Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Would You Do? Answers To Questions You Didn't Ask #SMSCHAT

Ty (@uheardmeright) of The Sexy Single Mommy hosts a group of #smschat questions via twitter on love, lust, and all the crazy stuff you'd never initially think of every Wednesday night. For weeks I've been thinking about using some of the questions on here and today seemed like the perfect time.

Below are several "what would you do" questions to think about? I've given my answers to each question. As you read, think about how you would respond in each situation.

Question One: What would you do if the person you're dating informs you that their ex will be staying at their house for a week?

I would be very nosy, but I would also be ready to end our relationship. Who in a 1+1 relationship is that comfortable with their ex being so close? No, if he feels comfortable with her in the same apartment with him they are probably going to have sex too. Yeah, I jumped to conclusions but I can live with it.

Question Two: What would you do if you discovered the person you're dating doesn't believe in shaving, deodorant, or bathing daily?

Well, what did he do? Please don't tell me there is a man that will shower a couple times just to impress a woman, but then stop when they get serious. That is just plain nasty. Eww.

Question Three: What would you do if your mate told you that they wanted to bring someone else into the bedroom?

I don't do three-somes at all. I'm selfish. I'm selfish. I'm selfish. Plus as a single woman there usually isn't any real romance in the sex I'm having, so I'd at least like to hold onto the part of being selfish at the moment. I'm going to physically hurt the next man that asks that stupid question. They never want that to happen with another man involved. If he was comfortable with another man, we wouldn't even be together discussing the possibility.

What would you do if you went down on your mate and they smelled like they just finished playing basketball?

For some reason men like to be all sweaty and still want you to put your mouth on it. I do have a gag reflex so NO!

Question Five: What would you do if you opened up your mate's cabinet and found Zoloft and Xanax?

Those are depression pills. If he is totally happy with his life from my perspective, isn't asking for three-somes, doesn't have an ex-girl spending weeks at his place, and his hygiene is good, I can deal will the pills. However, what if we break up? I wouldn't want the pills to stop taking effect and he spin into total crazy suicidal-murder mode. That last sentence was the result of too much Lifetime Movie Network watching.

Question Six: What would you do if your mate asked to interview your exes before making it official?

He would not be my mate. What? I don't even remember all of the men I've dated or have considered me a girlfriend. You know sometimes messages really get mixed.

Question 7: What would you do if you found out your mate was bisexual?

See, I had a guy a long time ago tell me he had experimented with men. No, actually two different men told me that. I never looked at either the same after. It's bad enough we as women have to worry about our men cheating on us with other women, but now I have to hear that he's checking out other men. I can't be in a relationship where both my man and I think some man is fine.

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