Sunday, October 13, 2013

Breakfast Can Wait #27Confessions

Prince says "Breakfast Can Wait" in new music video.

Do you remember the Blouses Versus the Shorts? It was a Dave Chapelle skit that involved Charlie Murphy and friends in a basketball games against Prince and his friends. While Charlie Murphy's group were dressed in basketball gear, Prince and his gang were fully dressed up in women's clothes. In the end Prince won the game and to celebrate he served everyone pancakes. Well, the skit was funny and Prince obviously has a sense of humor.

Months ago Prince released a photo of Dave Chapelle holding pancakes to promote his new song, Breakfast Can Wait. Now the video is finally here. While our favorite pop star is nowhere to be seen in the video, there is a female look alike that could definitely pass for a younger version of Prince. Actually, she could also pass for a younger Janet Jackson. Check out the video below and keep reading.

Well, I'm behind on confessing these 27 things before my 27th birthday comes and I'm not sure what number this is, but here is goes. I'd rather have a man in my bed in the morning than breakfast. Breakfast can wait.

However, I'm also being patient. I'm trying to take in all the lessons that lack of patience has taught me and finally sit the rest of this time out until Mr. Prince Charming comes along. Breakfast can wait when that fine, smart, loving man comes along but I can also wait for him.

Below is the infamous Charlie Murphy Vs. Prince skit.

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