Monday, May 11, 2020

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself... The Starving Artist

It's the middle of May and so much in my life is changing, so I thought it would be a good idea to reintroduce myself.

Hello, my name is Lashuntrice Bradley (author name Lashuntrice) and I'm currently a starving artist. For the last several months I've sat in my comfortable apartment complex writing poetry, reading books, contemplating my next career move and most importantly making abstract paintings. In the midst of painting I've spent hours on youtube trying to recreate what others were doing. I discovered the beauty of not using gloves and taking forever to get the paint off my skin.

It's sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Actually I'm scared. See, I've never been a starving artist in the traditional form. My books have barely made any money and I haven't even attempted to sell any paintings. Instead I spent the last 8 and a half years in pharmaceuticals. It was a steady paycheck and it allowed me to have the independence that I needed. On the side I did a lot of blogging and eventually moved on to book publishing. Blogging and book publishing is fun until monetary value gets placed on my items. People love to try and lower your value. 

Soon I'll be making a bigger transition that I never saw coming. I'll be putting my material belongings in storage and moving back in with my parents. It's hard finding a job during a pandemic, so that is currently the only option. I might lose the title of starving artist, because my focus might sway to other areas. I'll start thinking more on income and preparing for a new career. Plus, my parents will more than likely not let me bring paint and canvases into their house.