Sunday, December 13, 2015

Don't Let Go (Poem) #womanmanifested

Soon I'm going to start promoting my upcoming book Woman Manifested. Until then, I'm giving you some new poetry that is not located in it.

Don't Let Go

Hold me tight
Ooh your arms are strong
Stop playing
And don’t let go
From the beginning you said you wanted this
Fed me fantasies about lovemaking
How your stroke would be my sexual perfection
And your tongue game would keep me yearning for more
You were right when you said your dick was A1
But now that I’m hooked you can’t just run
See we started something special
No movie or restaurant dates to recollect
We agreed that it would be just about sex
And no condoms used
It only made our spiritual connection that much stronger
Did I tell you I’m not on birth controls pills?
Yeah, with you I’m taking that risk
So start acting like you care
Cause I’m not just another one of your hoes
And I’m not ready for this to end 
by Lashuntrice 

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