Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Truth Behind The Words #27Confessions

After reading go check out Is The Sibling of An Ex Off Limits over at It's written by me. 

If you're new to this blog or just found out who I am, well... I've been writing for a long time. UAENO (you ain't even know it).  Words and the creation of new thoughts have been by my side longer than most of my friends. For Real! 

Back when I was eight or nine I remembered reading the Babysitters Club books and thinking I could create a book of my own just like that author. Of course there was also Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. That movie inspired me to try and write my own version. My version was the ghetto chocolate factory. I still have the rough draft to this day, but you'll never see it. I was written with the imagination of a 10 year old. The first author that really made me think hard and dig deep into my imagination was Sharon G. Flake. At age 11 I read The Skin I'm In. From then on, I knew that if I became a writer one day, my words would be nothing less than filled with pure emotion. 

Just about all of my favorite authors have wrote books that'll have you crying, sighing, and smiling for no reason by the end of the book. In fact days, weeks, and months later you'll still be thinking about what happened with the characters. Two that I can think of off the top of my head are Darnella Ford (please go read Naked Love and Crave) and Dawn Turner Trice (Only Twice I've Wished for Heaven will have you shocked). Reading what those two authors have written will change your perspective about everything you've learned. I want to be like them. 

I want to be a thought-provoking writer. Some of my poems have reached that level. I want someone to read something I write and end up with a different, yet good perspective of themselves. I want them to be able to tell that I care, because I do. Whether it's fiction, poetry, or article-style the readers will need to be able to get a sense of the author behind the words. However, there's one problem. 

The truth behind all the words is I'm scared. The more I write, the more afraid I become sometimes. This girl (me) didn't get any real acknowledgement for the writing craft until college. Although it has been a part of who I am for a long time, it was mainly a huge secret for a while. It was a craft in my spare time. It was a dream until someone encouraged me to make it a reality. 

However, the more I work toward the goal the more nervous I get. The more I care about what others think. After all this career is all about other people's opinions. However, I'm also excited about what the future holds, so please stay with me. 

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