Thursday, April 19, 2012

Holograms Of Dead Rappers Going On Tour, Are Living Artists That Bad?

Recently at Coachella Tupac surprised us all with a performance. He came out on the stage looking the exact same way we saw him as over 15 years ago. Well, since he's been dead for a long time now we know it wasn't Tupac. It was actually his hologram and it was both cool and creepy. After Tupac's hologram performed that night anything else that happened over the weekend became irrelevant. However, Tupac isn't about to hop back in his grave yet.

Word is going around the internet that Tupac's hologram will soon be going on tour. This means you can buy tickets to see the life like shadow of a legend perform songs from the 90's, when he was alive. But it doesn't stop there. The actor that played Biggie Smalls in Notorious thinks there should also be a B.I.G. hologram tour. This means another legend could be resurrected from the grave so we can be entertained. But wait...

Are our current artists that bad? Lil Wayne has been around since the 90's so he knows the entertainment industry well. He is still making songs, selling records, and going on tours. He dresses weird, but every other person with money does too. Then there's 2 Chainz.

Granted we never really know what point 2 Chainz is trying to make, but that does not matter. His music is currently relevant. We catch ourselves listening to him when we're riding around, getting it, and spending what we make. He has us causing riots in our bedrooms when we're all alone just because his music is that hot. Wait, his music actually sucks but we love it right now. 2 Chainz has stolen that place in our hearts where Gucci Mane was once reserved. Then there is Don Trip.

Don Trip has some hot songs, but his best one so far is Letter To My Son. If you haven't heard it yet, listen as soon as possible. Plus he managed to make it on XXL's Freshman cover for this year. Doesn't that make it good enough for him to tour and for us to buy? Did you say no?

So Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Don Trip, and the thousands of others fighting for the 2012 spotlight and tour dates are not good enough? Why?

When did it get to a point where we'd rather buy tickets to see a dead man perform live on stage? After reading my last sentence I just realized how much this tour would not make sense.

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