Friday, September 6, 2013

The Beginning of A Financial Meltdown

This is the beginning of a financial meltdown for me. I didn't want to wish it upon myself. No one else did too. I'm beginning to realize why the world spends 18 years, or 22 + years if you go to college, teaching you to be all you can be, but then all of a sudden try to train you to spend the rest of your life doing a monotonous routine.

This year has been great. I finally got my MacBook Pro, went to New York City, and upgraded to a nicer apartment. While I haven't partied a lot, I've gone on a lot of self-date outings. My 2013 favorite restaurant has been LA Crawfish Shack. While they don't know my name, they recognize me and know what I'll order. I've also stayed stocked up on my number one addiction, Hot Cheetos. Crack has to be in those Cheetos. While I haven't been around very many friends, I've had quality time alone.

That quality time alone is the best. Sometimes you just can't cry in front of people. In order to get that good pain filled cry out, you have to be alone. I've had lots of time to do it. On top of that I've watched the weirdest of weird movies. I can count on two, maybe three fingers, the amount of people that would watch these movies with me. They haven't been around in 2013. Plus (come closer to the screen) I discovered what the best sex ever feels like. Well, we'll just say the best sex ever came in 2013. No offense to any man before this year, but I finally experienced the thrill that is getting good sex and leaving right after. No sitting around cuddling, no "I love you mores," and no waiting for that good morning text or good night text.

Do you get the point? In all of my years 2013 has possibly been the most special. The trip to California in 2011 wasn't as special because I still had a lot of internal drama from all the external drama. This year has been the best so far, but my best year is coming to a halt because of money problems.

A few hours before writing this post I checked my bank account. The checking account had exactly $36 in it. In fixing the amount of money in the checking account so no added fees would hit, I did the most damage ever to my savings account. BofA will definitely be charging it, but oh well.

The big goal of the year was to go New York. It was accomplished. These financial issues are just coming with the territory. Oh Well! I'm just going to pray and hold me breath for whatever is next.

Ooh, and I lied. I don't know why we're taught to be all we can be for 18 to whenever we graduate college and then we're told to get with the mediocrity program.

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