Monday, September 23, 2013

Will You Shop At K-Mart For Nicki Minaj?

Now that Nicki Minaj has debuted her clothing line for K-Mart, the question is will this put K-Mart back in the same competition bracket as Walmart? The goal is to make money using her face. Even with the commercial, K-Mart's goal has been to seduce us with cute (and probably bad-ass) singing kids. However, is any of this working? 

Once upon a time in my almost 27 years on this earth K-Mart used to be right across the street from Walmart. They were Walmart's only real competitors. They probably even had better deals than Walmart, but that all came to an end. One day K-Mart was on top and the next stores across the country was closing quickly. If you do a little research, the owners have a history of opening up stores successfully and eventually filing for bankruptcy on them all. However, that's for another day. 

For years the commercials have still been rolling successfully. I always wondered how a store that is nowhere in sight has all this money to keep the commercials, which cost a lot to air, going. Then months ago when Nicki Minaj became the new face of K-Mart I realized how. Online Sales. 

Who knew that people were looking up a grocery store to buy so many items? Now I do. Well, if you've since Nicki's new line you already know that it's not made for any woman. It's made for the big booty, huge boobs women. Wait, maybe her line of clothing is made for women with measurements just like hers. It's not a game. The clothes weren't made for my little itty bitty body. 

However, if you think her clothes will look good on you, will you be paying the infamous K-Mart a visit online?

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