All About SearchingForMyStar, Where Reality And Fantasy Get Confused

Nothing was ever accomplished without passion, so I'm writing out the journey until it all works out and then continuing to write some more just for fun.

My Life Your Entertainment. Your Life Everyone's Entertainment. Welcome to my very public private domain.

On this blog you will learn my story, the story of the stars, and even read some stories of people you'd ordinarily pass up in the streets. So read, be entertained, and share your thoughts with me.

My goal is to open my heart, entertain you, and share incredibly relate-able stories. The majority of the pictures embedded in the posts are not my work, but the pictures on the side and bottom are my work.  Currently you're finding out about the writer with dreams that likes to share others dreams. Soon enough you'll know about the photographer too. Enjoy!

Here's a video I made of myself graduating.