Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Do Your Dreams Tell You?

In the intersection of two busy highways there is a nice shopping plaza. In the plaza there are several different shopping stores. Some are very affordable and others are designed for the financial set people. Just in case people in the area get hungry or want to be entertained, there are several restaurants and a movie theater. For visitors to the city there is also a nice hotel in the center of all of this. The hotel has an area big enough for the kids to play and for people to rent out space and showcase their talents on special days. This is nice community located right off of two combining highways. However, there is more.

In the back of all of this are new luxury lofts that are for rent. The building these lofts are held in sparkles with richness. The entrance is tempting to go in. However, I hold back. The prices of the living space is tempting to know, but I stop myself. I'm dreaming. Here, today, right now, I can't afford to be in a place like that surrounded by an area like that. It's really nice, but my bank account mirrors the average American citizens living in okay conditions just to make it paycheck to paycheck. It should be okay, shouldn't it? However, this is not.

As I try to make it day to day, some nights these dreams haunt me. They come in different forms. Some involve me giving birth to a child I couldn't have been pregnant with. How did it happen? Who did it happen with? Some involve me waking up one day and all of a sudden having custody of a child I didn't remember adopting. There are others with me trying to climb this huge mountain, but being pulled back down by people in my past and present. I could go on and on, but the common denominator in all of my dreams is change. I've spoken about change so much that now it seeps into my dreams as much as possible. However, how do I make it possible? No one ever tells me that. Maybe that's the struggle part of every dream. It's up to me to figure it all out.

This came to mind after someone tweeted about their dream and the message that came from it. Our dreams really do speak to us a lot. It's just when we wake up that we become more confused than ever. What does your dreams tell you?

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