Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Ain't Over Yet? Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant

Remember when ain't wasn't a word. Is ain't still not a word? Well, there's still approximately 22 hours left in 2012 so I'm using it. Too much is taking place and has taken place this year to avoid the word ain't. For instance a very controversial celebrity (when it comes to dating and television) has just made a big announcement.

That celebrity is Kim Kardashian and she is pregnant. This announcement came from Kanye West in the middle of a concert tonight. Supposedly the announcement involved him calling her his baby mama. Ain't that a shame? Baby mama? Or is it a blessing? Kim K is a complicated woman. In the last year and a half she married, separated, started dating Kanye, and now just as 2012 ends she's pregnant with his baby. Oh, and Kim is still married to another man. That's complicated. Then on top it all Kanye predicted this by doing "Gold Digger" a while ago. Wait...

This is end of the year news. How did 2012 start off? In celebrity news Real Housewives of Atlanta were fighting in Africa. That was the first crazy thing of the year. Yeah, they went to a different continent to argue. Then there was Jakadrien Turner, a Dallas teen runaway, who was eventually found in Columbia. The story went that she ran away from Dallas to Houston, was caught by cops, and used an immigrants name. That immigrant was illegal and they sent her to Canada. In that year and a half she got a job, a man, and got pregnant. Her family was able to spot her through Facebook. During the time she was struggling but never asked for help. Something about this story inspired my life. That's where my 2012 started. There's really so much that happened in entertainment news, but this post is about me.

From the beginning it was all about getting cash. Hawaii was just months away so I had to save up. To those that don't know that's where my best friend was. It had been years since we'd seen each other and she was graduating with her second masters. Once my income tax refund came back I was set for the trip. The months were counted down. The day to go to Hawaii arrived. It started off interesting. Someone confused my luggage with theirs. I remember they had a pretty pink bow on their bag. I didn't. After that was cleared up the trip became extra fun. There were places, beautiful water, heavenly water, new people, events, men, bottle buying men, cute bottle buying men. Actually it was more than fun. It inspired me to continue my thoughts of one day leaving the jail cell known as Houston. I love my city, but I'm trapped for now.

Sidenote: I was jealous of all the fine men my best friend was surrounded by up in Hawaii. Plus they were willing to buy her bottles at the club for her birthday. Oh, the jealousy was high. 

Then once Hawaii was over reality hit again. Where was I supposed to go from there? Scrape up money to travel again? Just go to work? Find some friends in Houston? It became hard. Friends started becoming slimmer to hang out with. Something had to change. What month was it?

One of these months this year I stepped out and went to a club by myself. Well, the first trip happened at The Horn. For some reason that club closed, but it was okay. Another trip by myself involved the M Lounge, and then the most ratchet experience was at Carringtons. Carringtons had a drink called Blue Mothafucka. That's drink is dangerous for anyone who goes and tries it. Don't be the designated driver. Oh, there was an experience where I went for someone's birthday, was the designated driver, but was as drunk as everyone else. That was a fun night at Grooves. How many clubs did I actually go to this year? They can't all fit in one blog post.

Sidenote: This year after a club I ended up peeing in the back of a gas station for the first time. Everywhere was closed. I couldn't make it home. Before I started I looked around. There was absolutely no one. While in the act a homeless man came out of nowhere. Usually in movies the killer comes out of nowhere and shoots/stabs the girl to death. In the midst of my fear/embarrassment this homeless man just wanted money. The thing is I wanted money too, but not during that night behind a gas station with my dress hiked up and no underwear on. I couldn't successful use it with that thong still on. *covers face at the thought of that night*

Clubbing wasn't all I did. There was also lots of apartment hunting. I looked everywhere and for a second thought there would never be a place nice enough, but cheap enough for me to move into. In August I found that place and September moved in. The greatest part was it was all done by myself. No, I'm lying. That wasn't great. It was fucking stressful. Finding a place, picking out furniture, trying to load extra stuff in the apartment by myself was all hard.

Sidenote: My mom was trying to find out the price at the temporary apartment we had to move into, but nahh. I did not like that place at all. 

Where was my man? I know you're asking. He was non-existent. There was a guy that I stopped talking to after January 2, 2012. There were men that wasted my time asking for my phone number. They had no real plans. The one from the M Lounge was too old. So basically this year I've been single and alone, which wasn't exactly a bad thing. It helped me to at least focus on getting my own place and peace of mind.

Once peace of mind hit I was reminded of my goals. However, instead of discussing them with a million people I only discussed them with the ones I knew understood. Good friends always understand. Oh, and I spent time discussing with friend my lack of a lover life. The crazy part is in the last month of 2012 men have started to appear, I had great sex, and had some crazy approaches, but still no L word. Well, unless you're thinking of lust. Clearly lust is in the air.

Now it's the last day of 2012. I wish I had more to tell you. This year wasn't as adventurous as I wanted it to be. Maybe 2013 will be better.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wicked Games by The Weeknd

When dealing with men, sometimes I feel like a prostitute. The difference between a prostitute and I is they benefit more from their experiences.

Felicia Renae My Heart Official Video

Every once in a while I hear a song that gives my whole life a new meaning. Well, at least it helps me to better understand my emotions. That's what "My Heart" by Felicia Renae did the first time I heard it.

"My Heart" has helped shaped my feelings on love. These words are what every woman wants after all. We all want a man that will prove to us that he is worthy of our trust.  The song is so inspiring to my life that I even have it on my iPhone music collection. However, I was really excited when I stumbled upon the music video. Why did no one tell me about this? Watch below.

Mya Mr. Incredible

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Once Django Was Unchained...

he started off as a joke. Did Quentin Tarantino do that purposely?

Wait, before Django was unchained BET spent a good four or five days playing the whole Roots series. From Kunta Kinte's (Toby's) enslavement to blacks becoming school teachers, reminders of how our ancestors have had to settle for what whites thought we deserved was stuffed down our faces. It was a real emotional roller coaster considering the fact that this is a season of Holidays.

Yeah, in case you forgot Christmas was yesterday, today started Kwanzaa, and New Years Day is a week away. Happy Holidays and now back to the movie.

Roots reminded us of how African Americans, niggers in these movies, have been given practically no options since being forced into this society so I expected the same from Django Unchained. Hah, this movie surprised me.

If you haven't watched, calm down. I'm not telling the whole movie.

However, Django Unchained started off as a joke. This is a slave movie, right? Before any shackles were released, I had forgotten. The beginning music sounded like the soundtrack to a 70's family show. Or maybe it was an old wild wild west type of show. Then there were way too many instances where Django said whatever he wanted to those white people. I was holding my breath tight waiting for them to put a bullet in him, but they never did. In Roots the whites didn't hesitate to cut off Toby's foot. Plus did I hear Rick Ross being played at one point? The history books didn't say anything about rap music going all the way back to the plantation.

Wait, let stop with the problems. The movie was great. It was entertaining. It showed revenge. It was so bloody that a smile crept upon my face without me even realizing. It was confusing at one particular point. Slaves defending whites? Was the fear that real? The first half of the movie is still a joke. I think Quentin Tarantino did that on purpose. Oh, and even with the love twist it was still a man's movie. Usually movies like that are.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Make You My Boyfriend (Poem)

Make You My Boyfriend

 If you hold my hands, I’ll make you my boyfriend. How long has it been? 2, 3, 4 months since the last man. Maybe it’s been a whole year. I’m lonely. All this running around; to the mall, the movies, and dates at nice restaurants all by myself. I’ve even tried to solve this problem in rooms with the lights down low, slow grinding with some stranger as Waka Flocka Flame yells “Bow Bow Bow,” but so far no luck. The clubs are just not made for prince charming. Wait, where’d I meet you again?

If you kiss me, it means we have to take it to the next level. No longer are there needs for questions of forever. Let’s have sex like college students. Take my clothes off right here in this living room. Not a shirt, nor a bra, or buttons should deter you. Let’s pretend you don’t have a bed. We’ll have sex everywhere else instead. Leave carpet burns on my back. But wait, you can’t have all the fun. Let me get on top, ride you, pleasure you so good that for weeks all you’ll be able to think about is Lashuntrice. This is not a game.

If you talk dirty to me there’s no telling how far we’d go. Treat me like the other woman and call me a heaux. Your little slut? That bad Bitch that you just wanna fuck? Yeah, I hear you keep talking. Put me in a daze, so days later people will still be asking why I’m smiling. 

P.S. So the idea of this poem came from a conversation where a friend and I were discussing how hard it is to get a man to claim you. The answer to it (in a joking way) was to tell him if he kisses me then he is my boyfriend. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Damned by Lyrical Tone Ft. Troy & DB

Damned is the first single from Lyrical Tone's Live Forever mixtape. The beat is hot and the words are so true to real life. Just off the beat, I could listen to this song all the time. 

Try It Out Kandi & Big Bank Black

Okay Try It Out is an old song, but I love it so much it deserves to be posted now. It speaks to the girl in me that is attracted to the bad boys.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reappearing Act

He decided to reappear. Why?

Have you ever had someone that seemed cool to you in the beginning, but then they started doing as much as they could to hurt your feelings. Just when you thought they were done with their acts of trying to tear you down, they found more ways to make you out to be a bad person. He was that guy for a certain amount of time. Then he disappeared. 

It all started a couple weeks before Valentines Day. I met him in January and we moved fast, too fast probably. After only a couple of days, he was sure he wanted to be my boyfriend. I wasn't sure I could pull off the girlfriend title. It had never been given to me before. And no, I wasn't a virgin. Years before I'd decided to ditch the virgin title. 

So the day came and for some reason I told him that I'd be his girlfriend. He immediately rushed to Facebook to make it online official. About two weeks later we had sex for the first time. How long did Steve Harvey say to wait? Then Valentines Day came and he bought me the first gift I'd ever received. Neither he nor anyone one else believed it was my first time getting stuff. Oh, and by the way I hated the chocolates. Someone ate them, but it wasn't me. Soon afterwards the craziness started. 

I don't even remember what the arguments were about, because I shut down and let him get mad by himself most of the time. I do remember calling him too emotional one time. Never call a guy emotional unless you want to upset him more. Anyway, in that last couple weeks the only times I remember that were really good was when we were having sex. He sucked at planning dates and was argumentative with my ideas. See this is why I shut down. There was really a whole bunch of shit that he did or said, but it didn't heavily start until he broke up with me. He broke up with me over the phone one day in March and was calling me the next day like nothing had changed. It was confusing. That night since I was single again I was texting another guy. So he broke up with me and continued to play the emotional games. 

Wait, he cranked the games up ten times more. He started to find more flaws in me and asked really hurtful questions. I still don't want to talk about those. Then came the day, sometime in April I think, that he asked if I would ever be able to chill with him like before. I hadn't seen him since the phone call where he called our relationship off. I said NO. Okay, at the time I didn't really mean no. I just hadn't had enough time to digest all that had happened, why it had happened, and what the fuck was happening. So yeah, I said NO and he disappeared. No more phone calls,  no twitter, no longer Facebook friends, no contact at all. He went ghost so fast it was almost like I dreamed the whole experience. 

Now he's reappeared again, but only on Facebook. It's best that way. He scared me a little. As quickly as our relationship had started he did talk about marriage and kids. I want that stuff, but never wanted it with him. And now he's back. We had a conversation. It was general talk, but what is his ulterior motive. Ah Hell, I don't really want to know. 

I told myself I was going on a blogging vacation until December 26th, but it's a hard task. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jerome In The House, Oh Wait That's Trinidad James

Do you remember Martin's character Jerome? He was this pimp that did everything he could to stand out, and may times he wasn't in good ways. He had gold teeth in his mouth and wore clothes way to tight for his body frame. It was a complete mess. Well even through we've only been blessed with reruns of Martin's show in the 21st century, Jerome has been reincarnated in the form of Trinidad James. If you don't believe me, watch his "All Gold Everything" music video.

That song goes hard, but Oh My Gawd to his look.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Tamar Has That "Hot Sugar" (Music) And We Want To Listen

"He want that sugar. He want that sugar." Tamar Braxton is officially making it into my iTunes.

Did you see it coming? Did you see those hot beats with even hotter lyrics coming? Did you see how Tamar took all those arguments, that big mouth, and those good producers/writers and created masterpieces? I didn't see it coming, but Tamar and Vince's vision has come to fruition. She's officially an artist that people can recognize for her talents.

Let's face it. Tamar's singing abilities were questionable from the beginning. Since the Braxton's Family Values started all we've heard were loud mouths and arguments. Plus there have been moments where the family sang together. It was not the same as seeing Tamar sing by herself. Even in moments of singing irritably to her siblings, it was still hard to tell if she was really talented. However, no matter what Tamar kept preaching about working on her own music. Since she became the most popular sister, she was bound to get her own show, but what would the show be about?

When "Tamar and Vince" first premiered it was hard to tell the focus of the show. Was it on their life as a couple? They clearly argued a lot, Was it about Vince's health? He was sick. Was it about Tamar's career? She was in and out of the studio. I give Tamar her props for that. Some shows stick hip hop in their title and not one song is previewed/premiered throughout the season. Finally once the arguing calmed down (even the arguing in the studio), music started to be created. Finally at the season finale the television audience has been introduced to the talented artist known as Tamar.

There was one performance at one of the BET Award shows, but they gave Tamar the wrong song. It was too strong for her vocals. She did her best though. However, the new songs are perfect. Every song that Tamar has released a snippet of so far is hot. "Hot Sugar" is my favorite. When premiering the snippet of "Hot Sugar" on camera, they said it sounded like the first single. However, "Love And War" is actually Tamar's first single. You can download it off of iTunes now. 

I can't wait for the album. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Can The Cool Be Loved by Chrisette Michele

In a dedication to Audrey Hepburn, Chrisette Michele asks if the cool can be loved anymore.
This song makes me wonder. Can the cool be loved anymore? Is there still a such thing as  meeting face to face and going out  on dates?

Trina Is Getting "Back To Business" With 20 New Songs

"Yo, yo. I mean. Check this Bitch out." Trina, everyone's favorite hood princess, is getting back to business with the release of a brand new mixtape.

Trina really is back. While Lupe Fiasco told us ladies were better than bad bitches months ago, she is redirecting us to what makes bad bitches wonderful. 

"Man that Bitch bad and she smelling like money."

With "Back To Business" Trina reminds us why she is the baddest Bitch and a diamond princess on 20 different songs. Oh, plus she's smart. In the "Back To Business" freestyle she mentions speaking fluent French. Check out all the songs below. 

Lil Wayne Is Spitting "Awkward" Rhymes About Karrine Steffans

If you don't know who Stevie J is by now... DJ Stevie J has a new mixtape coming out and Lil Wayne is contributing his talents to it.

"Awkward" is the name of the song and the title is correct. It is very awkward because Lil Wayne is rapping about Karrine Steffans. This is not the first song he's done this on this year, but it has become clearer. Karrine also did an interview with Vibe Vixen recently where she said she doesn't feel like herself when she is not with Lil Wayne. Awkward.

What do you think of the song and their twisted relationship? Karrine, better known as Superhead, is almost 20 years older than Lil Wayne.