Friday, October 11, 2013

Ten Fears To Get Rid Of #27Confessions

Today is National Face Your Fears Day. At least that's what I read on twitter. After seeing an old friend from college talk about it via the social media site, I started thinking about ten fears that I need to let go of.

Now this is all being done to prepare for my 27th birthday at the end of the month. Wouldn't you like to start a year older with lighter mental-weight? That's my goal. The following fears are followed by the quotes from the interview Kanye West did with Jimmel Kimmel a few days ago.

  • Fear of Heights

Unless it's an airplane, I've been afraid to do it. The means no ferris wheels that leave me dangling high up in the sky, no skydiving, no looking out of tall buildings, and no going up to the top of tall buildings. High places tend to scare me, but in order to succeed in life we must elevate.

"I'm a creative genius and there's no other way to word it."-- Kanye West

  • Fear of Bugs

Only one of us can survive in my safe haven. It won't be the spider, roach, ant, or even lizard.

  • Fear of Rules

See, with everything comes a list of rules. It's not playing the game that I'm particularly afraid of. It's the games that I don't want to play that scare me. What if the task is harder than it looks? For instance crossing the street in New York City is not the same as crossing the street in Houston. Getting ticketed is more complicated too. The tollways a lot more expensive. However, if I was to live in the city I'd have to abide by the new rules.

Let's take a career in consideration. We're all striving for a career in something. In order to get to our desired careers there are rules along the way. The rules change with each progression we make. When you're in my position they are normal company rules. When you get to the level of someone's manager the rules become more flexible to your desired lifestyle. Once you become Jay-Z or Kanye West, you are on top of the world but the rules in place involve what you say more than what you do. I just want to be free.

"The only luxury is time."--Kanye West

  • Fear of Conforming

I don't want to be like anyone else. Did you get that? I do not want to be like any other person. Like Kanye West, I see myself as a genius. I see myself as a person that has a mind that others would want to marvel over. They should want to admire me, right? However, this society is not happy unless you are acting like every else. Yeah, it's a struggle to be unique but I'd rather just be myself than live by everyone else's rules.

"I don't do publicity stunts."

  • Fear of Strangers

As much of a social butterfly as I can be when given the opportunity, I have a fear of strangers. Why? At the age of 14 my then best friend decided to try and make my school days a living Hell. Yep, my best friend at the time was my biggest enemy and I never figured out why she became so mean. Years later she wanted to be friendly, but it wasn't a bridge I was interested in repairing.

Upon arriving for college, it only took about three weeks to make my new-found friends mad. Their complaint? I was hanging with other people too much. If only they knew how much of a loner I had been before then. I wanted to spread my wings and be as social as possible, but I received anger for being friendly.

I do like meeting new people, so this fear will have to be worked on. How can a writer fear those unknown?

"I say things wrong a lot of times and my intention is always positive."-- Kanye

  • Fear of Friends

I don't fear all of my friends. Friends is such an over-used word that there are reasons to fear friends. Now I trust those that I call my best friends. However, I have reasons to worry about the casuals who walk in and out of my life. How much of my time will they waste? How much of my energy will they steal? Will they spread false lies about me?

"I'm just gonna give y'all the truth and y'all are gonna love it."-- Kanye

  • Fear of Voicemails

Have you ever called someone, left a voicemail, and then never received a call back? My messages have been ignored so much that I'm afraid to leave any now. But who knows? Leaving just one more message on someone's voice mail could change my life.

  • Fear of Chasing

I've always wanted to walk in my own path at my own pace. It's always been a dream to live a serene life with no disturbances. However, realistically in order to get what we want we have to chase after the dream. We have to chase after the job. We even have to chase after the car. Even when it comes to having friends, if they mean something to us, we have to chase them down and beg them to never abandon us. My circle stays small, because I rarely chase after anyone.

"A lot of times I think you bring it upon yourself, this misunderstanding of you."-- Jimmy Kimmel

  • Fear of Giving Up

You either get comfortable or you get courageous. That came from Dr. Brene Brown. I'm fighting comfort for courageousness. However, the road to having it all is paved with lots of sharp painful nails. You thought I was going to rocks. Nope. You more than likely see a rock being thrown at you before it hits you, but nails are sneakily planted into the ground just waiting for you.

"It's really something fearless for someone in my position to do." --Kanye

  • Fear of Bragging

I've always tried to stay humble. I've always tried to let everyone else think they are better at whatever it was than me. Honestly, I can learn from others still but at the same time I'm so damn good at what I do.

"I'm totally weird and I'm totally honest and I'm totally inappropriate sometimes and the thing is for me to say I wasn't a genius I'd be lying to you and to myself."-- Kanye West

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