Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reappearing Act

He decided to reappear. Why?

Have you ever had someone that seemed cool to you in the beginning, but then they started doing as much as they could to hurt your feelings. Just when you thought they were done with their acts of trying to tear you down, they found more ways to make you out to be a bad person. He was that guy for a certain amount of time. Then he disappeared. 

It all started a couple weeks before Valentines Day. I met him in January and we moved fast, too fast probably. After only a couple of days, he was sure he wanted to be my boyfriend. I wasn't sure I could pull off the girlfriend title. It had never been given to me before. And no, I wasn't a virgin. Years before I'd decided to ditch the virgin title. 

So the day came and for some reason I told him that I'd be his girlfriend. He immediately rushed to Facebook to make it online official. About two weeks later we had sex for the first time. How long did Steve Harvey say to wait? Then Valentines Day came and he bought me the first gift I'd ever received. Neither he nor anyone one else believed it was my first time getting stuff. Oh, and by the way I hated the chocolates. Someone ate them, but it wasn't me. Soon afterwards the craziness started. 

I don't even remember what the arguments were about, because I shut down and let him get mad by himself most of the time. I do remember calling him too emotional one time. Never call a guy emotional unless you want to upset him more. Anyway, in that last couple weeks the only times I remember that were really good was when we were having sex. He sucked at planning dates and was argumentative with my ideas. See this is why I shut down. There was really a whole bunch of shit that he did or said, but it didn't heavily start until he broke up with me. He broke up with me over the phone one day in March and was calling me the next day like nothing had changed. It was confusing. That night since I was single again I was texting another guy. So he broke up with me and continued to play the emotional games. 

Wait, he cranked the games up ten times more. He started to find more flaws in me and asked really hurtful questions. I still don't want to talk about those. Then came the day, sometime in April I think, that he asked if I would ever be able to chill with him like before. I hadn't seen him since the phone call where he called our relationship off. I said NO. Okay, at the time I didn't really mean no. I just hadn't had enough time to digest all that had happened, why it had happened, and what the fuck was happening. So yeah, I said NO and he disappeared. No more phone calls,  no twitter, no longer Facebook friends, no contact at all. He went ghost so fast it was almost like I dreamed the whole experience. 

Now he's reappeared again, but only on Facebook. It's best that way. He scared me a little. As quickly as our relationship had started he did talk about marriage and kids. I want that stuff, but never wanted it with him. And now he's back. We had a conversation. It was general talk, but what is his ulterior motive. Ah Hell, I don't really want to know. 

I told myself I was going on a blogging vacation until December 26th, but it's a hard task. 

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