Sunday, July 12, 2015

#SundayReflections Watering The Grass

The grass becomes greener when it's filled with nourishment, right? It doesn't stay looking beautiful by only being walked on, cut, and complained about. It needs more. 

Where do you work? 
What is your job description? 
Do you like it?
This is how I feel about my own job.

Unless I know a person truly enjoys how they make money, I never ask these questions in conversations with friends and family. Lately I've gotten to a point of not bringing up my own job to others because it's not a longterm passion. However, the topic of work almost aways comes up. Maybe it's because there is a mentality that we are always supposed to be busy working for someone else. It could always be a way of making sure the other person is going through the same motions as us and we are not alone in our exhaustion. Whatever it is, I get exhausted just thinking about trying to answer the questions whenever anyone asks.

Why can't the topic of conversation stay focused on more exciting things or the more exciting things be the most important part of the conversation? 

On social media I follow a lot of people who are going after their passions. They're publishing books, turning their blogs into profitable businesses simply because they love it so much, creating art and selling it, continuously making music for us to enjoy, and traveling. These people are posting tons of videos and pictures of the good moments in their lives. Some of them are chasing and achieving goals they've had since they were kids. Others are showcasing talents they just not too long ago discovered they had. 

Seeing others go for what makes them happy has been very inspirational to me, so I'm trying to direct conversations to my current passions too. I'm working on filling my social media with experiences I'm having and pictures I'm taking. I'm using social media to document as much as possible about myself and others in this time period. You can start calling me a documentarian now. In regular conversations I'm trying to create an atmosphere where no one dare whispers anything that could be energy draining in my presence. 

Actually I challenge you to have conversations and not mention the routine 9-5 work days you have if that's your environment. Find me on social media and let me know how long you last. 

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