Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nicki Minaj, Can I Have That Outfit?

Nicki Minaj in London
Nicki Minaj, can I have that outfit?

So some people see me as introverted. They think I'm this quiet girl with absolutely no opinions. They don't see thoughts, emotions, or actions so they just assume I'm a big nobody that's comfortable being a big nobody. Then there are some others.

Some of those others have partied with me. They think I'm fun to be around, very fashionable, way too talkative, and somewhat of an alcoholic when I'm not driving. Then there's the other side of me that some people see.

That part involves, poetry, a new hair style every hour, and non-stop writing. People don't observe me to the fullest on this part. They just automatically look at Lauryn Hill or Macy Gray and assume that I'm an eccentric weirdo. But then there is me.

Half the time I really don't know who I am. That's why I want to create this Nicki Minaj look. It says "Who the fuck is she? Should I talk to her? Will she speak back, burst into random tears, or just give me a crazy look?"

Yes, I want to steal Nicki Minaj's style, but only for the days when I can't figure out who the fuck I am. It all works out perfectly.

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