Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blair Underwood Vs Nicoye Banks, Woman Art Thou Loosed On The 7th Day

Who is hotter, Blair Underwood or Nicoye Banks? During my movie outing today I was reminded that I'm single and black men are sexy. While watching the movie Woman Art Thou Loosed On The 7th Day sexiness flashed across the movie screen. It started with Blair Underwood, which would make any single woman realize her life was missing something. Then it became intense when Nicoye Banks appeared on the screen. 

Blair Underwood played David Ames, the successful professor married to Keri Ames. He was sexy, smart, and knew how to be the perfect husband. Well at the beginning he was.

One the other hand Nicoye Banks played the handsome detective/first love to the rescue. He knew Keri's heart better than her own husband and knew exactly what to do when she started drinking heavily. Plus his chocolate body was glistening in every scene.

Who is sexier? Well Hell, I'd need to get both of them in a room (not at the same time) to really determine.

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