Monday, May 4, 2015

Kim Kardashian Promotes Her New Book "Selfish" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sometimes in life you just have to be selfish. At least that is one huge lesson we can all learn from Kim Karashian West. The paparazzi loves Kim K., we love her photos, and in her new book she's showing us that she loves herself too.

Recently Kim K. went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her book, which is appropriately titled Selfish. Selfish is a book with all pictures of her. This means if you love her a whole lot, you won't have to google because she's given somewhere around 350 photos for you to look at as many times as you want throughout your day.

However, during her interview Kim did say she does something that all of us women could learn from. She looks back at her own photos just to see how beautiful she actually is. I've done this before and it actually works. It sounds shallow, but you have to figure out ways to admire yourself more than you admire anyone else. Will you be purchasing Selfish?