Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sleepy Hollow and Other Witch Tales On Fall Television

Fall has started and the season of witches has come right along with it. Sleepy Hollow, The Witches of East End, and American Horror Story: Coven all have two things in common. That is good and evil witches. At least two of these shows have one great thing in common; powerful black actors. 
Nicole Beharie

Sleepy Hollow is a new series on Fox based on the legend of Ichabod Crane. This show takes place in the year of 2013 and places Ichabod in the 21st century. Together he and a woman cop try to chase after the deadly mystical person that is killing off citizens in the town. Episode one started off with the killer headless horseman, but episode two shows a wicked witch going around killing folks. It's not the wicked tale that I love most about this show though. It's actors Orlando Jones and Nicole Beharie. 

We all know Orlando Jones from various roles throughout the years. The role I liked him in best was Double Take. He was wanted by the government then, but now he's no longer on the wrong side of the law. Instead in Sleepy Hollow Jones plays the chief of police. 

Now I've been waiting for a role like this from Nicole Beharie. She's very powerful in drama roles. My first time seeing her act was in Sins of The Mother and then she really blew me away as the crazy assistant in Woman Art Thou Loosed: On The Seventh Day. However, a black woman knows she has made it when she can appear on a a national television show not broadcast on cable television. The risks are much higher. I'm proud of Nicole Beharie for this role. 

American Horror Story: Coven

I've been hooked on American Horror Story from day one. Each season becomes more mesmerizing with a brand new story line. With season three right around the corner, we're being taken into the story of feuding witches. I'm curious about these witches already. The trailors make them seem dark and October is right around the corner, but there's even more. 

Angela Bassett is joining the cast. WHAT??? She's already started promotion. Last week Miss Bassett appeared on the Arsenio Hall show. Every season American Horror Story has remained good because of it's strong cast and with her joining it can only get better. 

The Witches of East End

The Witches of East End is going to be Lifetime's newest series. It's also based on the book by Melissa De La Cruz, which only came out a few years ago. New age (white) authors are getting their books turned into movies and shows quickly. 

You can catch Sleepy Hollow Mondays at 9 pm/8 central, The Witches of East End starting October 6th, and American Horror Story: Coven starting October 9th. If I could be anything in the world other than a normal human, it would be a witch. 

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