Thursday, October 31, 2013

@Plies Faithful Official Music Video

"Yo' pussy so good I wanna put a alarm on it. Like baby food I wanna put my tongue on it." Plies is funny. Check out the music video for his song "Faithful" featuring Rico Love below.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Balancing Responsibility and Memorable Moments (Happy Birthday To Me)

I don't want more responsibility. I want more memorable moments.

Have you ever noticed the older you get the more responsibilities you seem to have? As kids we think all we need is to grow up and have money. Money will help us explore what is beyond the obvious. Money allows us to eat and sleep comfortably. Money helps us fulfill our dreams.

I thought all I needed was money to start making my dreams a reality. It's not that easy. Money comes with compromises. Well, the compromises are different depending on where you work. Actually, the compromises are different depending on how many bills you have. While jobs can change, bills don't stop. There will always be a energy bill, water bill, cable bill, car bill, rent or mortgage.

I haven't been the most independent person. I haven't been able to afford all of the responsibility. If I would have started paying back student loans after college, I would still be living with my parents til this very day. I don't pay a car note or car insurance. A car note alone would kill my food expenses for the whole month. However, eventually new job or not the car insurance responsibility is going to fall into my hands and I will have to deal. But I don't want the responsibility. Who does?

There is one huge thing no one ever tells you about responsibilities that you should know. The more you get the more overwhelming it becomes and there is nothing you can do except deal with it. I'm dealing, but I'm also not ignoring the woman that I've grown to become. I'm a woman who stresses a lot but always accomplishes in the end, a woman who actually appreciates the alone time even if it is almost all the time, and a woman who loves to spoil herself. Because of my love of making myself feel good, my credit card has been charged up high.

Let me tell you how my credit card has now landed on this continual cycle of high charges each year. Outside of normal bills, food, and gas I charge everything else on my credit card. That is oil changes and state inspections, shopping trips (I go once every 4 months), hair appointments (that hasn't happened in months), and vacations (that's a once a year trip for now). Also, in the last few months when my energy bills rose to out-of-control prices, I used my credit card for all food purchases. Do you get it now?

I can't stop the responsibilities from coming. I actually want more. One day there will be a husband and possibly a kid in the picture. However, I can take better control of memorable moments. I've tried my best to capture as much of my struggle as possible (can't talk about work) on this blog. From now on the struggle is about to get even more real. You're about to see a woman juggle more than she can bare while having new adventures that keep a smile on her face. It's my 27th birthday. I'm about to go enjoy it. The following is explicit and was written last year. You're warned.

All I want is a big dick nigga who will still his big dick in me. 
But first he'll lick my pussy, stick his tongue all the way in it
Til its good and wet 
And before I realize it I'll beg for him to slide between my legs 
And if he plays hard to get I'll grab his head and rub it like a genie in a bottle
While guiding it to its rightful place. 
Then he'll take over
Put me in total lust 
As our bodies fall in sync I'll leave scratches on his back
Make the walls echo with our pleasure
This is about more than oral sex
And it'll be the best birthday present ever.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Amina Buddafly Can Sing + Reality Show Reviews

Amina can really sing.

Did you watch the new season of Love and Hip Hop NY? If you did then you saw some new faces. Those are legendary rapper Peter Gunz and singer Amina Buddafly. You can read about their twisted love story that involves the oblivious baby mama at I Can Repeat It. I wrote that. I also wrote another piece on Chrissy and Mr. Jones. Although their show is boring, they did have a new cute guest for this season. Read about that over at I Can Repeat It too.

Back to Amina. This woman can really sing. Here's a little background on her. She is of Senegalese and German descent. Her family is originally from Germany. They moved to the United States and she and her sisters formed a music group called Black Buddafly. In 2006 the family tried to shop around a reality television show about their journey to a new country, but no one picked it up. At that time it was hard to get on television. Check out the Kardashian story if you don't understand why. Although Black Buddafly is rather underground they did manage to make a hit song "Bad Girl," featuring Fabulous. Oh, and they can really sing. Check Amina, her sisters, and a friend of theirs covering 90's R&B group For Real's song "You Don't Know Nothing." Amina is the one with the heart tattoo.

I hope she does like K. Michelle and uses reality television to her advantage. 

The Kind of Man Lashuntrice Likes (Inspired By Another Blogger)

The hardworking blogger, Lajanee, over at I Can Repeat It took some time out recently to tell us what kind of man she is attracted to. Morris Chestnut's fine body was used as an example. She likes her men, tall, chocolate, and skinny. Her bravery to open up to everyone has inspired me to reveal the kind of man that turns me on.

I have a confession to make. I like a tall man too. Really, they are all taller than me, but the short ones don't really entice me. A short one has to have a real special personality to keep my attention. It's that man standing at 6 feet and taller that grabs my attention, but he can't just have height.

I love a man that is in shape too. You know those men that stay in shape. You can tell the guy goes to the gym often and even quite possibly monitors his eating habits. I'm not talking about the real skinny men. The ones that look like sticks are not attractive at all. It's the ones that have the sex packs and eight packs that I just want to lay my hands and head on. 90% of the time they can only be found in movies, on television, and some sports team.

I did meet a man that fit the physical description perfectly. He was a guy I first saw in elementary and bravely met up with after moving back to Houston a couple years ago. He was tall, dark, handsome, and in shape. Although he didn't have a college degree, he was still in college at the time. Then a couple months later he dropped out. It was all good though. His body was nice enough for me to entertain. I just wanted someone to be close to, but he was a slacker at that. Instead of actually meeting up, he liked to request pictures of me.

See, I like a kinky man so the idea of pictures was enticing. You already know I sent some. He did send me a few one time by surprise. I just wish we would have been able to see more of each other. He drove to me twice, but then claimed his car stopped working. He wanted me to come to him instead, but I never did. However, I jumping ahead.

I like my man a little rough. You know Tupac with a college degree. He's educated, but still knows how to fight for his woman when the need is there. I felt like with a little motivation this one had it in him. Could he fight? With a background in football, I made the assumption that he could. He was a weed smoker too, so I knew he wasn't one of the good dudes. Although I knew he wasn't the best, I couldn't figure out how bad he was.

I like my man a little mysterious. This one was mysterious. I remember asking him about a job once and he said he was hustling. I figured hustling either meant he was unemployed or selling drugs. Selling drugs seemed like a better option in my mind, but really he was probably just jobless. I knew he lived with his parents still.

Oh, and I like my man unavailable. That's a quality most of the men I've been interested have. They've all been nice guys that weren't looking for relationships. Most men are always looking for sex, so the end result has come to this. I'm still single. Most of the men I've given chances haven't been tall, handsome, and in shape. Maybe I need to stick more to that.

I forgot one thing. I like my man smart as Hell. There are some stupid men out here, but the smart ones often stand out. The man for me may not fit this crazy description all the way, but he'll be mines and that is what counts.

Sears Optical Department Wants To Satisfy More Than Your Vision

Women if you're looking for pleasure, Sears might be the new place to go. They have a new item in stock over in the eye department and it doesn't help you see better. This item does substitute for the lack of a man in your life. It's a Tantus Silk Medium Dildo.

Yes, that's right. The online department of Sears has dildos in stock. This is in the optical section too right in the medial of a bunch of different contact lenses. They are selling nice pink dildos. I wonder if this is a mistake. It seems purposely done. There is even a description of the item on sale. 

"The Silk medium size dildo is the perfect choice for when you are ready for a little bit more then a Beginning size sex toy. Silk Medium is 1 1/4" x 5 1/2" and is sensually curved with a smooth shaft that will glide in perfectly. The Silk medium is perfectly safe to use as an anal dilator. This is one toy design that will become a fast favorite. Very easy to clean, you can boil it, bleach it in a 10% solution, put it on the top shelf of your dishwasher or use your favorite antibacterial sex toy cleaner."-- Via Sears

Would you shop at Sears for dildos? Actually, do you remember the last time you even went to a Sears store? I wouldn't have noticed this if it wasn't for twitter. Just in case it is removed tomorrow I took a screenshot of the page. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

When Stressed Out And Networking..

When life keeps testing how much craziness you can bare and you're trying to put yourself out there as a superstar, the most amazing thing happens. You confess to the world who you are.

That's right. You tell it all. You open all the way up. You reveal your sleeping problems, the dreams that keep waking up up at all times, your career struggles, how your family is trying to drive you to suicide, your childhood dramas with emotional bullying, and how you feel alone 99% of the time. WAIT! It's not just how you feel alone. You reveal how you tend make memorable moments with no one there to share in the experiences 90% of the time. You are alone. You're meeting strangers and you are telling it all in an attempt to better who you are, where you're at, and what your future will look like.

When you're stressed out and networking, you tend to be the most transparent person in the world. At least that is what I'm imagining myself to be. Sometimes I don't feel so transparent. Sometimes when going places, I just wanted to stand against a wall and listen to everyone else because I'm so tired from lack of actual rest. Someone can see it. How do I know? Two years ago I went to this National Black Book Festival. Upon meeting this one author I just wanted to buy his book and move along. The title seemed interesting. Something I said grabbed his attention though and he wanted to get to know more about me. Actually several authors did and they gave me the names of several different publishing companies. That was my first time hearing about Authorhouse, which is one of the best for self publishing I've seen. I'm going to use it one day.

Actually, you don't just have to be stressed while networking. You can also be stressed and successful. Over the summer Necole Bitchie stepped onto this stage with a group of other bloggers. I was there in the audience. Upon talking, she confessed about being stressed, struggles lawsuits, finding out about unpaid taxes from the IRS, doing it all on her own with some help from a few others, and not wanting to add too many people to her team. She loves what she does. As stressful as being a blogger is, Necole loves what she does. At least that's what I received from her clearly stress-filled conversation.

Hey, what do you think? Do you confess more when you're trying to meet new people? Do you put a filter on what you say? Then again, we live in a world where people have meet-ups off of twitter. There is no such thing as a filter anymore.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Different Sides of The Story (Sunday Reflections) #27confessions

While TLC's "Crazy Sexy Cool" biopic is still fresh in our minds, people keep stepping up to voice their opinions. The latest complaint came from Raina "ReignDrop" Lopes. While she admitted that Lil Mama did a great job playing Left Eye, she is not happy about Left Eye's portrayal in the movie. She says the family wasn't even invited to add their input into what kind of person she was. That's odd since  Chilli and T-Boz were able to add their own input. Watch the video below.

So it's been a week and we have several sides of the story. There's TLC (T-Boz and Chilli), Pebble's (Perri Reid) side which is soon to come, Crystal Selene Jones side which will be published in a book, and now ReignDrop's (Left Eye's little sister) side of the story. None of them have seen it the same way. This is life. 

Life is all about each and everyone person's perception of how things are going. None of us ever see it in the same way. Some of us every now in then have to have similar views, which makes living much more refreshing. However, we all have stories to tell and sometimes our stories don't align with each other's. 

I just hope that the day I tell my story there won't be a huge storm of people displeased with my words. It'll be my story and all of it won't be pretty. There will be gorgeous moments, but overall it'll be a story filled with my life experiences. It'll have ups, downs, and moments where of pure loneliness. It'll have the long road to getting somewhere, anywhere that I can peacefully live with who I am. I just hope that when I tell it, people will calmly listen. Then you'll also be able to tell your story in your own way. Just don't argue with mines. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

TLC Meant To Be Music Video

TLC has music video to their new song "Meant To Be," which also happens to be the only song on their album "20." Being a huge fan, I did buy the album and it features all of your favorite TLC classics. I miss that kind of music. I first saw the video on MrLDavis and had to share it with you. This is definitely another classic to add to their classic, because within life everyone has something special that they are meant to be. 

Breaking Down Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta's Relationship

My latest writing obsession is on topics that come from the show Preachers of LA.

The first blog post I wrote centered around Deitrick Haddon and his woman. He made that controversial statement about shacking up not being in the bible. You can read about it at Is Shacking In The Bible + Preachers of LA Receives Mixed Reviews. Truthfully, the bible promotes two people who love each other becoming one. It doesn't say have a big fancy wedding with all the people "oohing" and "ahh-ing" at you before you can move into the comfortable house and produce a cute family.

This week I decided to explore the life of Bishop Noel Jones. He is an old man with the heart of a little boy who just wants to make money and play with his toys. His age is quite possibly what makes his actions funny. Wait, I can't give it all away here. Read about the Bishop and his love, or friendly, life at Preachers of LA Review- Bishop Noel and His 'Friend' Loretta. Also check out other celebrity entertainment over at

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#CrazySexyCool, The Problem With Telling Your Side...

Of The Story...days ago TLC's movie Crazy Sexy Cool movie premiered on Vh1 with 4.9 million viewers tuning in.

It was a huge success for the network. The movie was great, the casting was excellent, and it took everyone down memory lane. TLC was a music group that influenced a lot of our lives. In fact I didn't realize until the movie that I knew the words to every song mentioned. As much as the movie influenced a lot of people, it also pissed people off. See we saw the faces of Drew Sidora, KeKe Palmer, and Lil Mama as they played T-Boz, Chilli, and Left Eye. If Left Eye was alive, she'd be proud of her role in the movie. The others were definitely happy. However, the people that ended up mad were Pebbles and Crystal Selene Jones.

Both Pebbles and Crystal Selene Jones are currently rumored to be seeking legal counsel. Well, Pebbles has tweeted about it. They are both mad because they think they were portrayed horribly in the movie. You watched. Pebbles was a hardcore manager that gave them $25 weekly food allowances, toy cars instead of money, and constantly tried to hide their contracts from them. As messed up as it sounds, we already knew 90's music labels were super hardcore. Too many artists back then came up broke after selling millions of albums. They told their stories. It's written in history books. However, Pebbles can't handle seeing it for herself because it makes her look bad. How she looks shouldn't matter though.

This is where the problem with telling your side of the story kicks in. Someone will always be mad when you tell your truth. This was the TLC story. It was their experiences starting 20 years ago when they followed their dreams and became legends. It was their story that aired Monday night. It was not the Pebbles story. If she wants a movie about her own life, she can do it her way. Someone needs to tell Pebbles that even if the movie was inaccurate, trying to sue TLC will make her look even more money hungry than the movie did.

Why can't we just tell our stories with no repercussions? Sometimes you just have to release those thoughts that have been bothering you for so long. If I want to write about the jackass that wanted sex, but didn't want to take me on at least a date in exchange then it's my choice. He shouldn't feel the need to get mad because I'm telling my truth. If I want to talk about the people who made me feel awkward as a kid, I should be able to. It was my feeling and they can't argue how I felt. We should be able to tell our stories freely, but that is not always the case.

Crystal Selene Jones is rumored to be getting ready for a lawsuit against the group also. She really shouldn't do it. Many of us had never heard of her before this movie. She should use the platform to show the world she can really sing. There is nothing of her on youtube or google. Maybe she can come out with her own movie "Almost Had It, The Crystal Selene Story: How A Woman Went From Auditioning For Pebbles to Just Another Face In The Crowd." Instead she is being petty.

One day we'll be able to tell our stories freely without anyone stepping in to complain. Today is not that day.

Breakfast Can Wait (My Version)

From Prince's Video for "Breakfast Can Wait" 
Breakfast can wait. No eggs, sausage, or pancakes. I need to know that I have your attention in a different way. Do see what I have on? This extra long shirt, for you I'm wearing it as a dress. It was your advice. You said it would look nice, so I copied your style. You said you need your woman to look good, speak proper, and have no baby daddies on her trail. You said you don't like women from the hood, so I'm pretending I was raised in an upper class neighborhood. So do you like what you see? Do you like me?

Lunch will be pushed back a little longer. Hold the sandwich, the chicken wings can wait, and no sipping of wine in the mean time. I need to figure out your mind. Have you seen my face? This bright red lipstick is meant to hold your attention. I'm trying to make sure you hear the words that are coming out of my mouth. I've been docile, following your every command. I've listened. You've said you want a woman that respects you, a woman that listens, hears your hopes and dreams. I heard you when you said you wanted to be a rapper, even listened to you freestyle those lyrics, and then you changed it up, decided you'd be better off as an actor. That's where the real money is. Even if you don't have the talent, I've made the decision to support you til the end.

Dinner may never come. There are more important topics than food, like will you support me too? Even if I quit my job to paint beautiful pictures in the form of words. They say there's no money in the writing game. Or what if I run off and join the circus. I need you to follow me hand in hand. Don't act surprised when it happens. I'm crazy man, but that's what you like. You say you're not looking for the good girl to make your wife. She's boring. She's annoying. I can give you excitement, make your life just right.

Finally my eyes are open. I think about you all night long. I just need to know how much you think about me too?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Crazy Sexy Cool Movie (Vh1 Movie Premiere)

Lately the iconic singing group TLC has been on everyone's mind for many reasons. The number one reason is the movie, Crazy Sexy Cool, which airs tonight on Vh1. Along with the movie has been a lot of controversial talk. It started with the casting.

The show will feature Keke Palmer as Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas, Drew Sidora as Tionne "T-Boz Watkins, and Lil Mama as Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez." When initially announced people questioned the casting. Everyone wondered if these young ladies were capable of pulling off the roles. However, they are proving themselves tonight. Along with the casting, there has been other drama starting with TLC's former manager, Pebbles. 

According to several websites Pebbles is disappointed with her role in the movie. According to T-Boz and Chilli, Pebbles was the reason they became famous and also the reason the ended up bankrupt. We'll see the exact story unfold in Crazy Sexy Cool.

Other drama involves a woman no one ever knew about. Her name is Crystal Selene and she claims she was the originator of the group. Her story is she advertised to put the group together and found T-Boz and Left Eye. After being signed and put under Pebbles, she was replaced by Chilli. So technically this Crystal Selene woman was around and dismissed before anyone knew of the group. Even though she isn't really that relevant to the story, she is writing her own tell-all book. Will you buy it? 

All drama aside, TLC was an iconic group that gave me confidence through my awkward times of growing up. Their songs helped me to be more comfortable with my sexuality during times when I was told I was too young to feel anything. They helped me feel the need to be respected with songs like "No Scrubs." They taught me womanhood before I knew what being a woman was all about. With all that said, I can't wait to watch Crazy Sexy Cool. Will you be tuning into Vh1 tonight also? 

New Poem, Out of It, Featured On Slaiir Zone

Click the link and check out my new poem, Out Of It, on Slaiir Zone. Thanks a lot for the support. I appreciate it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Do Your Dreams Tell You?

In the intersection of two busy highways there is a nice shopping plaza. In the plaza there are several different shopping stores. Some are very affordable and others are designed for the financial set people. Just in case people in the area get hungry or want to be entertained, there are several restaurants and a movie theater. For visitors to the city there is also a nice hotel in the center of all of this. The hotel has an area big enough for the kids to play and for people to rent out space and showcase their talents on special days. This is nice community located right off of two combining highways. However, there is more.

In the back of all of this are new luxury lofts that are for rent. The building these lofts are held in sparkles with richness. The entrance is tempting to go in. However, I hold back. The prices of the living space is tempting to know, but I stop myself. I'm dreaming. Here, today, right now, I can't afford to be in a place like that surrounded by an area like that. It's really nice, but my bank account mirrors the average American citizens living in okay conditions just to make it paycheck to paycheck. It should be okay, shouldn't it? However, this is not.

As I try to make it day to day, some nights these dreams haunt me. They come in different forms. Some involve me giving birth to a child I couldn't have been pregnant with. How did it happen? Who did it happen with? Some involve me waking up one day and all of a sudden having custody of a child I didn't remember adopting. There are others with me trying to climb this huge mountain, but being pulled back down by people in my past and present. I could go on and on, but the common denominator in all of my dreams is change. I've spoken about change so much that now it seeps into my dreams as much as possible. However, how do I make it possible? No one ever tells me that. Maybe that's the struggle part of every dream. It's up to me to figure it all out.

This came to mind after someone tweeted about their dream and the message that came from it. Our dreams really do speak to us a lot. It's just when we wake up that we become more confused than ever. What does your dreams tell you?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is Shacking In The Bible? + Preachers of LA Is Receiving Mixed Reviews

Since the premiere of Preachers of LA everyone has had some input. Some people are hung on the real controversial words of these recognized pastors, while others are with their actions.

Many familiar names like Bishop T.D. Jakes and Gospel singer Fred Hammond have expressed their views. While Pastor T.D. Jakes is against the show, Fred Hammond has expressed his support of the show via twitter. Below is what Jakes said. You can find Hammond's comments on

Now while the Bishop has some points on material possessions, there are more serious issues being discussed on the show. For example if a man of God goes in the wilderness with his bible as protection, does he also need a gun? The bible teaches us to love and fear God, but one of the pastors also carried a gun on his mission for protection. Then there's a bigger issue that is going to be touched on more in upcoming episodes. That issue centers around shacking up, fornication, and ideas of dating and courting, and marriage. This is wild, but from the second episode of POLA I found out a little about how these preachers feel on these ideas. Not all of them are bible related. 

  • Minister Deitrick Haddon believe shacking is permitted until God

I love Deitrick Haddon. Of all the pastors, he is the most turnt up. They're all passionate, but he's willing to argue even when he has nothing to fall back on. He's intense and in the second episode of POLA, Haddon went real deep when he touched on shacking. 

"What does shacking have to do with anything?"-- Pastor Haddon

In case you missed it, Deitrick couldn't wait to put a ring on his lady's finger before impregnating her. Since they already made the steps when the show started recording they were living together. They're reason for not rushing into marriage is because he did it once before and it ended in divorce. He is not your traditional pastor. In fact, he so 21st century that he embraces the idea of shacking up just as much as Oprah hates the idea of marriage. 

Okay, the can of worms that he opened up about shacking up was it's lack of mention in the bible. Is this true? Is shacking up not mentioned in the bible? 

  • Pastor Jay Hazlip Is Very Traditonal

While Pastor Hazlip's marriage was not discussed exactly, he dealt with meeting a man who was once a woman and member of his church. It was hard for him to deal with. He goes by he bible word for word. This showed up that he is a man who believes whole heartedly in what God wants. 

  • Bishop Noel Jones Loves The Single Life

Forget about man and woman becoming one. Noel Jones says the single life is where it's at. He was married for 22 years and it ended in divorce. The reason was because he dedicated his life to working. Noel does have a woman, Loretta, on she show, but they are title-less. I thought only younger immature men did that title-less shit mess. I wonder if they are having sex too since all other ways of going about the relationship under God has been thrown out the window. I don't know what exactly is going on, but Noel talks like a 20-year old afraid of commitment. 

"We're just discussing whether or not we're going to do something special. We haven't defined special. We're trying to work out special, and I'm feeling noose-ish."- Bishop Jones

In the show he also mentioned that getting married again is a job and he's not trying to retire just to work again. "Do I see myself getting married after I retire, then why would I retire? I'm leaving one job for another." 

  • Bishop Ron Gibson Is Very Traditional 

Bishop Ron Gibson married his high school sweetheart Lady LaVette Gibson and they've been together ever since. He's very traditional. In fact he's trying to guide Deitrick in the right direction by giving marriage guidance to him. 

"Your reputation is what people think about you, but your character is what God thinks about you."- Bishop Gibson

In the last five seconds all I could say was "WHOA!" I'm tuning in for more of this worldliness preaching. BTW, I looked up shacking in the bible. It's not directly looking, but it is considered a sin in the eyes of the beholder. How do you feel about Preachers of LA? 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Carrie Has My Heart Split In Two (The Movie)


Let's get straight to the point. At the end of the week the movie Carrie will premiere in theaters.

Carrie is about a girl who knows absolutely nothing about the process of womanhood. She stays to herself in school because she has no friends. Well, it's worse than no friends. She is teased by practically everyone. It gets worse once she starts her period in the midst of the school day. See, no one taught her that it was coming or how to handle it. Even more than being an outcast, Carrie has telekinetic powers that she also doesn't know how to control. She is in essence one of Stephen King's greatest creations. The problem is she has been created too many times.

You know that saying "If it's not broken, don't fix it." Well, the original movie that came out in 1976 is a classic. Each and every part of it was amazing. Nothing was wrong. However, in the 21st century nothing is off limits. For some reason we believe in touching every original and fucking it up trying to make it better. We did this once and the movie actually came out okay.

It was the remake directed by David Carson. He couldn't touch the classic, but he didn't mess it up either. The difference was effects. 1976 Carrie, directed by Brian De Palma, was silently creepy. She was an outcast who discovered her body and popularity at the same time. The moment the popularity ended she turned into a killer teen who would never live down her past. 2002 Carrie had special effects, louder noises, but still stuck with the original idea of what Carrie was supposed to be. I was slightly mad then when they even played with her character, but now I'm real nervous. What will 2013 Carrie be like?


The movie that will be in theaters in less than a week is directed by Kimberley Peirce. My heart in split in two. One on hand I love when Stephen King novels get made into movies, especially good ones. However, this is a damn remake of a remake. Will it really be good? You already know I'm going to see it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Child Star Envy As A Child #27Confessions

As a child I had child star envy. You know those children 13 and under who wrote books, was able to get television time because they were so young and gifted, and their parents talked proudly about them.  I envied them for their talent and their parents support.

You probably thought I was talking about the child stars I grew up with. Nope. I thought they were all cool. Drake, Bow Wow, Brandy, Raven Symone, Amanda Bynes, Lil Wayne, and many others were pretty cool to watch. Watching their talents made gave me hope. However, the other child stars made me jealous.

I didn't even know their names. Every now and then there would be this story about a 10 year old who published his/her first book. The book would be something very menial, but that child made it on the news. That child's mom would be standing next to him/her glowing with happiness. Now we all know the child didn't do most of the work. Maybe that child was smart enough to write out a story, but the rest was done by someone else. That didn't change the accomplishment though. They achieved something at a young age and I was jealous.

I was jealous because I started creating stories at a young age. In 5th grade it was easy to get classmates to entertain my writing skills. They actually cared. Even if they don't remember today, they cared back then. However, outside of class no one cared. Everyone knew I was writing and reading a whole lot, but no one thought it should matter. My parents didn't entertain my writing. My aunts and uncles didn't entertain my writing. My younger cousins did sometimes, but they were more concerned about playing than reading. It was a struggle, but there was a lesson in it.

People will push you do make achievements in areas where you absolutely lack the skills. For instance in my preteens I decided I wanted to be an artist. You know the people that paint and draw amazing pictures? I wanted to make a career off of that. My parents weren't entertaining it either, but others did. Various aunts and uncles bought me art supplies and I signed up for an art class in school. It was amazing, but I had absolutely no talent. The teacher still passed me, but it was because she could see my effort.

Then there are the career fields that make my head hurt just thinking about them. That's banking (not tellers), engineering, architecture, and forensics. I'm missing some careers, but you get the point. Those are some talented people. I've never been that good at anything that utilized more than basic math. What people do in those careers would kill me if I made the efforts to be like them. Although the money would be a hell of a lot better.

More often I think about my career. Will I be in the same position a year from now? Where will I be five years from now? Who will support me? My family could one day be my biggest supporters career wise, or maybe it'll be you. Not everyone close to me can handle my thoughts.

I don't envy those children who get fame for their writing skills anymore. However, one day I will have a child and that child will look up to me for all the support in the world. I have to make sure that child doesn't lack in any area. Life is tough.

My 27th birthday is in 16 days and this is one of my confessions.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Breakfast Can Wait #27Confessions

Prince says "Breakfast Can Wait" in new music video.

Do you remember the Blouses Versus the Shorts? It was a Dave Chapelle skit that involved Charlie Murphy and friends in a basketball games against Prince and his friends. While Charlie Murphy's group were dressed in basketball gear, Prince and his gang were fully dressed up in women's clothes. In the end Prince won the game and to celebrate he served everyone pancakes. Well, the skit was funny and Prince obviously has a sense of humor.

Months ago Prince released a photo of Dave Chapelle holding pancakes to promote his new song, Breakfast Can Wait. Now the video is finally here. While our favorite pop star is nowhere to be seen in the video, there is a female look alike that could definitely pass for a younger version of Prince. Actually, she could also pass for a younger Janet Jackson. Check out the video below and keep reading.

Well, I'm behind on confessing these 27 things before my 27th birthday comes and I'm not sure what number this is, but here is goes. I'd rather have a man in my bed in the morning than breakfast. Breakfast can wait.

However, I'm also being patient. I'm trying to take in all the lessons that lack of patience has taught me and finally sit the rest of this time out until Mr. Prince Charming comes along. Breakfast can wait when that fine, smart, loving man comes along but I can also wait for him.

Below is the infamous Charlie Murphy Vs. Prince skit.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sevyn Streeter ~It Won't Stop Music Video Featuring Chris Brown

This song is absolutely beautiful and the video is equally beautiful. 

Ten Fears To Get Rid Of #27Confessions

Today is National Face Your Fears Day. At least that's what I read on twitter. After seeing an old friend from college talk about it via the social media site, I started thinking about ten fears that I need to let go of.

Now this is all being done to prepare for my 27th birthday at the end of the month. Wouldn't you like to start a year older with lighter mental-weight? That's my goal. The following fears are followed by the quotes from the interview Kanye West did with Jimmel Kimmel a few days ago.

  • Fear of Heights

Unless it's an airplane, I've been afraid to do it. The means no ferris wheels that leave me dangling high up in the sky, no skydiving, no looking out of tall buildings, and no going up to the top of tall buildings. High places tend to scare me, but in order to succeed in life we must elevate.

"I'm a creative genius and there's no other way to word it."-- Kanye West

  • Fear of Bugs

Only one of us can survive in my safe haven. It won't be the spider, roach, ant, or even lizard.

  • Fear of Rules

See, with everything comes a list of rules. It's not playing the game that I'm particularly afraid of. It's the games that I don't want to play that scare me. What if the task is harder than it looks? For instance crossing the street in New York City is not the same as crossing the street in Houston. Getting ticketed is more complicated too. The tollways a lot more expensive. However, if I was to live in the city I'd have to abide by the new rules.

Let's take a career in consideration. We're all striving for a career in something. In order to get to our desired careers there are rules along the way. The rules change with each progression we make. When you're in my position they are normal company rules. When you get to the level of someone's manager the rules become more flexible to your desired lifestyle. Once you become Jay-Z or Kanye West, you are on top of the world but the rules in place involve what you say more than what you do. I just want to be free.

"The only luxury is time."--Kanye West

  • Fear of Conforming

I don't want to be like anyone else. Did you get that? I do not want to be like any other person. Like Kanye West, I see myself as a genius. I see myself as a person that has a mind that others would want to marvel over. They should want to admire me, right? However, this society is not happy unless you are acting like every else. Yeah, it's a struggle to be unique but I'd rather just be myself than live by everyone else's rules.

"I don't do publicity stunts."

  • Fear of Strangers

As much of a social butterfly as I can be when given the opportunity, I have a fear of strangers. Why? At the age of 14 my then best friend decided to try and make my school days a living Hell. Yep, my best friend at the time was my biggest enemy and I never figured out why she became so mean. Years later she wanted to be friendly, but it wasn't a bridge I was interested in repairing.

Upon arriving for college, it only took about three weeks to make my new-found friends mad. Their complaint? I was hanging with other people too much. If only they knew how much of a loner I had been before then. I wanted to spread my wings and be as social as possible, but I received anger for being friendly.

I do like meeting new people, so this fear will have to be worked on. How can a writer fear those unknown?

"I say things wrong a lot of times and my intention is always positive."-- Kanye

  • Fear of Friends

I don't fear all of my friends. Friends is such an over-used word that there are reasons to fear friends. Now I trust those that I call my best friends. However, I have reasons to worry about the casuals who walk in and out of my life. How much of my time will they waste? How much of my energy will they steal? Will they spread false lies about me?

"I'm just gonna give y'all the truth and y'all are gonna love it."-- Kanye

  • Fear of Voicemails

Have you ever called someone, left a voicemail, and then never received a call back? My messages have been ignored so much that I'm afraid to leave any now. But who knows? Leaving just one more message on someone's voice mail could change my life.

  • Fear of Chasing

I've always wanted to walk in my own path at my own pace. It's always been a dream to live a serene life with no disturbances. However, realistically in order to get what we want we have to chase after the dream. We have to chase after the job. We even have to chase after the car. Even when it comes to having friends, if they mean something to us, we have to chase them down and beg them to never abandon us. My circle stays small, because I rarely chase after anyone.

"A lot of times I think you bring it upon yourself, this misunderstanding of you."-- Jimmy Kimmel

  • Fear of Giving Up

You either get comfortable or you get courageous. That came from Dr. Brene Brown. I'm fighting comfort for courageousness. However, the road to having it all is paved with lots of sharp painful nails. You thought I was going to rocks. Nope. You more than likely see a rock being thrown at you before it hits you, but nails are sneakily planted into the ground just waiting for you.

"It's really something fearless for someone in my position to do." --Kanye

  • Fear of Bragging

I've always tried to stay humble. I've always tried to let everyone else think they are better at whatever it was than me. Honestly, I can learn from others still but at the same time I'm so damn good at what I do.

"I'm totally weird and I'm totally honest and I'm totally inappropriate sometimes and the thing is for me to say I wasn't a genius I'd be lying to you and to myself."-- Kanye West

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

R. Kelly Calls Himself A Cookie Monster In New Song

"Girl you know you got that good, yeah, *yum sound* like an Oreo. I love to lick the middle like an Oreo." In his newest song, R. Kelly compares a woman's pussy to an Oreo and subsequently calls himself a cookie monster.

The song is perfectly called Cookie so you already know what you're about to hear before it starts. Remember those last two albums where R. Kelly made age appropriate music? Well, this next album Black Panties is definitely not going to be grown and sexy. It sounds like it'll be made specifically for the freaks.
"I told her put it in my face. Let it rain. Let it rain." What do you think of Cookie?

The Truth Behind The Words #27Confessions

After reading go check out Is The Sibling of An Ex Off Limits over at It's written by me. 

If you're new to this blog or just found out who I am, well... I've been writing for a long time. UAENO (you ain't even know it).  Words and the creation of new thoughts have been by my side longer than most of my friends. For Real! 

Back when I was eight or nine I remembered reading the Babysitters Club books and thinking I could create a book of my own just like that author. Of course there was also Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. That movie inspired me to try and write my own version. My version was the ghetto chocolate factory. I still have the rough draft to this day, but you'll never see it. I was written with the imagination of a 10 year old. The first author that really made me think hard and dig deep into my imagination was Sharon G. Flake. At age 11 I read The Skin I'm In. From then on, I knew that if I became a writer one day, my words would be nothing less than filled with pure emotion. 

Just about all of my favorite authors have wrote books that'll have you crying, sighing, and smiling for no reason by the end of the book. In fact days, weeks, and months later you'll still be thinking about what happened with the characters. Two that I can think of off the top of my head are Darnella Ford (please go read Naked Love and Crave) and Dawn Turner Trice (Only Twice I've Wished for Heaven will have you shocked). Reading what those two authors have written will change your perspective about everything you've learned. I want to be like them. 

I want to be a thought-provoking writer. Some of my poems have reached that level. I want someone to read something I write and end up with a different, yet good perspective of themselves. I want them to be able to tell that I care, because I do. Whether it's fiction, poetry, or article-style the readers will need to be able to get a sense of the author behind the words. However, there's one problem. 

The truth behind all the words is I'm scared. The more I write, the more afraid I become sometimes. This girl (me) didn't get any real acknowledgement for the writing craft until college. Although it has been a part of who I am for a long time, it was mainly a huge secret for a while. It was a craft in my spare time. It was a dream until someone encouraged me to make it a reality. 

However, the more I work toward the goal the more nervous I get. The more I care about what others think. After all this career is all about other people's opinions. However, I'm also excited about what the future holds, so please stay with me. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

P. Diddy Speaks, Is Being Married Better For Society?

P. Diddy has just been named the number one money making Hip Hop artist of 2013 by Forbes Magazine. WOW! However, he has once again made it clear that he is not ready for marriage. In fact he thinks that people in general put too much pressure on the ideal of marriage. His latest marriage talk was on The View.

"The thing is that I'm not really looking because I know the responsibility that comes with that and I think that a lot of people, they jump into that and they're not honest with themselves. I'm really honest with myself."

"A lot of people put too much on marriage and not happiness." 

Now at the same time Diddy did this speech on the responsibilities that being number one brings. He also talked about setting an example for the younger generation. He definitely is an example. He taught a whole generation of folks how to Diddy bop and then worked his way up to $580 million. That's his net worth as of 2012.

I sometimes wonder why men so successful have so much trouble just being in love. How many women, baby mamas, does it take for a man to realize that woman is probably the one? Although, with successful men struggle with calling one woman the love of their lives, I can say why men trying to climb the success walls, would just spread their sperm around without caring about the women they are laying with.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Versace Versace, Does House of Versace Inspire You?

House of Versace appeared on Lifetime last night. I'm not sure what the hell I watched. Right after watching the movie I went to the website. There was this one beautiful dress for $4,450. Now that's the Versace I recognize. Too Expensive For My Taste. However, what did you think of the movie?
$4,550 Here

I found it weird that Italian people would be sitting around speaking broken English instead of Italian. Oh, and Lifetime is famous for murder scenes. Why didn't they build up the murder of Gianni? Plus I didn't believe Donatella had a real drug problem. One minute she was using them, the next she was acting out of control, and then she was sober. However, throughout the whole movie she was consistently a Rich Bitch. Donatella was crazy, but none of that seemed to be drug induced. Then to top it all off, the wardrobe looked like something I could buy from Forever 21. Lifetime must not have had a big enough budget.

Actually this movie should not be shown again. They need to bury it and do something that matches up to the billion dollar brand. After all Migos, Drake, Meek Mill, and Tyga didn't make that Versace song for anyone to turn around and try to kill the brand's reputation. "I do not fuck with your new shit my nigga. Don't ask for my take on it."

But seriously were you inspired by Lifetime's attempts at bringing the history behind Versace to us viewers? If you had the money, would you buy Versace?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

When Vulnerability Feels Bad (Sunday Reflections) #27Confessions

Both The Car And I Need TLC
SHIT HAPPENS! So much unpredictable crazy stuff happens that I almost wanted to write this whole post in Kayne West caps locked style. However, you don't need to read this in all capital letters to understand that shit happens.

It's been so long since I've been able to throw praise to God for letting me having my weekends to myself. I work hard, so it's only right that I have enough time to play hard too. Well, I don't have every weekend back, but for the ones that I do get off now I'm trying to make them special. Yesterday was one of those days that I planned to use to it's fullest potential. The plan was to window shop throughout the nicest stores in areas of my city that I haven't really explored and possibly check out tattoo places. Contrary to popular belief and crazy gas prices, driving around and exploring is actually relaxing. That was the plan for the most part and it worked out until I was on my way home.

It started with a loud crash into the back of my vehicle that made me slightly hit my head on the car seat. It scared the hell out of me. I was in the turning lane near the highway waiting for on-coming traffic to clear, when the incident happened. Upon traffic clearing, I pulled into the nearest clearing to check out what had happened. Upon getting out of my car to look at it, the wind blew the car door shut and the keys were locked inside. The back of my car looked horrible, my head was slightly hurting, and the keys were locked in the car. It went from bad to worse in seconds.

The guy who hit me pulled up in the clearing right after. He was friendly, apologetic, and quickly gave me his insurance information. While this was happening I was calling my dad because of the issues at hand and had the guy call the police. The police didn't want to show up on the scene. Any other time they would be riding around just searching for victims to ticket, but this wasn't important enough. It took my dad approximately 25 minutes to arrive and a policeman came on the scene around that time. My car was deemed non-drivable and the friendly guy that hit me ended up getting a ticket. He also had another issue at hand because he couldn't find his drivers license, but that wasn't my problem. Mines was with my dad.

Do you have that problem where no matter how old you get or how responsible you prove yourself to be, people around you always treat you as if you are in the wrong? Maybe it's just me. This is when vulnerability starts to feel bad. I had to call my dad. He is ultimately the owner of the car. I'm just a registered driver. Who knew that at almost 27 I wouldn't be making enough money to handle rent payments, furniture monthly payments, and car insurance payments all at the same damn time? Yeah, unfortunately it's be dependent or don't have a car.

Okay, this is the point where the vulnerability of my phone call fell apart. My vehicle had been hit by another one. It was shaken up. It was absolutely scary. The accident was clearly not my fault, but the minute I told my dad he started talking about insurance premiums rising if it was. He wanted to go into how after so many accidents an insurance company can drop a person. He wanted to blame me for the accident. It wasn't my fault, but I started to feel bad for even calling him. I had to be vulnerable because by the time the police investigated they deemed my car non-drivable, but I was already feeling bad for even trying to take control of the day by going out. It got worse.

I should be grateful that my dad has an extra car I can drive until everything gets straightened out with the insurance companies. I really am. However, the criticism of my driving skills that I could clearly see made me feel even more horrible. It wasn't the way my dad lectured me on paying attention when driving, even though clearly it was the person who hit me that needed the lecture. It was how they all (dad, mom, and cousin) watched me as I backed out of the drive way in the borrowed car. Why were they judging me so hard?

And once again I regret having to be vulnerable. It's my birthday month, so I'm revealing to you some of my deepest thoughts. I'll be 27 on the 30th, but by then I hope to have a better grasp on controlling my feelings during times where my vulnerability aren't accepted with comforting arms.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Scandal Realization: I'm No Olivia Pope #27Confessions

During the season premiere of Scandal I had a realization. I'm no Olivia Pope.

Before I continue, by October 30th I want to come up with 27 confessions. Yes, just in time for my birthday you're going to learn a lot about me. That is if you continue to click on the posts and read. Please keep reading. I'll only beg once.

There was a scene in the Scandal premiere that made me come to the conclusion that I am nothing like Olivia Pope. During this scene Cyrus (Olivia's frienemy) has what he calls the kill folder. The kill folder holds all information over Olivia's life, including all the men she has dated. Yeah, Cyrus, her supposed friend actually refers to her as a power hungry heaux in so many words. Here is where the realization kicks in.

After so many men, I had started to think of myself as an Olivia Pope or Mary Jane (once that season starts). Very few of the men have been a man that I could call mine. None were ready to settle down when I dealt with them. Some tried, but their attempts didn't last long. Soon they would stop calling, stop texting, and stop even checking for me. Eventually they would become ghosts of the past, distant memories, and lost hopes. Olivia Pope is similar in the fact that she has men in her past. However, we are very different in one huge way.

Liv's men are a little older than her and successful. Her men have had some real money and some real power. Of course you can tell that by the fact that she is sleeping with the president. I, on the other hand, have dealt with thousandaires (word to Tyler Perry) and below. The most important part of the men in my past have been their looks. Were they cute? Were their bodies right? If you ask how much money they've had, or spent on me, I'll blush. The money amount has been in the negatives.

Okay, maybe some of these men will one day be presidents of a banks, very in-demand pharmacists, basketball players, famous rappers, or producers, or even poets traveling around the world. Then I'll be like "yeah, I did that" but for now I'm no Olivia Pope.

Maybe Iyanla can swoop in one day and fix my love life. Oh, and there is one more thing. Even though I'm not an Olivia Pope yet, that white jacket needs to be added to my closet.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why Social Nightmare Is A Dream Come True (Movie Spoiler)

Via Crushable
The Social Nightmare doesn't just effect kids and young adults. It's dangerous for parents who can't seem to let go also.

I've fallen in love with Lifetime original movies all over again. Remember the days where Lifetime network started off with these typical plots and then took you for a much needed roller coaster ride? For instance the movie Obsessed was based on a high powered man trying to prove he didn't have an affair with this crazy woman. They were in a courtroom the whole time. She painted a very vivid picture of their affair, but in the end everyone was surprised to see her escorted off to a mental institution. Yeah, that wasn't the Beyonce movie you're used to hearing about.

There was also this road rage movie. It all started with a woman who cut another woman off on the road. The one who was cut off stalked the woman. At some point in the movie a terrible accident ended up happening. I can't remember it all. It's been a while, but I missed those types of movies up until this week.

A new movie called Social Nightmare came on earlier this week. I think it's about a month old. Social Nightmare is about a 17 year old at the top of her class. She's succeeding in all areas and has been accepted into Brown College. I googled Brown and found out it's actually a part of Rice University. As her senior year is coming to an end weird things start to happen online. Someone has hacked into her computer and is posting all of her personal information. They start with yearbook pictures since she is a part of the committee and has the camera. Then they start messing with her best friends families and really hitting hard. For instance her boyfriend's little sister sees messages bout her being adopted. Her best friend finds photographs of herself on a website for perverts. Her world really comes tumbling down when she finds out her best friend has been accepted into Yale, but all the drama has caused Brown to drop her. Wait, it gets better.

This is the part where I'm about the spoil the ending of the movie. Everyone thinks she is crazy. She has been placed on anti-depressent drugs and she has been kicked out of school. Once the drugs start to wear off she wants to check her messages on her missing phone. In the midst of it she finds her phone in the house hidden away by her mother. She goes into her mother's room and finds all kinds of crazy stuff. Guess who the hacker has been all along. That's right. The mom is insane. The mom did everything short of send sexy pictures of her to everyone. Her boyfriend actually sends the pictures in an attempt for revenge. In the end she goes off to Brown with her best friend while her mom is living in a psychiatric ward. Life becomes great again.

I left out a lot of details, but this is great. I actually figured out the mom did it abut an hour into the movie, but it's still the type of movie I'd watch over and over again on Lifetime. No other network can do these. Movies like Social Nightmare is what life is all about. Thank you Lifetime for getting back to your roots.

Come "Fade Away" With Singer Levina Lye's New Song

If there is one thing I absolutely love it's a good love song and new singer Levina Lye blows me away with her new song Fade Away. The emotions are real. This is like a 90's song, timeless. Are you feeling it?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ravaughn Best Friend Official Video

"Those random times I cross your mind. Do I give you butterflies?" Every time I hear Ravaughn's song Best Friend it takes me to a totally different emotional place that I've been hiding for so long. For instance months ago it inspired a poem I respectively titled Best Friend. Check that out after watching the official video below.

Dreams Deferred, Six Reasons To Become The Paparazzi

A camera holds a lot of power. It can capture your saddest moment, even if done by accident. It can capture the most genuine moment in your life if you let someone snap the picture. It can be the window to all the special times you might just forget years down the line. I think that is why I love the power of holding a camera in my hand and snapping pictures of others. 

I have a confession to make. The idea of becoming a photographer has been sitting on my mind for a while. However, I've never known when, where, or how to start. That is up until recently a news story about paparazzi hanging out in front of Kanye West home spread throughout the internet and radio stations. They've inspired me to start my photography dreams in that career field. Just in case you think this is a crazy idea, I came up with six reasons why being a paparazzi is a good career move. 

  • There Is A Reason To Be Up At 4 A.M. 
Most of the time I find myself up at 4 in the morning. 99% of the time there is no valid reason for my being awake. I just sit there thinking or lay in my bed waiting for sleep to come. However, if I was part of the paparazzi crew there would be a task. Did you hear about how they were chillin' at Kanye West house asking him how everything was going? 

  • My Reporter Dreams Would Come True
Who recorded the conversation Kanye was having at 4 in the morning with the paparazzi? That is good reporting. You usually expect them to just be carrying cameras and taking pictures? Nahh, there is way more to the industry than that. I'm pretty sure they they know how to snap nice pictures, record great conversations, turn on a video and record celebrities acting a fool. Hey, they probably even have great editing skills and are really nice when you look at them for their talents. The only thing they are missing is writing skills. I'd fit in great with them. 

  • They Make Lots Of Money
Granted the goal is to capture photos of celebrities. If it can be done correctly, the photographer sells to the highest bidder. For instance, a NYTimes photographer Robert Caplin sued Perez Hilton for $2.1 million earlier this year over copyright infringement. In the lawsuit Caplin says Hilton took 14 photos of his without asking and slapped his own logo on the photos. However, the details aren't the point. That is a lot of money for some photos. If I could just capture one photo of Beyonce, Michelle Obama, or everyone's favorite reality stars and make some money off of them I'd sleep good at night. 

  • You Run Into Really Cool People
Do you see Beyonce smiles for the camera? Have you noticed how the older singer Brandy gets, the more she glows in the spotlight? Oh, and my camera would love to capture Lil Mama's hair that is making everyone green with envy. Okay, maybe I just want to get close enough to toss some questions at them and start really making my dreams a reality. Their Business, My Job, Your Entertainment. Don't steal my motto. 

  • Selfies Don't Matter
As much as I love a good picture of myself, I love a picture of you better. If you're reading this then yes, I'm talking about you. If you go back a couple years back in my Facebook history there are tons of pictures I took of friends and family. If I could capture it, I did. The problem came when no one wanted to be in front of the camera anymore. Everyone I encountered was too self conscious and they started to kill my vibe. Now when you look through my Facebook, twitter, and Instagram there are tons of self portraits from the neck up. I hate those too, because you can't take a full body photo of yourself unless you're oddly flexible. So I'm not that obsessed with celebrities. If you're a cool person my camera wants you to be captured in it. 

  • It's Fun
The paparazzi wasn't mad because Kanye was yelling at them at 4 in the morning. They were probably laughing when he walked into that pole trying to get away from them. Remember all the Britney Spears pictures? I think it was Chris Rock that told the jokes about them angrily instructing her to not wear underwear and open her legs when getting out of the car. Ooh, there were photos of Regina King and Malcolm Jamal Warner at the beach. While being interviewed Ms. King said they never saw anyone while they were there, so the pictures were creepy. If I was that photographer I'd be jumping for joy, because it takes talent to turn yourself into a ghost to get the job done. 

It's my birthday month, so I want to reveal some of my deepest thoughts to you. What do you think about this idea? Have you seen my photography collection? Do you think there is real talent there?