Friday, December 25, 2015

Eric Bellinger~ Dabbin On Christmas EP

Merry Christmas

Photo by Lashuntrice (courtesy of the LG 4)
Sometimes when your family didn't decorate and you didn't put up a ton of Christmas decorations, the best thing to do is find a pretty yard in front of a stranger's house and snap a photo.

Merry Christmas from Searching For My Star, the place where the real world and our imaginations are allowed to meet.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's Cuffing Season And Men On Instagram Are Claiming Our Attention

Some of us are lucky enough to have a man all year round, some get a man just for the winter months, and then the rest of us stalk follow Instagram pages of really cute men.

These aren't your regular men. These are the "finest" of Instagram men (as an XO Nicole article about 26 sexy men on IG put it). While they may have books, clothing, or advice they are trying to sale us they are not getting followers based on their intelligence.

See I'm all about the cuffing-all-year-round love, but I suck at keeping a man around. At least I suck at keeping the man that I want around, which is where the IG men come in. It's nice to see a little eye candy when you get a lonely as a girl like me.

Have you been stalking following these men too?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Trina Has The 2016 Anthem For Fuck Boys

"Can't believe I let you waste all my time. Now this fuck boy on my voicemail crying."

Earlier today while scrolling through Facebook I noticed a status where a guy was saying there are no song anthems for men. There are timeless classics that elevate the confidence is us women. However, songs meant to elevate good men are hard to find. Well, Trina's new song Fuck Boy is on the level of timeless anthems, but it's not for the good men either.

Fuck Boy is an anthem for all the lame dudes. Listen below.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Looking For That Christmas Spirit

Adulthood responsibilities have killed that joyous feeling I used to have when Christmas came around. Part of it might be that fact that I'm well into adulthood, no man to buy any gifts for, and I have no children of my own to spoil. Either way Christmas time isn't as special as it used to be. How does a person like me get into the holiday spirit? 

Pictures are a start. Although I have a beautiful camera meant for taking nice photos, the camera on the phone is always better for taking selfies. So I pratcially ran my phone battery down during the weekend taking festive looking selfies. Even if the selfies haven't quite helped my mental preparation for the holiday, the pictures of myself look cute. 

Self-Gifting ideas also popped into my head recently. Okay, this is a time of giving to others, but I'm addicted to giving to myself. Lately I want to feel more alive and free. The receptiveness gets to me. The last time I remember feeling totally free was when I was a kid. So my self gifting ideas have been some skates, a hula hoop, and some braids. I would add a bicycle to that list, but my adult brain won't allow me to spend too much. 

And lastly a break is on my mind. Christmas of 2015 is actually offering me a three day weekend which I plan to take full advantage of. I don't know how I'll take advantage of it, but it will happen.

Are you all struggling with celebrating Christmas this year? 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Don't Let Go (Poem) #womanmanifested

Soon I'm going to start promoting my upcoming book Woman Manifested. Until then, I'm giving you some new poetry that is not located in it.

Don't Let Go

Hold me tight
Ooh your arms are strong
Stop playing
And don’t let go
From the beginning you said you wanted this
Fed me fantasies about lovemaking
How your stroke would be my sexual perfection
And your tongue game would keep me yearning for more
You were right when you said your dick was A1
But now that I’m hooked you can’t just run
See we started something special
No movie or restaurant dates to recollect
We agreed that it would be just about sex
And no condoms used
It only made our spiritual connection that much stronger
Did I tell you I’m not on birth controls pills?
Yeah, with you I’m taking that risk
So start acting like you care
Cause I’m not just another one of your hoes
And I’m not ready for this to end 
by Lashuntrice 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Willy Wonka (Poem)

I’m crazy
Call me Willy Wonka
Cause I want your chocolate body
White chocolate, Light chocolate, Sweet chocolate, Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, Pure chocolate
Just staring at you
I want all 50 shades of your chocolate 
Just you and me
Just me and you
Just the two of us
Imagine where we could be
Laid up somewhere in Jamaica
Getting our groove on
Or running wild through the city of love
Or even chilling in paradise
Imagine enjoying the beauty of Hawaii
While we explore each other’s minds
You gotta learn your man while you earn your man
So I’ll never get tired of you
Let’s elope in Vegas
It’s never too early to start a lifetime of romance
Why don’t we fall in love
Like that Amerie song
Come with me, tomorrow's not promised
by Lashuntrice 

Dealing With The Risks of Freedom of Speech on Social Media

Social media is a weird place. Social media consists of several different platforms designed for us to say whatever we want. It allows us to have this freedom of speech, but of course that freedom comes with a price. Because we are all unique individuals, we do not always agree with the people we are connected to online. The following is an example.

Recently a racist commenter decided to leave their opinion under a blogger’s Facebook status. Everyone gets weird comments from time to time, but this particular blogger could not handle what the other person said. She spent the rest of her day updating statuses around this random racist white man.

 In the midst of expressing her anger on her page, she found time to contact the human resources manager at the company the person works for. She did screen shots of that person’s comments and sent them over. She then did a screen shot of how the hr person responded and posted it to her Facebook page. Apparently the company must have been huge, because the reply of the hr person involved researching the person on Linkedin to see if they really worked there. We were not informed what happened to the person’s job after that, but one thing was apparent.

Whether the comment is on the lines of racism or it is just someone disagreeing, we can’t really express ourselves the way we want. Expressing ourselves online now comes with the risk of being verbally attacked by one or several people, getting in trouble with our employers, and even potentially losing our jobs if what we say sounds offensive.

Even without employment being a problem we are trying to appease family members, friends, and make new acquaintances online. This means we are tiptoeing around everyone’s feelings as we attempt to express ourselves on our own personal pages and be social on other people’s pages.

I don’t know about you, but this can become stressful for me. How am I supposed to write about my love for R. Kelly without worrying about someone reminding me of the horrible things he’s done? How am I supposed to hop in the comments section of a person’s status about Nicki Minaj being there for her brother without someone else verbally assaulting me for agreeing with Nicki?

My history on Facebook goes back to 2006. Since then I've deleted photos and status updates based on fear of not being hired by a good corporation. Since around 2013 I've become more careful of my posts for fear of someone trying to get me fired from my job because I disagreed with them. The above is one of many occurrences I've seen where people find out where a person works. I've also had to change how I approached Facebook and other social media pages because I have family members watching my every move online. 

Have you been doing this too? Is your approach to social media forever changing because of the people you're connecting with? 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Quit Looking (Poem)

Inspired by Eric Bellinger's Quit Looking. These are the words of a single woman that's playing the game the way its been given to her. 

You can quit looking
Cause I’m the one for you
You can quit looking right now
I don’t like begging
So I’ll only say it a few more times
Either you’re the one for me
Or you should’ve never done this to me
Stayed in my life
Throwing compliments my way
You liked my smile
You said you liked my style
One conversation, two
Talking could only lead to one thing
I knew it from the beginning
Sex was on your mind
You’re so fine
You knew I’d give my body to you
And I’d love to give my mind too
But you playing too many games
Lose her
I’m cuter
Then again
Fuck It
You can move on
I’ll hide my emotions
Until the next man
Maybe he’ll be the right one

And I’ll make him mines

There are more poems coming. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Legless Model, Deaf/Blind Lawyer, and Armless Pilot Are Not Your Life Stories

Once upon a time I saw a Lifetime movie about a quadriplegic (someone paralyzed from the neck down) woman that graduated from Harvard. The movie went though her journey to succeed. It showed her learning all the lessons everyone else would learn through grade school and then making it to college. Her mother was her teacher and really the student. Then it showed her mother putting in  a whole lot of work to get her to each of those expensive Harvard classes. In the movie she and her mother worked so hard that she ended up getting her master degree. The movie, The Brooke Ellison Story, was unbelievable and funny at times until the end where we were informed that it was based on a true story.

Yes, there's a quadriplegic woman named Brooke Ellison who strived for so much success Harvard gave her an honorary doctorate. Does this make you believe that your goals are that much easier to accomplish with hard work? Me either, but they are interesting to hear about.

Apparently stories like Brooke's are supposed to make us dream a little bigger because every once in a while a blog tosses them out at us. The first unbelievable true life story that I can remember reading about this year was the model with no legs.
Her name is Kanya Sesser. Her biography reads that she models lingerie and she likes to surf despite having no legs. A Huffington Post article also mentioned her being an athlete. Sounds crazy, right? Some of us don't even think about modeling because we're told we are too short. Plus the older I get the less comfortable heels are. However, this woman Kanya has no legs and she's unstoppable.
Then recently there was news of a deaf blind woman who received her law degree from Harvard. Haven Girma is actually the first deaf blind graduate of Harvard law school. Her background story is a little more inspiring than the previous. She comes from a family who struggled getting education because of disabilities, but then she came to the United States and took advantage of programs many of us don't think of that much.
via XONecole

If those aren't enough for us, XONecole just published a blog post about the armless pilot. Her name is Jessica Cox and she has learned to do everything with her feet. Really she applies makeup, eats food, drives a car, and flies airplanes with her feet.

After reading all these the younger me would be falling out with a huge headache trying to figure out how I can achieve my dreams if these women are doing what they want. The 29 year old me knows better. I've learned their stories are not mine. I have to do my success path according to what works for me, not what worked for a woman with a totally different goal.