Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sharon Leal Vs Kimberly Elise, Woman Art Thou Loosed

No time for small talk. Let's get right to it. Today I went to see Woman Art Thou Loosed On The 7th Day. This movie starred Blair Underwood, arguably one of the sexiest men of 2012, and actress Sharon Leal, arguably one of the best women for dramatic movie roles since Tyler's Perry Why Did I Get Married. However, this wasn't a Tyler Perry movie and Leal was being judged. 


Years ago T.D. Jakes came out with a movie titled Woman Art Thou Loosed. It was also about a troubled woman who needed to heal. Actually, to be specific this woman was being advised by T.D. Jakes while serving a long prison sentence. This woman was played by Kimberly Elise, who is arguably the best woman to play a dramatic role since the movie Beloved. So I was judging.

Leal was virtually playing the same role that Elise did years ago. It was the same similar criminal record, the same tears, and the same struggle. However, in her situation her daughter went missing and her demons were no longer hide-able. Plus years ago Elise wasn't blessed enough to play a woman married to a fine man while dealing with these demons. Then again she was married to Denzel Washington in another movie. Back to the point.

I was judging whether Kimberly Elise would keep her Woman Art Thou Loosed Crown or whether Sharon Leal would cry her way to most dramatic woman award. Well damn, there was no winner. They are both two great actresses who managed to take the same role and pray their hearts out.

Now to T.D. Jakes I'm waiting on that next movie titled "Woman Art Thou Loosed On The Day Jesus Comes Back To Earth."

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