fighting back were in the forms of accusing him of cheating and citing emotional damage. Pilar also thought it was smart to sue Deion for $200 million, which is hard to get since she signed a prenuptial agreement.

(Sidenote: Why do men still uphold these prenups after years with their wives and families being created? Is it really all about greed if the relationship is ever to end?)

Other than nasty words, this nasty divorce seemed to be going normal at first, but then something happened. Pilar went from being in the middle of a divorce to becoming a straight out scorned woman. Her crime was announced a couple days ago.

Supposedly she attacked her estranged husband in his bedroom while the kids were watching. She had some help from a friend, but she was the one that ended up being handcuffed. Check the photo above. Since her arrest Deion Sanders has also been ticketed from the event. Police realized that there was more than one  guilty party. However, all eyes are still on Pilar.

Truth is most men in these situations are jackasses. Deion is actually the ultimate jackass. Not only is he dragging a woman he spent more than a decade with through the dirt, but he forced his children to file police reports against her. Wait, before the incident happened Deion was seen out for a fun time with Tracey Edmonds, Babyface's ex-wife. Who does that to the children? However, this isn't about Deion. This is about the change in Pilar.

She's America's new scorned woman. She went from being the cool calm in shape model we all knew her for to becoming a woman so mad she'd attack the man that's divorcing her. Those reports said she hit, scratched, and bit Deion. Pilar had that same "not playing" attitude, but this time she used to for revenge.

Why do men have to drive us to these points? Hopefully Pilar won't take her scorn much farther than it has already gone and Deion gets exactly what he deserves.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lil Kim Is About To Tour In Various Trap Locations

Recently Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim's most infamous enemy, came out with a song called "Beez In The Trap." On the other other hand Lil Kim just announced tour dates throughout the country, which happen to be located in various trap locations. The first stop will be some hood in Austin, Texas. Check out the locations below.

May 11 – Austin, TX – Emo’s
May 13 – Pensacola, FL – Vinyl Music Hall
May 18 – Bronx, NY – Paradise Theater
May 19 – Albany, NY – Northern Lights
May 20 – Philadelphia, PA – Club ONYX
May 22 – Burlington, VT – Higher Ground
May 25 – Markham, IL – Adrianna’s Night Club
May 27 – Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theatre
June 1 – Cincinnati, OH – Bogart’s
June 11 – San Francisco, CA – Mezzanine
June 13 – West Hollywood, CA – Key Club

Damn, most celebrities give up when their career hits the bottom of the barrel. Not Kimberly Denise Jones. She's scraping the bottom of that barrel and trying to make her 15 minutes last longer. Will you support her?

Share My Love, R Kelly Music Video

So R. Kelly has finally given us a music video for "Share My Love." I love this man and I'm not even sure why anymore. He just gets better with age. 

Why Do Men Go Away? Kendra Morris Sings About This

There's something about Kendra's Morris' voice that forced me to listened to her song "If You Didn't Go" after accidentally stumbling upon it.

Who is Kendra Morris you ask? Well, she's a fairly new artist signed to Wax Poetics Records. Her debut album will be dropping sometime this summer. Now back to this "If You Didn't Go" song.

What made me continue to listen to it? It's not an R&B, Hip Hop, or Rap song. It has not profanity in it.

Maybe it's because men do just leave at the end of a relationship and leave our minds in distraught. Why do men walk away so easily? Then again it could be because she's white and has the classic sound of a 80's R&B singer. Well, there's a particular song her voice draws me back to, but I can't figure out what it is.

Anyway, "If You Didn't Go" is a pretty good song that puts images of the pass in your read. Listen to it below.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Twitter Scares Brian McKnight Into Singing Safe Songs Only

So in my last post I put up a video for Brian McKnight's new upcoming mixtape. Let's be real. This man is such a legend that he does not need to be putting free music on our iPods. Anyway, the video had so much cute middle aged ratchetness that people for about Mary J. Blige's chicken song. The jokes were too much for my man though.

Brian McKnight was followed the ratchet video up with a safer song. His ego is bruised. I get it. Why'd we have to laugh? Anyway, check out the clean song below.

Brian McKnight Wants To Make My Pussy Squirt

Or at least that's what he wants to happen when we (women) listen to his upcoming mixtape. It'll be totally vulgar and only for adults. Are you ready? I am.

But why does it sound like Khia ghost wrote the song for him? Listen below.

My man Mr. McKnight couldn't take the criticism and deleted his video, but not before world star hip hop got a hold of it. You can still watch. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kelis Is Bringing The Big Hair Back

The first time I ever saw Kelis I thought "Ooh, I want hair like that." Then came the Bossy video where she bravely let a camera watch her cut the curls out. Well, Kelis is back on the scene and her former curls have reformed. Check out the the pictures. What do you think?

P.S. Okay, the blond in the front of her hair takes a little getting used to, but I do love the dress.

Michael Ealy Vs Morris Chestnut, Who Is Sexier?

So I went to see Think Like A Man. The commercials looked funny and the men looked yummy. Well, there were two men in the movie that became sort of a competition in looks. They were Michael Ealy, America's current eye candy obsession, and Morris Chestnut, America's classic eye candy obsession. However, they didn't realize they were competing. It all started with a woman that wasn't sure whether to chase after good looks and success or go for fineness and potential.

Michael Ealy had the potential. His character was fine, had a job, knew how to cook, and wanted to be a better man. Plus he looked sexy and incorporated food in sex. I wonder if that's really part of his personality. This 38 yr old (in real life) is also single and has had a lot of camera time in other recent movies. Remember Takers? He was hot in that movie too.

Then there was Morris Chestnut. His role in Think Like A Man was a cameo, but it was enough to remind us of his sexy chocolate body. He came onto the scene with that gorgeous smile, a relationship ready attitude, and the classic sexy black man look. Plus this currently 43 yr old has devoted his life to roles that remind us of his hotness.

So who is sexier? Hell, it doesn't matter. They both look delicious.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Reflections: A Moment Of Freedom (Poem)

Red hair, Don't care.
Tired of being the same old me
No more aiming to please
So today I put on my red wig
Those other girls black and blonde
They're not trying to stand out
"Blend in, Blend in" 
They whisper for me to do the same
There's no success in change
But I'm tired of listening 
Red wig
Bright blue eye shadow
Loud pink lipstick
There's a camera
I smile and say cheese
But they don't see me
In their eyes there is the same old girl
Stuck in the same quiet world
She has no real goals
No achievable dreams 
When was the last time she smiled?
When was the last time she cried?
No emotions are found in her face
There's no home to call her own
No real potential because she never listens
But I have potential 
It lays in my freedom
So I look in the mirror
First goes on the bright blue eye shadow
So when they look in my eyes 
They'll see a brand new girl
then goes the pink lipstick
A color reserved for brave Bitches
Topped off with a noticeable red wig
All put together shows a new girl
New confident attitude
It was my choice and I liked it
New brave stature
If I can do this, I can do anything
But it's only a moment of freedom
By tomorrow it'll be different
In the real world I'll listen
I'll aim to blend in 
And become invisible again

Today I put on my red wig, some blue eye shadow, and pink lipstick. While the colors made me stand out, my attitude was one of blending in. The idea was to be a new better me, but after 20 minutes of venturing into the world someone reduced me back to that little girl. All it took was a little recognition and they made sure to pronounced that nickname that has haunted me since childhood out loud. Then again, why should it bother me? By tomorrow I'll be the same girl with a goal of fitting in and feeling invisible as I sit somewhere desperately trying to avoid making any mistakes. For now I'll put on that red wig, forget the past, and fall into a moment of freedom.

So this is the Sunday Reflections poem. I couldn't think of anything else to write.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Keep The "Squares Out Your Circle"

Constantly I'm asking the Lord to show me whose on my side and my circle's getting thinner. There's a song I've been hearing a lot lately. This song shows a blatant disrespect for correct grammar, but I love it. Rocko and Future sound country as hell, but the lyrics cannot get any more relate-able to life. This song tells a lot of people's stories. Listen below.


As she walks through the door everyone looks at her. It's a familiar place in a familiar area. The chairs are positioned the same. The mirrors have always been in the same place. Her reflection bounces back at her. She does not want to change, but she is not sure if she can trust the people with that information. Her mind races with doubt, but before she can think straight someone has directed her to a chair.

"What's the plan for today?"

"Trim," she says. "Do not cut. I repeat do not cut. Just a little trim." She hears herself speaking, but are they listening? Did the one staring down on her hair hear her?" Before they touch her head she can hear the scissors.

"Snip snip," they whisper. "We don't care what you want. We're hear to do our job. Are you listening to us? We're in charge now."

She tries not to think of what's about to happen. The scissors have always been a fear. She asks for one thing and they do another. Next thing she knows half her hair is gone, a stylist is smiling, and she's faking being pleased. Well, sometimes she's passing out from realizing what was just done. So her minds wonders to another place.

That place involves solitude, comfort, and responsibility, and creating the rules. It's solitude because it will represent isolation from all the noise that cause stress and an escape from all things that make a girl feel weak. It involves comfort because it will be her own place to relax when writing, watch television in peace, and sleep knowing no one will disturb her. There will be responsibility because she will have to set goals and create accomplishments in order to keep that solitude. She has already gotten a glimpse of several places that could create that.

Nice one or two bedroom apartments. Small enough for one or two people. Big enough for creativity. Includes enough appliances to where she doesn't have to leave the house for simple tasks like washing and drying clothes. Close enough for her to make it to work without lots of traffic. Far away enough to stop unwanted visitors. Good enough location to where is she wants to have a life she can. Now if only she can make this happen on her own.

Wait, too much hair is falling. What's going on?

"Be still," the stylist says and she obeys. Her mind is saying 'You saw this coming' but her heart is screaming. It's happening once again. A simple procedure has led back to a length she was trying to grow from.


She forces the thought of what's happening out of her mind. She needs to focus on growing and not depending on others. When she decides to wake up is her decision. Where she hangs out is her choice. Whether or not she wanted to move back is part her story. The money in her bank account is not an entitlement to anyone else. So why does she feels like she's not in control of anything?

A mirror is handed to her. All that new growth is gone. A new style that she never requested has replaced it. Her hair looks like a boy. This road has been traveled before way too many times.

She asks for one thing and something totally different gets handed to her. This is the moment it ends. She's ready to stand up for herself. But how? She's overwhelmed.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sabi Ft. Wale Where They Do That At

So this is my first time hearing this singer Sabi. She's not bad. Listen to her song "Where They Do That At" below.

Why do men do that? They say all these sweet wonderful things we want to her and then disappear. 

Holograms Of Dead Rappers Going On Tour, Are Living Artists That Bad?

Recently at Coachella Tupac surprised us all with a performance. He came out on the stage looking the exact same way we saw him as over 15 years ago. Well, since he's been dead for a long time now we know it wasn't Tupac. It was actually his hologram and it was both cool and creepy. After Tupac's hologram performed that night anything else that happened over the weekend became irrelevant. However, Tupac isn't about to hop back in his grave yet.

Word is going around the internet that Tupac's hologram will soon be going on tour. This means you can buy tickets to see the life like shadow of a legend perform songs from the 90's, when he was alive. But it doesn't stop there. The actor that played Biggie Smalls in Notorious thinks there should also be a B.I.G. hologram tour. This means another legend could be resurrected from the grave so we can be entertained. But wait...

Are our current artists that bad? Lil Wayne has been around since the 90's so he knows the entertainment industry well. He is still making songs, selling records, and going on tours. He dresses weird, but every other person with money does too. Then there's 2 Chainz.

Granted we never really know what point 2 Chainz is trying to make, but that does not matter. His music is currently relevant. We catch ourselves listening to him when we're riding around, getting it, and spending what we make. He has us causing riots in our bedrooms when we're all alone just because his music is that hot. Wait, his music actually sucks but we love it right now. 2 Chainz has stolen that place in our hearts where Gucci Mane was once reserved. Then there is Don Trip.

Don Trip has some hot songs, but his best one so far is Letter To My Son. If you haven't heard it yet, listen as soon as possible. Plus he managed to make it on XXL's Freshman cover for this year. Doesn't that make it good enough for him to tour and for us to buy? Did you say no?

So Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Don Trip, and the thousands of others fighting for the 2012 spotlight and tour dates are not good enough? Why?

When did it get to a point where we'd rather buy tickets to see a dead man perform live on stage? After reading my last sentence I just realized how much this tour would not make sense.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nicki Minaj, Can I Have That Outfit?

Nicki Minaj in London
Nicki Minaj, can I have that outfit?

So some people see me as introverted. They think I'm this quiet girl with absolutely no opinions. They don't see thoughts, emotions, or actions so they just assume I'm a big nobody that's comfortable being a big nobody. Then there are some others.

Some of those others have partied with me. They think I'm fun to be around, very fashionable, way too talkative, and somewhat of an alcoholic when I'm not driving. Then there's the other side of me that some people see.

That part involves, poetry, a new hair style every hour, and non-stop writing. People don't observe me to the fullest on this part. They just automatically look at Lauryn Hill or Macy Gray and assume that I'm an eccentric weirdo. But then there is me.

Half the time I really don't know who I am. That's why I want to create this Nicki Minaj look. It says "Who the fuck is she? Should I talk to her? Will she speak back, burst into random tears, or just give me a crazy look?"

Yes, I want to steal Nicki Minaj's style, but only for the days when I can't figure out who the fuck I am. It all works out perfectly.

R. Kelly Share My Love Behind The Scenes Music Video

R. Kelly has released behind the scenes footage for the first single, Share My Love, to his 11th studio album. The official song and video drops tomorrow, April 19th. Are you ready? Why do I love this man so much?

Da Brat Gets Styled By June

Da Brat, one of my idols, is officially back and June Ambrose has given her a style fit for star status.

It all started a year ago when she was released from prison. It didn't take long for her to get back to her roots and find a mic. To my knowledge Da Brat has done at least three remixes to hot radio friendly songs, but she is getting ready for more.

While watching Styled by June I was able to see Da Brat get made back into the girly figure she was once able to portray. Well she didn't go too far. With weight gain and years away from the gym, the heels weren't going too high and the outfits weren't showing too much figure. However, June managed to  find a balance. Check out the photos below.

It started with a fight. June Ambrose was thinking curves and corset, but Da Brat was thinking of covering it all up and putting on some sneakers. The comprise was a cute t-shirt and a kilt to still give off a pretty figure.

Then came porn star Brat. June's idea was to get Da Brat in touch with her more feminine side. The best way is too make her look over-the-top sexy. After this Da Brat finally lightens up a bit and has fun.

Now it's my turn. Well one day it will be my turn to get styled by June Ambrose or whoever else is available. Next episode features Michelle of Destiny's Child.

Monday, April 16, 2012

NeNe Leakes Needs A Dildo Up Her Ass, Let's Buy Her One

Yesterday I watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion. Every cast member stood out in a huge way, but on this post the focus is Linnethia NeNe Leakes. Actually I'm afraid to write this for fear that she'll start attacking me like she did everyone last night.

NeNe attacked every person on the stage, except Andy and Cynthia. Well Cynthia didn't say more than one sentence the whole hour and Andy was the host. Then again Phaedra did not get attacked either, but she did a disclaimer to make sure no knives were thrown her way. Okay, on to the rest.

There were so many ways NeNe showed evilness last night, but it started with sexy toy talk. This conversation was on Kandi's new sex toy business venture. It's approximately 6 months old and making lots of money. I recently saw on twitter that Necole Bitchie will be giving out Bedroom Kandi products during her next event. Anyway, the talk was sex toys and NeNe had the nastiest look on her face.

This is when the conversation was directed toward NeNe. She said so many nasty comments about her hatred toward sexy toys, but then took it a step further.

"I don't want a dildo up my ass today," was the comment that finished the argument off.

But wait... the whole point in the first place was talk to about Kandi's business venture. Why did this become about how NeNe doesn't want dildo's stuck up places we don't want to picture?

During the rest of the show NeNe attacked every one else she felt disgusted with. She argued with Kim over... well I'm not sure. There was an argument with Sheree that got so heated Andy called for a commercial break to shut her up. There was also an argument with Kandi, because NeNe just doesn't like short girls that have more money than her. Then there would have been an argument with Phaedra, but Phaedra threw an a disclaimer which basically said "Don't try me."

Do you all see where I'm going? NeNe is very angry. I heard sex toys can change a frown upside down, Happiness & Joy, so let's get her a dildo.

NeNe doesn't have to stick it up her ass. It can go in her vagina, in between her breasts, tickle her toes, or she can stick it up her ex husband's ass.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blair Underwood Vs Nicoye Banks, Woman Art Thou Loosed On The 7th Day

Who is hotter, Blair Underwood or Nicoye Banks? During my movie outing today I was reminded that I'm single and black men are sexy. While watching the movie Woman Art Thou Loosed On The 7th Day sexiness flashed across the movie screen. It started with Blair Underwood, which would make any single woman realize her life was missing something. Then it became intense when Nicoye Banks appeared on the screen. 

Blair Underwood played David Ames, the successful professor married to Keri Ames. He was sexy, smart, and knew how to be the perfect husband. Well at the beginning he was.

One the other hand Nicoye Banks played the handsome detective/first love to the rescue. He knew Keri's heart better than her own husband and knew exactly what to do when she started drinking heavily. Plus his chocolate body was glistening in every scene.

Who is sexier? Well Hell, I'd need to get both of them in a room (not at the same time) to really determine.

Sharon Leal Vs Kimberly Elise, Woman Art Thou Loosed

No time for small talk. Let's get right to it. Today I went to see Woman Art Thou Loosed On The 7th Day. This movie starred Blair Underwood, arguably one of the sexiest men of 2012, and actress Sharon Leal, arguably one of the best women for dramatic movie roles since Tyler's Perry Why Did I Get Married. However, this wasn't a Tyler Perry movie and Leal was being judged. 


Years ago T.D. Jakes came out with a movie titled Woman Art Thou Loosed. It was also about a troubled woman who needed to heal. Actually, to be specific this woman was being advised by T.D. Jakes while serving a long prison sentence. This woman was played by Kimberly Elise, who is arguably the best woman to play a dramatic role since the movie Beloved. So I was judging.

Leal was virtually playing the same role that Elise did years ago. It was the same similar criminal record, the same tears, and the same struggle. However, in her situation her daughter went missing and her demons were no longer hide-able. Plus years ago Elise wasn't blessed enough to play a woman married to a fine man while dealing with these demons. Then again she was married to Denzel Washington in another movie. Back to the point.

I was judging whether Kimberly Elise would keep her Woman Art Thou Loosed Crown or whether Sharon Leal would cry her way to most dramatic woman award. Well damn, there was no winner. They are both two great actresses who managed to take the same role and pray their hearts out.

Now to T.D. Jakes I'm waiting on that next movie titled "Woman Art Thou Loosed On The Day Jesus Comes Back To Earth."

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rita Ora Wants You To Say Her Name

At a recent New York City performance Rita Ora recreated Destiny's Child's classic song "Say My Name." I love how she put her own twist to it. There's just one problem.

Jennifer Hudson is a great singer, but we usually only know her when she's singing other people's songs. This will be the second song originally done by someone else that we notice Rita Ora for. She better be careful and stick with originality. The girl can sing. Watch the video below.

Eww Burger King Bacon Sundae

If I didn't know any better, I'd say fast food restaurants have a death wish upon all their customers. Of course I do know better. It's not about our health. It's about their profits. Anyway, Burger King has came up with the nastiest milkshake of all time. It's called a Bacon Sundae.

This nasty thing consists of caramel, chocolate, bacon, and soft serve ice cream. Okay, most of these ingredients sound cool, but when you add the bacon that's just disgusting. Did I mention fattening too? Yeah, eating enough of those bacon sundaes will make you look pregnant. Wait...

Actually if I was pregnant I might buy it. It only costs $2.49. Still eww though.

Pet Peeve: People Who Don't Have Time

There's this phenomenon going on. It's involves people who never have time for anything. This involves not having time to have fun, not having time to sit down and watch the news, not having time to go on the internet, not having time to breathe, but putting all their time into getting cash, but....

It's illegal for jobs to make people work that much.

This all start a while back when a friend told me I had too much time on my hands. Her reasoning was because of my blog posts, but I work more hours than her. How could I have too much time on my hands when she has more freedom? Maybe not financial freedom, but she can live a little more. Yet, l'm the one with too much time.

People use the excuse of never having enough time to justify not knowing the news. Why is there someone walking around that has no idea who Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman is? For real, recently E! News even dedicated 30 seconds to George Zimmerman's arrest and they are an entertainment show. Why is there a person claiming they love reality shows but if you mention Tami Roman they have no idea who she is? Why is there a person walking about claiming to love the club, but haven't been since 1999?

Then these people want to claim to be fun to be around. Yet, they have no idea what you're talking about when you bring anything up. Then they say you have too much time and claim they never have the time for anything.

Oh, but then if they feel like you're doing too much they will argue you down. They will tell you that you need to concentrate on work more. They will give you tips on being financially stable, becoming complacent, and forgetting there's a world to enjoy. I ain't into that though.

Yes, I used ain't in a sentence.

Ooh, if you're one of those people get your lives together. I just worked a full 8 hour day and I'm still taking the time to deliver this message to you. Stop acting like you're so busy and starting living.


You don't have to live. Just admit that you'd rather tread through life than actually enjoy moments like some of us. Be real. You have the time, but just don't want to use it.

Just in case you're wondering yes, I've been watching Oprah's Life Class. As of yesterday I'm about all stealing moments of enjoyment.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Music Video Felicia Taylor I Love You

OMG, there is another good singer with the first name of Felicia. Recently while on youtube I was searching for more Felicia Renae songs. I'm addicted to her music. Within the search I discovered a song that caught my heart. However, the song wasn't by Felicia Renae. It was Felicia Taylor.

The song is called "I Love You" and Felicia Taylor sings it in a very soulful way. Actually "I Love You" is the reason why I once promised myself to never call anyone of the men that have come and gone throughout my life Mr. Wrong. At one point I really did like them. Okay, listen to the song below.
BTW if you're a man from my past I did love you.

2012 Music Da Brat Cashin Out Remix

My favortie rapper of all time Da Brat has released her first song of 2012. It's the remix to the popular song Cashin Out. Listen below.

Mary J. Blige Never Before Seen Burger King Commercials

How long has it been since Mary J. Blige transitioned for a legend to a joke? Well that doesn't really matter. What is clear is that Mary J. is still worth laughing it. Check out a few parodies of Mary J's Burger King commercial below. 

I love how in every clip there is that one black person that does not want to be apart of it. 

Reality TV News: Kenya Bell Knows How To Fight Back

Recently Juicy Magazine interviewed Kenya Bell about her reality show life and personal life with her soon-to-be ex husband. Check out some excerpts below.

Juicy: What was going through your mind when EVELYN threw that bottle at you during dinner?
KB: I’ve been professionally trained to fight thanks to my Dad.  I have no fear of any of  them and all of their bullying, negativity, and pure haterism. It’s sad that as women, they aren’t supporting my efforts to be independent as a woman and a mother, especially after I spent years helping my husband make it to the NBA and he’s chosen to ruin his life. [The cast] can talk all they want, as long as neither of them put their hands on me, they have nothing to fear.
Juicy: Speaking of your husband, what was the plastic surgery claims about?
KB: He’s decided to try and ruin my life by telling lies to the media about plastic surgery, etc. in attempt to ruin any possibility of me having a career.  It seems that the women of basketball wives would be on my side seeing what I’m going through.
Juicy: The girls seem to think you’re jacking they’re style. What’s your response?
KB: In response to me “jacking” their style……I’ve been me since birth, and although I’m younger than most of them (oh wait I forgot, I’m 40 according to them!), ask those who know me the best, I haven’t changed.
For some reason I support Kenya. She is a black woman trying to find her way after years of dedicating herself to someone else. She is also crazy too, but which one of those Basketball Wives has pure sanity embedded in them?