Tuesday, July 14, 2015

When Did You Realize You Had Something To Say?

"When did you realize you had something to say and needed a blog?"

Someone asked me this question and I didn't have to think about it at all.

People express themselves in so many ways. We have rappers and singers who use their platforms to speak on whatever issues are closest to their hearts. There are musicians that express themselves through instruments. We have artists who express themselves by painting what that world looks like to them. Some artists paint what they wish the world looked like. Sports players, teachers, engineers, and many more express themselves in their own unique ways. When do they realize they have something valuable to show the world? I'm sure everyone has a different answer.

I never realized I needed a blog until it became a part of my life. It became an addiction and still is. I always knew I had something to say. The first time writing peaked my interest was elementary school. I'd go through tons of kids horror fictions novels. Some of the authors I remember reading were R.L. Stine, Lois Lowry, Lois Duncan, Caroline Cooney, and Stephen King. At 10 years old I was reading his books. I wasn't initially a fan of reading books by authors with my skin tone until my parents eventually forced it on me.They were after all paying for my reading material.

Anyway, at an early age I'd take the authors story lines and try to create my own stories. I wrote some of those stories down, but how was a Black kid with no money supposed to get the stories published? At the time no one would reveal the answer.

Fast forward to winter of 2008. I had already experimented with Wordpress, Blogger, and Live Journal for different classes. I was absolutely ready to create my platform. I was tired of the idea of waiting until I got my degree and someone started paying me to express my own damn opinions. In journalism you're supposed to not have an opinion anyway. I wanted to express myself so bad. I needed to. So December 25, 2008 I published my first blog post to begin this journey.

I've never expected anyone to agree with every opinion I've had. From Day One to Day 20 I did notice that readers would come and go, so my expectations of readers have changed throughout the years. If you've been here since the beginning I appreciate you a lot. Thanks for caring about what I say, even when I don't know what I'm talking about. If you just showed up, stay a little longer, enjoy some music, read some good poetry, and be entertained on www.searchingformystar.com.