Sunday, May 24, 2015

Poltergeist Highlights Bad Parenting Skills of 2015

Poltergeist has really been remade, sort of. While still a remake, this one is a little different. We meet the Bowens, who are so desperate for housing that's practically free since they are unemployed that they don't ask any real questions about the house before moving in.

The children in the movie (Madison, Griffin, and Kendra) are very disrespectful toward their parents (Eric and Amy). The writer, David Lindsay-Abaire, also messes up a very important scene with changes made in the script. That scene messed up the whole movie actually because in the original movie there was an important meaning to it. You have to watch to find out what I'm talking about, but the lack of parenting was very apparent.

Maybe it was because both parents were unemployed. Their unemployment did lead them to buy a house built on top of a gravesite and get sold for pennies. They also ignored several weird occurrences that happened to their children.

Don't Talk To Strangers. Whatever happened to staying as far away from strangers as possible? I'm guessing Eric and Amy did not teach their children that lesson. Within the first part of the movie Madison is communicating with the poltergeist and Griffin is attempting to communicate.

Madison who should be named Carol Ann started talking to the closet on her first day there. Both parents ignored the fact that Griffin could sense something was wrong, but they should have caught on to their daughter having full on conversations with a closet that wouldn't open.

If having conversations with a closed door wasn't enough Madison also talked to the television. The only person that caught her conversation was her brother Griffin, but everyone else shook off the weirdness and moved on until the next occurrence. Why did they act as if that had not just happened?

Griffin was put in the attic. They gave their kid son the attic as a room. It had a window opening and a scary tree hovering over it. There was also a weird clown hidden in the attic. The clown practically moved on it's on, which is how Griffin initially noticed it. It wanted to be found. However, upon checking the father (Eric) found a way to rationalize a strange clown being up there. Then to make it crazier he didn't bother to get rid of the scary clown doll. He left it on the dresser. The Hell kind of parenting is that?

Kendra wasn't really a problem or even played an important role. Kendra was the oldest child and while she experienced the poltergeist, they weren't worried about her at all. She was disrespectful but no one really cared. She was simply the oldest child and she might as well have not existed until the next moment she needed a new material possession.

However, Erica and Amy had one part of parenting correct. They knew they could not tell the police that the house kidnapped their child. They knew they would be arrested.

Oh, and just in case you are thinking about watching the movie, this is not even close to the 1982 version. Don't expect greatness while watching.