Saturday, May 2, 2015

Why Cornel West And Al Sharpton Are Two of A Kind

When there are issues in the Black community that make the news there are two people we always expect to see. Of course they are Cornel West and Al Sharpton.

Cornel West is essentially the NeNe Leakes of Black politics. He's known as a powerful man worthy of our history books, a huge attention seeker because he's always where cameras are, and he clearly chooses his friends wisely. Cornel has a "you can't sit with us" personality. If you respect Barack Obama in any way, he probably won't like you. He'll let you and everyone else in the world know how much he doesn't like you too. Did I mention he likes to be on every scene and show exactly how he feels? There's a picture from last year somewhere in this world wide web of him looking like he's about to go to war with the police in Ferguson.

Then there is Al Sharpton. Al is the quiet version of Cornel. He has this odd, yet still slightly pimped out look. His suits say business, but his hair says he gets crazy behind closed doors. Al shows up for all the cameras too, but he does it in a politically correct way. Recently he sat down with the mayor of Baltimore and discussed a solution to the issues the city is having. Think about that. While everyone was marching, he was sitting down with the mayor and having a conversation. Al did try to show his wild side recently when Fox news cameras were trying to harass the mayor with more questions.
After studying these two individuals, I've come to the conclusion that they are the same. They've been in the game a long time, they think the same, and they follow some of the same methods to approach racial issues. You know how you have some qualities about yourself that you love and some that you absolutely hate. Well, they don't like each other and it's probably because of those qualities of themselves they see in each other. Just think about how crunk Al got with that Fox reporter. It's a trait of himself that he probably doesn't like, but Cornel hasn't been as talkative since the Michael Eric Dyson thesis on him.

You know how fans combine names of couples to come up with one cute name to call them by. I wish I was creative enough to figure out how to make their two names into one. Can you see how Al Sharpton and Cornel West are the exact same or is it just me?

Photos from Facebook

Recently I was watching the R&B Divas LA reunion. All of those ladies on the show have the same cause but they can never get along. At the end of the first part of the reunion Stacy and Chrisette Michelle argue as Wendy Williams is ending the show. The following clip of Cornel and Al arguing from 2011 is the exact same way.