Monday, September 30, 2013

Kim Kardashian's Dress For 2013 Givenchy Show, Would You Wear It?

Along with many other celebrities, Kim Kardashian has been spotted in Paris for the 2013 fashion week alongside her baby daddy Kanye West. However, Kim didn't just show up to the Givenchy show. The day before she had a dress specially made just for her.

Via instagram Kim wrote "Thank you Ricky for making this for me the day before the show. I die for you." #Givenchy4lifebaby"

Would you wear this? BTW, either Kim K. is holding onto some of that baby weight or she's pregnant again. It's probably baby weight.

Ciara Wears Clothes You Can't Afford For Paris 2013 Fashion Week

Emilio Pucci Sweater Dress
One of our favorite dancing Queens Ciara has been spotted around Paris Fashion Week wearing clothes that we can't afford. On one occasion she was spotted at the Givenchy Spring 2014 fashion show wearing a $1,054 Givenchy abstract print sweater. Then at an after party Ciara was seen wearing a Emilio Pucci sweater dress that goes for $2,175. 
Givenchy Sweater 

Maybe I'm wrong. You may have the funds for these dresses. If you do the Givenchy sweater can be purchased here and the Emilio Pucci sweater can be purchased here. Which one do you like better? I'd rather have the boots, or a knock-off version because those probably are unaffordable for me too. 

#FactsOnly Men Can Be Scary

Men can be very scary sometimes.

I'm pretty sure I've informed everyone of this, but one of my biggest struggles is getting people to have fun with me. For some reason I've met maybe one person in the last five years that likes horror movies and the older I get the busier people get. See I'll pick up the phone when people call, but the voicemails have gotten so annoying that I've stopped calling people, so this independent woman spends most of the times running the streets alone. There is one huge problem with being out and about alone though. That problem is men.

I love men. I love the smell of their cologne, the moments when they tuck their horniness away and are actually attentive, how good they are with using their hands, and how creative they can get with their complimentary lines. Wait, the reasons why I love them are not the point. It's the fact that they can sometimes be scary, or at least do things to make a woman put her guard up.

For instance after going to see the movie Baggage Claim, I wanted a snack on the way home but didn't feel like stopping my car. There's a gas station across the street from my home, so I figured I would drive home, sit down a few minutes, and then walk across the street for my snacks. It all went as planned. I made it to the gas station, grabbed some snacks, and headed back home. However, the heading back part was when this man scared the Hell out of me.

As I made it out of the gas station I hadn't even made it to the sidewalk when some guy pulled up in his car next to me. When he spoke I jumped. Literally I hate the fact that I jumped, because it showed him that he scared me. I think he was genuinely trying to be nice though. He asked if I was okay and if I needed a ride. Throughout the whole thing I never walked closer to the car when he was trying to stop and concentrated on getting back across the street and in my place after that.

You might be wondering what the problem is. Well..

Men usually only ask strange women to get in the car if they are looking for sex. At least in my area it is all facts. Prostitutes definitely come out at night, but it was only 7:30 in my case.

Women that get in the car with strangers, even taxi drivers as I learned in NYC, take the risk of being found somewhere dead. There is also the risk of getting raped. If he was looking for sex and that's why he stopped me, he might have raped me. I would have never willingly given it up to him, especially without knowing his name.

Now, if he would have talked to me while we were in the store (I'm assuming he saw me way before I started walking back home) we could have had a nice conversation. I miss the days when a man thought of really good ways to approach a woman and get to know her. This was so much easier in college. This wasn't the first time a man ever tried to get me to hop into his car without knowing me. Of course every woman has experienced the dudes that are looking for sex right after the club.

Oh, and then there is the dude I had sex with a couple times before moving on, but he even does weird things. Like, he sent a Facebook message last week saying he was being stalked and his stalker was reaching out his past women. How does she know who his past women even are? Then he ended the message with "But what up though???" How do anyone even process that?

My guard is up really high. The crazier part is I've never bought a taser or carried a pocket knife. It's about time to carry these things.

Baggage Claim: Five Lessons About Love & Life From The Movie

Baggage Claim is a movie about a flight attendant the desperately wants to get married. She has been a bridesmaid nine times, but never a bride. She has dated many men, but none of them were the perfect man. However, as her little sister starts to plan a wedding, the loneliness of her life becomes real. It becomes so real that she and her friends come up with a way for her to possibly look in her past for the future love of her life. Ooh!

I watched the movie this weekend and pulled out a couple lessons we all needed to be reminded of. Many of the lessons that can be pulled from Baggage Claim have been repeated, but we tend to forget. So the following are things I needed to hear again and maybe you can benefit too.

  • There Is Nothing Wrong With Dreaming

Throughout Baggage Claim, the main character, Montana Moore, dreams a lot. On Montana's date with fine ass Boris Kodjoe's character she falls asleep and has a dream about how life could only get better with them. Well, her dream involves a yacht and hot sex. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. That is just the first dream she has in the movie. There are several others and eventually she stops dreaming and starts seeing the love she's always wanted become a reality in her life.

  • A Flexible Career Is A Must

Montana wanted love and marriage. How would she get it? She would use her job to run into as many of her ex boyfriends as possible. Have you ever found yourself desperately wanting to do anything but your job is always in the way? Listen, having a job that pays you and caters to your needs is a must. Just look at Montana's life. Okay, she broke some laws in the quest for the perfect man, but in the end she still had the job and the love of her life. P.S. Is there such a thing as a flexible career? It's in my dreams right now.

  • The Best Type of Friends Will Do Anything For You

Well I guess you can factor in how much time and money they have when thinking about what they will do for you. Then again time and money has nothing to do with it. Montana's friends committed a federal crime to help her in her search for a husband. They wanted to know what each experience was like, even if they were in the middle of getting their freak on, and they were they showed up to her family events. The Lord knows I've needed my friends around when I've dealt with family. I've always heard the best friends are the ones that will fight for you.

  • If He's Fine And Attentive, Marry Him

Looking Montana's best friend/next door neighbor was William Wright (Derek Luke). That man is fine as Hell. She could talk to him about her issues, count on him to put a smile on her face, and wake up in the middle of the night to get her when she was stranded. Plus, she was dreaming about him. I can't count on any of my past men to pick me up in freezing cold weather in the middle of the night when I'm stranded. I could never even count on them to show up if I made fun plans. So yeah, if he is fine, attentive and you're calling him your best friend claim him before another woman does. I would.

  • Beware of Cliches

 So if you've seen Baggage Claim then you know that the whole movie is a series of cliches. Montana wants marriage because her moms says you're not a lady if you're not married by 30. Then there is the one about kids. You're not a woman if you don't have at least two kids. Yeah, those cliches are stupid and they also do damage. Why? Because they put you in a box. No one wants to be limited, so be care of cliches.

Have you seen Baggage Claim yet? What did you think? I think it was full of cliches, but the main character was consistent throughout the whole movie. All of the celebrities did great jobs too. I thought too many recognizable faces would take away from the story line, but they all fit into the movie perfectly.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

What Happens After The Sandwiches? (Sunday Reflections)

You all still remember the woman that's fixing sandwiches to get an engagement ring, right? My last post Sorry No Sandwiches, But Five Ways To Get A Relationship Title Out Of Him was based on her story. It's been a couple days and the twitter craze has calmed down. Somewhere in the midst of the internet people are still cracking jokes at her, but she's comfortable feeding her boyfriend his sandwiches.

They live together already. She wants to move to the next phase. That's marriage. In order to get there he wants her to show her devotion by making him 300 sandwiches and she is doing that. But what happens at sandwich number 299? Does he hold a ring in his hand as she brings him number 300? Do they create a totally new challenge to make their relationship fresh again? By number 300, the sandwiches won't be special anymore. Will she come up with a challenge that will involve him doing 300 of something to add new value to their relationship? I really want to know what will come next for her. Damn, does the dude even have to wait until she fixes that many sandwiches to pull out the engagement ring?

See, I've been dreaming for a while. I've been dreaming about a career as a writer, moving to a new city where I basically start life over fresh, and creating wonderful memorable experiences. Ooh, I've also been dreaming about having more free time to give myself the opportunity to make my goals come true. The dreams have come with so many prayers that sometimes I wonder if God is tired of me always calling out to him for help. See, my patience is short but I know it all takes time. However, sometimes I wonder if it will all be for the good. 

I want to so dwell on the bad stuff so much sometimes. That is the bills, the negativity from people that don't think I'm strong enough to achieve anything, the crazy folks that have been placed in my life  just to provide craziness, the difficulty in networking, the difficulty in making new friends, the way I want to eventually move out of Houston is so big that it keeps me entrapped. See, it is all a lot of hard work, but maybe I should be more positive. If this woman can love her man enough to make all those damn sandwiches for him, then I can see a brighter light to when thinking about the next step that all my hard work will provide me with. 

Maybe what happens really is a fairytale (written the Quentin Tarantino way). 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sorry No Sandwiches, But 5 Ways To Get A Relationship Title Out Of Him

Somewhere in the world there is a woman counting her way up to 300 sandwiches and it's all for the pleasure of her man. He loves sandwiches. He's convinced her that at sandwich number 300 he will give her an engagement ring. How many sandwiches have you made for your significant other lately? Did that sandwich come with purpose? 

As good as that engagement ring would look, I need a man to get to the sandwich level. The real problem here is getting him to even want to take that leap from we met and like each other to him telling everyone I'm his girlfriend. The friends with benefits relationship is the story of my life. I haven't taken up every offer to just have sex, but the desire between my legs have been strong in some cases. However, the goal is not to spend the rest of my life alone. The goal is to meet the man of my dreams and live life happily ever after like in the movies. However, how do I make this happen? 

I've come up with some ways to seduce him into calling me his girlfriend to help move the process along faster. 

  • Cooking- There is a myth that food is the way to a man's heart. I tried cooking chicken for a man before, but he turned around and solidified a spot in the friend zone for himself. He's a good friend though. There was another man that I tried making cookies for, but he wanted another kind of cookie. Food might still work, but you have to find out what kind of food your man likes. Maybe he's happy with sandwiches. 

  • Cleaning-I always told myself that cleaning up after a man is for married couples. However, shacking up is so common now that it has become normal activity. So maybe I could clean up for him if it meant he would start claiming me in public. He would need to be one of those people that cleans the food out off the plate before putting it in the sink. Ugh, and he better not be one of those people that let his clothes pile up for months. I'm not cleaning clothes that's been dirty for almost a year. They are getting burned. Now if clothes get washed, it would be only one load and then I would be the woman in his life. Would you clean up after him just to be called his girlfriend? 

  • Sports- Four basketball or football games and he's mine to the rest of the world for a while. It doesn't matter whether it's watching them on television or going to the actual game. This would mean Facebook profile pictures, tweets about me, and he'd even have to list something about me on his LinkedIn. Obviously, you can tell I'm not that big of a sports fan. Oh, he would have to make some Facebook statuses referencing the girl of his dreams (me) too, because men hate doing that and the statuses make a huge statement. 

  • Public Events- Sooner or later he's going to go out, right? A man cannot want that much sex in the world without wanting to view the world with that woman. That is my reality and I'm sticking to it. I'm refusing any public events until he is completely ready to introduce me as his woman to any familiar faces we might come in contact with. A friends with benefits situation makes this part complicated, but the key is for us women to solidify the meaning of them relationship before the man does. 

  • Limiting The Sex- There is this saying that men notice the physical aspects of a woman before noticing how she thinks. Well, it's the same for women. We women are judging how cute these men are before we think about their intelligence. So let's just say he's Boris Kodjoe, Chad Ochocinco Johnson, or Kevin Hart (he's funny) fine and you start this super satisfying sexual relationship. After making that third time special, cut him off. He'll keep calling because it's good and we he does call tell him you are looking for more. A dumb man will look for the next woman to satisfy his physical needs, but if he is smart he'll beg to get to know you better. 

Now after finally being able to call him your boyfriend to the world the real fun starts. You can start making him do whatever you want. Wait, the real key is to get into a relationship with man that has the same interests as you. At least that's my real goal. He'll love poetry, vacations, horror movies, and he won't be a mama's boy. Then even if he wants sandwiches, it'll be something we have in common. I love eating them and it's working for the sandwich lady. She's at sandwich number 177, so she is doing a lot right. Check out her blog here

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nick Cannon As The Real Rick Ross, Can You See It?

Soon Nick Cannon we will all see Nick Cannon in a different light. Nope, not as a comedian. Nope, not as Mariah Carey's husband. Nope, not as a good guy. He'll be playing the role of drug kingpin Freeway Rick Ross. Can you see it?

I've never seen Nick Cannon in any role that wasn't funny, so this will be interesting to see. Do you think he can pull off playing a drug lord?

Sleepy Hollow and Other Witch Tales On Fall Television

Fall has started and the season of witches has come right along with it. Sleepy Hollow, The Witches of East End, and American Horror Story: Coven all have two things in common. That is good and evil witches. At least two of these shows have one great thing in common; powerful black actors. 
Nicole Beharie

Sleepy Hollow is a new series on Fox based on the legend of Ichabod Crane. This show takes place in the year of 2013 and places Ichabod in the 21st century. Together he and a woman cop try to chase after the deadly mystical person that is killing off citizens in the town. Episode one started off with the killer headless horseman, but episode two shows a wicked witch going around killing folks. It's not the wicked tale that I love most about this show though. It's actors Orlando Jones and Nicole Beharie. 

We all know Orlando Jones from various roles throughout the years. The role I liked him in best was Double Take. He was wanted by the government then, but now he's no longer on the wrong side of the law. Instead in Sleepy Hollow Jones plays the chief of police. 

Now I've been waiting for a role like this from Nicole Beharie. She's very powerful in drama roles. My first time seeing her act was in Sins of The Mother and then she really blew me away as the crazy assistant in Woman Art Thou Loosed: On The Seventh Day. However, a black woman knows she has made it when she can appear on a a national television show not broadcast on cable television. The risks are much higher. I'm proud of Nicole Beharie for this role. 

American Horror Story: Coven

I've been hooked on American Horror Story from day one. Each season becomes more mesmerizing with a brand new story line. With season three right around the corner, we're being taken into the story of feuding witches. I'm curious about these witches already. The trailors make them seem dark and October is right around the corner, but there's even more. 

Angela Bassett is joining the cast. WHAT??? She's already started promotion. Last week Miss Bassett appeared on the Arsenio Hall show. Every season American Horror Story has remained good because of it's strong cast and with her joining it can only get better. 

The Witches of East End

The Witches of East End is going to be Lifetime's newest series. It's also based on the book by Melissa De La Cruz, which only came out a few years ago. New age (white) authors are getting their books turned into movies and shows quickly. 

You can catch Sleepy Hollow Mondays at 9 pm/8 central, The Witches of East End starting October 6th, and American Horror Story: Coven starting October 9th. If I could be anything in the world other than a normal human, it would be a witch. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Being "Pretty" Has It's Consequences

Or maybe being pretty and moving on to the next man has it's consequences. For the last few years we've enjoyed, or became depressed, listening to The Weeknd constantly sing beautifully about strippers. Well, sometimes he sings about falling out of love, getting rich, and about more strippers. However, The Weeknd's latest music video tops them all in the crazy realm.

In his song "Pretty" The Weeknd gets out of prison and kills his ex-girlfriend for moving on to another man. In the exact scene she is sexing the new man. They are really getting it on when the bullets start flying. After unloading the gun all the way, The Weeknd has a slight smile on his face.

I hope he wouldn't really kill over love and those were acting skills. He's too young to be that obsessed.  Watch the video below.

Will You Shop At K-Mart For Nicki Minaj?

Now that Nicki Minaj has debuted her clothing line for K-Mart, the question is will this put K-Mart back in the same competition bracket as Walmart? The goal is to make money using her face. Even with the commercial, K-Mart's goal has been to seduce us with cute (and probably bad-ass) singing kids. However, is any of this working? 

Once upon a time in my almost 27 years on this earth K-Mart used to be right across the street from Walmart. They were Walmart's only real competitors. They probably even had better deals than Walmart, but that all came to an end. One day K-Mart was on top and the next stores across the country was closing quickly. If you do a little research, the owners have a history of opening up stores successfully and eventually filing for bankruptcy on them all. However, that's for another day. 

For years the commercials have still been rolling successfully. I always wondered how a store that is nowhere in sight has all this money to keep the commercials, which cost a lot to air, going. Then months ago when Nicki Minaj became the new face of K-Mart I realized how. Online Sales. 

Who knew that people were looking up a grocery store to buy so many items? Now I do. Well, if you've since Nicki's new line you already know that it's not made for any woman. It's made for the big booty, huge boobs women. Wait, maybe her line of clothing is made for women with measurements just like hers. It's not a game. The clothes weren't made for my little itty bitty body. 

However, if you think her clothes will look good on you, will you be paying the infamous K-Mart a visit online?

Once Upon A Career Choice, What Devious Maids Taught Me..

about the clean-up business. Devious Maids has come to an end. At least the very first season is over. I was drawn in from the very beginning when the maid Flora Hernandez was murdered and an innocent man was framed for the crime. Although tragedy struck in Rich America, California everyone moved on with their lives. Well, wait..

They got over the messiness of the maid's murder, but moved on with other drama. The drama was so juicy that in the first few episodes I thought about becoming a maid. There are a few reasons why.

  • When at a dinner party you might just see a maid stumble out of the house and fall into the pool with a knife in her back. It's better than talking about trifling men at every girls hang-out. 
  • A butler, a black man, will do as much as possible to make you his woman. What??? He tried to fight off an intruder and got knocked out and was still smiling in the end all because he just wanted to protect the woman he loved. That's romance. 
  • You don't have to watch porno to see a couple get in on somewhere other than the bedroom. The maid walked in on the homeowners having sex in the kitchen. 
  • The rich employer's son may be your dream man, or should I say my dream man? Remi, real name Drew Van Acker, is sexy as Hell. Even with a drug problem and possible lack of money because of a thieving accountant, I'd tap him. Nahh, I'd fall in love after getting to know about his climb to stardom. 
  • When you end up having an affair with a married man. Sexing a taken man is always better in the beginning because of the secretiveness, or so I've heard. 
As you can see, Devious Maids makes being a maid seem appealing. It's so appealing that the star of the show, a college professor, becomes a maid to clear her son of Flora's murder. After watching this season I learned being a maid isn't all peaches and cream. It's not strawberries topped with sugar either. It's a lot of tough work. Why? 
  • You have to clean up after other people. Along with clean clothes you cook for them, possibly shave them, save the lives of the people they hit with their cars, consider marrying them so the world doesn't know they are gay, and dodge bullets because people want you dead. 
  • You have to keep secrets. How do you react when a woman wants to know if her husband is cheating on her? What if the woman he's having an affair with is you? That episode where the maid was cheating with the husband and he had a heart attack was the funniest. 
  • You have to protect the children. Sometimes employers can have weird obsessions with kids that are not their own. 
  • You have to choose between comfort and dreams. One woman almost married a 7th time for money instead of love. Love can be uncomfortable depending on outside opinion. Money can be very physically comfortable. One maid kept pushing off her lover because he's a married man. Another maid had to choose between marrying a rich gay man and sticking to her butler boyfriend that's comfortable being a butler. 
  • You realize you may not fit into the career field. I'm black. All of the maids on the show were Mexican. No Joke! One was even illegally in the country. 
I'm still mad about how ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) came out of nowhere in the last 30 seconds of the season finale and rushed Rosie away. What's next? Flora's killer is dead, because the Powell's found out he killed their help. The dude that was initially framed for Flora's murder can finally be free. Valentina seemed as if she was headed to join Remi despite his leaving her per her mother's request. So, what's next? 

There will be a season two of Devious Maids. I cannot wait to watch more of it. I'll leave the job of the maid to the people who do it best. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fresh Out The Pen ~ Ja Rule

Ja Rule hasn't been out of prison for long, but he's already releasing new music. Fresh Out The Pen is his latest song. This song sends warning messages to all those out there doing wrong, but it also sounds like Ja Rule is trying to send a message to the feds that he's a changed man. 

Stop stalking that sexy "fresh out the pen" rapper, policemen. What do you think of the song? 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pieces Poem (Inspired By Tamar Braxton's Song)

Do you ever find yourself trying to be the best lover there is to your love, but then realizing your lover doesn't want all that? Instead her, or she, is only after one quality or a few qualities about you. They don't want all of you. They only want pieces of you. Not your great cooking. Not you showing up to all their events. Not your attentive skills to everything they say. They might just want your body. Maybe they do want your food, but not much else. Definitely they don't want your heart. 

I wrote this poem Pieces for you all that have gone through that and definitely myself. It was inspired by Tamar Braxton's song. Oh, and if you don't like it don't tell me. I'm sensitive about my shit. 


I deserve more than just a little part
I don’t want nothing if I can’t have it all
You just wanted sex
Thought you could turn me on
Told me ways that you could please my body
And stupid little me
I decided to play your game
Only late night meetings
No early morning phone calls
Get lost in the moment
Get caught in the pleasure
So I don’t have to think of the pain
Emotional anguish that voids good sex
The loneliness that replaces the facts
You was in my bed
I let you see me at my most vulnerable state
I let your naked body combine with mine
I knew you weren’t mine
You saying you missing me
I don’t want to hear it
You’re all about the physical
Nice breasts
Nice legs
Nice lips
You want to kiss them
But I don’t want to think of you
Don’t want your bird chest
You should hit the gym more
Don’t want your lame lines
Every other guy used those too
You don’t want to make a woman out of me
Only trying to see how slutty I can be
No caring of the beautiful family we could be
You only want physical pieces of me
Can’t you see I’m hurting
It’s gonna be hard for me
But I’m not gonna give you any more pieces of me

Draya Michele Poses For Roca Wear Fall 2013 Line

"This is the first time I'm the face of anything, so being that Roca Wear wanted to work with me is like an honor."-- Draya Michele 

As much as I love the celebrities that are worth millions of dollars, the under dogs grab my attention too. The ones that started from nothing but there parents money and successfully found their own way inspire. That's why I admire Draya Michele. 

Well Draya's past is a little sketchy. She was once stripping to put food on the table and in the midst of it started dating men with some real money. Oh, and her name was slandered for poor child care. Her name has been hooked to basketball players and Chris Brown. Chris Brown is possibly the reason she landed a spot on Basketball Wives, even though he's not a basketball player. 

At the start of Basketball Wives LA the other women constantly pushed Draya because they knew she was weak. Somehow it made her a stronger woman. Only a strong woman could still go on 106 and Park for a questionnaire after most of the questions on twitter are directed toward her bad parenting. Yeah, she's winning now. She's winning so big that RocaWear is paying her to model their clothes. 
Would you wear any of these outfits? I want the "Men Lie" shirt. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just Last Week~ Big Krit Featuring Future

Rap music is no longer just about crazy catchy lyrics anymore. It has also become about taking regular sayings and making them catchy. When was the last time you said "Just last week" or the other day" or "Yesterday?" 

If you find yourself saying "just last week" a lot, you can now sing it to the beat of Big Krit and Future's song listed above. 

How Many Babies Will Make Him Stay?

How many babies does it take to keep him once you already have him? From their initial introduction, Kim Zolciak(Bierman) and Kroy Bierman seemed like a perfect matchup. You could see the love they had for each other, right? Well, I could.

Kroy was a perfect gentleman who wanted to get to know Kim. Kim was a single mother finally noticing a sexy single man. Well, he wasn't just a sexy single man. He was a sexy single man that accepted her daughters right away. The ring would eventually mean something. Well, it's been some years now and the Bierman family is prospering in many ways.

Kim, Kroy, and the children can be seen on their own Bravo television series. Kroy's career is still going strong and Kim is still getting pregnant. Currently she has two daughters, two sons, and twins on the way. I thought she had him at the wedding when he said "I Do" and put the ring on her finger. I thought he was staying when they packed up all their furniture from that huge mansion and downgraded to a still nice place. Wait, rewind. I knew Kroy wasn't going anywhere when he was willing to fight the cameras during Kim's final taping of Housewives of Atlanta before the reunion happened.

Nah, Kroy isn't going anywhere so why does Kim keep getting pregnant? Does this have something to do with her maternal clock wanting her to push out as many as possible? Does he want a big family? I can see the creation if he does. Could a woman always be alerted that he could walk out any minute if she doesn't keep producing a family for him to stay? Hmm..

Let's propose a hypothetically scenario that a woman has to pop out a certain amount of children for a man. How many do you think it takes him to stay? If you're a him, you can ponder on how many kids you want too. This is coming from a single almost 27 year old (October 30th) with no kids by the way.

Photos via Instagram

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scary Movie Scene With A Twist

not that kind of scene
It was late at night and creeping toward morning when the black woman left the club.

Without calling anyone and without thinking of horrible possibilities, she had ventured off the the club alone. Upon getting to the club, she had found a spot to lean against the wall and silently study everyone else. She wanted to see just how uncomfortable people who frequented the club but sat off to hidden chairs looked. She wanted to see just when the people on the dance floor waiting for anyone else to start dancing would get into the groove. She wanted to study the confidence that the girls who turned the square pole in the middle of the dance floor into a stripper pole acted. They had no shame.

It was a nice night. Hardcore underground rap blared through the speakers. Colorful weaves were seen everywhere. Bald heads were rocked confidently by women. The old white pimp had women all around him. Men everywhere were buying women drinks. Some of the drinks came with ultimatums. She watched it all. She studied. She even snapped her camera a few times. Plus she got offered drinks.

There were two strong drinks offered to her. Since she could safely see the bartender make them, she felt compelled to drink them. Why not? The guy buying them was not her type. He wasn't even black. He looked Mexican, but she didn't care enough to ask. After those drinks he followed her around the club a couple times. Even when she danced with another dude, he was still write there. She took a mental note to find some way to lose him. She finally did when it was time to leave.

She was so in a rush to leave the club, she didn't think to go to the restroom one more time. Soon the crowd would come rushing out anyway, which would make it impossible to get anywhere anyway. So she hopped in her car and for the first time she realized how much the drink had effected her. Was she tipsy? Was she drunk? She could think and see clearly.

As she left the parking lot she turned in the wrong direction of the highway. Why was she going North instead of south? Or was she supposed to be going North instead of south? The signs were all confusing. She then found her way back to the club area and drove another way home. She would take the longer way home instead of the highway. The longer way was fine until her bladder started talking to her. The feeling of having to pee along with all the alcohol made it all worse. She had to stop and stop fast. Home was 15 minutes away, but she would never make it.

The nearest stop was a familiar gas station. Usually the gas station was packed, but at this particular hour, 2:30 or 3:00 am, it was completely abandoned. Sometimes a cashier would still be in the store taking orders through a window, but the cashier wasn't even there. Maybe he was on break. She was glad because it was the perfect spot to handle her business. She quickly parked her car at a pump and then ran behind the building.

Peeing behind a building was something she had never done before. How would this work? She looked around again just to make sure the area of clear. She slipped off her thong under dress, lifted the dress up to not get it wet, and squatted. Almost as soon as she started, something horrifying happened.

Now, you've watched horror movies. In the horror movie the white woman ends up alone in an abandoned parking lot, bathroom, hotel room, middle of the woods, in her own home, or even in the home of a mass killer that she had mistaken for a friend. Next either she gets shot, stabbed, choked, or tied up to be worshipped in place of the killer's dead sibling, or even she miraculously gets away and runs for help. This is not the white girl's story.

As the black lady started to get the alcohol induced pee out of her, a homeless man appeared out of nowhere. She screamed and the homeless person ran off. Her whole body was shaken up. Her mind sobered all the way up. Embarrassment started to form. What the Hell?

Most people get caught naked by either their parents or friends they never wanted to let see them in that way. Wait, boyfriends/girlfriends end up seeing them naked if they don't plan to be virgins until marriage. Yeah, but this girl was caught halfway naked by a homeless person.

In her embarrassed state she just wanted to get home. While holding her thong in her hand she headed back to her car and was surprised to see the homeless person waiting for her. This man must have really needed money. She had some, so she gave him a dollar or two and got out of there.

Although it happened some time ago, she'll never forget it.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Britney Spears~ Work Bitch

Britney Spears is telling you to put in work for all the fancy things in her new song Work Bitch. What do you think? This makes me want to go to a club and move to techno music under those annoying flashy lights.

New Television Show #SleepyHollow Starts Tonight

Will you be watching tonight's premiere of Sleepy Hollow on Fox?

Although it's still 90 degrees and higher in some areas of the country, Fall is in full effect. Along with Fall the new line-up of television shows are also starting. Tonight's premiere is Sleepy Hollow.

This new show will take the classic and put a modern day spin on it. Ichabod Crane will be resurrected into the 21st century. Now I don't look forward to too many remakes of classics, especially movies, but I'm looking forward to watching this tonight. Will you be watching?

Sleepy Hollow comes at at 9 pm eastern time.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

(Sunday Reflections) Getting It All Right Is Hard

Getting it all right is hard. Trying to achieve your dreams, hold onto friendships, keep family happy, have an active life, and keep yourself smiling is all difficult. Well, it's difficult if you're trying to do it all at the same time.

It reminds me of how I was walking the the streets of New York City at night time with high heels on continually catching myself from falling on my face. Those cracks in the ground were serious. I didn't fall. I kept telling the girls with me that I was okay. I kept letting them know I was going to touch that ground with anything more than my feet. They didn't believe me, but I survived that rocky journey. That was all that mattered.

Now how do I keep from tripping over cracked ground, but can't balance friends, family, career and a happy life at the same damn time? Why is it so hard. See more often than not if your friends are happy, it's because you're following their groove. I remember getting pissed off at one ex-friend and everyone else decided she was in the right and I was wrong. Technically she was wrong and I was right. She later decided to continue pretending like we were the best of friends. Things had changed though.

Now the best way to keep family happy is to always do as they say. What about what you want? None of that matters to you. As long as you're at the job of their choice, in the city of their choice, and constantly in their eye-sight all is good. You could be at the point of wanting to cut yourself to take away all the misery and all family cares about is that you are doing what they say. See because they are always right, right?

I think of all the battles, the road to getting in a career is the hardest. When career chasing you tend to neglect friendships. Have you ever heard "I'm busy" over and over or even continually got the voicemail when calling friends? Listen, I've gotten plenty of voicemails and I've made myself unavailable just trying to get the money to pay the bills. Making yourself unavailable to friends also means making yourself unavailable to family too. I've done that more purposely than accidentally. However, in trying to achieve this career, I've realized this can all become so lonely. There is no way to avoid the loneliness.

Wait, this gets better.

I have a dream that one day I will have a great career, will be there for friends when they need me or plans are thought up, and will make my family happy at the same time. I have a dream that I will have an active life that includes great work, great times with family and friends, lots of parties, and lots of smiling. I have a dream that the partying will happen sooner than later, because as my body gets older sometimes it tends to say "NO." I have a dream that I will get it all right at the same time.

Do you struggle with balancing in your life? If you've achieved it please let me know how.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Arsenio Hall Show And The Importance of Networking...

with people you already know. Arsenio Hall is a man many of us know from his popular late night television show that aired from 1989 to 1994. Not only was he a television host/comedian, but he was great reporter. He was so good that after 19 years The Arsenio Hall Show is back on air.

Not only is The Arsenio Hall Show back on our television screens. In five days, he managed to interview only A-list stars. During Wednesday's show he even pulled out an old clip of when he first interviewed Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson was sitting on his couch watching his younger self be interviewed and they laughed together at it. They also discussed what was said then and how it has all been achieved.

It was amazing, but not because of the comparison. It was also fantastic to see how Arsenio was able to sit people that he already knew on his couch and have a fresh perspective. People tuned in to all of it too. In fact several articles are saying his late night show beat out all of the others in numbers for his first week back. This is why I think it's important to network with people you already know.

See, a conversation about applying to jobs came up between a friend and I. She felt that we need to be networking with FAMU alumni to get ahead. Well, she feels like we need to meet new people who went to the same school as us, but graduated years earlier and are successful now. Those people can get us ahead, according to her. However, I disagree.

When I came back to the city of Houston, I initially started going to the alumni meetings. Before attending many of the people there either already knew me or knew of me. My father used to be the president between handing the spot down to someone younger. They knew me even if they didn't know what I had went to school for. They also knew I was fresh out of college and having trouble finding a job. I tried networking. I wanted so badly to keep in touch with them all, but none of them wanted to help. Many of them clung to who they already knew, or who had the same time of career as them.

However, in meeting people in the field I want to be in and staying in touch with people going down the same path as me, I've made some strong connections. Past broadcast students have turned into journalists I can call and talk to. Bloggers I've met online and at events have become people I can pass around information to. Friends I've known a while have become people I can share personal experiences with. Everyone needs someone they can share their deepest thoughts with, right? These are all the people that years from now will be successful and will lend a helping hand to me, or vice versa. I'll become successful and I'll help them along the way. You know the way Drake has done for his friends.

So staying in touch and networking with people I already know is more important than running behind some alumni that have never heard my name in a big way before and don't really care to give me a chance because of that. Although if I happen to meet people like Keith Clinkscales or Pam Oliver, they might get stalked until they look at my resume and give me an opportunity.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Vivienne Westwood's Penis Purse Vs. Andy Bates Testicle Penis Purse

For all women that love purses, there's a new one gracing the scene and Rihanna has been seen carrying it. This is the Penis Purse. 

According to Urban Dictionary a penis purse is that part of a woman that a man sticks his penis in. No, not her mouth. However, designer Vivienne Westwood created an actual purse that is shaped like a penis. It is currently on sale for $442. 

Of course with Rihanna's raunchy lyrics and sexual freedom, Westwood gave her one to show off for free. In a recent picture, Rihanna can be seen pointing the purse at the back of her security guard and sticking her tongue out. 

Now Westwood isn't the first designer to take a man's penis and make it into a purse. Several others have attempted to make this a style. In 2010 UK based designer Andy Bates released a penis shaped purse that was decorated with testicles. 
Would you put your belongings in either purse? Honestly, both purses are ugly but if I was rich I'd get Westwood's purse just to point it at friends in public. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Live For~ The Weeknd Featuring Drake

Is it me or did The Weeknd clean his look up some? Anyway, I'm in love with his music and this new song Live For featuring Drake.

So they live for lots of women, being rich, and never losing the lifestyle. Check out the song and visuals below.

About This Artist Le1f

Sometimes when you hear an interesting and unique sound, you have to stop and pay attention. That's what I'm currently doing with producer/rapper Le1f.

Kalif Diouf, better known as Le1f is a producer/rapper in New York. Leif is also known for being openly gay. In the video below, you will notice him grinding on a male doll. Maybe that is a real name, but it looks like a doll to me. His clothes are also definitely made for women. I'm not sure what the it-factor is about this artist, but I'm in love with his style. Now in the song below I'm not exactly sure what Leif is saying but that's that is why it is named Wut. Check it out.

Le1f runs a label by the name of Camp & Street, which is a subsidiary of Greedhead Music. I have to research to find out more about his label. Some artists he's associated with are Das Racist and Azaelia Banks.

The "I Don't Have Your Number" Line

I don't understand the "I Don't Have Your Number" line. Well, not all men come out and admit they don't have a woman's number anymore. Some men sugar coat it with other sayings. Let's see..

Sometimes he starts a conversation with you on line after a while of you two not speaking. When the conversation hits a point where he is interested in more, let's say he wants to see you in person, he'll tell you to send him a text. Maybe he'll even ask for a phone call. He'll do everything but ask for you number again, because he doesn't want you to admit he got rid of it.

He wasn't that interested in the first place. I can handle that. I can handle a man deciding he does not really like me and deleting my number out of his phone. I can handle never hearing from him again. What gets on my nerves is when he pops back up weeks, months, or years later trying to touch basis again.

Now if it's years I can understand him not having my number. I don't have his either after that amount of time. However, after a couple of weeks or a couple months and he has gotten rid of my number, why is he speaking to me again? I know what it meant by him losing it. He was not that interested. We don't have to start to roller coaster ride back up again.

I feel like ranting. See it all started recently when I turned on my other computer to update my resume. In turning on the computer, skype automatically came on. A male friend was on, so I decided to message him. The messaging was supposed to go "Hi, how you you? You're good. That's cool. TTYL." However, more was said and then he mentioned how he didn't have my number anymore.

Now at the beginning of the year we went out as friends while he was in town. He lives in another state. That was how he had my number in the first place. Oh, and as friends who live far away from each other I'm cool with him losing my number. However, his words triggered the memory of all the men that have either said it or worked their way around the fact that they purposely loss my number to stop talking to me, but then eventually wanted to start right back up again.

Actually what is even more irritating is I know of some stalkers men in my past that went through 2000 phones and still managed to keep my number. I wanted them to lose it, but they were persistent.

I hate all of those sayings that come out of a man's mouth that will trigger the signs of him purposely cutting off communication because he wasn't interested in more than just sex and he didn't get what he wanted. Just don't ask me to text you or ask for my number again if you know you purposely got rid of it.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Would You Do? Answers To Questions You Didn't Ask #SMSCHAT

Ty (@uheardmeright) of The Sexy Single Mommy hosts a group of #smschat questions via twitter on love, lust, and all the crazy stuff you'd never initially think of every Wednesday night. For weeks I've been thinking about using some of the questions on here and today seemed like the perfect time.

Below are several "what would you do" questions to think about? I've given my answers to each question. As you read, think about how you would respond in each situation.

Question One: What would you do if the person you're dating informs you that their ex will be staying at their house for a week?

I would be very nosy, but I would also be ready to end our relationship. Who in a 1+1 relationship is that comfortable with their ex being so close? No, if he feels comfortable with her in the same apartment with him they are probably going to have sex too. Yeah, I jumped to conclusions but I can live with it.

Question Two: What would you do if you discovered the person you're dating doesn't believe in shaving, deodorant, or bathing daily?

Well, what did he do? Please don't tell me there is a man that will shower a couple times just to impress a woman, but then stop when they get serious. That is just plain nasty. Eww.

Question Three: What would you do if your mate told you that they wanted to bring someone else into the bedroom?

I don't do three-somes at all. I'm selfish. I'm selfish. I'm selfish. Plus as a single woman there usually isn't any real romance in the sex I'm having, so I'd at least like to hold onto the part of being selfish at the moment. I'm going to physically hurt the next man that asks that stupid question. They never want that to happen with another man involved. If he was comfortable with another man, we wouldn't even be together discussing the possibility.

What would you do if you went down on your mate and they smelled like they just finished playing basketball?

For some reason men like to be all sweaty and still want you to put your mouth on it. I do have a gag reflex so NO!

Question Five: What would you do if you opened up your mate's cabinet and found Zoloft and Xanax?

Those are depression pills. If he is totally happy with his life from my perspective, isn't asking for three-somes, doesn't have an ex-girl spending weeks at his place, and his hygiene is good, I can deal will the pills. However, what if we break up? I wouldn't want the pills to stop taking effect and he spin into total crazy suicidal-murder mode. That last sentence was the result of too much Lifetime Movie Network watching.

Question Six: What would you do if your mate asked to interview your exes before making it official?

He would not be my mate. What? I don't even remember all of the men I've dated or have considered me a girlfriend. You know sometimes messages really get mixed.

Question 7: What would you do if you found out your mate was bisexual?

See, I had a guy a long time ago tell me he had experimented with men. No, actually two different men told me that. I never looked at either the same after. It's bad enough we as women have to worry about our men cheating on us with other women, but now I have to hear that he's checking out other men. I can't be in a relationship where both my man and I think some man is fine.