Sunday, May 31, 2015

Most Common Responses To Your Opinion On A Controversial Topic

Controversial topics are fun.

On a beautiful Sunday our favorite R&B artist/actor, Tyrese, decided to ask a very controversial question on his Facebook fan page. The question was all about how Black women feel when Black men date outside their race. He concluded the question by saying "Especially is he says "I don't date black girls anymore"..." The comments started quickly, but most of the comments were not directed toward Tyrese. They were replies to comments already posted.

The replies were from people of all ethnicities. Some of them agreed, some were confused by my opinion, and many of them had their own ideas that they wanted to tell me about. While a little overwhelming, most of the responses were common answers you would find under any topic that has the power to bring out the crazy in people. In case you don't know the common ways people approach your opinions, below is a list of what you can usually expect.

People Will Heavily Disagree With You til the point of calling your opinion stupid just because it is not their opinion. There is this phrase that goes agree to disagree. It was invented for the sole purpose of two people being able to comprehend that they do not think the same way. The purpose of understanding that another person has a different opinion is so you can still both respect each other. However, when it comes to responding to controversial topics the respect factor seems to always disappear.

People Will Tell You What You Actually Said and how they really feel about you. Two women of other ethnicities both told me that I said I was superior to white women. Nowhere in my comment did I say anything about being better than white women, but according to them that is what I said. They then went on to tell me that I wasn't in any way better than a white woman. WOW!

People Will Try To Silence You On The Issue at hand. It never fails. If the issue involves dating, there are always several people who will try to convince you that your feelings don't matter. He wasn't interested. So what? He disrespected you in the ultimate way before disappearing on you. Shit happens. Why are you crying? He told you he'd rather date women lighter skinned or of other ethnicities. Why should that be offensive to you? It could also involve politics, single parenting or the possibilities of being single parent, issues involving your gender, etc.  The questions get asked for a reason, but there is always someone lurking around the corner expecting you to not have a response at all.

People Will Tell You What You Should Think About The Topic. While there are people that think you should have no voice at all on a topic, there are also those people that want to tell you exactly how to think. If someone asks what your favorite color is, there is always someone else mad because you didn't choose gray. They want you to choose gray, so they will tell you over and over that gray is the right way to go. If you say you like President Obama, they will tell you every reason in the book as to why you should hate him. If you prefer to date and love a man the same physical features as you, someone will argue you down on why you should be interested in all types of men. If you say you don't want to date a man that resembles your skin tone, people will argue you down on why that is wrong too. They want you to think the same way they think.

Oh yeah, and someone will always agree with you. Did I miss anything that you may hear often? Let me know on social media.

If You Really Want It #Goals #Ambitions

Disclaimer: This is for those of you who know rejection really well. This is for those of you whose passion has been ignored so many times that you are questioning whether you are even good enough to be in that field. This is for those of you that know what you want in life, but the right people aren't giving you the chance to prove yourself.

Your dream could be to write at one of your favorite magazines, newspapers, or even work your way into television and radio stations. You've heard no too many times. Sometimes you feel really discouraged just off the amount of times a day you're sending out applications just to wake up the next day with no responses. It's overwhelming. It's heartbreaking. It's getting even worse because you're jobless and living off of someone else. The person that is feeding you and making sure you have a comfortable place to sleep is getting frustrated too, but at you. They are tired of taking care of you. They don't understand how hard you are trying, so they assume you aren't trying at all. Your spirit of hopefulness is slowly fading from their negativity and from the lack of opportunities coming your way. How do you recover from this?

You could just continue the same process of filling out applications every day. Eventually some company will respond. It may not be enough money to satisfy you or whoever is taking care of you. It may not be any money offered out due to how long you've been unemployed. Getting the position may require you to do an internship first. However, you have to keep trying.

You could work on perfecting your skills while you are applying. This way you can show employers that you have been working while unemployed. For those people wanting to get into journalism and the entertainment industry there are many different outlets to help improve skills. A few are blogging, video blogging (vlogging), and podcasts. Learning how to take pictures and edit your own work will also help  once you're employed. These help you create an audience while you're attempting to get someone to believe you're worthy of getting a paycheck too.

You could take a risk. Online media isn't for everyone. You may not want to create a blog or utilize other ways of getting your talents noticed online. However, sometimes taking a risk is exactly what you need to do to finally start getting some cash in your pockets. There are several risks you could take to get employment. You could move to another place, start submitting articles instead of applications, or get a job in another career field. Getting a job in another career field may sound crazy, but it's a temporary way of getting paid.

You have options. You have more than one way of accomplishing your journalism dreams. If you really want this, do what you have to do to get it.

Friday, May 29, 2015

#BraxtonFamilyValues Should Men Get Half Of Everything Upon Divorce?

Trina Braxton is officially divorced. As of April 2015 she became a single woman again. There was no more Gabe drama, or at least none we know of yet. We haven't been exposed to what they had to agree upon once it was all finalized. We only know of what we are currently seeing on Braxton Family values this season.

So far we know that during the process of the divorce Trina and Gabe did a lot of arguing because Gabe wanted way more than he came into the marriage with. Over the course of BFV, Trina has been able to make some money singing and also start up her own drink company, Bar Chix. Gabe wanted half of what she had already made and her to pay for his living situation once they officially split. That sounds like a lot, right? Well, judges have been granting men a lot in recent divorces from celebrity women.

Tasha Smith (Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married) gave her ex-husband $50,000 December 2014 and now has to pay him $7,000 a month in spousal support. For all we know he doesn't have an actual job and doesn't need one for as long as she can afford the payments.

While Sherri Shepherd had an iron-clad prenup, she made the mistake of wanting to have a child with her ex-husband Lamar Sally. Biologically the baby wasn't hers, but in the process of getting a surrogate Sherri had already agreed to be a mom. There was evidence that she was initially happy. So even though Lamar Sally can't get spousal support, the judge in the case has granted him child support.

Women, would you want to give up half of everything you have to an ex-husband? Men, would you take half of everything your ex-wife has upon leaving her? I don't have anything of value that a man would want.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

#SmileOnLifetime Lifetime Show Helps People To Smile

There is a reality television show for every subject. Even our smiles, or lack there-of, is getting a time to shine in the world of television and Lifetime is showcasing the transformations.

Smile is the title of the show. In the first episode it features two people from two very different backgrounds. One is a young adult named Alyssa and she's in her junior year of college. As Alyssa grew up five teeth that should have grown in when she was a child never appeared.

The other is a former drug addict whose teeth look a hot mess. While he imagines having a big huge smile on his face, he can't bring himself to showcase what is really going on in his mouth. His only fear of getting a brand new smile is that he may become addicted the medicine that comes along with the new smile.

These people are being promised miracles by four different doctors that we will see throughout the season of the show. The dentists are located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and New York City. We can only assume that because of the locations of the dental offices, these are the best dentists anyone could ever go to. They are probably super expensive too, can they create miracles? Miracles are what Smile is all about.

If you're one of those people that get emotional quickly, make sure to have tissue nearby when watching this show.

Pictures are screenshots from the show.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

(Music) Tamar Braxton~ If I Don't Have You

If you've been waiting for new music from Tamar Braxton, it's your lucky day. Her new single is a love ballad titled If I Don't Have You. Listen below.

Chocolate City Movie: Why You Should And Shouldn't Watch It

Chocolate City is out, sort of. Over the weekend it was released in select theaters around the country and on Demand. Out of all the movies featuring Black actors in the last few years, this movie was probably promoted in the most unique way. We didn't see a lot of commercials on television. Instead we had social media postings featuring the men working their beautiful bodies, especially Tyson Beckford. Even though Richard Ri'chard is the star of Chocolate City, Tyson set the tone by doing way more than actors usually do for promotion. However, was the movie as good as we expected?

You shouldn't watch this movie if you're expecting nudity. While watching Chocolate City one question kept popping into my mind over and over again. How do you make a movie about male strippers without the men getting completely naked? Yes, I wanted to see it all. I also hate that whole Sexy Chocolate name. Hello, the main character is light skinned. There is a way better stripper name for him. 

However, you should watch if you just want to admire beautiful Black men. You know how some movies have those story lines that by the end of the movie really doesn't matter? The story line for Chocolate City doesn't matter? The family is poor, but they don't seem to mind being in that situation. The men in the strip club is all that matters. There's Ginuwine's character. This is a spoiler, but he does a routine to his song Pony. There's Tyson Beckford, who acts as if Richard Ri'chard's character is his competition. Then there are a couple other men gyrating for crazy amounts of money. 

Almost every scene dealing with the male strip club makes this movie worth watching. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Poltergeist Highlights Bad Parenting Skills of 2015

Poltergeist has really been remade, sort of. While still a remake, this one is a little different. We meet the Bowens, who are so desperate for housing that's practically free since they are unemployed that they don't ask any real questions about the house before moving in.

The children in the movie (Madison, Griffin, and Kendra) are very disrespectful toward their parents (Eric and Amy). The writer, David Lindsay-Abaire, also messes up a very important scene with changes made in the script. That scene messed up the whole movie actually because in the original movie there was an important meaning to it. You have to watch to find out what I'm talking about, but the lack of parenting was very apparent.

Maybe it was because both parents were unemployed. Their unemployment did lead them to buy a house built on top of a gravesite and get sold for pennies. They also ignored several weird occurrences that happened to their children.

Don't Talk To Strangers. Whatever happened to staying as far away from strangers as possible? I'm guessing Eric and Amy did not teach their children that lesson. Within the first part of the movie Madison is communicating with the poltergeist and Griffin is attempting to communicate.

Madison who should be named Carol Ann started talking to the closet on her first day there. Both parents ignored the fact that Griffin could sense something was wrong, but they should have caught on to their daughter having full on conversations with a closet that wouldn't open.

If having conversations with a closed door wasn't enough Madison also talked to the television. The only person that caught her conversation was her brother Griffin, but everyone else shook off the weirdness and moved on until the next occurrence. Why did they act as if that had not just happened?

Griffin was put in the attic. They gave their kid son the attic as a room. It had a window opening and a scary tree hovering over it. There was also a weird clown hidden in the attic. The clown practically moved on it's on, which is how Griffin initially noticed it. It wanted to be found. However, upon checking the father (Eric) found a way to rationalize a strange clown being up there. Then to make it crazier he didn't bother to get rid of the scary clown doll. He left it on the dresser. The Hell kind of parenting is that?

Kendra wasn't really a problem or even played an important role. Kendra was the oldest child and while she experienced the poltergeist, they weren't worried about her at all. She was disrespectful but no one really cared. She was simply the oldest child and she might as well have not existed until the next moment she needed a new material possession.

However, Erica and Amy had one part of parenting correct. They knew they could not tell the police that the house kidnapped their child. They knew they would be arrested.

Oh, and just in case you are thinking about watching the movie, this is not even close to the 1982 version. Don't expect greatness while watching.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Why Some Topics Are Hard To Discuss

Jouelzy is preaching in this video about the topic of transgenders. This is just not a topic some of us women can discuss. I'm with her on it. I'm trying to learn myself, so I can't throw my opinion into that particular topic. I for one try to avoid getting into discussions that involve the gay movement, children having two moms or two dads, and healthy eating. I can't relate to any of it. Seriously, my eating habits are horrible and I'm just skinny by the grace of God. However, as a bloggers and vloggers people expect us to have opinions on every single thing that exists. Watch the video below. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

(Music) Monica Just Right For Me Featuring Lil Wayne

CODE RED! Monica is back with new music and she's also promoting a new album. To  prepare for the album titled Code Red she's dropped the first single on LA Leakers.

Its called Just Right For Me and it's all about love. Well, Monica sings about her love for her husband while Lil Wayne raps about women in general. 

Video By

(Music) Audra Day~ Forever Mine

When a woman meets a man she really loves and cares for, all she wants is to have him forever.

Audra Day sings about wanting a man to be hers forever in her new first single, Forever Mine. Forever Mine is the first single for her debut album Cheers To The Fall. The song is beautiful. Listen below.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Could Social Media Trolling Be A form of Art?

Trolling is slowly becoming popular on social media, or maybe it already is. 

First there are the popular blogs that stick with talking about our favorite celebrities. We love to know what the highest paid and most beautiful celebrities are doing from minute to minute. 

Then there are the satire blogs, which always get people riled up and angry. Satire blogs usually stick to something that actually sounds believable. Not all posts sound true, but there's always that one that make people share it. For instance there was this one site last year that wrote a blog post about Bow Wow, also known as Shad Moss, being fired from 106 & Park. Of course the show was cancelled a couple of months later, but this blog post had no truth to it. However, people of people's hatred toward Shad Moss, the blog received thousands of shares on twitter and Facebook. 

While these forms of getting attention on social media work, that is not stopping people from creating fake profiles just to irritate the masses. The term for what these people do is called trolling.

These profiles are usually obviously fake. On twitter the easiest ways to recognize them are through their profile pics that are still eggs or sometimes they put up a random picture that is definitely not them. Then they hop in others people mentions just to disagree or call them names. A bunch of those kind hopped in my mentions once because I said something about Lil Kim. 

On Facebook their tactic is to again create a weird profile.  One example is this fake KKK spammer in one of the groups I'm a part of. The person gets on just to say crazy amounts of racially driven nonsense. Everyone knows that the person is not a real KKK because he (or she) spelled it out and spelled it wrong in a post. 

Another example of trolling is this Instagram profile person that claimed he was the murder of an up-and-coming rapper that was killed this past weekend. While there was nothing funny about the confession, it caused people to pay attention to that person. It also caused them to report what they were seeing to police and several blogs to write about it. Whoever is over that account is not the killer, but the person got what they wanted. That is attention. 

There is art in writing about the lives of others and fiction is also a powerful form of art. However, is there art in trolling the masses? There surely is attention there. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Raven-Symone Says Harriet Tubman Should Not Be On The $20 Bill

Do you think Harriet Tubman should be a great choice for the $20 bill or should it be a woman more recent in history? Think about it. Harriet Tubman represented escaping from slavery. She risked her life many times help others become free from slavery. However, we are all slaves to the money. Everything down to the water we drink has a dollar amount on it. Yet even though we are slaves to money, money also represents power. By putting her or any other Black woman on the bill it gives us more power and credibility. 

Really the only bill I would want Harriet Tubman on is a collectible. Her face on the bill is too much of a historical moment for us to see it and then easily give it away for $20 worth of food. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Love of A Significant Other Vs. The Blogging Life

Does the perfect family life equal keeping all of yourself away from any kind of spotlight? I once watched this movie that ended with a girl making a choice between her online blog and living her life happily ever after.

The movie starts with her starting up a blog in an attempt to document her life. What she consistently writes about is her sex life. She reveals everything. She reveals her family issues, the men her mom deals with, and the men she's hooking up with. She spills out every detail of what is occurring in her life. What she does leave out is everyone's real name. She changes the names of the men and their occupations. Towards the end of the movie she realizes she is pregnant with a man she has fallen for. The problem is he's married and wants her to have an abortion. She spills this out on her blog and also reveals that she spoke with a professor who convinced her that she needed to stop blogging. He said in order for her to live a normal life she needed to abandon her blog. The professor was actually the owner of a bakery but she listened to him. She didn't get the abortion. Instead she wrote one final blog post and disappeared. She didn't even reveal to her mother where she was going. The movie ends with her mom writing a post on her blog that begs anyone that is reading to help her find her daughter.

I can't remember the movie, but I can remember that it never gave us an insight on what happened after she quit blogging. Did she living happily ever after with the father of her child? The professor/bakery owner said hiding her life from the public was the only way to happiness. Did she live happily ever after as a single mom? What happened with her love life?

There's a never-ending trend with us women writers. As we spill bits and pieces of our lives onto platforms, many of us end up going to bed every night by ourselves. We're single and we struggle with getting into relationships. Some of us struggle with keeping a man in our lives if we haven't already known him for years. Then again, this could just be my life and a few other women I know.

I've always wanted to be a writer. As a kid, it really didn't matter what type of writing I did. However, at 28 I'm deeply in love with my very own website where I put my very own thoughts. It would be hard for me to give this up. I would hate the option of having to choose between a beautiful family or continuing to express myself on a public platform.

However, as a woman addicted to typing up those thoughts and pushing the publish button, would you give it up for your dream man?

(Video) Levina Lye ~ Acting Like That (#TheEmoQueen Remix)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#LHHATL Khadiyah Spanks Young Joc/ Remember The Players Club Scene?

First we find out that Young Joc sucks toes during foreplay and then Love & Hip Hop reveals that he is also into spankings.

It all started when Young Joc's 4th baby mama, Sina, was hell bent on proving to Khadiyah that he's a cheater. A foreplay video was handed to Khadiyah and she was pissed off. She was so pissed off that she decided to tie Joc to the bed, torture him with the video, and torture him some more with chocolate covered strawberries. It gets better. K was so angry she decided to spank Joc too.

Well after releasing all of that anger K seemed to be satisfied and oddly enough Joc seemed to be very turned on. He's such a nasty freak. There's a lesson in this. You can't make a freak feel bad about his actions. Your punishment will only turn him on more.

This all reminds me of the scene in Players Club where the police officer gets a spanking for not paying attention.

Kanye West Commencement Speech At The School of The Art Institute of Chicago

There's no doubt that Kanye West is an artist. Now he has a doctorate to back up what he's already proven. Thanks to Kanye I also have a new goal in mind. That goal is to one day have accomplished enough to where some school (maybe FAMU) decides to give me an honorary degree. Listen to his commencement speech below.

photo via Kim K.'s instagram

(Music) B Suave Count That Cash Featuring Yung Lo

Sometimes we women actually do it for the money. Bills have to get paid. New clothes have to be purchased. Food needs to be in our homes. Every now and then we need to give back to those that have helped us.

I'm not sure if that's what B Suave's Count That Cash featuring Yung Lo is about, but it is worthy of dancing to. Listen below.

Letoya Luckett~ Blessed (Freestyle)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Tamia Talks About Her Upcoming Album "Love Life" and Her Love Life

"Music sometimes is almost like acting. I think artists, we're very sensitive. If you start crying, I'm gonna start crying. I don't even know why. I'm just gonna start crying. So you could tell me a story and I can feel it in a way that I can really relate to it and sing about it even though I have no idea what it feels like to have gone through that."

Tamia visited the Breakfast Club to talk about her career, her love life, and her upcoming album titled Love Life. This will be her first album with Def Jam and the first two songs off the album, Sandwich and A Soda and Stuck With Me, are very sensual love songs.

Would You Be Flattered If Someone Pretended To Be You?

I once read this book, Why Can't I Be You by Allie Larkin, where this woman hated her life so much she pretended to be someone else upon people mistaking her for that person. She was out of town on a business trip when a woman thought she was an old high school friend that had come back in town for their reunion. For some reason the other people in the group thought the same, so she went along with the role. Eventually the truth was revealed in the book and she had to face the consequences of her actions.

This was just a fiction book, but the stealing of identities is real on social media. Taylor Wolfe, of The Daily Tay, just wrote a blog post on her latest experience. While the person uses a different name they stole her pictures, her hobbies, her hometown, and her birthday. In writing the blog post she jokes about having a twin in her hometown, but it's clear someone is catfishing others with her face. It's also clear that it bothers her a little. To top it off, it's not the first time someone has stolen her pictures and pretended to be her on social media. Taylor is having fun with this experience. She went as far as requesting the person that is pretending to be her. 

If you found out someone was using your pictures on social media and pretending to be you, how would you react? It would probably bother me. I'm selfish. There can only be one person who looks like me until I reproduce. I was kind of sad when I realized there was another person in the world named Lashuntrice.

P.S. The big photo represents the original me and the smaller one represents someone in the far away land of the internet using my face to represent them. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

(Music) Tamia~ Stuck With Me

Tamia is giving us classic love ballads. 

So far this year we've jammed to her song Sandwich and A Soda. The song made many of us want to give our man some good loving and fix him a snack afterward. Not all of us have been fortunate enough to get in that kitchen yet, but she's mentally preparing us for more. Tamia's newest song is called Stuck With Me and it's all about holding onto that perfect man once you get him. 

Listen to Stuck With Me below. 

We Should All Get LaLa Anthony's " The Power Playbook"

"Everyone has to figure out what their path is and that's what the book talks about. We all have the power to be great but most of us just don't know it and don't know how to access it and a lot of times with the people I've talked to, we let our circumstances like how we grew up, our family, the guys in our life, the girls in our life dictate where our life goes instead of finding our own power."

LaLa Anthony's book, The Power Playbook, is now available for all of us to read. She's currently making her rounds to promote it and one stop was The Breakfast Club. It's a great interview and the above quote really got to me. Check it out below. I have to get that book for motivation purposes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#LHHATL When Chocolate, A Tongue and Toes Meet

Reality television is a place for entrepreneurs to showcase their skills, so it would only be right for artists to show just how talented they are. While we are not sure what talents some of the new cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta have, we do know what Young Joc is good at. SEX!

This is Young Joc's second season on the show (I think) and he has proven to be good at sex. So far he has been seen having sexual relations with Karlie Redd, Khadiyah, and a fourth baby mama. Joc has four baby mamas so it would only be right to assume he's a freak, but television cameras couldn't leave it to our imaginations.

At one point during episode 3 of season 4 Young Joc was seen licking his fourth baby mama's toes. He put chocolate on her big toe before sticking it in his mouth.

You probably expect me to be like, "Eww, that's disgusting," but nope. Instead I'm making that a bucket list goal. I buy the chocolate and some guy (maybe my dream man) has some fun with his tongue.

BTW: If you're a man and into toe licking, make sure you're focusing your skills on only one woman. Its nasty if you're sticking a whole bunch of random women feet in your mouth.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Kim Kardashian Promotes Her New Book "Selfish" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sometimes in life you just have to be selfish. At least that is one huge lesson we can all learn from Kim Karashian West. The paparazzi loves Kim K., we love her photos, and in her new book she's showing us that she loves herself too.

Recently Kim K. went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her book, which is appropriately titled Selfish. Selfish is a book with all pictures of her. This means if you love her a whole lot, you won't have to google because she's given somewhere around 350 photos for you to look at as many times as you want throughout your day.

However, during her interview Kim did say she does something that all of us women could learn from. She looks back at her own photos just to see how beautiful she actually is. I've done this before and it actually works. It sounds shallow, but you have to figure out ways to admire yourself more than you admire anyone else. Will you be purchasing Selfish?

(Music Video) 4th Street by Sevyn Streeter

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jamie Foxx's Version of National Anthem At Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight

There are some things you miss when you choose to watch a popular boxing match featuring the leading man of the money team via social media. One of those would be a new spin on the national anthem. 

Before the 30 minute fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao began, Jamie Foxx sang the national anthem. After the fight many of us were on social media deciding whether or not Floyd deserved to win. He did, but Manny also saw himself as a winner before he realized the judges didn't. Actually Manny may still think of himself as a winner despite the results, which shows lots of confidence. They were both winners because they walked away with hundreds of millions of dollars to add to their already wealthy lifestyles. 

While they were celebrating Jamie Foxx was also celebrating his moment of singing the national anthem. His version wasn't what we were used to seeing. He put a magic touch that only he could and made the song very soulful. Obviously knowing what his vocal skills are cable of, Jamie did not try to hit any real high notes. He kept it smooth. 

Not everyone liked Jamie's version of the national anthem. Some people, including Lil Mo, responded negatively after he was finished. Since joining reality television, Lil Mo has become a queen of throwing shade at any and everyone she feels deserves it. 
Did you agree with the negative responses to his version or do you think Jamie Foxx did good? 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Why Cornel West And Al Sharpton Are Two of A Kind

When there are issues in the Black community that make the news there are two people we always expect to see. Of course they are Cornel West and Al Sharpton.

Cornel West is essentially the NeNe Leakes of Black politics. He's known as a powerful man worthy of our history books, a huge attention seeker because he's always where cameras are, and he clearly chooses his friends wisely. Cornel has a "you can't sit with us" personality. If you respect Barack Obama in any way, he probably won't like you. He'll let you and everyone else in the world know how much he doesn't like you too. Did I mention he likes to be on every scene and show exactly how he feels? There's a picture from last year somewhere in this world wide web of him looking like he's about to go to war with the police in Ferguson.

Then there is Al Sharpton. Al is the quiet version of Cornel. He has this odd, yet still slightly pimped out look. His suits say business, but his hair says he gets crazy behind closed doors. Al shows up for all the cameras too, but he does it in a politically correct way. Recently he sat down with the mayor of Baltimore and discussed a solution to the issues the city is having. Think about that. While everyone was marching, he was sitting down with the mayor and having a conversation. Al did try to show his wild side recently when Fox news cameras were trying to harass the mayor with more questions.
After studying these two individuals, I've come to the conclusion that they are the same. They've been in the game a long time, they think the same, and they follow some of the same methods to approach racial issues. You know how you have some qualities about yourself that you love and some that you absolutely hate. Well, they don't like each other and it's probably because of those qualities of themselves they see in each other. Just think about how crunk Al got with that Fox reporter. It's a trait of himself that he probably doesn't like, but Cornel hasn't been as talkative since the Michael Eric Dyson thesis on him.

You know how fans combine names of couples to come up with one cute name to call them by. I wish I was creative enough to figure out how to make their two names into one. Can you see how Al Sharpton and Cornel West are the exact same or is it just me?

Photos from Facebook

Recently I was watching the R&B Divas LA reunion. All of those ladies on the show have the same cause but they can never get along. At the end of the first part of the reunion Stacy and Chrisette Michelle argue as Wendy Williams is ending the show. The following clip of Cornel and Al arguing from 2011 is the exact same way.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Brandy May Have Pawned Her Engagement Ring

Is there a such thing as giving an engagement ring back? While Brandy would not tell Wendy Williams what happened to her engagement ring once the wedding was called off, she did give hints that she may have made some money off of it. 

Wendy Williams seems like the type of woman who would give a man back that engagement ring or even a wedding ring, but everyone doesn't operate like that. Take notes from Brandy. We do not have to give the ring back. We can do whatever we want with it. I might actually keep it and wear it a little longer because jewelry is a girl's best friend. 

Oh, and after watching that interview we should all be in New York City to see Brandy star in Chicago. The performance on Wendy's show was amazing. 

Trina Braxton Is A Single Woman, Happy May 2015

There are some times we can celebrate a divorce and this is one of those times. Trina Braxton can finally mingle with all the sexy middle aged men, or be a cougar if she wants to go that route. Back in April her divorce from Gabe Solis was finalized.

All fans of Braxton Family Values are cheering. We watched her train wreck of a marriage go on for too long. They were married for over a decade, but by the time WETV cameras starting giving us a huge glimpse into their lives, it was obvious Trina was playing herself by staying with him. The man cheated on her more times than she could announce while cameras were rolling. Then to make matters worse, when she was going to divorce him the first time something happened and she gave them another chance.

Although their marriage is over and she can finally start having some real fun, we are still going to be able to see their disastrous divorce process when the new season of Braxton Family Values comes back this month.
Anyway, maybe this also means Trina can finally focus on getting an EP done or a really good album filled with at least 15 songs. We need the music. Since she doesn't have a song that would line up with this celebration, lets dance to the rapper Trina's hit song Single Again.