Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Transexuals Are Pretty Enough To Attract Men #Tyga #KylieJenner

Rapper Tyga may have gotten caught with his pants down, but not by cheating with another woman. This alleged lover is a transexual, also known as a man who dresses as a woman.

We've all seen transexuals before. Some of them refer to themselves as transgendered of cross dressers. They shop in the same stores as us women and pick up prettier outfits than some of us. They spend hours, weeks, and years beating their faces to perfection. Some of them get surgery to become more womanly. After it's all said and done, they leave the house and they physically become as feline as us women. Some of us can't tell the difference between the man that has become a woman and ourselves. This also means we shouldn't be surprised when men get caught cheating or having sexual relations with transexuals. 

Why are we still surprised? Surgeons do miracles when handed a knife and thousands of dollars. Penises can easily become vaginas. Men can easily become the prettiest of women. 

This doesn't mean that we women should be okay with dating men that are eyeing fake vaginas. It just means that we have to live with this reality.