Friday, October 4, 2013

Scandal Realization: I'm No Olivia Pope #27Confessions

During the season premiere of Scandal I had a realization. I'm no Olivia Pope.

Before I continue, by October 30th I want to come up with 27 confessions. Yes, just in time for my birthday you're going to learn a lot about me. That is if you continue to click on the posts and read. Please keep reading. I'll only beg once.

There was a scene in the Scandal premiere that made me come to the conclusion that I am nothing like Olivia Pope. During this scene Cyrus (Olivia's frienemy) has what he calls the kill folder. The kill folder holds all information over Olivia's life, including all the men she has dated. Yeah, Cyrus, her supposed friend actually refers to her as a power hungry heaux in so many words. Here is where the realization kicks in.

After so many men, I had started to think of myself as an Olivia Pope or Mary Jane (once that season starts). Very few of the men have been a man that I could call mine. None were ready to settle down when I dealt with them. Some tried, but their attempts didn't last long. Soon they would stop calling, stop texting, and stop even checking for me. Eventually they would become ghosts of the past, distant memories, and lost hopes. Olivia Pope is similar in the fact that she has men in her past. However, we are very different in one huge way.

Liv's men are a little older than her and successful. Her men have had some real money and some real power. Of course you can tell that by the fact that she is sleeping with the president. I, on the other hand, have dealt with thousandaires (word to Tyler Perry) and below. The most important part of the men in my past have been their looks. Were they cute? Were their bodies right? If you ask how much money they've had, or spent on me, I'll blush. The money amount has been in the negatives.

Okay, maybe some of these men will one day be presidents of a banks, very in-demand pharmacists, basketball players, famous rappers, or producers, or even poets traveling around the world. Then I'll be like "yeah, I did that" but for now I'm no Olivia Pope.

Maybe Iyanla can swoop in one day and fix my love life. Oh, and there is one more thing. Even though I'm not an Olivia Pope yet, that white jacket needs to be added to my closet.

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  1. None of us are Olivia Pope, but yet she's very easy to relate to for the following reasons:

    1. She's a working woman struggling to keep her small business afloat. We see in the show, that gaining clients is not easy, not even if you are the best at what you do.

    2. She comes from a dysfunctional family. Liv has personal baggage and still coping from the pain of losing a mother and not being able to cut ties from her dangerous and destructive father.

    3. Her love life is D-R-A-M-A. Liv's love life basically symbolizes a common dilemma for women: saying no to the "nice" guy (Jake) while trying to hold on to the "bad" boy (Fitz). Fitz' character is flawed and so is their relationship, yet Liv can't let it go.

    I get why the show is popular. One thing we can learn from Liv is that she works hard to do her best. If you are doing your best, achieving your goals, taking charge of your life, and getting what you want, then you already are on the right path.