Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#LHHATL When Chocolate, A Tongue and Toes Meet

Reality television is a place for entrepreneurs to showcase their skills, so it would only be right for artists to show just how talented they are. While we are not sure what talents some of the new cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta have, we do know what Young Joc is good at. SEX!

This is Young Joc's second season on the show (I think) and he has proven to be good at sex. So far he has been seen having sexual relations with Karlie Redd, Khadiyah, and a fourth baby mama. Joc has four baby mamas so it would only be right to assume he's a freak, but television cameras couldn't leave it to our imaginations.

At one point during episode 3 of season 4 Young Joc was seen licking his fourth baby mama's toes. He put chocolate on her big toe before sticking it in his mouth.

You probably expect me to be like, "Eww, that's disgusting," but nope. Instead I'm making that a bucket list goal. I buy the chocolate and some guy (maybe my dream man) has some fun with his tongue.

BTW: If you're a man and into toe licking, make sure you're focusing your skills on only one woman. Its nasty if you're sticking a whole bunch of random women feet in your mouth.