Friday, July 31, 2015

Remember Gocha From RHOA? She's An LA Hair Cast Member

From the side chick to the newest hairstylist, reality stars are upgrading to better roles.

During the last season of RHOA, singer/actress Demetria McKinney found out that an Atlanta hairstylist by the name of Gocha was dating her man at the same time as her. They do look alike, so Roger Bobb has a type. However, since that embarrassing moment on the show, both women have moved on. Demetria is continuing to work on her music career while Gocha is on another reality show. This time she's a cast member. 

Gocha is the newest face on Kim Kimble's hit show LA Hair. While we remember her from RHOA, she was also on an episode of LA Hair last season too. We all know by now that Kim only works with the best, so we don't have to question what kind of job she does. 

If Meek Mill Wants A Ghostwriter...

Its safe to say that no one will be showing up to rest of the Pink Print tour dates for the opening act. After almost a week of fans and haters around the world taunting Meek Mill to respond to Drake's two diss tracks, Wanna Know was released.

Why did it take Meek Mill so long to release his diss? Who knows, but he probably should have kept that record to himself. A large majority of folks on all social media sites are talking about how horrible it is. However, there is a silver lining.

If Meek Mill ever wanted to hire his own ghostwriter, an aspiring rapper by the name of Schama Noel wrote what his lyrics should have been. Listen to Wanna Know one more time and read those lyrics. Would you hire this fairly unknown rapper as your ghostwriter?
This is from Schama Noel's Sound Cloud. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Columbus Short Is "Mr. Right"

While Columbus Short is no longer on Scandal, he is still acting. This year he co-stars in a romance move titled Mr. Right. Actually he is Mr. Right.

The movie is all about how a pretty brown skinned author/blogger, Erica Tazel, is tired of dating and tries to run away from it. Her friend wants to see her happy, so she creates a profile for her. Columbus' character works for the dating site, but upon first site he falls in love. She does too.

Maybe this is the answer to all of our dating problems. We should join dating sites and stop trying to do it the old fashioned way.

The movie is already out. Catch it on your favorite cable station that plays Blackbusters or buy it on Amazon.

Birdman (@Birdman5Star) Is Promoting A Lil Wayne Look-A-Like

Lil Wayne's looks are not original. There are tons of men in Texas and Louisiana walking around looking just like him. As of recently, we know there are men in Atlanta walking around looking like Wayne too. However, can his star status be duplicated? Our favorite Cash Money CEO, Birdman, may be trying to recreate Wayne's fame in another artist. 

With artists leaving Cash Money, Birdman has had to find new talent. One of his newest talents is a singer that goes by the stage name of Jaquees. 

Rodriquez Jaquees Broadnax isn't exactly like Lil Wayne. He's a 21 year old singer from Atlanta, GA. He's under Rich Gang Management and was signed to Cash Money this year. The only similarity they have so far his looks. 

It might just be a coincidence, but do you think Jaquees' looks will bring the positive attention back to Cash Money or are you just concerned about his skills? If you resembled an artist, would you sign to the label they were having drama with?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Why It's Okay For Rappers To Get Help When Creating Songs

"Now if Drake is over here and he finds a stair and it lights up, I'm not gonna be an idiot and say, 'Oh, I'm only gonna use my stair. I don't care about the stairs. All I care about is going higher. I'll step on Drake's stair and then I'll find my own stair."- Jaden Smith

A conversation has been going on about whether or not rappers should write their own rhymes. Sometimes authors don't even write their own books, so should rappers be responsible for coming up with every single lyric that flows out of their mouth?

Earlier this week Jaden Smith was featured in a video where he talked about being successful and ways to become better. He used a metaphor of walking up his stairs. He threw in Drake's name and said if Drake's stairs are lighting up then he'll walk up Drake's stairs too. Basically that means he could use Drake as inspiration while trying to find out what works best for him as an individual.
However, then Meek Mill pointed out something we all should have known. Drake has help in writing the lyrics to his songs. He even credits other writers on his albums. That means Drake sometimes uses other people's steps to get ahead. Meek's rant came from the fact that Drake is on a song from his new album, but never actually took the time to share the album to his own audience. Meek was looking for Drake to spread the word, but he never did. The reason behind Meek's outburst became null when some people actually started questioning whether or not Drake is a good rapper if he's not writing every single thing.

Not every author writers his/her own book. Author V.C. Andrews died in the 80's, but dozens of books have still been published in her name since then. Cornel West, one of our favorite Black leaders, has a ghost writer.

Not all singers write their own lyrics. Beyonce's greatest songs were not written by her. Rihanna's 2015 hit BBHMM has been done a million times by a million people in a million different ways. When we're waiting on a singer's album for years it's usually because they're not feeling the lyrics that are being handed to them so they wait for better writing.

Bernie Mac's Unsung episode came on this week. When other comedians were speaking on him, they mentioned how he studied the successful comedians that came before him. He wanted to know what others did right, so he could succeed too.

Should we expect rappers to come up with their own lyrics? Meek Mill does. We should expect them to have talent, but getting help never hurts. We all get help no matter what career field we're in.

Picture via Twitter

You can find me on Twitter at @mrsstarstatus.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

MTV VMA's Makes Some Celebs Get Mad & Others Start Fake Beefs

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards is coming up in August and the conversations surrounding it is heavy. However, not all of the publicity is good publicity.

It all started when Nicki Minaj received her Best Hip Hop video nomination for Anaconda. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, received 9 nominations. MTV actually gave Taylor Swift the most nominations of all artists. Well, Nicki had a lot to say, which you can still see on her Twitter account, towards the VMA's and representation of Black people. Taylor Swift responded to Nicki's tweets, but then after Nicki responded back with love she never said anything else. 

Nicki wasn't alone in her ranting though. Meek Mill later jumped in and voiced his opinion on the VMA's. While Meek was tweeting, he also took the time to reveal to all of us that Drake doesn't write his own lyrics. We're not sure what happened, but we can assume that Meek and Drake don't like each other right now.

Well, following behind Meek was Bruno Mars. Bruno woke up from a nap (he tweeted it) and said he wanted to get in on the beef. Bruno then started a fake beef with Ed Sheeran. Someone even created a meme to go along with their fake beef. 

The VMA's is interesting already, but one fact we should have gathered from this awards show a long time ago is that it doesn't cater to Black people. Will you be watching? Miley Cyrus is the host this year. It comes on August 30th. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

(Music) Ashely Nicole~ Do You Know? #LHHATL

New LHHATL cast member Ashely Nicole is dropping new music as the season continues on.

Her song, Do You Know, is actually pretty good. Do You Know gives off a 90's vibe and shows off her vocal skills. From the looks of the promotional picture, someone has also given Ashely a wardrobe makeover.

It is unclear if she's still managed by DLo Music though. Her new song is being promoted under her own youtube account and not the Fost Dlo Music account.

Would You Let Someone Date Your Husband? #BBWLA

After a couple years of Basketball Wives LA, we all know by now that Jackie Christie is crazy and her husband Doug Christie runs all of his actions through her.

Jackie controls the household and she controls his environment outside of the household too. In fact Jackie has admitted that she does not let Doug be around any other woman alone because after 20+ years together she's still afraid of losing him. How sweet and weird at the same time. So it came as a surprise to all of us when Malaysia Pargo was so upset at Jackie that she said the only way they could have a friendship again is if Jackie let her go on a date with Doug. It was even more shocking when Jackie actually agreed.

The date didn't look like the most interesting experience for anyone involved. Jackie sat across the street nervously spying, Doug's phone kept ringing because Jackie was calling, and recently divorced Malaysia was clearly uncomfortable.

While Jackie is the craziest woman on the show, her need to be friends with the other women seems to be genuine. Her need for Malaysia as a friend caused her to go to desperate measures. Not many women would hand their husband over to another woman in hopes of continuing their friendship. Jackie did though.

Do you have any friends that you value enough to let them go on a date with your husband to save the friendship? What if you weren't married to him and some woman suggested going on a date with him in order to continue your friendship?

I definitely would not go on a date with another woman's man and I wouldn't give another woman permission to go on a date with my man.

Eric Bellinger Brings The 90's To 2015 In Cuffing Season Album

Eric Bellinger's Cuffing Season album has finally dropped and it's filled with love vibes. In every song we can tell we are listening to a man that is in love. However, there is another reason why this album is so special. 

Cuffing Season takes 90's songs and gives them a 2015 vibe. Eric Bellinger updated TLC's Creep, the Living Single theme song,  and Montell Jordan's This Is How We Do It. He also has a song that reminds us of the love between Martin and Gina that we used to tune into regularly back in the day to see. 

However the 90's weren't the only nostalgic reminders in Cuffing Season. There's a song, Focused On You featuring 2 Chainz, that is reminiscent of of Nas' Oochie Wally. There is also a song, You Can Have The Hoes featuring Boosie Badazz, that is initially reminiscent of Betty Mason's Yes I'm Ready. 

While a lot of the songs remind us of classics, Eric Bellinger owns every single song with his unique style. Below are some of my favorites from Cuffing Season

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The 1 ~ Cam B's Debut Album Will Be Out In August

Singer Cam B makes music for the lovers. He makes music for the men and women that know they will spend the rest of their lives with their significant other and love every minute of it. His music quite possibly makes us single folks feel like there is still hope that we will meet and marry our BFF's. 

This is the opinion of Searching For My Star, but you can form your own opinion by listening to a few songs that will be on Cam B's debut album, The 1, below. 

Love Is You 
Marrying My BFF 

Happy birthday to me! My album is releasing on August 17th! Thank you all for your support so far, this is gonna be a great year! I need y'all more than ever now! Like, Comment, and Tell a friend as a gift to me! S/o to Big Kess "The Voice Of The City" and B96.9 for supporting me and helping me promote my album! Love is love! #CamB #The1 #August17th
Posted by Cam B on Monday, July 13, 2015

Adina Howard 20: A Story of Sexual Liberation (Documentary)

"I was just like okay, let me just turn around and give them something else. And it was funny because  I vaguely remember that when I did that I could hear the people behind me talking and it was just like  *gasps* and the photographer kept snapping and it just instantly, that stirred controversy because they were like 'What the hell is she doing?'"- Adina Howard

Better to know about it late than never. Adina Howard, one of the greatest singers of the 90's, has a documentary out. It explores how she helped pave the way for sexual libration in music and in women in general. In the documentary several women also tell their stories of how sex was viewed when they were growing up and how they reacted hearing Adina's music and seeing the clothes she chose to wear. Watch below.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

When Did You Realize You Had Something To Say?

"When did you realize you had something to say and needed a blog?"

Someone asked me this question and I didn't have to think about it at all.

People express themselves in so many ways. We have rappers and singers who use their platforms to speak on whatever issues are closest to their hearts. There are musicians that express themselves through instruments. We have artists who express themselves by painting what that world looks like to them. Some artists paint what they wish the world looked like. Sports players, teachers, engineers, and many more express themselves in their own unique ways. When do they realize they have something valuable to show the world? I'm sure everyone has a different answer.

I never realized I needed a blog until it became a part of my life. It became an addiction and still is. I always knew I had something to say. The first time writing peaked my interest was elementary school. I'd go through tons of kids horror fictions novels. Some of the authors I remember reading were R.L. Stine, Lois Lowry, Lois Duncan, Caroline Cooney, and Stephen King. At 10 years old I was reading his books. I wasn't initially a fan of reading books by authors with my skin tone until my parents eventually forced it on me.They were after all paying for my reading material.

Anyway, at an early age I'd take the authors story lines and try to create my own stories. I wrote some of those stories down, but how was a Black kid with no money supposed to get the stories published? At the time no one would reveal the answer.

Fast forward to winter of 2008. I had already experimented with Wordpress, Blogger, and Live Journal for different classes. I was absolutely ready to create my platform. I was tired of the idea of waiting until I got my degree and someone started paying me to express my own damn opinions. In journalism you're supposed to not have an opinion anyway. I wanted to express myself so bad. I needed to. So December 25, 2008 I published my first blog post to begin this journey.

I've never expected anyone to agree with every opinion I've had. From Day One to Day 20 I did notice that readers would come and go, so my expectations of readers have changed throughout the years. If you've been here since the beginning I appreciate you a lot. Thanks for caring about what I say, even when I don't know what I'm talking about. If you just showed up, stay a little longer, enjoy some music, read some good poetry, and be entertained on

#CuffingSeason Eric Bellinger Would Never "Creep" On His Woman

"Why would I wanna fuck all that up?"

Cuffing Season is almost here, but before it drops Eric Bellinger is giving us a taste of his music that is right around the corner. His newest single is called "Creep," and it features the lovely T-Boz of TLC.

Of course this is a remake of the classic TLC song Creep, but Eric Bellinger makes it his own. Listen below and see the track list to Cuffing Season.

01. Cuffing Season
02. You Can Have The Hoes ft. Boosie
03. iPod On Shuffle
04. Overrated
05. Turn Down For You ft. Tank & ARoc
06. Love Made Me Do It
07. Make Up For It
08. Share ft. Chayse
09. Maybe Never
10. Creep ft. T Boz
11. Gina ft. ARoc
12. Text Threads
13. Focused On You ft. 2Chainz, Mya
14. Viral ft. IamSu
15. Last One Standing
16. The Summery

Monday, July 13, 2015

About Those Relationship & Marriage Photos

If it's not photographed the relationship never existed.

This is a motto that most of us women live by. So we get into relationships, take tons of photos, and then upload them to our social media accounts. To make the moments even more special we tag our boyfriends in them. The tags become even more special if we get lucky enough to receive that special man's last name. All of the pictures signify how cute we are, how long we've lasted, and our growth. There is one problem though.

A lot of women are uploading tons of photos but not making sure their man does the same. Us single women look at the woman in a supposedly happy relationship's page to spy on her be happy she's in a place we want to be in. Then we look at her man's page and think something must be wrong. Most of these men have everything up but a photo of her. They're shouting our their homeboys, keeping up with politics, talking trash about their baby mama's, and asking for advice on what to do that night. The men do everything except upload those cute photos showing they have a woman by their side.

I promise there is a person I follow that I went to college with. This woman recently got married and has been uploading tons of pictures from her wedding and her honeymoon. Her and her husband are adorable. This weekend I decided to click on his name and he had not uploaded anything for the past three weeks. See the problem.

Women who are proud of your men and women who are happily married I suppose you fix this problem. If you have to take his phone and upload the pictures yourself, do it. You have to make sure the love looks equally balanced on social media.

I'm still single, but trust when I get a man there will be more photos of us on his page than mine. This is not debatable.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

#SundayReflections Watering The Grass

The grass becomes greener when it's filled with nourishment, right? It doesn't stay looking beautiful by only being walked on, cut, and complained about. It needs more. 

Where do you work? 
What is your job description? 
Do you like it?
This is how I feel about my own job.

Unless I know a person truly enjoys how they make money, I never ask these questions in conversations with friends and family. Lately I've gotten to a point of not bringing up my own job to others because it's not a longterm passion. However, the topic of work almost aways comes up. Maybe it's because there is a mentality that we are always supposed to be busy working for someone else. It could always be a way of making sure the other person is going through the same motions as us and we are not alone in our exhaustion. Whatever it is, I get exhausted just thinking about trying to answer the questions whenever anyone asks.

Why can't the topic of conversation stay focused on more exciting things or the more exciting things be the most important part of the conversation? 

On social media I follow a lot of people who are going after their passions. They're publishing books, turning their blogs into profitable businesses simply because they love it so much, creating art and selling it, continuously making music for us to enjoy, and traveling. These people are posting tons of videos and pictures of the good moments in their lives. Some of them are chasing and achieving goals they've had since they were kids. Others are showcasing talents they just not too long ago discovered they had. 

Seeing others go for what makes them happy has been very inspirational to me, so I'm trying to direct conversations to my current passions too. I'm working on filling my social media with experiences I'm having and pictures I'm taking. I'm using social media to document as much as possible about myself and others in this time period. You can start calling me a documentarian now. In regular conversations I'm trying to create an atmosphere where no one dare whispers anything that could be energy draining in my presence. 

Actually I challenge you to have conversations and not mention the routine 9-5 work days you have if that's your environment. Find me on social media and let me know how long you last. 

Instagram/ Twitter @mrsstarstatus 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'll Always See That Strong Woman

For a moment she sounded strong again.

She laughed loudly as the memories of being in a relationship flowed back into her mind; the times of feeling butterflies deep down for her man, the moments of him sweeping her off her feet with the sweetest of surprises, the times of being comfortable just from the sight of him, and the moments she'd rather be alone.
I snapped this photo as she was peaceful sleeping.

As she questioned me about the man I allowed her to think I have she smiled and got lost in her own thoughts. She asked if I had spoken to him since I had been in town and I replied with a no. Then she started talking about how both he and I were avoiding each other for those several days. I wanted her to be happy, so I didn't spoil that moment for my great grandmother.

It had been a while since I last saw her; 5 years to be exact. So much has changed. She is no longer the vibrant woman I remember growing up. She's no longer the active woman from a couple of years ago. Instead my great grandmother is frail. Although she sometimes talks as though she's still independent, she cannot stand up on her own. She needs all the help that she can get.

A couple days ago I watched her attempt to stand up on her own when she needed to go to the restroom. She leaned against her walker as she was sitting and tried to lift herself up. Her eyes watered and I started to get up and help her. At the same time I got the attention of my mom because I knew I wasn't strong enough to help her.

Just as quickly as my great granny is talking and full of life, she'll also drift to another world. She can barely remember who anyone is at times. While I didn't witness it, my mom says she talks to herself and the dead often. There are nights where she struggles to sleep and wants to be moved from her bed to the living room. It wears everyone else out, but they oblige. She is suffering from dementia. You may wonder why she isn't in a nursing home and the answer is simple. My great grandma is spoiled.

Her life started in 1928. There are stories she's told that I'm struggling to hold onto.  I want to remember waking up in the mornings as a kid and drinking coffee with her. We were the only ones indulging in the delicious coffee, but we didn't need any other company. After moving to Houston at the age of 6, for years I'd only drink coffee when I went back to Plant City to visit her and my grandma.

There's more to this story. You can read all of my thoughts on this beautiful lady that helped raise me in one of my future books.

P.S. I hope no one in my family minds that I'm using this photo of her on the blog.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Listen To Brandy's Message on Forgiveness

Brave Williams~ OMT (One More Time)

Singer Brave Williams, of R&B Divas LA, is not waiting for a new season of the reality show to start before promoting her music. She has a new EP out called Fearless and is dropping some good music from it. 

One song is called One More Time and it's very sexual. Listen below. 

Don't Diss Draya, Some Men Are Never Ready

Draya Michele has been getting hit hard with criticism this summer, both professionally and

Most of it has come from the fact that another season of Basketball Wives LA is starting. Some of the women on the show despise her. Well, before they met her they never liked her and at this point they really have no positive words. However, the latest criticism isn't coming from her co-stars. It's coming from the man who was supposed to be her fiancĂ© and future husband. 

Recently Orlando Scandrick decided to publicly announce that the wedding between him and Draya was off. He said a lot more along with it. He let the media know that he felt it was a huge mistake to ever want to take that next step with her and he was ready to move on with his life, without her. 

Just thinking about that hurts my feelings. As women, one of our big goals is to get that wedding ring and make a man ours forever and ever and ever. One of our worst nightmares is to be handed that engagement ring and then get it taken away because a man was playing games. I hope Draya still has that ring. 

In this case Orlando wasn't ready. Some men are just not ready for that big commitment with the current woman in their lives.
What I think happened is they've been together for a while. The relationship wasn't going smoothly and they decided to split up. Orlando's family probably pressured him into giving her another chance since they were walking away from an already long term relationship. He no longer wanted to be cuffed, but he said okay and went as far as the engagement ring, thinking the advice was good. However, the thought of being with this one beautiful woman for the rest of his life became too much and he decided to call it off. 

The part about this type of situation that sucks is he could meet another woman months down the line and be married a year later. Then she has to question what it is that she was doing wrong and another woman showed up and did correctly. It absolutely sucks. 

Transexuals Are Pretty Enough To Attract Men #Tyga #KylieJenner

Rapper Tyga may have gotten caught with his pants down, but not by cheating with another woman. This alleged lover is a transexual, also known as a man who dresses as a woman.

We've all seen transexuals before. Some of them refer to themselves as transgendered of cross dressers. They shop in the same stores as us women and pick up prettier outfits than some of us. They spend hours, weeks, and years beating their faces to perfection. Some of them get surgery to become more womanly. After it's all said and done, they leave the house and they physically become as feline as us women. Some of us can't tell the difference between the man that has become a woman and ourselves. This also means we shouldn't be surprised when men get caught cheating or having sexual relations with transexuals. 

Why are we still surprised? Surgeons do miracles when handed a knife and thousands of dollars. Penises can easily become vaginas. Men can easily become the prettiest of women. 

This doesn't mean that we women should be okay with dating men that are eyeing fake vaginas. It just means that we have to live with this reality. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Independence Day / 4th of July

Searching For My Star Is On Vacation 

Have fun. Drink a lot, but drive responsibly. Treat Stress as a lover you're separated from for the weekend and embrace its cousin known as Reckless Love. Just be happy and enjoy your vacation. 

But if you're not on vacation pretend you are. Oh, but there will still be links going out to social media. Searching For My Star is full of wonderful writing (I have poetry and short stories of my own) that you may have never viewed before. Click on the links and read old material while you wait patiently for something new. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ray J. Is That You? Watch The 'Brown Sugar' Video Ft. Lil Wayne

At some point we have to forgive our R&B, Hip Hop, and Rap stars for not knowing that there are all shades of brown. Ray J. has released the visuals to his summer anthem Brown Sugar, but of course there are darker shades of brown missing from the video.

The Brown Sugar video is fun and Lil Wayne also debuts news color is his dreads. Check it out below.

P.S. Despite Ray J. being one of the industry thots, he looks good.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Somebody Come Get Her And Help Her Party A Little Harder

Have you ever just wanted to throw all caution to the wind and see just how wild you could get?

Come here. Come closer. Are you paying attention? Look at your social media pages. Check twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even your Tinder matches. What do they say about you and the people you're following?

At some point in President Obama almost 8 years in office, we forgot how to relax. We forgot how to put the fun before the mourning. Some people have actually said a race war has been created and our once happy social media pages have turned to chaos and tears. I admit that years ago I hit a quarter life crisis and no one around me could pull me out of it. Some people even helped pull me further into that quarter life crisis with their comments, but that's another post. No one could save me from myself, except me. I had to dig deep, but I started my climb back to the light.

There is a light. It's somewhere in that delicious alcoholic beverage. It's also located somewhere in that freakum dress that that your parents don't want to see you in, but you're grown and they'll deal. It may also be located in that trip you want to take, but can't find anyone to go with you. Take the damn trip anyway. The light is that happy place you're constantly searching for and constantly trying to stay in. The light is especially hard to stay in when we look at our current environments.

For a lot of us, our current environments revolve around our social media pages. Social media pages lately have been filled with the worst of the worst news out there and also the craziest of the crazy news too.  This is no exaggeration. The media has been overwhelming with stories that either make you cry or make you wonder how people have managed to create a new level of crazy.

Are you overwhelmed? I am. At times I've been so overwhelmed that is has kept me from updating regularly on here.

However, Independence Day is coming up and that calls for a celebration. People will be going to the Essence Festival and parties all across the United States. The atmosphere is supposed to shift and maybe our minds will shift with it. We'll stop seeing al the terrible and see some of the good in our society.

Can we drink to happier times this weekend? Can we drink to thoughts of what we've been fighting for getting accomplished eventually? I'm going to be at my grandma's house but a drink or two or more can still be squeezed into the weekend.