Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Reflections: A Moment Of Freedom (Poem)

Red hair, Don't care.
Tired of being the same old me
No more aiming to please
So today I put on my red wig
Those other girls black and blonde
They're not trying to stand out
"Blend in, Blend in" 
They whisper for me to do the same
There's no success in change
But I'm tired of listening 
Red wig
Bright blue eye shadow
Loud pink lipstick
There's a camera
I smile and say cheese
But they don't see me
In their eyes there is the same old girl
Stuck in the same quiet world
She has no real goals
No achievable dreams 
When was the last time she smiled?
When was the last time she cried?
No emotions are found in her face
There's no home to call her own
No real potential because she never listens
But I have potential 
It lays in my freedom
So I look in the mirror
First goes on the bright blue eye shadow
So when they look in my eyes 
They'll see a brand new girl
then goes the pink lipstick
A color reserved for brave Bitches
Topped off with a noticeable red wig
All put together shows a new girl
New confident attitude
It was my choice and I liked it
New brave stature
If I can do this, I can do anything
But it's only a moment of freedom
By tomorrow it'll be different
In the real world I'll listen
I'll aim to blend in 
And become invisible again

Today I put on my red wig, some blue eye shadow, and pink lipstick. While the colors made me stand out, my attitude was one of blending in. The idea was to be a new better me, but after 20 minutes of venturing into the world someone reduced me back to that little girl. All it took was a little recognition and they made sure to pronounced that nickname that has haunted me since childhood out loud. Then again, why should it bother me? By tomorrow I'll be the same girl with a goal of fitting in and feeling invisible as I sit somewhere desperately trying to avoid making any mistakes. For now I'll put on that red wig, forget the past, and fall into a moment of freedom.

So this is the Sunday Reflections poem. I couldn't think of anything else to write.