Monday, September 30, 2013

Baggage Claim: Five Lessons About Love & Life From The Movie

Baggage Claim is a movie about a flight attendant the desperately wants to get married. She has been a bridesmaid nine times, but never a bride. She has dated many men, but none of them were the perfect man. However, as her little sister starts to plan a wedding, the loneliness of her life becomes real. It becomes so real that she and her friends come up with a way for her to possibly look in her past for the future love of her life. Ooh!

I watched the movie this weekend and pulled out a couple lessons we all needed to be reminded of. Many of the lessons that can be pulled from Baggage Claim have been repeated, but we tend to forget. So the following are things I needed to hear again and maybe you can benefit too.

  • There Is Nothing Wrong With Dreaming

Throughout Baggage Claim, the main character, Montana Moore, dreams a lot. On Montana's date with fine ass Boris Kodjoe's character she falls asleep and has a dream about how life could only get better with them. Well, her dream involves a yacht and hot sex. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. That is just the first dream she has in the movie. There are several others and eventually she stops dreaming and starts seeing the love she's always wanted become a reality in her life.

  • A Flexible Career Is A Must

Montana wanted love and marriage. How would she get it? She would use her job to run into as many of her ex boyfriends as possible. Have you ever found yourself desperately wanting to do anything but your job is always in the way? Listen, having a job that pays you and caters to your needs is a must. Just look at Montana's life. Okay, she broke some laws in the quest for the perfect man, but in the end she still had the job and the love of her life. P.S. Is there such a thing as a flexible career? It's in my dreams right now.

  • The Best Type of Friends Will Do Anything For You

Well I guess you can factor in how much time and money they have when thinking about what they will do for you. Then again time and money has nothing to do with it. Montana's friends committed a federal crime to help her in her search for a husband. They wanted to know what each experience was like, even if they were in the middle of getting their freak on, and they were they showed up to her family events. The Lord knows I've needed my friends around when I've dealt with family. I've always heard the best friends are the ones that will fight for you.

  • If He's Fine And Attentive, Marry Him

Looking Montana's best friend/next door neighbor was William Wright (Derek Luke). That man is fine as Hell. She could talk to him about her issues, count on him to put a smile on her face, and wake up in the middle of the night to get her when she was stranded. Plus, she was dreaming about him. I can't count on any of my past men to pick me up in freezing cold weather in the middle of the night when I'm stranded. I could never even count on them to show up if I made fun plans. So yeah, if he is fine, attentive and you're calling him your best friend claim him before another woman does. I would.

  • Beware of Cliches

 So if you've seen Baggage Claim then you know that the whole movie is a series of cliches. Montana wants marriage because her moms says you're not a lady if you're not married by 30. Then there is the one about kids. You're not a woman if you don't have at least two kids. Yeah, those cliches are stupid and they also do damage. Why? Because they put you in a box. No one wants to be limited, so be care of cliches.

Have you seen Baggage Claim yet? What did you think? I think it was full of cliches, but the main character was consistent throughout the whole movie. All of the celebrities did great jobs too. I thought too many recognizable faces would take away from the story line, but they all fit into the movie perfectly.

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